Why God Allows Satanic Attack – 1 Thessalonians 2:13-20

once you find your way there if you’re
able I’ll ask you to stand you can follow along as I read if not where
you’re seated is fine I should have done this earlier but that’s all right the
Apostle Paul is writing to the church there in Thessalonica and by the Holy
Spirit says verse 13 and we also thank God continually what a great start on
this the first Sunday after Thanksgiving we also thanked God continually and
we’re going to be told why because when you received the Word of God which you heard
from us you accepted it not as a human word but as it actually is the Word of
God which is indeed at work in you who believe for you brothers and sisters
became imitators of God’s churches in Judea which are in Christ Jesus you
suffered from your own people the same things those churches suffered from the
Jews who killed verse 15 the Lord Jesus and the prophets and also drove us out a
reference to Paul being driven out ran out of Thessalonica when he was there
starting this church some believe only for three weeks before they ran him out
of town they displease God and are hostile to everyone in their effort to
keep us from speaking to the Gentiles so that they may be saved in this way
they always heap up their sins to the limit the wrath of God has come upon
them at last wow verse 17 but brothers and sisters when
we were orphaned by being separated from you for a short time and we’re told
parenthetically in person not in thought out of our intense longing we made every
effort to see you for we wanted to come to you certainly I Paul did again and
again but interesting Satan blocked our way what for what is our hope
verse 19 our joy or the crown in which we will glory in the presence of our
Lord Jesus when He comes is it not you indeed you are our glory and joy let’s
pray if you would join with me Lord thank You thank You so much Lord Lord we’re here today to worship You to
learn of You to draw near to You and to commune with You
so Lord will You bless our time together we pray in Jesus name
Amen and Amen you could be seated thank you I want to talk with you today about a
really tough topic concerning spiritual warfare specifically satanic attack and
namely that of why it is that oftentimes God will allow the devil and his demons
to attack us as His people in this fallen world you know we’re always going
to this side of heaven be dealing with what I’ll call the big three as a car
guy the world the flesh and the devil and there are those times when God
allows the devil to attack us and that’s what I want to talk about today now it’s
important to understand that the enemy can not so much as touch a hair on our
head unless he has permission from God to do it seems that God has given him
permission to touch a lot of hairs that once used to be upon my head which is
why I’m trying to overcompensate enough of my problems but the enemy can do
absolutely no thing to us unless he first gets permission from God to do it
and here’s the thing God will never give the devil permission to do anything to
us unless in the end it’s for our good and His glory
if it’s not for our good no way ain’t going to happen I know that’s not proper
English don’t email me if it’s for His glory and our good He will give the
me permission to attack to block if you will as he did here with the Apostle
Paul one need look no further to the accounts in scripture like with job in
the Old Testament for those of you who were here with us on Thursday nights we
were going through the Bible we went through the book of Job what 8 I want to
use the word intense it was such an intense study through that book of Job
but right out of the chute at the beginning of the book we’re told that
Satan was roaming around the earth and he apparently still has access to heaven
by the way which is why there’s going to be a new heaven for all eternity but as
he’s there God says to him have you I noticed you’ve been kind of you know
roaming about throughout the earth did you happen to notice my servant Job oh as a
matter of fact I have that’s why I’m here by the way I want to talk to You about
him I want to ask You for permission because here’s the thing God
the only reason Job is so righteous the only reason Job serves You is because
You just bless him You prosper him You want to make a bet not that God bets but
I’ll bet you Satan would say that if You raise Your hand or let me mess with him
and come against him and take from him he’ll curse You to Your face God says
you’re on but you can only do this and of course Satan goes right up to that
line that God gave him permission to do the whole book is about
Satan attacking Job in unthinkable ways then there’s Peter remember that account
in the Gospels where Jesus and Peter are having this conversation and Jesus says
to Peter Peter um Satan has asked for permission for you
to sift you as wheat it’s not there in the narrative or in the text but I can
just imagine what Peter is thinking to himself You didn’t give him permission did
You Jesus yeah I did You did why because in the end it’s
going to be for your good and it’s going to be for My glory I did give him permission
to sift you as wheat and boy did he and again like with Job Satan went right up
to the line of that which he was given permission to do in our text today we
see God allowing Satan not to sift Paul not to take from Paul but to block Paul
why because of what it accomplished God had a greater good and though not
exhaustive I believe our text today provides us with three reasons as to why
it is and when it is that God will give Satan permission to block us attack us
oppress us mess with us and the first one is to turn us back to the Word of
God and prayer in verses 13 through 16 the
Apostle Paul is connecting the dots as it were as it relates to the suffering
and persecution there with the Thessalonians Christians and it was really coming
primarily from the Jews who are trying to make trouble the very Jews that had
driven Paul out of Thessalonica and Paul is acknowledging to them yes I I know
that they have persecuted you they have afflicted you but you know
