Without Return to God America is Lost, Warns Ambassador Keyes

so we’re here with Dr. Alan Keyes he
really needs no introduction he is I think one of the brightest spots on the
political horizon a Dr. keyes thank you so much for being with us it’s glad to
be with you thank you so last night here in this boardroom we
were having we’re at the red pill X but we were having a discussion about the
source of Rights and the Declaration of Independence I was just so intrigued
with what you had to say how you brought God back into all this please tell us a
little bit about the source of our rights and and the kind of Christian
thinking that went into the Declaration of Independence well I think that the
Declaration is really very clear from the very beginning as to what the source
is of what’s going on in the Declaration that declaration of independence were
the people of the United States asserted and assumed responsibility for
government over themselves which was regarded as very unusual in those times
and when you ask yourself well by what authority did they do that they were
quite open about it they said that they were coming on the world stage to assume
among the powers of the earth that station to which the laws of nature and
of nature’s God entitle them and that meant that the first thing cited as the
source of all authority is the sovereign authority of God they then make it
specific even further in the most famous words of the declaration we hold these
truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and endowed by their
creator with certain unalienable rights that again that makes something crystal
clear though I think even a lot of Christian folks don’t realize how clear
because what you have to ask yourself is who is the creator and you could say God
but the scripture is more specific the scripture makes it clear that in the
beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the Word was God
right through the word all things were made and without the word was none of
them made right so the Creator is then traced in the genealogy in that gospel
traced all the way down to who to the Word made flesh who dwelt amongst us to
Jesus Christ and that means that the declaration
sites in the proximate sense of government as at the end of the day the
purpose of government is described in the Declaration as securing the rights
the inalienable rights the rights that are essential to the definition of our
nature as human beings those rights come through the Creator through Christ so so
I’ve often thought it amazing that Christian folks knowing full well that
the people who wrote the Declaration were Christian people don’t put a
greater emphasis at least amongst themselves on the fact that the founders
were true to the understanding in Scripture of who Jesus was and that our
rights the ones we talked about so much in America are part of something that
comes to us from the Creator are as it is said in the Declaration the endowment
of God’s will alright are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable
rights well that immediately brings to mind somebody’s last will and testament
or an endowment that comes from a wealthy person for a university two
things are true about it one is they give you the substance that fills up the
endowment could be money or other property right and second they specify
certain terms on what you just given given to fund this chair in philosophy
or that chair in physics given to help construct a new nursing home or the new
building for teaching nurses whatever it is for they lay out the terms of the
endowment sometimes can get very specific so at the end of the day you
then have to step back and make the last question because the final point I made
yesterday was that we use the word right a lot in this country these these days
still and it’s in everybody’s mouth but what does it mean well in the context of
the declaration right is something and now by god that’s the first step
so he fills it with substance substance related to what and the answer is
actually quite obvious but we forget it because people always act as if right
and freedom are the same word and they are not
right is a word that if you take the most obvious task if I ask you what’s
the opposite of right you’re not gonna say slavery slavery is
the opposite of freedom right to be absolutely controlled by someone else
that’s the opposite of not being controlled by someone else
so slavery is the opposite of freedom but when I say to you what’s the
opposite of right in this context you’re not going to say slavery you’re going to
say wrong is the opposite of right so the substance of God’s endowment is a
substance that gives you the sense of what is right and when you exercise that
sense you carry it out you are doing what is right so what the declaration is
founded upon ultimately is the coming together of people who have already
decided that they are going to do right according to God’s will
that’s the body politic now who are those people and this is the final piece
of the puzzle in the Declaration they are referred to as the good people of
the colonies and I think one says the good people of the United States well
let me think if they’re referred to by that appellation who is excluded well
bad people are excluded see that wasn’t just a polite way of addressing things
that was a vital distinction because if you’ve decided to do what’s right
according to God who is the author of all good then you are acting in a way
that corresponds to the terms of God’s will the endowment of God’s will the
substance of God’s being and all of that is as he himself declares on each day of
creation good very very good that’s amazing
and you also touched yesterday a little bit on the Holy Spirit even making an
appearance in the declaration could you just talk briefly about that well at the
end when they’re talking about the fact that they’ve taken this step they then
make an appeal for the capacity or strength to carry it out and they say
that they are first of all relying on divine
God’s providence they’re going before the supreme judge of the world that’s
God the Father and they’re relying on the providin strength well in the
Christian understanding there is an aspect of God that represents the giving
