Why Am I Anxious? | Bars & Battles | Pastor Steven Furtick

We want to shift gears a little bit this week
and teach you a message that I taught our staff. It’s a different version of it. I was sharing with our staff on the subject
of anxiety. The reason I did that is primarily because
our staff is very young. Many of our staff have never worked in another
work environment than Elevation Church. It’s a fast-paced environment, a growth environment,
and there’s a lot of performance pressure. I felt like as the under-shepherd who serves
to oversee our staff I wanted to share some very practical principles on the subject of
anxiety. Don’t judge me for this, but sometimes I do
a YouTube search of my own sermons. The only reason I do it is when I want to
spot check and see how I can preach better, but I also want to see what people are looking
for, what kind of help they’re looking for, what kind of subjects tend to draw people
in, so that we can tell them the good news about Jesus Christ. In order to do that sometimes, I’ll look and
see what are the top sermons that have been watched that have been preached out of this
pulpit, because we give them all away for free in as many different formats as we can. We kind of embraced the day we live in, so
right now people are watching on Facebook Live and YouTube Live and the Elevation Church
app. You’d be shocked. You would be so surprised how many people
are up in the middle of the night in another part of the world and wanting to tune in to
your church. They write me from time to time. They tell me they’re coming to church, like
Morgan Freeman on a bucket list, to be here. I always thought that was cool, because growing
up, for me church was not a bucket list-type thought. It made me want to die, but I didn’t want
to do it before I died. What I thought I would do today for you is
share from the top subject I’ve preached on, because in the top three sermons I preached
in terms of views the subject was anxiety. I want to share a message with you today on
the subject of anxiety, and I want to do it from Psalm 139. We’re somewhere near the middle of this series
looking at David’s life and looking at the lyrics of the psalms he wrote. We’re making comparisons. We’re saying that David is the greatest rapper
or MC of all time, and I stand by that. I would say that David’s words in the psalms
are divinely inspired to help us search within ourselves. The reason I love Psalm 139, where I’m going
to share with you from today, is because the first time I tried to write a Christian song
I wrote it based on Psalm 139. Holly is laughing, because every once in a
while we’ll mention this song. It’s not a very good song. I’m not going to go into it right now, but
it was based on Psalm 139. It had this cool little walk-down in it, but
other than that the song really wasn’t very good, but I was only 16 at the time. It’s a wonderful psalm, because it gives us
a picture of both God’s all-seeing eye (meaning that he is watching over our lives in every
situation and season) and the intimacy with which God sees our lives. I want to pick up in verse 17 today and bring
you into the flow of the psalm a little bit. David says in Psalm 139, verse 17, “How precious
to me are your thoughts, God! How vast is the sum of them! Were I to count them, they would outnumber
the grains of sand—when I awake, I am still with you. If only you, God, would slay the wicked! Away from me, you who are bloodthirsty! They speak of you with evil intent; your adversaries
misuse your name. Do I not hate those who hate you, Lord, and
abhor those who are in rebellion against you? I have nothing but hatred for them; I count
them my enemies.” Here comes the shift. David is focusing on external factors, and
all of a sudden he makes this move that we see him make over and over again in his life
from dealing with his enemies to the inner me. As much as that sounds like a little preacher
thing, it’s really the most important life skill, because David is about to take responsibility
for his own anxiety. He’s not going to put it on the economy. He’s not going to put it on King Saul who’s
trying to kill him. He’s not going to put it on his teenagers. (He didn’t have kids at this point, but you
know what I’m saying. He did have kids, and we’ll talk about them
in a future week.) He’s not putting it on anybody but himself. Watch it in verse 23. “Search me…” Those two words would set you free from 90
percent of the drama, because some of you borrow drama trying to look into other people’s
lives. “Search me, God, and know my heart.” Did you notice the shift? He’s fussing and cussing about the way things
are in the world, these bloodthirsty men and all these selfish politicians and all this
systemic corruption. “God, do something about it.” Then he shifts and says, “Search me.” Nothing changes until I do. “…know my heart; test me and know my anxious
thoughts.” That’s where I want to spend some time today. I’ve been asking myself the question lately
(this is my sermon title)…Why Am I Anxious? Apparently, according to my non-scientific
YouTube study, all of you are anxious. So I won’t ask the question…Have you experienced
anxiety in the last week? We live in the age of anxiety. Let’s be honest about it. It is almost marketed to us through the stations
that are supposed to be giving us our information. They actually engage us using fear tactics
so they can sell advertising time, often promoting the same drug and pharmaceutical companies
that are owned by the same conglomerates that push out the information that is designed
to make us anxious. Now let’s be careful, because we sound like
David in verse 22. “Kill them, God.” David came to a place where he said, “It’s
not what’s happening out there that makes me anxious. It’s what I allow in here to go undetected
and unchecked. It’s my thought process.” He uses an actual Hebrew word that means disquieting
thoughts. It’s translated as closely as it can be into
English anxious thoughts. David is saying now, “It is not what is happening
that is creating anxiety. It is the way I am thinking about it.” Look at verse 24. I know that David didn’t know about neural
pathways, but it sounds like he did, because he said, “I want you to look inside, God,
and see if there is any offensive way in me.” Now we know that when we think something long
enough it creates a 485 in our minds, a 77 in our minds (the 401 for our Canadian friends). There’s a process by which I get stuck in
a rut, so David is saying, “See if I’ve been thinking in a way that has allowed the Enemy
to traffic in my mind, where I’ve just been letting him in.” That’s what I want to do today. I want to take you through a seven-point test
answering the question “Why am I anxious?” and hopefully help us to get past this point
of answering that question with somebody else’s name and hopefully get us past the point of
answering that question by mentioning something that is happening that is outside of our control
and hopefully to get us to the place where we can see that not only is God watching over
my life… That’s what David understood. “When Saul is trying to kill me, God is watching
over me.” God has his surveillance system in every situation
of my life. He will not suffer my foot to be moved. “The Lord which keepeth thee…” He has 24/7 surveillance on me. Touch somebody and say, “You’d better be nice
to me. God is watching how you treat me. God is watching how you talk to me, and God
likes me.” How do you parents like it when somebody talks
about one of your kids? God feels that way about you times a thousand,
and he’s watching out for you. So why am I anxious if my Father knows my
needs? Why am I anxious if he has numbered the hairs
on my head? Why am I anxious if he promised to supply
every need? I have to get honest about it. I’m not necessarily referring to this in a
medical sense. Please don’t take this to mean that I’m saying
your sin or behavioral choices are always responsible for anxiety, but what I want to
show you today, regardless of where it’s coming from, because I’m not a doctor… But maybe there are some ways in me that are