what that’s caused you to do it’s caused you to embrace the Word of God for what
it is God’s Word would you agree with me that when adversity strikes Satan
attacks Satan blocks that it has this much-needed affect of drawing us back to
the Lord to His word and to prayer that’s what God accomplishes so here’s
this fictitious account of Satan asking permission for you he’s stalking you as
we’re told in the scriptures like a lion waiting for that optimum time to attack
and strike but he can’t until he gets permission so he goes and he asks God
hey um can I have permission to attack J.D. why is it so silent all of a sudden
and here’s God looking at me saying yeah go ahead you can do this because I know
what he will do when you do that he will fall to his knees on his face before Me
you want to bet watch him oh he’ll get into the Word he’ll pray
he’ll seek Me he’ll draw near to Me and Me to him go ahead I give you permission
see God knows that sometimes it takes both persecution and affliction to get
our attention I wish it were not so you know when
things are going good I I’m not in the Word as much I’m not in prayer as much I
mean things are going great thank You Lord
but boy let adversity strike You’ve got my attention Lord good that’s why I let
Satan do that to get your attention to draw you back to Me I’m going to make a
statement I’ve mentioned this before I’ve stated this before and I think it
bears repeating and it’s that persecution and affliction
does not hinder the church the opposite is true it’s the absence of persecution
and affliction that will hinder the church you want to grow the church
persecute the church the church will grow we can ask our brothers and sisters
in other parts of the world that are under severe persecution this is true for God’s church
collectively and so too is this true for God’s people individually
I think of David in Psalm 119 verse 67 listen to what he says he says before I
was afflicted I went astray but now I obey Your Word Lord You had to bring
affliction You had to bring persecution You had to bring adversity You had to
bring spiritual warfare You’ve got my attention now I was I was kind of going
off doing my own thing getting busy and caught up with the cares and the affairs
of this world and then You gave the enemy permission to afflict me to attack
me and it brought me back to You and back to Your Word You know I want to be
careful when I say this but I’ve been in the ministry as a pastor for well I’ve
got to think about this now for a second over 20 years wow
give me a moment on this 20 years I’ve been a pastor and over the years I’ve
noticed I’ve taken note of how it is that and please I don’t want you to be
uncomfortable when I say this but I I will look at you sitting there and I can
tell when God’s got your attention maybe I should use this example from when I
was a pastor on the mainland let’s do that that’s better that’s safer so I’m
on the mainland and someone would you know be sitting there in church as
they always do every week and you know they’re kind of like this and again I don’t mean this about anybody here as some of you have come up to me
afterwards and apologized pastor I’m so sorry if you saw me nodding off I didn’t
really get a good night’s sleep last night
I it wasn’t you it’s just I’m really tired I had a really rough week
I say hey listen no worries it’s not a problem if you fall asleep that’s fine I
have that effect on some people except when I screamed then I wake them up but
that’s not a problem the problem would be is if I fell asleep while I was
preaching that’s the problem so but there’s you know it’s just kind of like
this and and I want to be humorous in a sanctified way but it’s kind of one of
these is kind of like I think the eyes roll back and then and then and then they come out of it and then it’s back to that and then it’s that and then it’s again I speak
of no one here today you guys are so attentive and so then maybe that week
something happens and the Lord lets it happen and that following Sunday they’re
not doing this they’re like this and I’m like turn to first Thess I’m already there let’s pray yes let’s pray oh and the worship can we talk about the worship just briefly of
course we can I mean the week prior it was I surrender all I surrend right the following week
I surrender all verse 71 a few verses later Psalm 119 it was good for me to be
afflicted it was yeah it was a good thing it was a God thing it was good for
me and it was the glory of God if it’s good for me and it brings glory to God
God’s going to do it it was good for me to be afflicted why so that I might learn
Your decrees I’ve got to learn a lesson you know I’m getting to the place I’ve been
walking with the Lord for 37 years plus now and I’m finally better late than never
I guess I’m finally getting to the place where
when Satan attacks adversity strikes affliction happens my first response not
my last resort is okay Lord what do You want to show me what do You want to
teach me what do You want me to see what do You want me to learn obviously You’ve
allowed this to happen because You will never allow anything to happen to me not
one hair fall from my head You will never allow anything so
obviously this has happened why oh I’m glad you asked is God’s response here’s why wow I will learn things about the Lord that I
could never otherwise learn absent the affliction and the
spiritual warfare and the adversity you know when things are going good I don’t
learn when when when during times of prosperity it’s during times of adversity that’s
when I learned see and I hate to say it this way but you know what I mean when I
say it you know God’s got a problem God doesn’t have problems but actually we’re
the problem and the problem is is that we’re we’re prone to wander I mean it
doesn’t take much I mean it’s it’s a magnetic pull as it were when it comes
to the world the flesh the things of this world I oftentimes wonder if
the reason why God called me into the ministry as a pastor and teacher is so
that I would be forced to stay in His Word because He knows what I’m prone to
do even this last month not being in the pulpit interesting my time with the Lord