of strength as when on Pentecost they are suddenly endowed with the wonderful
power to speak in tongues and so forth and so on
the power that then is exemplified in miracles that are performed by the
Apostles and so forth all begins with the communication I’ll the Holy Spirit
so even in that sense the declaration represents the Christian understanding
of God as it appears to us in the New Testament phenomenal and and I want to
talk now if you would about some of the dangerous because I see at least two
twin dangers coming to the ideas embodied in the Declaration of
Independence the first is the kind of divorcing of these ideas from
Christianity from the biblical worldview from which they came and the other is
just an outright rejection you know I’ve talked to countless children in public
schools and you tell them their rights come from God and they look at you like
you’re from another planet they never heard this so as we enter into this post
Christian age do you think the ideals in the Declaration of Independence can be
sustained and can they be divorced from Christian morality and a Christian
worldview well the simple answer is no I I think they cannot and I think that’s
why the United States of America as a nation is under such assault with the
purpose of eliminating us because at the end of the day what these people are
encouraging us to do is stand away from those on that understanding of right and
wrong good and bad justice and injustice that then informed our common ground as
a people and and today in my talk at the red pill conference I’ll be trying to
get people to understand the ultimate implication of that and the ultimate
implication of that is that we cease to be a people and this is not just an
implication by the way that affects the United States we were grounded on an
understanding they first started talking about the rights of Englishmen
and if they had continued to talk like that they would have been talking in a
sense as representing one subset of humanity but by the time the Declaration
of Independence was written they were working and talking and then started to
act I mean the most famous exposition of the thinking is probably the Rights of
Man and and that book which influenced people around the world in their
understanding of right is itself entirely based on the acknowledgment of
God’s role in deciding what is Justin in just for all human beings in the way we
treat one another now if you again consult the Scriptures well that’s the
exactly the understanding that’s there first of all the basic premises of
justice we’re not just given to the people of Israel in other words we all
go out God’s law was given through Moses to the people who is it now first the
law of God as the master of nature and creation was given to all things in
creation itself then it was after the experiment with human wickedness
Unleashed that I think I am and there’s foundation for it in the scripture I
don’t ever insist on my views of Scripture as if I’m some big expert but
what comes through to my common sense in the whole account of Cain Lamech the
offspring of Cain the fact that he exaggerated what God said because God
said he would protect Cain from the consequences of killing Abel by the time
it gets to Lamech generation he’s saying if Cain is to to be avenged right
seven times then Lamech is avenged seventy times seven times and that’s a
way of expressing the overflow of injustice that resulted from the
arrogance produced in human beings who were of the line of Cain because they
knew that they were exempt they didn’t have to face human punishment and and so
they got all out of control to remedy that God delivers a law to Noah and
that’s a new dispensation and in that dispensation what happens he looks at
Noah and and his offspring and he says whosoever sheddeth man’s blood by man
shall his blood be shed and that’s a transfer god had withheld to himself the
execution of the law of nature the executive power you might call it of the
government of the whole universe but in respect of other human beings he
actually then changed his view he sent such honoré folks I tried to give some
mercy to Cain and you fill the world with violence and so I think I’d better
make it clear that if you go out there and you’re pouring man’s blood out right
that’s literal meaning of the phrase that’s used then your blood must be
poured out by the men other human beings who are around and and and I think
that’s the authorization for the use of executive power which becomes in the end
when you think it through the authorization for human self-government
it’s where the whole idea kind of comes from and I think that that then has to
be worked out in a context that is general to all humanity say that is not
something that’s just specific even to the people of Israel or to those who
through Christ are grafted on to the promises of Christ and therefore the
promises of God for Israel know that everybody’s included in that and the
founders of the United States recognized this when they said that what they were
talking about was a kind of justice that applies to everybody and that’s why I
think we had a universal appeal in America that’s why so many people were
drawn to the country they came here to be treated with decency and respect of
their choice to do what is right for themselves and for their families and
then for their community including ultimately the nation they would form
and the final point would then be that that nation is losing itself and losing
sight of itself if we ever forget that when we stand before God as the American
people we answer to God’s law for all humanity
we carry therefore a responsibility to God to make sure that all the people who
gather in this country whatever background
are going to be treated in accordance with God’s law for right and justice in
accordance therefore with their willingness to stand with us and take
responsibility for doing right according to the endowment of God’s will in our
relations with one another and as Lincoln said also our relations to all
humankind and I think in the end that’s part of
what defines us as a nation so that we’re not like any other I’m going to be
making the point in my talk that we are a special nation if people say
exceptional I like the word special why because it refers to the species as a
