Where was Jesus for 18 years? Missing in Bible Part 1/2

18 years of Jesus’s life are missing. What happened in those 18 years? Yeah, it is very well known in the Bible that where Jesus was for 18 years. He disappeared when he was 12 years old and he came back when he was 30 years old. And all the churches even they know the truth, but they don’t want to tell you the truth. Why? Because they will collapse if they will tell the truth. Because the truth, truth is something else which churches they don’t carry it. We know it that Jesus’s father Joseph was the greatest person on the Earth. He not only saved Jesus, he saved also his mother. When all the people were throwing stones on her, Joseph was the only one person who saved her – and married her. And Jesus was not even his own son but he considered fully that he is his own son. And those people are not mentioned even in the Bible. And those people are not mentioned even into the Bible…not respectively. Maybe their
names are there. How they can tell the truth of the Jesus? Where he was 18 years? It is very easy. Like Joseph loved him so much, more than his own son maybe. More than anything else. So he was worried how to make him educated. And there was no universities those days like these days we have all over universities. There was only one education center in the world. It was Nalanda. The name of the city was Nalanda. Nalanda existed those days in India. And the trade was open. There was no
barriers, no borders. Anybody can go anywhere. So Joseph thought if my son get a very good education from the universities, I will be the happiest person on the Earth. And that’s what he did. The businesspeople they were traveling there, and he requested that he could take him to there. Because education was free, fully free education. And you have to be in that center 16 years at least. And they will provide your food, your living, and your education was so free. So that’s what Joseph thought that if Jesus get very well versed and educated he will be in good hands. That’s why he sent him. And there are proofs now in Tibet. After 16 years when he finished his education he traveled. And Tibetian, they have a history. They keep every little record. They found Jesus’s signature and name. And it matches those days. So it is possibility even the churches know the truth they don’t want to tell you because if they will tell you the truth that church will collapse. Churches are hiding many things. That is the one thing. Even though they tried to make it different that Jesus was here maybe he was in Galilee. Nazareth…they say that he was doing like he was a businessman, he was young, he has to support his family, he was like a fisherman. That’s what they are trying to make it just a better picture. But that is not the way because Jesus even two years they got him two years he was teaching marvelous.
He was teaching for the humanity and people didn’t like him because it was new for them. When it is new and revolutionary people don’t like it, and that’s why they don’t want to tell you the truth.
The truth is Jesus was very well versed, very well educated, and ask them where was the education center those days. Only one education center in the whole world. Nalanda.
And still it is ruins there.

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  • christina pialo says:

    My dear brother I think you have already purchased ticket to hell..its not too late better repent and ask sorry to living god Jesus christ.

  • L zebra says:


  • Steven Tate says:

    Very wise . I don't get the church , not only will they teach half truths but they'll be ready to fist fight if you disagree with them

  • Mtk Dentalab says:

    Mr Yogeesh…we r all in the same one world…whether Jesus was in India..Africa or europe,Please stop argue,,actually he is in Mauritius,u wil find him in my soul..

  • Sam Rogger says:

    Sir did you really read the bible if you can I get that bible where it says Jesus was missing for 18 years ? Regards to Joseph why he dint educated other son ?? Spell the name properly could you please and stop educating your dreams to others and who ever is filming this video your such a dumbass.

  • James Samuel says:

    There is only one true living God and his name is Jesus. The world will understand this truth someday. Praise be to you tje creator. Amen.

  • Deva Krupa says:

    Bible is all about Truth of Jesus the Christ.You want to tell about nalanda.tell it.But God(Jesus Christ) is Supreme of Knowledege He knows everything.He don't need Nalanda to teach Him

  • Shamala Bhagawathcumar says:

    Jesus Christ was and is one of the greatest soul who permeates the mortal seekers. It really doesn't matter where and why he was missing for 18 years. Our love of God…be it Christ, Krsna, Buddha, Mohammed, Mahavatar Babaji and so on…only guiding us to the path of one truth. God is Love and Love is God. Oum

  • Masila Mani says:

    This person doesn't even know what he is talking. There is no evidence available of what he is talking. Jesus is the Salvation. He is the son of God. He did not need any university to learn from the bible speaks right from his childhood people around him were amazed for the kind Knowledge he had. Many people become famous by talking against Jesus. May you know the truth.

