World Famous Foot Model Sasha Soles Foot Worship

today I was supposed to be with teddy
bears huh we go to sleep hi I’m Sasha Souls and I love foot
bottle I got started in foot modeling when a friend of mine told me this I
have pretty feet there’s this whole world on Instagram so I started in the
Instagram page and sort of skyrocketed of course the most popular pose is
called the pose and just lay on my stomach with my feet back behind me in
the air I have Barbies talk to each other back smiling a lot of people like
what I put my feet up in the air and show those that’s a big one
boo being Souls is always a hit put Foot is a lot less taboo than it
used to be because of social media outlets and I think that social media
has definitely played a huge part and you know helping them I don’t think it’s
strange I can get something that you’re born with and your brain and there’s
obviously nothing to be ashamed of it’s completely innocent every day I need to
be ready like hair and makeup as soon as I get up in the morning for the rest of
the day because people work with Skype to Skype with me it could be Hankey
Skype in 10 minutes so I have to be available and ready all
the time when I really just want to have my PJs out of it so one of the things
that I do our Skype sessions so I am to call someone right now so in my Skype sessions typically people
will just want to see foot play I get daily requests for custom videos
anything from scientists so a lot of people don’t know what giant this is
basically like a hot Godzilla the narrative typically goes though that I
have some sort of superpower to shrink you down and the end result is I just
stop on you as my gigantic foot I get some pretty strange requests there
was one person he liked for me to knock myself out like not literally knocked
myself out but you know pretend like hit myself on the head with a plastic bat
and conk out today I was requested to beat up a teddy bear I never thought
that I would use this bear for this purpose but today I have to beat up mr.
bear / guy and he also requested that I wear these shoes as well while I’m doing
it let’s go do this how does that feel another service that I offer people like
to buy my worn apparel my socks or my shoes or my underwear they want me to
wear them for a week sometimes two weeks straight and that’s not easy to do
really you know you know one wears the dirty socks
oh he but I do it because I know that it brings people happiness I don’t do
nudity and I’m not gonna do anything super
degrading to myself but other than that I’m down to pick it I am extremely
grateful for all my fans this little thing is so surreal but I’m very
thankful for all the people have been very supportive and I’m excited to meet
more people you know please subscribe to The Wizard of odd you

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