making me vulnerable to the way things are and allowing me to remain anxious. When the Bible says, “Do not be anxious,”
I don’t think it means we can never feel anxiety. It is when we stay anxious. It doesn’t mean there won’t be moments and
seasons in your life where your hands are shaking. Demi Lovato couldn’t sing the national anthem
without her hands shaking. I don’t know if you saw it. She sang it in front of a lot of people. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about this pervasive sense of
when things are going right you can’t even enjoy them because it probably won’t last
long. Looking around every corner for what’s going
to happen next. I want to take you through something quickly
today. It’s kind of a sermon/seminar from Psalm 139. It’s a “psalminar.” Pay attention and write this down. If you don’t write this down you’re not going
to sleep any this week. You’re going to have horrible stomach pains
while you try to sleep. Write this down, and God will bless you. Ask somebody next to you, “Why are you anxious?” The first thing to check is your intake. The first thing I consider when I’m anxious
is how full I am of what. I found out that anxiety and cellulite have
one thing in common. You can’t pray either one of them away. They are both about intake. Oh, they showed me this new feature on my
phone the other day. Can I show you? My kids are always showing me stuff, so they
showed me a feature on my phone the other day. You know all these great functions on the
iPhone. The iPhone 7 has this function, and I want
to show it to you. If you hit this button and hold it on the
side and then… You’d be shocked how many… I’m going to tell you a secret. Touch somebody and say, “It’s too much.” We can’t take it all in and still have room
for the peace of God. You’re praying for the peace of God. God doesn’t have anywhere to put it. Your mind is too full. You were not designed to have the entirety
of the conversation of the whole human race buzzing on your back pocket on your butt bone,
just walking around like snipers. “What did they say? Where did they go on vacation? What about that press conference?” It was not supposed to be this way. Of course we’re freaking out. Of course we’re zombies. Of course we’re numbing ourselves and drinking
and smoking and popping. Of course we can’t stop it. The Devil has a shock collar on our back pocket,
and we don’t even know it. So you want me to give you inspiration for
45 minutes every week, and you’re going to lay it over top of 17 hours of media that
is designed to hardwire the way you think. What hope do we have to have peace if we don’t
make a place for it? They used to teach me in youth camp this saying
called “Garbage in, garbage out,” and it was basically a way of saying, “Don’t listen to
rock ‘n’ roll music or watch bad movies.” There’s some good to that too. I think you have to be in tune with your conscience
in terms of what creates a sense of darkness in you, and you have to know that, and we
shouldn’t make rules for each other but say, “God, search me.” I think that’s very good, but I also think
that sometimes what we don’t take in is just as fatal to our faith as what we do take in. I think some of us are on a spiritual starvation
diet and we don’t even know it. We have faith that we don’t feed, and then
we cannot access strength that we actually possess if we feed it. So you have to get your intake levels up. When Buck first started trying to get me to
work out more, he said, “The first thing I want you to do…” He was telling me the only way for me to get
the result I wanted… He said, “You have to do two things.” What was the little cheesy motivational poster
you had up in your gym? “You can’t out-train a bad diet.” He was like, “I want you to keep a food log
and write down everything you eat.” I didn’t do it, but I thought it was a good
idea, because before I can change what I take in I need to track what I take in. I wonder what it would look like if you kept
a thought log of just what you let in. If you let the Enemy in and then pray for
God to drive him out, it creates a cycle where you are creating your own state of mind that
you’re trying to pray away. There has to be a knowledge… “Search me, God.” You have to let God show you. You have to let his eyes see what it is you’re
taking in. I even mean this in terms of relationships. Some of the people you are around are draining
your faith. I know you have to be around them a little
bit, but you might need to put on a little protective… Like SPF 75. “Spiritual Protection 75,” just to get around
them. I think it would be good sometimes for us
to check our intake levels. “Oh, you know what? I didn’t read a Bible verse since the last
time they put one on the screen for me at Elevation Church.” I have all of these apps on my phone, and
97 percent of them are empty calories. I mastered Candy Crush. I’m not saying don’t play Candy Crush, because
Holly would leave me if I put that out there in the universe. She loves Candy Crush. I’m pretty concerned sometimes that we’re
filling ourselves with empty calories, so we’re weak in the battle, and we wonder why. Check your intake. Your intake levels have to be balanced. The second thing I want you to write down
is imbalance. Check for imbalance. I don’t mean chemical imbalance. That’s beyond my purview, but I do mean that
when you don’t have a sense of what’s important in your life, when you don’t have a sense
of priority in your life and everything feels urgent, it’s a sign that you haven’t figured
out what’s really important. Now you are open to everybody’s demand, and
they all take up equal space. By saying yes to people who don’t really matter,
you say an automatic no to those who do. By saying yes to people who essentially are
using you in order to achieve their own goals, now you find yourself unable to give, because
you are a limited resource, to the people God has entrusted to your care the most. So I have to have a sense of balance. I could preach about balance. You know, you have to work out and pray and
eat and all of that, but this is not that kind of seminar. What I mean is you have to be balanced in
what you give weight to. Sometimes we are stressed out because we are
giving too much weight to the wrong words and not enough weight to the right words. We’re out of balance because we have this
feed, and everything on our feed is the same size, and because it’s all the same size we
think it carries the same weight, so we live in a state of stress because we haven’t learned
how to weigh it out. You have to weigh it out. When someone doesn’t like you, sometimes it
doesn’t matter. It depends on who they are. The other week someone was telling me that
there was somebody who hated our church and came and said it wasn’t that bad. I said, “I don’t care.” I knew it wasn’t that bad. In fact, not only was it not that bad; it’s
freakin’ awesome. Tell them I said I didn’t need them to validate
something that I see every week, thank you very much. I already know God is in this place. I already know he is glorious in this place. I’m glad you think it’s not that bad, but
I wasn’t really waiting for you to hand me the award for “not that bad.” It was not that bad before you decided it
was not that bad. I was talking to a guy one time about something
here at the church that was complicated, and I gave him a 30-minute speech asking for his
advice. I got my notebook ready to hear what he would
tell me after I listed everything that was happening, and he goes, “Steven, it doesn’t
matter.” So I wrote that down. “Point one…” Because I need you to tell me what to do. He didn’t say another word. Turn to the person next to you and look at
them and say their name if you know their name. Tell them, “It doesn’t matter.” You have to tell them with that little bit
of… You have to do it from your diaphragm. Tell them, “It doesn’t matter.” Now what you just said is true about 99.9999999999973
percent (scientific number) of what they’re staying up worried about. One time I was lying in my bed at night worrying
about something, and God spoke to me through his Spirit. “You’re staying awake worrying about something