whole we are a nation that actually was meant to we had a vocation to represent
the hope of God and the law of God and the good will of God for the whole human
race step away from that vocation and we ceased to be a nation and it’s not a
coincidence now that the forces that I believe are seeking to destroy us their
first move was to separate us from God right which means that you get separated
from the premise of right and justice according to God that is the foundation
of what makes it possible for us to bring people from all over the world and
knit them together into one community because we acknowledge that there is a
god-given sense of justice that applies to everyone back away from that and we
dissolve and I think that dissolution is the intended result that the enemies of
our Liberty according to God want to bring upon us so that our nation will be
destroyed Wow and in the last few minutes that we have left dr. keyes what
do you see is the primary threats to America to our liberties to this kind of
worldview that really produced this nation and and what do we do about it I
mean if you had just a few ideas you know what can an average person washing
is what can they do to help stem the tide that would just be phenomenal
well my first response to that is to remember Alexander Solzhenitsyn he
was the famous author and writer opponent of Soviet Communism and Oliver
became well-known throughout the world and when he addressed the convocation at
Harvard University back in and it was 1970s I suppose he said that America
America’s major problem and I think it’s true is that America has forgotten God
and the only thing I would add to that as I just said is that if America
forgets god we have forgotten ourselves and if we forget ourselves we no longer
exist right so that’s our problem that’s the root of it and how do you answer
that I think that the answer is very simple you’re going to preach the gospel
and when I say that that means that we have got to take a stand first of all
for that which is also the premise of the gospel and the first premise of the
gospel is God right the first premise of the gospel is God Almighty and Christ
the only begotten Son of God and the understanding of right and justice that
through the word which was made flesh then becomes the basis for justice right
and therefore government for all humanity and I think that we have
because we forget God and get separated from it we then give in to an
understanding that makes us the owner of everything everything we know everything
we think everything we do it’s ours you know
and I know there are people who call themselves libertarians and they say we
own ourselves no we don’t god made us and does the does the clay get to
reproach the potter as the bible says no you don’t because the potter made you
what you are and at the end of the day God made us he as we now know better
than anybody else he has fashioned us in such a way that
this instrument that we have even in our bodies reflects the marvelous way the
universe itself works together for good according to the will of God
and and so we are answerable to God we are responsible to God and so we’re not
in any sense absolute owners of our own will the will of God’s endowment which
allows us makes it possible for us to exist is ultimately an expression of his
being and when we understand that we realize we cannot be ourselves if we
turn from the being of God the being according to the will of God is what we
are and I think that that’s something that is an essential part of preaching
the gospel it not only opens people finally to the fact that they have to
find a way to reconcile with God and we preach that Christ is that way as he did
but we also find that that’s common to all human beings and therefore I often
tell people my sense of the United States is that people were seeking to
preach the gospel in their two ways you either go to them or by getting them to
see what you’re doing and want to be part of it you know where Christ says
treat each other so that they will say see these Christians how they love the
way in which they love one another right and they will be drawn to be part of
that community I think America was founded on that premise that we would be
a magnet to people of goodwill now when he said that see these Christians how
they love one another it was the way in which they loved one another that was
important people always act as if he just said see these Christians they love
one another no he invited attention to the way they loved one another and that
says that there’s a way to love people and then there’s the Christian way to
love people and the essential difference between the two is that Christian people
love each other in the way that God loves all his creation including
humanity itself therefore we are not can unconstrained in what we do we are
disciplined to follow the way of God in Jesus Christ reconciled to our Lord
we therefore lay the groundwork to live and work together so that human beings
like all things that correspond to God’s will live and work together for good I
think that is a vision most Americans still share but it’s being rejected and
perverted by people who replace an idolatry of self for our proper regard
and worship and reverence for God’s authority if we follow the latter way we
survive we prosper we continue to offer hope to the rest of humankind if we
follow the idolatrous way we perish and with us perishes a good hope that was
meant to be held up for the rest of humankind that’s spectacular dr. Keyes
where can people follow you what’s the best place to follow you I know you have
a show tell us where people can find that and
what’s the best way to keep in touch I am doing a show called Let’s Talk
America and it appears on I am that’s I am I am TV and you can find it by going
to IMT V dot u.s. that’s where our page exists where you can get in touch with
the programming that I’m doing that we have done at AI MTV and I hope that
people will pay us a visit and let us know who they are there are
opportunities to sign up and leave your good wishes if you wish but at least let
us know that you have taken an interest and I think dr. Keyes thank you so much
and God bless you god bless you thank you