took on a whole new meaning in my time in the Word my time in prayer was so rich
I’m like wow Lord I don’t ever want this to end to which He said well it has to
end because you have to be back in the pulpits so oh Lord I’ve been just
enjoying this this time with You and oh I just You showing me so many things He
knows we’re prone to wander the story is told about that timeless and classic
hymn of old Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing and it’s about wandering and
going astray one writer described it this way it is an unfortunate turn of
events when a young boy is forced to grow up without a loving
father thus was Robert Robinson’s fate his dad passed away when he was only
eight years of age to make Robert’s circumstances much more difficult his
maternal grandmother pardon me grandfather Robert Wilkin a wealthy man who had
never reconciled himself to his daughters lowly marriage disinherited
his grandson and provided an inheritance for him of only 10 shillings and
sixpence even in his youth he endured the hardship of having to be the
breadwinner for his widowed mother and himself as he grew older he came under
the influence of the famed evangelist George Whitfield on December 10th 1755
Robinson could not push from his mind a particular phrase used by Mr. Whitfield
in one of his sermons oh my hearers the wrath to come the wrath
to come interesting Paul talks about the wrath
that will come upon the Jews who did this he was wonderously converted and became
a minister of the Gospel first in a Baptist Church then in a Methodist
Church and later in other denominations in one location his congregation grew to
1,000 in attendance unfortunately and for some unexplained reason he became
altogether unstable and unhappy his Christian beliefs and training seemed of
little importance to him on one occasion years later he found himself the fellow
passenger of a young lady on a stagecoach it is reported that she began
to sing to break the monotony of the trip and what did she sing Come Thou
Fount of Every Blessing tune my heart to sing thy grace streams
of mercy never ceasing call for songs of loudest praise teach me some melodious
sonnet sung by flaming tongues above praise the mount I’m fixed upon it mount
of thy redeeming love o to grace how great a debtor daily I’m constrained to
be let thy goodness like a fetter bind my wandering heart to Thee prone to
wander Lord I feel it prone to leave the God I love here’s my heart Lord take and
seal it seal it for Thy courts above as she finished singing the young woman
asked Roberts what he thought about that song his startling reply madame I am the
unhappy man who wrote that hymn many years ago and I would give a thousand
worlds if I had them if I could feel now as I felt then you might be here today and it’s been pretty rough and it seems
that God’s given Satan permission to sift you and you’re sitting here in this
church sifted as wheat don’t despise it don’t dismiss it embrace it it’s God’s way of bringing
you back to Him can I say it this way He misses you
He loves you He wants you back He misses that time that you would once upon a
time have with Him that intimacy and He had to use the devil by the way
important don’t miss this thank You Lord for reminding me to say this the devil
is God’s devil what yeah the devil is God’s devil he’s not God’s opposite he’s not all-powerful he’s not all present he’s all not all-knowing only
God is he’s not God’s opposite and I think we do err greatly when we imagine
that Satan is equal to God he’s not he is a defeated foe sometimes it would do
well we would do well to tell him that out loud I do I know they have clinical
terms for that but I do when when he tries to put thoughts in my mind I say
stop what do you what get out of here you you’re a liar
I don’t believe you you’re a liar every time you say something or put something
in my mind you’re lying because you’re the father of lies I’m not going to believe
your lie I’m going to believe God’s truth that’s not true it’s not consistent with
what God’s Word of truth says get out of here go bother somebody else
and I resist him and he flees he has to when he attacked Jesus what did Jesus do
he quoted Deuteronomy by the way the Word of God
and sometimes God has to allow the enemy to attack because it brings us back to
Him to His Word here’s the second reason in verses 17 and 18 and this is a biggie
it’s to protect and redirect our paths let me explain this one verse 18 to me
is one of the most stunning verses in all of Scripture and the reason is is
that Satan was actually allowed to block the Apostle Paul from going back to
Thessalonica which he longed to do he says that I really wanted to I longed
to again and again continually couldn’t stop thinking about it
I want to go back to the Thessalonians see how they’re doing but Satan blocked
me and God allowed him to block me why why would God allow Satan to do that
that doesn’t make any sense you would think that God would certainly
open up that door for Paul to go back and see how this church is doing God
allowed Satan to block him because God was actually protecting Paul and
redirecting Paul you know sometimes God will allow the enemy to attack us in
order to protect us from a greater trial I know I need to expound on that
remember when the disciples were told by the Lord to get into the boat onto the
Sea of Galilee and He would meet them on the other side there there seems to be
in in the Gospel account of that some urgency on
the part of the Lord you don’t really see that in the scriptures I never
really see the Lord in a hurry but apparently at this particular time he’s
kind of in a hurry to get the disciples into the boat why He wants to get them
into the boat knowing that they’re going to enter into a perilous life-and-death
storm in other words He He knowingly sends them into a storm why would He do
that He’s protecting them from a potentially greater storm had they
stayed what do you mean oh they just got done feeding the multitudes and Jesus is
like I got to get them out of here because they want to stay I mean they’re
heroes right now and it’s going to their head Peter wants to start the First