I’ve already worked out.” Now when you give weight to that promise from
God, when you give weight to the right things… When I have a clear sense of priority in my
life, I’m okay if people are angry if I say no, because my no is a yes to something I
already decided was more important than what any given demand might require of me at any
given moment. This is the thing I’m coming to realize. Christ is the solid rock, but if you don’t
know how to stand on that rock with the right balance, the Devil will push you around and
you will always feel unsettled and tossed and turned, but when you make up your mind
what does matter and what doesn’t matter… Let me help you out a little bit. What doesn’t matter? What they think. What does matter? What God knows. “Search me, God. Know my mind. Test me. You see. You speak to me.” “It doesn’t matter.” He was so right. What he was talking about didn’t matter. In fact, I thought about writing a book and
calling the book “It Doesn’t Matter.” I already have my subtitle figured out: “Really.” And my first chapter will be called “At All.” I feel somebody getting their balance back,
getting their equilibrium back. You’re seeing it right now for what it is. This doesn’t matter. This matters: that I keep my faith, that I
keep a grateful attitude, that I don’t let my situation contaminate my spirit. This matters, not that. If you don’t sort this out, you will live
in constant imprisonment to your own indecision. Indecision is a prison, so I want you to make
three decisions before Wednesday. If you’re watching this at a midweek worship
experience you’re running short on time. The clock is counting. I want you to set a D-Day, all you procrastinators. You’re claiming to be thorough. I want you to make three decisions this week. I want you to set aside a day this week. Sit down, have four cups of coffee so you
numb your rational thinking processes, and go in and just make them. Just make the decisions, and if you make dumb
ones, apologize, but make the decision. Fifteen minutes to decide chicken or shrimp
in a restaurant? I’m serious. You’ve been dating her seven and a half years
and you can’t decide if she’s the one? Well, if she’s not, get out of the way. Do it or don’t. Buy the house or don’t. Sell the house or don’t. Stay in Raleigh or don’t. Do it or don’t. You can always move back. Now we’re making up more stuff to give us
opportunities for anxiety and we call it options. I don’t know if it was just growing up in
Moncks Corner. You didn’t have to decide where to send your
kids to school. There were two. I moved to Charlotte. I never saw anything like it. It’s crazy. It’s killing us. Too many options. I just want gas. Not a Slurpee, not a car wash, not a back
massage. Just gas! It’s too many options. I did it this week. I was feeling that anxiety, and I told Jess
to send over my notes for my Why Am I Anxious? teaching, because I felt like I needed my
own notes. I don’t keep them after I write them. I give them away. I scratch them down and then give them away,
but somebody else keeps them. So I said, “Give me the notes and send them
over. I need them.” She said, “Are you going to teach it?” I said, “No, I need to live it.” I was feeling all unsettled. I went through my list and found this one,
and the Holy Spirit hit me and said, “You’re very indecisive right now. Everything everybody asks you, you go, ‘Yeah,
let me get back to that. I’m going to go through a few things.’ You’re not going through a few things. You’re not talking. You’re not praying or anything like that. You’re just waiting till it comes around again.” It was becoming the way I was handling things. So I just came in that day and I made three
decisions. I felt like I had spent a day at a spa just
by making three decisions, and they all started with N and ended with O, and it felt so good. Try it. One, two, three. “No!” Now this only works if you are living
with integrity. Sometimes my anxiety is a result of a compromise
in my integrity. It’s kind of hard to have a peaceful heart
when you’re hiding secrets and feel like a hypocrite. It’s kind of hard to have a peaceful heart
when you’re having to hope that your wife doesn’t check your phone to see certain text
messages. It’s kind of hard to have a peaceful heart
when you have three Snapchats and the one your parents think is your Snapchat is just
a decoy. Now you’re asking God to give you peace, but
your life is so many different pieces. The word integrity means whole. Like in math class they taught us about integers,
whole numbers. Whole. Integrity. All one person all the time. When there are three different me’s I have
to manage for every different situation… It’s kind of hard to pray the panic away when
my own lifestyle is creating it, when I’m trying to figure out which mask to wear at
church so no one will see into my situation at home, when there’s work me and after work
me and Friday night me and 9:30 Sunday morning me. It’s kind of hard for me to have peace when
my foundation is cracked. It’s kind of hard for me to manage all of
those different me’s, because I might send out the wrong one at the wrong time. Have you ever done that? “Oh, I meant to send preacher me out there
right now.” It’s kind of hard for me to ask God to bless
a life that is divided in so many different directions. I don’t mean by this that you have to interact
with everybody on the same level. For instance, if we were to meet at Pizza
Hut, I wouldn’t talk at this volume. I would modulate. People say, “Well, you should be the same
onstage that you are out in public.” Well, that would be obnoxious. Can you imagine “Touch three people” at the
baseball field? Scandalous. “Touch what? Who are you touching?” What I am saying is that although you might
bring a different approach to different situations, the essential nature of who you are remains
unchanged in every encounter. It shouldn’t be like that for my family to
watch me preach and go like “Who is that?” It shouldn’t be like that. It should feel like a continuation. Somebody shouldn’t see you on the television
program and go, “You go to church? I heard you say ‘Hallelujah’ in the church
service, but I hear you say some other…” It’s costing you your peace. I’m not condemning you. I’m telling you you might be anxious sometimes
because you are trying to manage so many different versions of you, and if you would bring it
all together and just be honest before God and just ask God what David… “Search me. Know my heart, and if the way I’m doing it
is wrong, I want to be changed. I’m already accepted because of what Jesus
Christ has done for me. Now, God, help me to align my life with what
you made me to be so I can be the real me. I want to be the real me, the highest version
of me, that called me, that chosen me, that secure me, that stable me, that ‘God loves
me, and I don’t have to prove anything to anyone.'” “This is my child. With him, with her I am well pleased.” I don’t have to be anybody else. My cortisol levels just dropped just by being
the real me, because all of those other layers of stuff and all that anger is not the real
you. Not in Christ. That’s what David is getting to the bottom
of. Did you notice that all of my points are starting
with the same letter, the letter I? I figure that’s a common denominator in a
lot of our anxiety. “Search me, God. Your eyes can see.” God’s eyes. “God, see beneath the surface of what the
situation is. I’m anxious because of my money, and I’m anxious
because of my health, and I’m anxious because my mom.” No, no, no. That might trigger it, but the truth of God’s
Word can enable your heart to transcend. This is what the New Testament preaches: the
peace of God will actually pass all understanding and guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. So no matter what triggers the anxiety in
any situation… David said, “Search me and know me.” Sometimes I have to fix my intention. Sometimes I can reduce my anxiety just by
shifting my intention, just by going from “How are people thinking about me?” to realizing