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  • kmg501 says:

    So does this mean that god given rights can be denied to non believers or do non believers enjoy natural rights? What are the differences from god given or natural rights from *government denying government granted rights*? In both cases are "rights" positive or negative? Keep in mind that these are all questions, not arguments. I want to hear answers before I decide to give any arguments.

  • Krzysztof Wolski says:

    Thank you.

  • Tom Dragon says:

    Too bad his daughter Maya Marcel-Keyes is nothing like him, total opposite to be exact, and is spreading SJW propaganda around. I wonder what has gone wrong with her turning out like that.

  • kmg501 says:

    Being forced to stay together is enslavement, the states have every right and duty to break off due to tyranny by other states or the federal govt oligarchy.

  • J. M. says:

    Alan Keats where were you when the white people were dying and still dying and communist South Africa I'm sure you are a Mason of Prince Hall Masonic order I need many of these men who choose not to help disabled people but to take advantage of disabled people show those Masons of Prince Hall who do evil in America by The Silence of their education of the white genocide in South Africa what is it with these black Republicans and yet they are silent against white genocide in South Africa. What's the problem there educated knowledgeable black men and women who are of masonic Masons Prince Hall. And they are silent of the suffering of the white genocide in South Africa my solution wooden box into black marbles that's the only way Prince Hall understands that those who request The Walking Dead of these individuals all they make a lot of money they Shuffle around with their non-profit 501 c 3 S but when it comes time for help they are avoid. They're nowhere to be found.

  • Francine Davis says:

    Mr. Keys is exactly right.
    What an intelligent-honest gentleman. He gives Glory to God by the truth he shares.
    So many on the news never speak about God.
    Thank you for sharing this excellent interview.

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    ❤️❤️ ❤️👊👊👊 Truth!!!

  • Sunny Olsen says:

    God created all men and women in His image and Christ bought us with His blood, so we should love every one of God's servants. We don't own ourselves, God owns us.

  • Marcus says:

    Although there were 55 Founders who drafted the Constitution, and 90 more who drafted the Bill of Rights, why does the current Court invoke only Thomas Jefferson and James Madison as its spokesmen? Are there no constitutional authorities among the 140 plus who framed those documents? Or, is it possible that their words would directly contradict the current Court’s conclusions?

    Since Jefferson has over 60 volumes of written works and Madison has over twenty, why does the Court continually invoke only one or two select sentences from these exhaustive works? Is it perhaps that the rest of the statements made by Madison and Jefferson reveal the Court’s intentional misportrayal of their intent?