Church of the feeding of the multitudes on this side here and he’s going to have
an instant mega church and I mean I’ve got to get them out of here to protect them
from pride that’s the greater trial so He sends them redirects them into that
storm in order to protect them from what could have been a more perilous storm
the peril of pride which will ultimately lead to the fall and God will never put
us in a situation where the environment is conducive to our fall He can’t
conversely He will always put us in a situation that is conducive to our
obedience to Him in other words you can be right smack in the middle of a trial
a perilous storm maybe you’re here today and you’re in one of those storms and
it’s shaking you you’re like Lord this why are You allowing this and it’s like
the Lord is saying if only you knew what I was protecting you from this storm is to
protect you from a greater storm I wonder what what if Paul would have been
allowed to go back to Thessalonica I wonder what wold have happened the you
think those Jews that ran them out of town the last time are going to be there
still oh you better believe they are going to be there here’s the other thing I
have to ask myself let’s say that God didn’t allow Satan to block his way from
going back to Thessalonica would we have two letters written to the
Thessalonians I don’t think so in other words God brought about the greater good
by having two letters Paul wrote the letter in lieu of his going back there
that’s why he wrote this letter and had it sent to them I couldn’t yet I wanted
to come that’s why I’m writing in other words had he went we wouldn’t have First
Thessalonians let’s just close a prayer and go home
well we have to have prophecy update first then we’ll go home no then we have
communion there we’ll go home we wouldn’t have First Thessalonians we wouldn’t
have Second Thessalonians and oh by the way
First Thessalonians was the first epistle the Apostle Paul ever wrote the
first epistle that he was inspired by the Holy Spirit that we have in the
Canon of Scripture is First Thessalonians and had God not allowed
Satan to block his way we wouldn’t have this and I can’t even imagine my Bible
without First and Second Thessalonians you want to know why you know why
because as we’re going to see it’s all about the rapture of the church and the
return of the Lord which is exactly what he’s going to talk about now then in so
doing give us this third reason it’s the best for last
if you ask me why does God allow Satan to
attack us as His people because it has this effect of creating a longing for
the Lord’s return verses 19 and 20 are interesting it’s like Paul saying you
guys Satan may have blocked me from coming to you but it just makes me long
even more for the Lord’s coming for us isn’t it true let’s be honest you’re in
church you have to be honest right if we’re honest with ourselves we would
have to admit that when things aren’t going good down here that’s when we want
the Lord to come and when things are going really good down here
not so much let’s be honest right adversity strikes you’re in this trial
you’re like Lord come quickly things are going good nothing wrong with that enjoy
Ecclesiastes 7:14 says during times of prosperity enjoy just praise the Lord
you better enjoy it because the trial is a-coming and then he says but when
adversity I wish it said if by chance it should happen that adversity should
strike no it says when adversity strikes when God allows Satan to torment
you like he did Paul with whatever that thorn in the flesh might be in your life
and you pray God why why are You allowing Satan to torment me with this
thorn in my flesh God said you pray remove it get me out of it and God says I
can’t I would but what you don’t realize is if I did it would be to your own
peril because see by me allowing this to continue it’s creating in you
this total complete reliance and dependence upon Me and Me alone if I
were to remove it keep in mind 14 years prior Paul had been caught up
to heaven hey if if God takes me and lets me see
what awaits in glory you don’t think that’s going to go to my head I’m telling
you right now I’m writing books I’m going I’m speaking all over the world
about what I saw not Paul why because God gave him this thorn in the flesh to
keep him humble Paul if I remove this thorn whatever it was and I believe God
kept it generic for a reason so that we would fill in the blanks with whatever
that thorn is in our lives that we’ve asked God to remove why do You let Satan
continue to buffett me to torment me like this to attack me like this
oh here’s why it’s keeping you dependent upon Me and waiting for Me as you look
to Me and if I didn’t give Satan permission where would you be what would
your life be like where would you go I find it most interesting that Paul would
say to them and we’ll close with this he would say to them and of them that they
are his hope they are his joy they are his crown and rejoicing when the Lord
comes that’s all that’s going to matter in the end
this is the Lord’s endgame as it were everything ultimately points to His
return in the end and when we’re going through difficulty and affliction and
suffering and persecution it makes us long more
for the Lord’s return that’s why so we’re wandering we’re going astray God
says I’ve got to get their attention Satan go ahead that you only up to this point
boom okay I got their attention now I’ve got to get them on the right path and I’ve
got to keep them on that right path I’ve got to direct their paths I’ve got to protect
their paths and then once they’re on that right path now that I’ve got their
attention I want them to also focus their attention on Me and My return
Isaiah says it like this and we’ll close this will be the final closing happy is
he whose mind is stayed on Thee let’s pray Father oh Lord heavy on my heart is anyone that
might be in this service today that has really been afflicted is really
struggling going through such difficulty and the enemy has really been attacking
them Lord I pray that today this will be an encouragement to them that You have a
purpose a plan in allowing it it’s for their good and Your glory in Jesus’ name
Amen and Amen