they’re not. Maybe if I would think about others… “Why didn’t she speak to me?” Why didn’t you speak to her? How about that? When I’m up here, a lot of times I can get
locked into performance mode, and it makes for a thirsty sermon. It’s not the best sermon. It’s hard to give living water when the preacher
is thirsty, but when I shift my intention and go… I hope this doesn’t offend you, but sometimes
I make up stuff about you. I just look in your eyes and pretend like
you’re going through something horrible. I just picture it like you’re just on the
verge. Just by wanting to help you rather than perform
for you… When I shift my intention… I feel something fall off when I do. You can shift your intention in any interaction,
and immediately when you do, when you step out of the center and try to see, “How can
I serve?” I’ll tell you what will go when you step out
of the center. The burden of the weight of how you’re coming
across, the burden of the weight of how you’re being perceived, the burden of the weight
of what other people are and are not giving you. You have to get out of the middle and see
things from God’s point of view. “Search me, God.” Am I anxious because it’s just the rhythms
of life? Then fine. I’ll get through it. Or am I creating more waves than necessary
because my eyes are not focused on Jesus? I found out a lot of it is not even real. Have you noticed that? A lot of it is in this sacred place God has
given us by which he shows us who he is. It’s the sacred space of your imagination. I want you to reclaim your imagination. I want you to take back your most valuable
asset. I want you to take back that place in you
that used to be playful, and now it is so stressed and panicked. That place in you that used to just make up
games as a little kid, just would walk up to anybody. I want you to get back that childlike faith. Just play around. The Devil wants to turn the place that was
meant to be your playground where you could enjoy God into a battleground where you can’t
even feel or experience him. When the Enemy comes after your destiny, his
first step is to set up a stronghold in your imagination. The Enemy wants to make it where you can’t
stand to be alone because you have an internal ISIS that has set up terrorist cells, and
every time you go to think you worry so much about what might happen that you can’t worship
God. So now you can’t worship because you’re so
worried, but God said today we’re going to get this thing turned around and recapture
your imagination to where you feel free again, to where you can dream about something again,
to where you can think crazy thoughts and just write stuff down and just walk around
singing stuff off tune, making up words. You used to do that. You used to walk around with just anything,
but now you’re so… I told the Devil the other day, “Get your
hands off God’s property. My imagination is God’s house. My imagination was purchased with the blood
of Christ. You can’t set up camp here. I’ve got dreams to dream. I’ve got visions to see. I’ve got a future to imagine.” The good news is if you’re really good at
worrying you’re going to be great at worship, because all it is is the same imagination
serving the opposite purpose. God said we need to reverse the cycle of the
way you’re thinking about things. We need to reverse the cycle so when you wake
up in the morning, stop checking the “fearcast.” Stop waking up in the morning and thinking
about how every possible meeting could go wrong and you don’t have anything clean and
you wore that on Tuesday. I promise you nobody has been keeping a spreadsheet
of your shoes. Put on those same shoes you wore Tuesday and
walk into your Thursday and expect to see the goodness of the Lord. Where are you, faith people? Do I
have any “faithcasters” in the house? David said, “If I take the wings of morning
or dwell in the uttermost part of the sea, even there your hand will lead me and your
right hand will hold me fast,” because God is watching over me and he’s looking into
me. I didn’t check the fearcast this week. I checked the faithcast. It’s corny, but I bet you it’ll drive back
depression if you check the faithcast, because God has been too good for me to stay anxious. The Enemy wants to fight you in isolation. Why am I anxious? I think the answer to that question can often
be found right in the middle of the very word itself. Right in the middle of the word anxious is
the letter I. I was looking at it a few weeks ago, and I was just looking at the word anxious. I was thinking, “Why should I feel discouraged? Why do the shadows come? Why should my heart feel lonely when Jesus
is my portion, a constant friend is he; when his eye is watching over my life?” David said, “You were there for my conception,
and you have been there for every conflict and every season of my life.” David wrote this beautiful psalm. Although we cannot pinpoint the occasion,
many think it was at the occasion of his coronation as the king over both the southern and the
northern kingdom. It really doesn’t matter when he wrote it,
because God was watching over every stage of his process. David says, “God, I want you to show me what’s
really making me anxious so I don’t spend the rest of my life waiting for my enemies
to disappear before I choose to have peace.” I was looking at the very word, and I saw
something. The I is right in the middle of anxious, but
the word ends with us. I was thinking about what we do in coming
to church for our weekly reminder that we’re not the only ones. We are not the only ones. You’re not even going to be able to leave
church today without having to make a decision whether to apply this message, because many
of you don’t have the support system you need to walk in the peace you’re praying for. When you walk out today there are going to
be balloons and grown men in pink tee shirts and youth in white tee shirts to sign you
up, whatever age or stage of life you’re in, for these groups we put together within the
church, a place for you to come and actually take the message and water it. What good is the seed of the Word of God if
there’s no water applied during the week? Dying of thirst. Faith dehydrated. It ends when I becomes us. Real change happens there, when you get in
and say, “This week, man, I had this moment where I almost…” Then the dude over there in the corner who
never speaks speaks up and goes, “Yeah, me too.” You look at him, and you’re so glad, because
when you came in you felt like it was just you, but it’s not just you. It’s not just you. We came into the presence of God today to
be surrounded by like-minded people, but let me tell you something. You have to stay surrounded to stay in peace. I want to challenge you this week to take
my psalminar and go through it. Why do you always talk about Zaxby’s on the
way out of church and never take a moment and just digest what you heard, act on what
you heard, and ask God what David did? In fact, can we do it for a moment? Can we just be still for a moment and even
lift our hands, if you feel comfortable lifting your hands? It puts you in a posture where you’re no longer
self-conscious but you’re more God conscious. Just pray this. “Father, show me the ways I’m thinking that
are preventing your peace from flooding my life.” Stay right there for a moment. I believe this week God is going to show you
decisions that need to be made and how to make them. I believe that when you will get in his presence
and ingest the pure milk of the Word of God, the pure air of worship, and come out of the
air of anxiety that the world is suffocating with and come up to an altitude where you
can breathe the breath and grace of God that the peace of God that transcends all understanding
would guard your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus. I declare this over you today regardless of
your situation. I declare this over you today regardless of
your diagnosis. I declare this to you today in the name that
is above every name, the name at which demons tremble. We don’t tremble before demons; demons tremble
before the name of Jesus, and we speak peace to storms in our souls today in the name of