    Since several signers of the Constitution were also Justices on the U. S. Supreme Court, why does the current Court avoid citing the declarations of those Justices on today’s issues? Is it perhaps that the concise rulings of those who so clearly understood constitutional intent would contradict and thus embarrass the Court for its current positions?

    Men who made amazing statements such as these…

    "Rendering thanks to my Creator for my existence and station among His works, for my birth in a country enlightened by the Gospel and enjoying freedom, and for all His other kindnesses, to Him I resign myself, humbly confiding in His goodness, and in His mercy through Jesus Christ for the events of eternity." JOHN DICKINSON, SIGNER OF THE CONSTITUTION

    "Unto Him who is the author and giver of all good, I render sincere and humble thanks for His manifold and unmerited blessings, and especially for our redemption and salvation by His beloved Son." JOHN JAY, ORIGINAL CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE U. S. SUPREME COURT

    "My soul I resign into the hands of my Almighty Creator, whose tender mercies are all over His works, who hateth nothing that He hath made, and to the justice and wisdom of whose dispensations I willingly and cheerfully submit, humbly hoping from His unbounded mercy and benevolence, through the merits of my blessed Savior, a remission of my sins." GEORGE MASON, FATHER OF THE BILL OF RIGHTS

    The Scriptures inform us that “in Him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17: 28). Jesus further declares that “Apart from Me you can do nothing” (John 15:5).

    How did we become so misguided..?

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." 1st Ammendment

    In recent years, clashes over religious expressions have been among the most frequent controversies decided by federal courts, with the U. S. Supreme Court having issued numerous rulings on the subject (a previously unprecedented practice in American history). Consequently, a body of nine unelected Justices now exercises more control over how, when, where, or if public religious activities will occur than any other entity in America. In fact, one Justice describes the Court as “a national theology board.”

    The modern Court largely amassed its control over religion first by discarding the traditional limitations of the religion clauses of the First Amendment, and then by adopting the phrase “separation of church and state” as the modern measuring stick for judging the propriety of a challenged religious expression. By imputing a non-historic meaning to this celebrated historic phrase, the modern Court began declaring unconstitutional many long-standing religious practices and expressions.

    Strikingly, in examining First Amendment controversies, courts are more likely to cite the "separation" metaphor (which appears nowhere in the constitution) than they are the First Amendment itself. That metaphor became the contemporary standard for judicial policy in 1947 in Everson v. Board of Education when the Court arbitrarily proclaimed: The First Amendment has erected a wall between church and state. That wall must be kept high and impregnable. We could not approve the slightest breach. Relying on this phrase rather than the First Amendment, courts began striking down religious activities and expressions that had long been constitutional. The result has been a series of unprecedented decisions that defy common sense and mystify average citizens. For example:

    – It is unconstitutional even to see the Ten Commandments at school since students might voluntarily read, meditate upon, respect, or obey them. STONE v. GRAHAM, 1980.

    – Even though the actual wording of a bill may be constitutional, the bill becomes unconstitutional if the legislator who introduced it had a religious activity in his mind. WALLACE v. JAFFREE, 1985.

    – It is unconstitutional for a nativity scene to be displayed on public property unless surrounded by sufficient secular displays to prevent it from appearing religious. ACLU v. CITY OF BIRMINGHAM, 1986

    – It is unconstitutional for a public cemetery to have a planter in the shape of a cross, for if someone were to view that cross, it could cause emotional “distress” and thus constitute an “injury-in-fact.” WARSAW v. TEHACHAPI, 1990

    – It is unconstitutional for the Ten Commandments to continue being displayed in a solitary setting at public courthouses and government buildings – despite the fact that the Ten Commandments are a basis of civil law in the Western World and are depicted in multiple locations throughout the U. S. Supreme Court and other federal buildings. HARVEY v. COBB COUNTY, 1993.

    – It is unconstitutional for Christians to pray public prayers that reflect their own personal faith and beliefs. DOE v. SANTA FE I.S.D., 1995.