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    Bellevue, MI watching.

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    I've been through a struggle about my husband. For 7 months now 8 months I pray every single day for my husband and the Lord has answered my prayers. I have never prayed like this before and I have never felt closer to Him then now. He answers prayers in a spicific way. I was blind in my right eye for 2 days and I prayed to Jesus and within seconds my sight came back and is still fine. I have felt spiritual attacks on my body and prayed and withing seconds the pain was gone. I believe that if we draw near to Him He will draw near to us. Thank you Jesus for loving us so much. God bless.

  • Rita Sallee says:

    Let me just say again, I thank God you are back!

  • Michael Schenk says:

    Welcome back pastor JD God bless you and thank you for todays messages


    Great message Pastor JD
    We are in the training and without resistence we won't grow strong in our faith, endurance to run our race!

  • Debby Long says:

    You have no idea. Thank you. Also, I am a woman who is balding on the top. So depressing.

  • 2 2 says:

    Love you, we are going to witness the revealing of the Glorification of the Saints, the Lord in us the living hope of glorification just as you have been teaching us thank uuu much love.

  • Elisha says:

    Thank you so much I needed to hear this❤️

  • Euan MacPherson says:

    Perfect timing!!
    This is all truth

  • Nidia Marshall says:

    Missed you so much! God bless!!

  • JesusSaves RunningRaven says:

    Praise God for your healing. ThankGod your gift from God.

  • Carol Peterson says:

    Magnificent, Pastor JD! Thank you SO MUCH! … by His Grace!

  • Rose Boyadjian says:

    Welcome back pastor JD we missed you

  • Grace Merry says:

    Thankyou so much pastor. timely message and how much it has blessed my heart. And so great to see you back again. God bless you and keep you always in good health.

  • Judith Ann says:

    Thank you Pastor JD, I have been going through a trial, and can see how what you are saying is exactly the truth!!!

  • Grace & Truth Ministries says:

    I think suspect #2 in my dream was the Devil: https://youtu.be/jIUvaPDLDO8

  • Shonna May says:

    So happy you're back Pastor !🤗🤗🤗❤️🙏This message truly ministered to me tonight, I've been under extreem attacks from the enemy, my heart is lifted and strengthened !💪💪💪💪

  • BarbLovesGod says:

    So happy to see you back Pastor J D, I missed your great sermons!! Thank God your health improved!!!

  • Tuxedo Cat says:

    John says we are first children, then young men, then fathers in the faith. We go through a progression until we are strong in the faith. All faith must be tested and great faith tested greatly. But you won’t be tested beyond your ability.

  • Norma Spande says:

    You look refreshed…so happy for you. Good teaching today as usual.

  • Marsha Box says:

    What a wonderful sermon. God filled message. Thank you for doing his will.

  • Michael Dillon says:

    Wonderful message Pastor J.D. Mind was blown just excellent. J.D. so very happy that you are back I am truly grateful, Be Blessed Brother.

  • Deb Storey. says:

    I loved this something different not the same don't hear much of this sort of preaching I loved it

  • Christine Cook says:


  • Russ Bell says:

    Time is a strange commodity-we can't save it, retrieve it, relive it, stretch it, borrow it, loan it, stop it or store it , but can only use it or lose it. We can't call time out in the game of life. Indeed, there is no such thing as a literal "instant replay." That appears only on film. "When as a child I laughed and wept, time crept. When as a youth I dreamed and talked, time walked. When I became a full grown man, time ran. When older still I daily grew, time flew. Soon I shall find in traveling on, time gone." The pioneer missionary, Robert Moffatt, said, "We shall have all eternity in which to celebrate our victories, but only one short hour before the sunset in which to win them." Jesus said "I must work the works of Him Who sent me, while it is day: the night comes, when no man can work." (John 9:4) It's not how long we live that counts, but how we live, so "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might" (Ecclesiastes 9:10a).

