Why This Exercise Made Me Grateful 🙏 [2019] – How To Reprogram Your Mind (For Positive Thinking)

Hi and welcome to this video In this video I will talk about a technique I used myself Not anymore, because I don’t need it anymore. But once, I The time I used it, it was really very very helpful to me and I really appreciate life. I was really grateful for life and It’s called Maranasati:-) I hope I’ve pronounced it correct / the correct way and In essence, it is about meditation, meditating about death. It’s a Meditation practice by the Buddhists and If you are really thinking what’s the fucking point of life, this exercise is for you so What I did was I Was imagining I’m dead and people came and in my house and they put me in a body bag and I got out of the house and I imagined my funeral and There were so many people around me Everyone was crying. I imagined heavy rain and That situation alone was so intense it was so freakin intense I had to stop the exercise After five to ten minutes. I could no longer stand that situation in my mind, thinking about that situation but Guess what happened? Afterwards that feeling was so amazing. I was so glad being alive, being able to breathe and I was so happy to sit in my chair, having no problem at all. No problem at all I had something to drink something to eat and I was so glad being alive and I Did this exercise every Single day for a couple of minutes. Again to me I wasn’t able to do that more than five to 10 minutes And What I’ve read so far is you shouldn’t do this more than 20 minutes or so I couldn’t do that that long but again, if you’re really struggling in life, you’re fighting in life and you can’t stand it anymore and really think about what’s the fucking point and try this exercise is really a very good one and but please be aware that it is an intense one and Make sure if you’re not stable get your doctor’s permission first before doing this on your own and then give me a feedback and let me know what you think and put in the comments and Really try it out. It’s it’s a very very good one and I know myself and Yes, and if I would ever face Depression but I won’t face of depression anymore because I have learned so much in my life and I Know how to deal with depression. I had a severe depression and I was almost committing suicide and I got rid of that shit and But again, this is an exercise I used to Feel life again – to really appreciate life again being grateful for what you have even if you have if you feel you have nothing at all and do this exercise, it is really a great one and It costs you nothing. But again, make sure you’re stable enough and Yeah, that’s it for now, so I hope you liked this video if so, I give me a like, become a sub and tick the bell and if you have any questions about depression or addiction, let me know and I’ll make a video about it and Yeah, that’s it for now, take care and bye

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