    – Amazingly, It is even unconstitutional for a courtroom to display the Ten Commandments among a collection of other historic documents related to American law, such as the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Mayflower Compact. ACLU OF KENTUCKY v. GRAYSON COUNTY, 2002.

    – If students are slain in a school shooting and fellow students create a memorial to their fallen friends, it is unconstitutional for that memorial to include any religious element or acknowledgment among the personal remembrances of students. FLEMING v. JEFFERSON COUNTY SCH. DIST., 2002.

    – A Bible school or church may not use the word “seminary” or issue Biblical degrees unless the State first pre-approves the Bible courses, Bible teachers, and theological curriculum. H.E.B. MINISTRIES v. TEXAS, 2003.

    – Student artwork containing religious symbols (such as a Bible or a cross) may be treated as gang symbols, profanity, and satanic signs. BANNON v. SCH. DIST. OF PALM BEACH COUNTY, 2004.

    In nine western States, courts ruled it constitutional for public schools to require a three-week indoctrination to the Islamic faith in which all junior-high students must "pretend" they are Muslims and offer prayers to Allah (they are further encouraged to take Islamic names, call each other by those names, wear Islamic garb, participate in Jihad games, and read the Koran during those three weeks); yet the same court ruled it unconstitutional for those same students to voluntarily mention “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. EKLUND v. BYRON U.S.D., 2005.

    – A citizen riding a public bus cannot give a fellow rider a book containing Bible stories. ANDERSON v. MILWAUKEE COUNTY, 2006.

    – It is constitutional for public schools to display Jewish and Islamic religious holiday symbols but not Christian ones. SKOROS v. CITY OF NEW YORK, 2006

    There are hundreds of similar rulings. It's therefore not surprising that an independent poll affirmed that 77% of the nation believes that “the courts have gone too far in taking religion out of public life,” and that 59% believe that judges have singled out Christianity for attack…. (Please reference David Barton's, Original Intent book for more examples).

    That is the terrible fix we're in! These decisions are representative of the current hostility toward traditional religious expression; and the hostility has spread well beyond the courts, now permeating the official public square.

    However, Historical records are succinct; they clearly document that the Founders’ purpose for the First Amendment is not compatible with the interpretation given it by contemporary courts. The Founders intended only to prevent the establishment of a single national denomination, not to restrain public religious expressions.

    1967: The Court, in the case of DeKalb v. DeSpain, decided that a 4-line nursery
    rhyme from a kindergarten class was unconstitutional. Although the word “God” was not specifically mentioned in the rhyme, they argued that it was implied. Here's the nursery rhyme in question…

    We thank you for the flowers so sweet; We thank you for the food we eat; We thank you for the birds that sing; We thank you for everything.

    Evidently, there's been an all out assault on the Christian-Judeo principles that guided the writers of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Why this is the case, one can only speculate…but it's worth noting that on the election eve of 2008, the 44th President of the United States (2009—2017) said this:

    “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” -Barack Obama, election eve, 2008"

    The rest as they say, is history…

  • Anita A says:

    Alan Keyes a man much needed in our times. Thank you Mr Keyes.

  • The Umpire's Post says:

    Exactly right, absolutely CORRECT! Too many are scratching their heads wondering what is leading to our destruction? #1 Reason: Immorality, which is a disconnection from God. Morals (even ethics) have been practically eliminated (or not trully applied) from much of Academia, the Sciences, from Government, from Corporations,…some Agencies are worse than others, some Companies are worse than others, some Schools are worse than others, etc! Virtually every culture/society that may have had great achievements, and then declined (or crumbled)… has done so primarily due to moving away from GOD and lacking morals (whether from within or influenced by external forces)…. This is true, and a fact that too many Historians are not willing to acknowledge/accept, at least not as one of the primary root-causes!

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    The Darker The Lies, The Brighter The Truth – Message by Dr. Chuck Baldwin on Nov. 17, 2019 https://youtu.be/ieU0z78-xV0

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    You have no intelligence. 2 Corinthians 4:4 all your leaders and you swear in on my Bible. I have the holy spear.

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