    "We cannot afford to be idle; neither do we desire it. The call is, REDEEM THE TIME. Be always doing something that will last; be always stretching forward to the prize (Philippians 3:13-14). It will soon be ours, for the Lord is at hand. It is a prize worth all our labour and sorrow here. The very thought of it is enough to put to flight all murmuring, or selfishness, or sloth. To labour here is as blessed as it is to rest hereafter. Work on, work on, till the day of recompense arrives." "The time is short! If thou wouldst work for God, it must be now; If thou wouldst win the garland for thy brow, Redeem the time. With His reward He comes; He tarries not; His day is near; When men least look for Him will He be here; Prepare for Him!" (H. Bonar)

    Paul exhorts believers "while we have OPPORTUNITY (kairos), let us do good to all men, and especially to those who are of the household of the faith." (Galatians 6:10) If one misses the "seasonable opportunity", he will miss the eternal harvest associated with that spiritual opportunity. Yesterday is past and cannot be changed, and tomorrow may not come, so make the most of the opportunities God gives you today. May God's Spirit enable us to seize the day, while we may! And so again Paul commands us "Conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders, making the most of (redeeming, buying up) the OPPORTUNITY (kairos). Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned, as it were, with salt, so that you may know how you should respond to each person." (Colossians 4:5-6)

  • San Tjoa says:

    I am convinced that God has let the devil fall. Therefore he was created. But God did not intend that Adam an Eve would fall. It gave me much knowledge of the spiritual world to have been diagnosed with schizophrenia and spending 33-years with this sickness as a patient for some time, in psychiatry and out of psychiatry. And after 33 years I was healed by God through the love of Jesus at a place in the Netherlands near the sea when after the dinner with A girlfriend , she BECAME MY grildfriend. Schizophrenia is according to the psychiatrists incurable and this has been a MIRACLE because it was the WILL of God. No more fears, delusions, voices in my head, severly being drugged by anti-psychotics ( sometimes twice the normal dose ! ) , and having been the guinea-pig of the psychiatry because they have tried upon me at least 6 different anti-psychotics and anti-depressivum and other sedating medication and even an anti-Parkinsons medicin. What a terrible world we live in ! San Tjoa [ Pastor / Musician of the Return to the Lord – church in the Netherlands ].

  • Jean Mallette says:

    One month without my pastor was way too long. Thank you Lord for bringing JD back to us.
    Welcome back pastor JD.

  • Norma Akins says:

    So happy to see you back Pastor.
    I would ask for prayer for my marriage.
    God Bless You

  • Steph Hrabe says:

    So happy to see you back, wonderful message!

  • Heidi, A Watchman In 2019 says:

    I really needed to hear this message! Thank you Yahweh for raising Pastor J.D. up, for healing him; for allowing him to give your flock encouragement. We give you all the praise, glory and honor in Yeshuas Name, Amen🙏

  • Karen Harker says:

    I’m so happy that you are back! May The Lord continue to strengthen you and Bless You! Shalom!

  • Norma Spande says:

    Powerful message

  • THE GREAT I AM says:

    Thank you. This has been on my mind last few days.

  • Jeanne S says:

    The satanic attacks have been hitting hard and heavy…so much so I had a vision of the devil taking a spear and trying really hard to strike me in my head. I spiritually felt it but know I have my helmet of salvation on and intact. The devil really hates us with a raging passion. His time is short and he doesn't want to accept defeat. I thank God with joyful praise His love is greater than all and He will always watch over me. When I was 3 years old one of my older sisters tried to convince me "God is watching you" as a threat and was telling me I was terribly wicked and evil and doomed to hell. Aren't we all apart from Christ Jesus!!!!! It was right then I told God I was sorry for my sins and wanted Him in my heart. Then my sister told me "No dummy you have to have Jesus, His Son, in your heart!" I told Jesus I loved Him too and wanted Him to live in my heart forever. From the moment I had placed myself in God's hand I have known He's never going to let go. Is God still watching me? You bet! He loves me so much He can't take His eyes off of me. I have been saved from death and severe injury more times than I can fully remember. He has used me to help others come to a saving knowledge of Christ. And I praise God as an old lady He's calling me to ministry in Tennessee for a last days revival. I'll miss the conferences in Eden Prairie, but glad JD will be there ministering to the folks there. I found there are conferences where I'm going just not the same brothers and sisters in Christ, but brothers and sisters none the less. This message is a message that my heart needed to hear right now. Lord bless the ministry in Hawaii and my brothers and sisters who live and worship there.

  • Janet Young says:

    Pastor JD you wrong about one thing, well, with me anyway ~ I want the rapture in good times and in bad. Nothing here that is “good” enough to make me want to stay. I long for His return, even when I just stuck my fork in a chocolate chest pie 😂. NOTHING I can be doing that I don’t want Rapture!! 🥰

  • Kelly Embry says:

    So true Pastor JD! This is an example of my life…and I would do it a thousand times over again because now I have such a close and loving relationship with my Savior Jesus that is was all worth it!!! 💝

  • Alice in wonderland Marie says:

    And again, verily I say unto you, the coming of the Lord draweth nigh, and it overtaketh the world as a thief in the night—therefore, gird up your loins, that you may be the children of light, and that day shall not overtake you as a thief”

  • Jessica Anne says:

    Pastor, dont worry about the hair on your head, if it all fell out tomorrow, we would still love you anyway.😍

  • Bo says:

    Mahalo Pastor JD for this wonderful Holy Spirit infused Perfect message. We missed you and are so happy that God answered our prayers for your health. God Bless your Family and you.