  • John Quee Maxon says:

    Nice story, why don't you write stories to movies ? i am sure your story will receive Oscar.. keep writing.. but before that, learn how to pronounce Nazareth, Galilee etc.. its very important to create stories..

  • ChubbyChecker182 says:

    he smoked weed and listened to the beatles

  • Kumar kk says:

    Do u now ur grandfather, father's name

  • Jrae Jones says:

    Key Word, revolutionary!! check out minute 5:17 – 20.

  • seylan madusanka says:

    who is this lunatic? who told u this bullshit…

  • Marlon Fernando says:

    get a life uncle…. Utterly wrong story ur saying!

  • 23640631 says:

    Jesus Christ did not do any ministry outreach in India before he was 30 years old. Jesus Christ received the Holy Spirit, then he was tested, and overcame temptation, and then he selected his 12 disciples, and trained them, and other disciples. Jesus probally help Joseph in the carpenter business, Jesus was the first born son, Mary and Joseph had other children.

  • living God,inspiration,sunil paul Emmanuel says:

    luck 2 :51 , and 4:16, Jesus living in Nazareth,u r talking is false

  • Mgr Bisaal says:

    wtf :@ you old man…. who told you these alll???? did jesus come to you and told you all things???? and who the hell are you to know the thoughts of joseph????and Posibbilty my fooot…. :@ …. dont even know how to pronounce nazarath and gallili then who the hell are you too judge about jesus???? :@ what the hell jesus…. fisherman??????????? Stop making your own story You fooolll….. stop decieving people. u son of devil.

  • Shyamsunder Jaiswal says:

    Acharya ji ,I think u have a very new version of Bible in 2016 written by your father

  • Pavan Kumar says:

    did you know when nalland was started first know it and tell don't tell lies ok

  • Pavan Kumar says:

    you don't no your veds than how can you know the grate Ness of jesus

  • Pavan Kumar says:

    first learn your veds

  • SP says:

    achary sir please read properly bible .you are great but you need more knowledge about bible .thank you

  • SP says:

    Jesus is by birth only miracle .sir you need to know more about Bible

  • K u jawedann says:

    Ahhhh you don't knew abut you knew only yoga excises

  • Sinista Official says:

    The reality is … no matter how much u try to "tell" truth…. truth just cannot be told completely …… it can only be experienced 🙂

  • Sangeetha VS says:

    its beyond everything what u guys said….just i knew he was listening to all the prayers…and he will surely guide and show u the path of eternal life….and what u need more for ur peace…tats true…

  • John Thompson says:

    Every Knee will bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. This will be done voluntarily because of a grateful heart or your knee will be bent for you as a convicted criminal! The God mandated message for you is… Repent, and believe the Gospel! I'm not angry about this page, It is par for the course, It's even a bit comical if it wasn't so pitiful to watch…Like a wee child throwing a tantrum, only your not a child, your a condemned prisoner awaiting punishment, and physical death will consummate your choice regarding Jesus and his offer of forgiveness and salvation. I'm not angry with you, I'm praying for you because Hell is not ruled by satan and his demons, It is ruled by the Lord Jesus Christ himself, and he's no longer the timid lamb that was voluntarily sacrificed…He's the KING, The Lion of Judah, The Lord God Righteous and Holy, and he will rightfully condemn and punish all those who did not accept the sacrifice he provided on our behalf. The punishment to come is unthinkable, eternal and completely justified. No I'm not mad at you…I'm actually weeping for you to turn, and accept what is so freely offered in place of what is awaiting you. In the name of my Savior, Yeshua Ha Mashiach I leave you once again with this plea, this admonition…Repent, and Believe, Today is the day of salvation. Your Eternity hangs in the balance.

  • Krishna Krishna says:

    hi frnds…I respect Christianity . but …do u know where from the came " Christianity " word.. it real word was " Krishna + niti " this two words came from Sanskrit language n Sanskrit language is the most oldest language the others language . but Jesus Christ did wrong pronunciation n be came "Christianity ".. might be Jesus came to India .

