Why Do Buddhist Bow before the Buddha

it’s easy for people to say that we worship a false God and now if we look at different cultures if you take Burma or you take anyother culture out there that when that child is born their primary religion for that
area is Buddhism ok? When that child is born it is a baby Buddhist when they grow up they’re a Buddhist and when they die, they die a Buddhist to them that may be their religion…..fair enough??? so they may see the buddha as their God they very well may but who am I to say they’re wrong if that is the only culture they know and they have no concept of a Christian God or they had no concept of the creator chances are they probably pray to the Buddha
because that is their religion but who are we to say there wrong? Now…for me personally I choose to believe what the Buddha said
about himself Shakyamuni Buddha said I am not a God and you know what, it thats what the man said about himself Im down with him i’m right there with him but he goes into another thought… well wait a minute now if you buddhist don’t think that the Buddha
is a god why do ya’ll bow down to him? Thats a good one I was hoping my dad would be here so I could answer that for him why did you bowed down to a statue, why do you bow down to a picture? if if the Buddha is not your God, why do you bow down and worship him? Well…in order to answer that question we need to look a little deeper in what it
to look a little deeper at what does it means to do prostrations? why are we bowing down to a statue? are we bowing to a picture? no…that’s not what we’re bowing to we’re bowing to what it represents..okay? we are bound to the Buddha-Natue or
the Buddha-Mind within ourselves we’re bowing to our ability the inner ability that we have to reach the same level that he that he was able to reach that ability is within us however it’s up to us to have to
discipline, it’s up to us to have the drive and it’s up to us that the want to to put forth the effort so..are we bowing to a statue? no we’re bowing to what that statue represents. That statute
represents our ability to reach enlightenment, our ability to change our world our ability to be able to change our way of thinking to change our actions, to change words within
ourselves. to make us better people not only for ourselves but for everybody else to. That’s what a Bodhisattva is. Now what the difference…now I have a picture of Jesus hanging on my wall… whats the difference in my mom and dad been Christians having a picture jesus they’re not praying to a picture, they’re not worshipping a picture there worshipping the man, their worshipping what he represents to them, and it’s no different for us Buddhist. There’s no difference. all we’re doing is bowing to something
that what represents what we wish to obtain and we/re bowing understanding that it is obtainable because if a man, not a God, not a deity was able to reach that level why can’t we why can’t we as human beings step up The Buddha never once said if you don’t
believe in me you’re going to burn in hell for all eternity the Buddha never said that. The Buddha never once professed that
oh… that unless you beleive in me that you’re going to some heaven He never said that the Buddha never once wanted anyone to worship him and he didn’t even want us to believe what he said “Don’t beleive what I say and dont beleive what I teached” is what the Buddha taught. “Don’t believe what you read” take it on, try it take it out for a test drive if it works for you…cool! that is now your truth if it doesn’t that’s okay too….fair enough? So, that’s two myths wrapped up in one, it’s like a buy one get one free on that one. that’s two myths. Buddhist do not worship a false God, and that when Buddhist prostrate before the Buddha, their not bowing or prostrating to a statue..ok. that’s no what we prostrate to. Are there any questions so far? no questions? that must mean Im doing pretty good. Yeah okay, Charles gave me th thumbs up.

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  • MW says:

    very good explanation about bowing. I wanna know also about: is it ok to "like" – "follow" different traditions? For example me, I like/read/follow Drikung Kagyu and Karma Kagyu. is it ok? I mean, some say it will confuse me…but I like many parts in both.

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