  • Darryl Goldsborough says:

    JD. NICE. Just want to say.. This is all GOD waking up USA, born again believers, please under stand we are praying more than ever we are United! WWG1WGA.
    JESUS is coming back soon and we are out of here, and thats how this country is going to fall. We are united with our DAD!
    DAD (GOD) is so blessing this nation. Keep praying for our President and this nation. We are seeing brothers and sisters coming together. Its all about JESUS,

  • Rachel Canfield says:

    2 weeks ago my house burned down and I lost everything including my animals which have always been like children to me. The night that it happened I was up all night talking to God and I said: Lord, I know you don't allow something to be taken away without giving something so much better in return. I praise you for that! I want satan to tremble in my praise of you. I know you have a plan for this. Can you reveal your plan to me so I can understand? This is what He showed me:

    He reminded me of a conversation I had with Him. At the time i didn't really think much of it but God apparently thought greatly of it. I had asked God who would take care of my animals when we are raptured. He said I will and they are here waiting for you to get here. God has used this situation to touch the hearts of everyone around me. Through me God is showing how powerful having faith during trials can be. It has given me the ability to talk to people and tell people how amazing God truely is. Instead of focusing on the fire all I can think is how much love and gratitude I have for God. I have never seen the holy spirit work through a group of people like it has here. And the prayers that have risen because of this is astounding!! Praise God. I believe God used you pastor JD because before this happened I watched one if your sermons about praising God in trials. And all I could think was this is terrible BUT GOD… is amazing and He has a plan

  • Mama Unterseher says:

    Beautiful JD! Thank you❤

  • Loi Walton says:

    Amen Pastor JD. I really needed to hear this and be reminded of God’s reason for satanic attack and the thorn in the flesh.
    How timely is your message, thank-you!

  • Danny Boy says:

    The devil doesn’t care about dope addict’s drunks and hard core sinners,he has them right where he wants them.he goes after the Christians who are trying to do right and please God! He’s stepping up his attack because he knows the Rapture is Very Soon!

  • M. Ringo says:

    Thank you, pastor JD. I'm in a storm similar to what you described in this sermon. I so needed to hear this message today. God bless you sir! Come Thou Fount! <3

  • Pastor Mike Miller says:


  • Ken Owens says:

    Throughout providential history, God always allowed Satan to strike first because Satan's providence is in the image of God's but on the side of evil. This began when Cain was born representing Satan's side and Abel on God's side. Once Satan strikes, that gives God the condition to take back everything that Satan owns which Satan cannot stop. Eventually, Satan will not have any power left and must surrender to God. That is God's plan and has worked throughout history.

  • Holly Christy says:

    Many blessings to you and praying for all indeed and yes we do go through Satan's hell…why test of truth on your Love for Christ…I was beaten silly by him and still go through it from time to time…But, my mind was lost for 5yrs and finally was released last month of it's hold…No I don't drink do drugs it was the love of God I have that he is trying to destroy and get me to say I don't know him especially if ever asked…He's thrown everything at me throughout life like, I've told my husband no one shot me…shot at me but, not me…everything this life has evil to give I've been through. Last thing is my love and you see I hate Satan that much I tell him daily…just so he does not forget and then I tell Christ how much I love him and would do anything he asks…and I have lived so with Satan on my heals. Heck Satan never even wanted me born he tried killing me 5monts way to early by a mighty blow. No Satan puts you through years of hell some only last 10 days, mine lasted since birth. I'll be 56 Christmas. I was asked years ago how old do you see yourself I said no more then 60…Bride of Christ goes home soon. Nicely done Pastor…Merry Christmas or Hanukkah. I'm not sure of any other. ,🙏🙏🙏

  • Laura Benjamin says:

    Such an encouragement, may the Lord continue to bless you!

  • Pam York says:

    yes , I believe your words, only God can change things, we gotta keep praying.

  • The Revolution Will Not Be Youtubed says:

    I haven't heard the message yet but I think God allows it to show us how much more we need him. I'm a believer who's constantly under attack and falling into habitual sin. I'm sure the reason for this is to drive me further into the arms of my father.

    After reading a lot of the comments I see many of you are afflicted like I am. All I have to say is keep your eyes on Jesus. Even when you fail, even when you fall, keep your eyes on him. Repent. Even if you gotta do it every hour. Repent. I'm praying for all of you. Never take your eyes off the prize. And that prize is Jesus and eternal life. Praise Yeshua! Hosanna in the highest!

  • Eileen Kilgore says:

    I listened to Pastor Farag regularly and really like his teaching. However, I am confused by his assertion that God always gives Satan permission to attack us. Where is the Biblical scripture supporting this? He mentions only Job, but that is not necessarily precedent that applies to all of us. That was a specific situation. I have a hard time understanding that EVERY time we are tempted or attacked by Satan, God first granted permission. It doesn't make sense.