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  • Lisa Downs says:


  • Evelyn Byrd says:

    I had a problem with my mind being full of negative thoughts no matter how much I tried to stop and think on God’s word or rebuking. I asked God for help being truthful about my situation. He showed me a visual of a pond and to hold the thought and say what it is and to say a verse over it and let it into the pond like a lily floating away. It took a good 30 min the first time but I finally had peace.

  • Tonya A says:

    A word for me .. I really needed this message . God Bless you..

  • Tee Bae says:

    Thank you for this message. I feel that all the answers i have struggled with for so many years. Have been answered. I declare myself healed from depression after this sermon.

  • Enyinna Samuel says:


  • Deliney Motosho says:

    Hallelujah 👏👏thanks for sharing this word bless..🤝🏽agree …..God Bless You Pastor..📖✍

  • Sonny Jani says:

    God is good… thanks Elevation Church…

  • Toni Martin says:

    Watching on a kindle, in seattle. Love you steven.

  • Elliana bummie says:

    Thank you Jesus, help me to humble myself, I cast my burdens on you… through the storms just like Peter he gat me ..thank u pastor Steve, this is a powerful sermon

  • Ashley Abercrombie says:

    This is exactly what I needed to hear. ❤️ Thank you pastor and thank God for his love and mercy ❤️

  • lilian teh says:

    Tk u Pastor Steven for sharing precious truth in a way that is crystal clear. God's words hit deep into the core of my soul.

  • Plexy347 says:

    It is unbelivable how good this is! Wow!

