Why are there Buddhas with a wrathful aspect? (Subtitles: EN-PT-DE-NL-IT-ES)

There are different meanings… for the wrathful aspect or
wrathful manifestation of Buddhas… such as Vajrapani or Yamantaka for example. One of the meanings is that actually
it is showing to us one form of energy, which is the energy of destruction… being used in a good direction. What happens is that energy by itself,
it is not positive or negative. It depends first of all how it is being directed or used. And there are some types of situations… in which we cannot deal in a nice
and peaceful gentle manner. For example, if there is a situation that is not well… and we can deal with it in a peaceful manner… it is the most simple way to do. For example, we have ourselves… one sort of behavior that is not good. And we can be gentle to ourselves and say… “Okay, no I should not act in this way. There is a better way of doing.” Then in a peaceful way we are able to change our behavior. Then there is the next level,
which is what we call the increasing energy. Which basically is like… okay, now it is better… I cannot do this action, because… if I avoid acting in that wrong way
or if I act in the positive way… then I have a benefit out of it.
Like something will increase. So through the energy of increasing
we can change our attitude. If we make a metaphor… if there is someone acting wrongly… I can speak gently to that person
and the person can stop. Or I can say, “Oh if you do not do that,
I will give you something.” So there is a positive incentive. When it is not possible to act with a peaceful way… we try with the increment way by giving something. When that still is not working,
there is a third way of action, which we call the action of influence
or the action of power. Where through the presence and the charisma
and so on… it is possible to block an action… or to redirect an action… or to influence, to seduce. It is like the power of seduction also. Sometimes we can seduce ourselves. We can direct ourselves into a certain direction. And then there are some times… in which we cannot change our direction
or our actions… or our behavior in a peaceful way, in a way by
positive influences… or through seduction power.
And so we need a wrathful action. It is like, there are sometimes that people simply
do not listen. And they will not follow a positive influence. So they need a force that is stronger than themselves… to make them to stop acting in such way. So, it is like if I go to someone that is about to act with
a lot of violence… and I say to this person… “Oh, please could you stop. That is not the right way.” And the person will not listen. I say, “Look, if you do not stop you will get problems. And if you stop you will receive this and that benefits”,
still it would not work. Then I come with my whole power and influence… and I say, “Look. You cannot do this,
because I am telling you that you cannot.” And I have influence and power towards you
and still you are not listening. Then I manifest a strong aspect, which is
if you do not stop harming… you will be harmed, more than what you are doing. I show to you more strength
than the one that you are manifesting. So similar to that… Buddhas show this energy of wrath… of destruction… of force… in order to eliminate the negative behaviors. So for example, to be strong and wrathful,
to use this force of destruction… against selfishness… against anger… against violence. It is a way of looking at ourselves
and saying… “Stop being stupid. You cannot act like this anymore.” But using a strength to go against our own strong attitude of selfishness… or anger and so and so on. So, it is actually from my understanding… when we see wrathful manifestations of Buddha, one of the meanings is the meaning of
the energy of conflict or opposition mainly. The energy of opposition can be used to create opposition towards anger… towards ignorance… towards selfishness… or other negative behaviors that we have. And sometimes we also need to use this energy… towards our own defilements
to block our own negative behaviors. So this for me is one of the meanings… and one of the ways of understanding… the wrathful manifestations of the Buddhas.

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