  • Donna says:

    I am 88 years old, and I testify to the TRUTH of the WORD. Thank you, Pastor 👆🏻

  • lily Hkmn says:

    Amen. Thank you! Thank you, Lord God for everything, always.

  • Lion and Lamb says:

    Pastor, how about we do a good job all by ourselves making a mess. Making wrong choices. Making bad decisions that will bring us to a bad end. But, when things happen that ate out of our control, then, maybe then, it is the work of satan.
    We can't get mixed up what is of us and what is of rhe devil. We can't be blaming everything on satan. We have responsibility in what happens to us too. Like, The Lord telling us not to marry a certain person but you go ahead anyway out of it's too late to say no! It turns out as bad as the Lord knew it would.
    That's all I wanted to say. We need to keep alert to what we ourselves are causing and what has actually been "allowed." Remember what Jobs wife said for her husband to do? Her advise was from the devil! His wife!

  • Marc M says:

    Thank Almighty God for this message from lovely Pastor JD… this is a message directly from the Lord God Almightly…. he is our God & our Father, and therefore he disciplines us where necessary… and so be it. Praise to the Almightly Lord God of Heaven for his grace, mercy and care for us….

  • homer3 ja says:

    Praise Jesus 🙌🏼✝️🙌🏼

  • cherie m says:

    Thank you Lòrd for healing pastor JD

  • misstheonlyme13 says:

    Great and timely message.

  • Jim Malone says:

    Thanks for the message Pastor this could not be anymore true right now in my life

  • J B says:

    Love these videos….just so informal….one question I do have….why in the world would lucifer continue to try and attack a follower of Christ….especially when he knows full well….a follower of Christ will always rebuke him….and will always go to Jesus in prayer….I dont know if it's just my mentality of "give up already lucifer….its not gonna happen….I follower of Christ will never fall away from God"….it's like "move on to your next victim….its not gonna happen with me"….mind boggling I guess….

  • Laura Floyd says:

    We've missed you, Pastor J. D.!! So glad you're back. Praying for a complete healing. ❤🙏❤

  • sharda singh says:

    Beautiful sermon pastor JD thank you GOD BLESS YOU IN THE NAME OF YAHUSAH

  • Aldo Riono says:

    If God had allowed Paul to return to the church at Thessalonika, Paul may not have written his letters to them. Perhaps in this case God knew that allowing satan to think he was winning this thing, God would bring something better out of it, as we get the letters to read all these years later. God knows what he is doing! Hallelujah!

    Edit: Ah I should have waited before posting this… JD just said the same thing a few minutes later!

  • Eternity With Jesus says:

    These last couple years, I've been in this place to stay close to God in prayer, repenting, and reading the word. It seems I need God every hour every day.

  • Lisa Schroedel says:

    Sigh of relief! Thank you for this wonderful message, it has come at just the right time , still heartbroken right now but also thankful to God for His loving care. Blessings Pastor.

  • Paul Clarke says:

    God Bless You Pastor JD! This is an incredible sermon that blessed me greatly! I love hearing you preach from the Word and this one of your best sermons (IMHO). It is so relevant to my life right now and our Lord made a way for me to have time to see it, draw near to him, and better understand the fiery trial I’m embracing! It’s brutal….But God! God Bless You Pastor JD, my Brother, and all who see this powerful teaching. I pray you are all blessed in Jesus Christ’s Mighty name!

  • Leilani Aki says:

    Good Word!

  • PureFire of God - Mum and Son In Christ says:

    Nice to see you back JD and brave and in the fight !! I find it sad to see so many grace people leaving you tube , and just deleting their channels just because of You Tubes new COPPA Rules , or it could be a significance of finally getting the last hooks in us ( like you tube ) out of the World as I see many kinda saying

  • Joanne Modine says:

    Help! My nature is to overlook a lot in people. I work with a non Christian guy that is filled with anger that he stuffs inside himself and he acts like a nazi. He can’t take responsibility or admit when something is his fault. He is a mess!!!! I have never been one to right people off but even my boss says this guy is a loser. What would Jesus do if he worked with this guy and couldn’t reveal who he was or mention salvation etc. I get turn the other cheek but even in the Bible stories Jesus seemingly wrote people off. So frustrating!

  • captaindibbys says:

    Spot on!!
    Timely sermon
    Thank you

  • ray A.p.l says:

    We have been deceived . so Jesus is the only way to see. X mass is nimrod birthday they have to sacrifice a City . it's set up to blame north k we will be spread thin Iran an allies will strike all at the same time navy will be defeated
    Civil war an then invasion.
    These are trials nothing compared to tribulation.
    But remember yr walking around in Satan skin suit
    Yr spirit is what counts
    So keep it pure love all

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