  • Long Ranger says:

    13:13. Love it! LOL

  • Brian Vasquez says:

    God used Pastor Steven futrick to get me out of depression

  • Sylvia Rivera says:

    Wow I pray 139th Psalm mostly every night

  • Charlotte Deaves says:

    Absolutely love this sermon. Totally true!

  • John Olendo says:

    This is a real call to reverse negative anxiousness and focus in God.

  • Maria A says:

    Thank you for this powerful message… I needed to hear this over and over again to remove the anxiousness over me.. 🙌🙌🙌

  • Scott Hood says:

    Amazing good

    People has talk but me and Glasgow

  • Leona Swift says:

    Is this on the podcast app?

  • Vanessa smith says:

    Pastor Steven I'll love this word today my niece alway send me a message every week. Which is awesome but today it was superb because my neighbor is having a lot of anxiety down for days I'm going to share this message with her hopefully it'll lift up and get her back on track she's a loving person she need to share that love stop letting the enemy hold it down again thanks

  • gary armer says:

    While watching this I paused to read Bible verse. I prayed for guidince and opened the bible to the very verse he is preaching on. That is God presance.

  • 12Stone Church says:

    thank you for sharing this Steven! Elevation is incredible!

  • M J says:

    Thank you so much for this, I often get pulled into news (almost constantly by getting bombarded with breaking news that isn't even newsworthy) that gets to me more than it should and I forget that have to be grateful for what is. For reality. Politics/politicians never changed. Me getting angry and anxious about it won't change that either. The only change I can manifest is raising my kids to be responsible, respectfull beings that see more value in people and morals than money and personal profit. Pastor Steven is a gem.

  • Laaylay says:

    Tired of this anxiousness I was never like this

  • Chicken Nuggets says:

    My top 'amen' moments for this video:

    1. Garbage in, garbage out. What is your intake? Without the right food you'll starve.

    2. Stop living for yourself and then praying for peace and expecting everything to be ok between you and God. YES He will always love you because He is SO GOOD! But you'll never reach clarity and true deliverance from anxiety unless you surrender all. All those idols, all those useless thoughts that the devil tries to confuse us with. When he starts messing with your mind, tell satan:


    He will try to turn your mind into a battle field. He will try to confuse you and mix up your emotions so that you feel afraid, confused. Clarity and peace come when we submit ourselves and simply trust the One who loves at all times, in all seasons. We will fail, because of the flesh in us. But if we're living for the Lord then what we do will bring Glory to God! Do not be afraid, child of God. The power is within you to serve Him, you just need to know it. KNOW HIM.

    3.God has been too good for me to stay anxious 🙏😭💖

    4.We don't tremble before demons, demons tremble before the name of Jesus Christ. ✝️

    5.Anxious. Anxious. Why are you anxious?
    In the middle of the word is the letter I.
    But it ends in "us".
    The Father's love for you is so strong. Always remember He is for you, that you're a child of God and that you do not walk alone. You have never walked alone.

    Father, show me the ways that I'm thinking that are preventing Your peace from flooding my life. Clothe me with the panoply so that I can defend Jesus' name and overthrow the enemy that seeks to destroy my faith. May I no longer be marked by anxiety, but by the Holy Spirit of the living God, who's endless love makes me bow down in awe. Thank you, Father. For being faithful even when I was not 🙏🙏🙏

    And thank you, Steven, for being a faithful servant of God and helping weaker folks like me to overcome situations that look so very black when we try to face them on our own. I pray for your strength and preservation, for by it your light will shine brighter. (is that even possible? I genuinely have never been so overwhelmed with joy and encouragement. Please pray that the seed planted may bear fruit.)

  • Armored Sentinel says:

    I feel like God gave me a heart to protect people. After doing security I developed terrible anxiety. Now I'm planning to work on an armored truck to be a line of defense against robbery. So please pray for me. It's dangerous and my anxiety is getting very high. I was unemployed for 2 years from my anxiety and this'll be my first security job in a long time. God bless you all. Much love to you all, the body of Christ.

  • rox rox says:


  • Jhoanna Ruby says:

    Thank you for this preaching

  • kimprimatic says:

    "So I googled myself." 🙂 I searched for "sleep meditations" and found this powerful reminder about mindfully filling ourselves and how amazing David was! Yes, there's evil and craziness-All true. But…"Search me!"
    Thank you.
    God bless you.

  • Misty Henry says:


  • Herbb O9 says:

    The best preach out here 💯👏🏽🔥✝️

  • Jenny Green says:

    Yes, but even though I am a Christian my family has autoimmune disease and I have neurological damage
    and then got bipolar and I
    was forced to take:
    medication to save my life and now I am old and ill from
    all of it. I am not going to live
    Much longer…I pray Jesus forgive me. I tried hard to serve him and keep a right heart…My faith is in what He did on the cross. But I am full of anxiety and fear…I am afraid to die. I have discovered that all Christian's are afraid of dying. No one talks about it. Or talks about mental illness in Christian's and anxiety…

  • Francois Myburgh says:

    I'm from South Africa… And the very same gospel that I worship has come to me through this… I had a very guilty conscience… but I am breaking through, have broken through with the help of several videos that I was lead to watch. Pastor Steven Furtick, keep doing what you're doing.