  • Teshuah Yisre'al says:

    Jesus aka jebus isnt his name his name is Yahusha he was hebrew n j n w isnt a letter in Hebrew our double u aka uu was changed it makes the oooww sound YHUH is the real hebrew letters not YHWH it should be YHUUH …..Yasha means salvation sha means salvation shua means to cry out…Yahshua means Yah is with us n he who cries out to Yah….He said his name will be salvation Yashayahu means Salvation is Yah Yahusha means Yah is salvation…jesus means the horse n dirtypig

  • Nickey Jorgensen says:

    Thank you

  • Salmah Mohamed says:

    Peace Be With You, just to share with you what is said about Jesus: "[And mention] when the angels said, "O Mary, indeed Allah gives you good tidings of a word from Him, whose name will be the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary – distinguished in this world and the Hereafter and among those brought near [to Allah]." Quran Chapter 3 Verse 45. Read and find out for yourself at http://corpus.quran.com/translation.jsp?chapter=3&verse=45

  • Scientific Spirituality says:

    All my brothers and sisters . . greetings. Wake up .. Read all about our Lord Jesus in these blogs below.







  • Terceira73 says:

    Jesus is God Almighty the creator of Heaven and Earth.What will collapse ? Jesus has witnesses here on earth who have seen him in the spirit realm and he is THE ALMIGHTY.Standing in front of him is like standing in front of the sun.As the sun heat comes out of it ,jesus power of creation,peace, love all mind boggling overwhelming beyond words/imagination fill the air around you and inside you.Jesus is coming after ww3 and you will see what the witnesses have seen.

  • Nisha Suresh says:

    Jesus propheciesed in Vedas:http://en.satyavedapusthakan.net/2013/01/24/considering-the-purusasukta-the-song-of-praise-of-man/


  • Johns Simon says:

    No Buddhist monk like Jesus.No Buddhist monk can speak the words Jesus spoke and do the works Jesus did.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrVugef5mG0

  • Gerald Collins says:

    Jesus Christ was one unrighteous gentile Jew who was rejected after only 24 hours in the grave and then he went to hell and is not coming back anytime soon. In fact the first Jesus Christ was replaced with a new gentile Jew who as as wicked as the first. and Just as unrighteous.
    The first thing to realize about the book of John that it is a myth about a crazy gentile Jew that was rejected in Matthew 3 and assigned to hell because of his father the Devil. Beginning in John 1:19 we see that it was written from the false and malicious accout of Matthew 3 where we see much material was missing. In Matthew 3 we see the gentile Jews are the children of the Serpent and that Abraham is not their father and then they are assigned to go to hell and burn forever, but when we get to the book of John we find this crazy gentile named Jesus Christ is going to offer eternal life to whosoever will believe that he is the son of God and that God is his father. In john 1:12 we see that he has the power to make sons of God of all that were perishing in John 3:16.  The biggest fraud came in John 1:29 when the crazy gentile Jew named Jesus came walking up to John the next day, the first of the forty days that the real son of God will be in the wilderness. By this point the myth has begun and the deceiving is going to set in motion one of greatest hoax the world has ever known.By the third Chapter we see that he is going to set forth his evil and wicked manifesto that who so ever believers on him who was sent of his father the Devil. Just because the translators change the case on the letters we fail to treat the word father as the Devil and we will step ahead to chapter four where this crazy gentile Jew who is a psycho is recognized as a gentile Jew by the woman at the well of Jacob. By Chapter four we see that he is demonstrating his demon powers of his father. In the myth, he first traveled 35 miles with his mother and brothers and his disciples during one night through the Judean wilderness arriving at Cana of Galilee in just 12 hours. He then attends a Jewish wedding where his mother is helping at the wedding.  He then does his first demon inspired miracle when he changed the water into wine. It is now day four of the forty days in the wilderness for the Lord and God of Israel and already Jesus has four disciples.Now the record has nothing of him being born of the family of Adam and the Judean house of Judah. Judeans are not Jews for John denied them that right and rejected them as children of the Serpent.Space prevents more details but now we go to the day of Preparation 3 years later. The real son of God has been identified by the Devil at the end of the forty days that he is both Lord and God and yet we have this Jesus Christ about to die for the sins of the world as he was sent by his father, the Devil. Jesus Christ eats the evening meal then go out and DOWN the valley to the brook Cedron where they cross over and enter a garden. Jesus Christ will be betrayed by Judas in a manner not recorded. He shows off his demon powers before he is taken captive. He is taken to the Palace of the gentile Jews where he is tried and sentenced to death. But the gentile Jews are not able to exercise capital punishment and take him to Pilate where he is tried on the day of the day of Preparation where his disciples would not enter the palace for fear of being profaned that they might eat the Passover that evening. While standing before Pilate he reveals that as a gentile Jew that he is not the promised redeemer when he talked to much saying 102 words. He is sentenced to die on the cross. Jesus Christ carries his own cross to the place where he will die for the sins of the world. He is crucified at about noon and he dies at three in the afternoon on the day of Preparation. His body will be prepared according to the custom of the Gentile Jews by Gentile Jews before he is buried and placed in a new tomb.While all this was taking place on the day of the day of Preparation, the learners of Ani the Lord were preparing the upper room for the Passover dinner at the beginning of the Lord's Passover that evening at sundown. Just as Jesus Christ is buried, the Lord and God of Israel enters in to eat the Passover dinner and when they were finished, they sang a song and went out into the night and UP to the mount of Olives where he prayed to his father in heaven three times. It was now the time that he was to die for the right to remarry his divorced wife that he had sold to another and the children of her had sold themselves for nothing to the same one. The Lord Ani was betrayed by Judas with a kiss and he was taken captive and taken to the same Palace of the gentile Jews. After finding false witness, he too was sentenced to death and just as Jesus Christ was taken before Pilate he too was taken before Pilate during the night of the Lord Passover. He would only say two words to reveal once more that he was the promised redeemer of the house of Israel that he had divorced and sold. The Lord was crucified at 9 AM in the morning and many things took place before he cried out to his father in heaven when he cried Why have you forsaken me and with that cry he died for the right to annul the first marriage vows. When he died the earth began to shake and there was a great earthquake and the rocks began to break and the living ones being righteous were aroused and made to stand up among the dead ones. And when they had gathered they went into the city of Jerusalem and Jesus Christ was not among them for he at the moment that the Lord died was rejected for being one unrighteous gentile Jew of his father the Devil and he went to hell where he is today and where he will remain forever in the flames that never go out.The Lord will be aroused and made to stand up among the dead ones after he had annul the first marriage vows and then he became the price demanded to buy back the wife and the Children of her, the sons of God by birth and blood line. He was aroused after three nights and three days in the grave. But a New Jesus Christ will show up in just 12 hours which no one recognized as Jesus Christ. The entire account is noting more than a Jewish myth and the beginning of a HOAX that will deceive the whole world.The next 23 books are all a  part of the myth.Believe in Jesus Christ, the myth and go to hell just like he did. There is no record or any prove that Jesus Christ has saved one soul from hell and not one son of Satan has been converted to a son of God. It was all a fraud and you believed the whole thing in your distorted way of thinking as one rejected by God searching for a way out from beneath the falling wrath of God. God accepts no half breeds from the beginning.  Christians are not acceptable to him for they are nothing more than the children of the Serpent.

  • Jesus Foreveryone says:

    Its Very funny …LOL ultimate funny is : Jesus came study in university. hahahaha…

  • Johns Simon says:

    Who was on the cross?Was Jesus really crucified? The facts about the crucifixion of Jesus.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_m-thz-7iU

  • Jeffrey Charles Archer says:

    Not to mention, Yahweh is really Yama . . . http://karma-dharma-bhutadaya.blogspot.com/2016/12/god-is-really-lord-of-hell-and-devil-is.html

  • JAVV JAVVS says:

    For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.

  • Altex lan says:

    the JEWS had killed JESUS .let take action against the jews.

  • Aspect719 says:

    Hi, I am a Greek Orthodox Christian and would like to introduce you to Orthodoxy. Read "The Law of God," by Seraphim Slobodskoi. To learn about pseudo-spiritual systems and the coming one world religion, read "Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future," by Father Seraphim Rose. To see the evidence for Jesus's resurrection, read "The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus," by Habermas and Licona. To learn five good arguments for the existence of God, read "On Guard," by William Lane Craig. Pray, "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner."

  • Aspect719 says:

    Jesus never traveled to India or Britain.

    Read, "The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus," by Habermas and Licona.

    Jesus'death on the cross is considered an historical fact by 100 percent of
    New Testament scholars today, whether they are theologically
    conservative or liberal.