  • Charmaine Lord says:

    I Love this message it is so real

  • Georgiana speaks says:

    This was truly wonderful and so needed

  • Hummer Klein says:

    Paster Furtick I’m a 8month widow of 40years of a marriage God blessed us in everything
    I prayed for someone to come into my life and poof their you were. You tell me what I’m doing what I need to do and what to ask for but thankful is my prayer
    I’m asking you to please do a series
    On grieving . Just throwing this out here
    I’m so much alone ,all our kids have abandoned me
    Just preach Steven , Your so like my husband Heplayed in the Church for 40 years also Lead guitar sang Last 3 years of his life only missed a few played drums in the Church also
    Built Foreman our church at Severn Christian Church in Md.
    Anyway God bless you Son you are certainly a child of God
    I want to join your church EFam .
    But don’t know how to do that I’m old school give me a rotary phone I can do that But my honey did it all for me . So at 71 I’m not so great I’m trying so hard
    I need you and Holly in my life my Church gave me a car but I go no where barely get to Church here . But If I could make a wish I come to meet you . Trying to get some friend to drive out with me
    Pray for me please Paster Steven .
    Thank you in advance
    Bless your sweet little ❤️

  • Garcia McNally says:

    Thank you Jesus

  • Kenya Goodson says:

    I love this dude man!!!! LOL!

  • Ruyita Monzon says:

    I am very touched by this. I'm thankful for this sermon. Its all I needed to hear.

  • Vicki Twiford says:

    I am an ordained minister. I came down with shingles on my face 3 years ago. I still have the pain 24/7 and it has had an effect on my ability to minister. But Ps 139 has been a great inspiration to me! I refuse to be anxious about my future! Every day I get out of bed, put one foot in front of the other and go through the day. It's amazing how the pain decreases during the day as I choose to move forward trusting God, fixing my thoughts on Him, and not my circumstances!

  • Kay Collins says:

    Sermons from this pastor just keep showing up on my feed… Finally watched this one, just what I needed! He's right. And funny. I will certainly be watching more.

  • Jeff Herman says:

    Do they offer the notes for this message?

  • Becky Alexander says:

    So freaking good! Thank you heavenly father for this message of LOVE, PEACE, and TRANQUILITY…GOD IS GOOD!

  • Danielle Smith says:

    ❤ much needed

  • Him Bike says:

    Jesus started one church and said it would last forever
    The Roman Catholic Church.

  • Dawn Texada says:

    I wish I wasn't so anxious so that I could better receive the message.

  • Priyanka Soni says:

    Great sermon.. I am from India pls pray for the success of mine.. May all my work done and complete in Jesus name Amen

  • Melissa O says:

    At the same time, there are chemical imbalances that can be keeping people stuck in that "Way". Medication can be a tool for a group of people who have tried their whole lives to live godly. Childhood trauma us one way that our brains can be stuck in anxiety.

  • Susie Lee says:

    I'm so thrill I found your website! Your sermons are freaking awesome! 👏👏👏

  • Kim Durant Michaels says:

    Why am I anxious? Because I’m stuck here on satan’s planet.

  • Rodz Aeries says:

    It's 2019 and from the day I saw this. I've been revisiting it every week before I go to work. It's my reminder of how to deal with this anxiety.

  • Sherry Patterson says:

    Pastor Steven, I am finding out so many churches don’t preach on hell anymore! I have found out after researching that they don’t believe that God would let anybody go to hell, because he is such a loving God that he will not send me anybody there. I do believe there is Heaven and hell (fire and brimstone) and I believe this will happen, just like the Bible says it will. I just have a hard time believing that no one would go to hell! I would love to teaching (preaching) again on this subject.

  • Israel Moreno says:

    Pray for me I suffer ptsd and panic attacks

  • Christopher Vinny Addiction & Recovery says:

    I'm a recovering addict, and my past relapse keeps the ones I love the most away from me, they are afraid of what could happen, and not that it was a mistake and we miss out on the now, the present. The ones I love won't talk or spend time with me, I'm out casted , how do I this alone. Missing my loved ones. I have been isolated, I have 11 months and 6 days clean and sober now, I miss my loved ones.

  • Marjorie Luchiri says:

    I needed that

  • Shannon Towson says:

    Show me, God

  • Stephanie Davis says:

    Thank pastor steven . You've made me realize so much. Continue to spread God's words pls. Your touching so much lives

  • Living Life Biblically says:

    An amazing and much needed sermon. God bless you

  • Mary Sanders says:

    This is so on time! A 2017 message ministering to me in july of 2019. God is so good!

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    I am watching for FREE from Tegucigalpa,
    Honduras 🇭🇳 in Central America! Thank you!!!

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    Needed this! So needed this!

  • m.o.e. mike says:

    Love his preaching does he have any sermons on addiction?

  • Myzz Pozitiviti says:

    This message was for me, for the past year my anxiety has been in an all time high. To the point I am on meds to keep me balance. But pastor are the key points was relevant to me, my mind is overwhelmed with all that is happening around me, I haven't been to church in a while, I haven't been praying, I am full of worry. This message was for me, I am ready for the shift. I ready for God's peace to enter my life. Thank you I feel so blessed to hear this message this morning. I know I'm going to need to hear this message multiple times.

  • Crystina Plata says:

    Thank you Jesus bless your servant!

  • Taylor Beard says:

    I’m a tattoo artist, it’s very rare to find Christians in this industry. The shop I just joined is.. not good. I’m getting a lot of business and getting my stuff out there but I’m surrounded by alcoholic, depressed atheists and my depression and anxiety is at an all time high. I’ve been working toward this goal my whole life and all of the sudden I hate going to work everyday. I needed this video. Any advice is accepted and prayers as well to find direction. Because I don’t know what to do.

  • Lori Oleson says:

    This spoke to me in ways I have never seen. Thank you.

  • Heather Johnson says:

    Can’t LOVE this video enough!!!! Preach, Pastor🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Wu Tang says:

    Love from new zealand 1:11 in the morning

  • Betty Barbee says:

    Thank you for this.

  • Jessica Hernandez says:

    I am so glad I found you! Thank you!!

  • judyvaniang zi says:

    Thank you for always bringing me back to you Lord, sometimes i get too busy for you because of my life, thank you for reminding me that you are my life, Life without u is unbearable and very hard!

  • Gloria says:

    Wow. STEVEN HIT IT ON THE MARK FOR ME! The end part where he said the first thing the enemy tries to attack is your imagination, take it back!!! Amen!!

  • The Solis Family says:

    Is there any Latino Christian Movies or Movies with Spanish Speaking Actors? Otherwise, there is no reason why to subscribe if I cannot relate. #Amen

  • Shosh says:

    Shout out to Toronto! (though I'm writing from Vancouver) 🙂

  • Marry Rose says:

    Thank you pastor for your sermons on anxiety ,they helped me to examine myself.The truth is I was causing my own problems to feel the way I did.God led me to watch your messages about anxiety.🙌🙌🙏

  • Glenn Johnston says:


  • Kimi Kay says:

    Thank you.. I have been going through so much the last 3 years.

  • Eli Tunes says:



    Thank you Pastor. I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and have problems sleeping.

  • Tina Settle says:

    Wow I needed to see this thank you 😊

  • Allicia Angoy says:


  • Geoffrey Goodwell says:

    I have been watching for a few months, keep going Steven; keep going!! I dont know much but its clear that you need to "keep going!".

  • Jojo Omar says:

    Been in a roller coaster of emotions lately, my anxiety is starting to spiral out of control. Started praying and listening to worship songs… and I found myself here. God listens! This is what I needed. I will be listening to this again and again to help me go through this time.

  • Juno Chin says:

    thank you Pastor Steven Furtick i realy touch by the Holy Spirit and thank you Jesus Amen

  • Brandi Fuentes says:

    Why am I anxious if he has numbered the hairs on my head? He knows every breath I take from the first to last <3

  • Julia Grace says:

    I would love to read "It Doesn't Matter"!!

  • Mysterious Shelly says:

    Amen 🙏

  • Desiree Des says:

    im from Philippines 🙂 im watching Thanks God.

  • Sugar ROSH says:

    Anxiety engulfs me. I get edgy about not working or working way below my means and not driving or licensed to drive and in my 30's because of fear and believe I'm incapable. I wonder when and if I will ever be redeemed.

  • Cíaygé Tribe says:

    I love how bold christ is in you! amen

  • Melissa Ramirez says:

    On point !

  • Kera Gangelhoff says:

    Way of salvation:

    Jesus Christ died for our sins, and rose again the third day. Peter then began to preach in the books of acts the way to be saved from your sins

    “Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.”
    ‭‭Acts‬ ‭2:38‬ ‭KJV‬‬

    This is the only way to have your sins remitted baptism in Jesus name only: not the titles Father Son and Holy Ghost, for the name of the Father Son and Holy Ghost is Jesus Christ. Name meaning singular, for Jesus Christ got his name from his father.

    “I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.”
    ‭‭John‬ ‭5:43‬ ‭KJV‬‬

    “Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.”
    ‭‭John‬ ‭3:5‬ ‭KJV‬‬

    Being born of water is baptism in (Jesus name) and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost (with evidence of speaking in tongues)

    “I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.”
    ‭‭Luke‬ ‭13:3‬ ‭KJV‬‬

  • Lamp in Deep Waters says:


  • Lamp in Deep Waters says:

    Live it brother. Amen

  • Lamp in Deep Waters says:

    Hallelujah. Fortified in the body of christ.

  • Moise Casd says:

    God could change my life im been dealing chroinc serve mental illness schizophrenia depression anxiety panic attacks over thinking and phobias big severe severe phobias are the worst everything like everything expect my life everyday gone go change it today I know he I believe in God

  • Corey Hannigan says:

    Wow he just described my life. I am so glad I ran into this message.

  • Cheryl Jewett says:

    This was being preached to me. You hit every point. For far to long I was on a mission that everyone had to love me. I was needing to be perfect all of the time. When something didn’t go the way I had already planned months in advance I would lose it. I was consumed with it all. I wouldn’t sleep. I needed to solve everything now. My thoughts wouldn’t stop. Satan knew that was my strong hold and he was relentless in letting me know just how much people were making fun of me. I put myself on the ground and put everyone else on some higher plane. I would try to get rid of the devil on my own but I wasn’t using strong hold busters or scriptures. I love how you said devil hands off Gods property. I was sitting here in the dark shouting at my phone. Yes. Yes. Praise God that is for me.

  • Kristina Wilds says:

    I've heard it said, "if you're going to worry, pray!" I believe this with all of my heart! Pastor Steven, your preaching has helped me in my darkest of moments. I am a single mom ( my husband died from ALS five years ago). I wrote the book, "The Shepherds Diet" in 2016 after being asked by a company to do this. I had written some children's books prior to this book. The income was significant that this company offered me. I signed the contract and it was done. Three years later, my income was cut off and the contract broken. I was panicking..but landed on my feet by the grace of God. I landed two teaching jobs. The Lord wants us to use our talents, not bury them. I believe He pulled me out of this company regarding the Shepherds Diet because the marketing team and owner of this particular company were not very ethical. They were shady and exploiting vulnerable Christians to buy the book. I had no idea this was happening until it was too late. I was chosen to be this author and guru because I'm a strong believer of Jesus Christ..NOT a make believer!! I'm free today and answer no one but the Lord! Praise Him! Thank you Pastor for your word. I needed to get closer to God ultimately. He will take away anything we put in from of Him!

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