    Don't interpret Jesus through a Hindu lens. It will mess you up.

  • Hope Angel says:


    I must share this with you all. BE BLESSED.

    For those of you who have not heard my story of what God has done for not only me but for each & every one of you. Last year I was sitting in my bedroom crying & praying over my precious Mama & saying the same prayer I've been saying since I was a little girl "Please dear God, if You ever take my Mama then take me too, or come back for Your PPL." Well I heard His voice so loud & so clearly that I had to look at the TV to make sure I wasn't hearing things. He says "Rest your weary eyes my child for I'm coming before your mother passes. I command you to tell PPL in vile numbers of my coming" My tears dried up & I haven't had that thought since & that was an everyday prayer all my life to Him. I slapped my hip &

    I said "God how am I supposed to tell anybody…I don't even get outta the house." A little later He put the thought in my mind bout Social Media. I didn't really immediately start telling folks cause I figured everyone would just claim me as crazy but we all know better than that cause the one time I did try to chk myself in to Marshall Pickens they put me out the door the next day…and said to me…You're not crazy…you just need someone to talk to. Lol well no duh.

    Anyway bout 4 mths later it was the last bad snow Anderson SC had. There was no power coming to my RV & plumb COLD. Well, I had hooked up the propane tank that the niehbors had given me so I could shower & cook me something to eat. So I stepped up into my RV & sat on the arm of my recliner & gazed out at the snow covered land & thanking God for such beauty. I laid my head in my hands & started falling into this kaleidoscope of color…very 3 dimensional…& thought….I don't want this to stop…I thought…I haven't turned on the gas yet & I haven't done any drugs…..I thought I'm cold…I need to get warm. Its my body reacting to the cold. I got my dog off his chain & come in locked the door & went back to my room…started pulling covers around me & pulled a pillow to my face & half of my face went on the pillow & half off & as soon as I shut my eyes I saw the last breath leave my body & started falling into this kaleidoscope of color again. The sensation. Oh the Love & Peace was IMMENSE & OH SO BEAUTIFUL. There's really no words to receive it. There was folks standing everywhere in white robes but I couldn't see their faces…they were shining. There were beautiful exotic flowers everywhere & the grass was so green…I can even remember a rainbow & a waterfall… I said "God is this Heaven…CAUSE IF this is Heaven…I'm not going back". He says to me " I command you to tell PPL in vile numbers of My Coming Hope." The next thing I know my phone was buzzing & I was back in my body. HE IS COMING FOLKS!!! GOD STANDS ON HIS PROMISES & I STAND ON HIS!!! LOVE HIM WITH ALL YOUR HEART. Have a intimate relationship Him…you won't regret it. AMEN





    HOPE MARIA ANGEL ELLIOTT…THE ONE & ONLY. 💞💖👣👆✌👏👑💞👑💖👣👑👑👑👑🙌👑👑🙌🙌🙌👑👑

  • Brigitte Shandoz says:

    Acharya..are you drunk?.. what are you talking about..it has been proven , historically, scientifically that he was died , crucified and ascended to heaven…

  • Mirlongki Terang says:

    oh u poor lost souls,blinded by books written by people y do u give in so much..no one can offer u salvation but only yourself…ur heart is God

  • GOD IS GREAT says:

    good video sir thank you

  • Kenny Goes says:

    See people …. I'm Catholic … No mater what people say or what " the truth is " …my relation with Jesus is strong …. The church may fall … But me and Jesus n Mary will always be buddies

  • Beniel Davidson says:

    Learn english first and nobody considered you as justifier or a critic… look at your veda and achieve the hell…no mercy for you…you will not die easily… you see worms comes out of your body by your own eyes…. then you cry to Jesus… only he can heal you…

  • Filip Kirov says:

    What Jesus showed me!!! https://youtu.be/unui3HuMhSA

  • anantha padmanabhan says:

    Do consider Lord Jesus as a role model….believe in love,kindness,service to all around
    All the rest is only Illusion…external influences are only Satan influenced
    Believe in the divinity within everyone…be contented…sure to feel Jesus within your own self

  • Saint Sahada says:

    Holy Bible clearly says after 12 yrs old Jesus stayed with his parents and obeyed there commands. He is the son of God.You read GENESIS '' In the beginning there was word, and the word was god'' you think that the god who created the world went to NALANDA for bloody education? Did he studied MBBS for curing the blind? Did he studied Psychology to destroy demons? How he raised lasar from death? Did he studied Neuroscience to cure the paralysed? You go and learn how to pronounce Nazareth.Dont come again with such bloody Topics

  • Jude Kumar says:


  • Suresh Kumar Peddi says:


  • Ritesh Malik says:

    Now customize your own photos with almighty Jesus to keep you connected with Jesus, to make you feel he is always with everyone https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/jesus-frames/id973375593?mt=8

  • Jeffrey Charles Archer says:

    Jesus was an Avatar of Ayyappa, Son of Shiva and Mohini (Krishna as a Goddess) !!

  • naif abo mozfar says:


  • The World Of Truth says:

    Read Joseph Gregory Hallett, The Hidden King of England http://www.thehiddenkingofengland.com
    Volume IV: The Keys to London— Jesus of England http://www.thehiddenkingofengland.com/Vol-IV/index.html
    Volume V: Jesus of the Algarve http://www.thehiddenkingofengland.com/Vol-V/index.html

  • David livingstone says:

    Fake news. Already proved that it was wrong.

  • rakesh kumar says:

    Simple …
    Luke 4th Chapter says JESUS was brought up in Nazareth, But not in Nalanda.

  • Chik Bum says:

    this is so lame hahahaha… go and study the bible and come back old man after 12 years he started his mission doing miracles and preaching don't jus pick a verse from a particular chapter of a book study the Bible completely understand and get the meaning and resource properly.. u r just making a fool out of urself anyways God bless you and don't forget HE said if u deny or ashamed to call HIM your God ur Father he will too deny u

  • Komang Anal says:

    What about the angels…

  • Manchuvaru Reddy says:

    Please make sure the statement, 18 yrs of JESUS missing. Please prove with facts & figures. Not simply merely saying the CHURCH knows, I know, you know or others know. This new theory should be substantiated with evidence also not to remain as a allegations.

  • Leumas Nowluck says:

    u saying Jesus is travelling everywhere those days?.. for educational tour?.. man.. cmon ..i mean. seriously.! He is not a Buddhist or a Hindu. . . He is His Own Religion even in those days..

  • Sunny says:

    You don't even know anything about bible and talking about bible. Come on man. First read bible then speak up!

  • Chris Prins says:

    Acharya, nice imagination, I feel like vomiting on your face, but Lord Jesus told to love everybody, for that reason I pray Jesus to give you wisdom about the truth. May Jesus guide you in future.

  • Reshma Bacorisen says:

    I had not been gathering beauty into my life what is the beauty of life I didn't remember only once into my life I a hopeless person but the one who had a Guru and Jesus as followers in Kashmir, Israel, Afghanistan and Nepal all the holy place yet you had the blessing of the son of the father to made your life into a Buddhism stage of meditation and the balancing chakra to get technical support former of Nature of the best players in prayer of mantras systems allowing significant amount the meaningful of mantras systems allowing significant meaning and practice for healings your life treating the life beautifully

  • Reynard KOLMAN says:

    The Bible does not say Jesus is God

  • akash anil says:

    The Roman Catholic church is the biggest slaughter house, murdered millions

    Vatican blindfolds the believers by painting s fake figure of Jesus.

    Jesus did existed maybe he had qualities, but he was not who Christians think he is.

  • alan jacob says:

    Dear sir the "truth" you say are not know to no man.

  • Zuvlenki yim phuvkiu says:

    Nice Comedy, hey don't miss interprete the scripture.

  • Chathura Yush says:

    Hello brother. 1thing for for sure..no one can write history now.. Ur assumptions are fictional. Be popular by teaching some sense.not anytyn else..
    Suppose if he was in India studying..(where most of the religions want him in their side) he taught somtyn completely different from KARMA where most of the atheistic world like our world believe..but he taught about compassion,forgiveness and how to be in body with God our only father. Seems like your words get wasted over this because then Jesus wasn't a good student..if u want to make fiction that's dirrefrent. Don't tell the world your lies and get them to follow you..god bless you

  • vjd anil says:

    Aftr 12yrs he came to himalayas kailash giri and met with his father

  • Jeremiah God's power says:

    That was your jesus. Okay good story. See or listen to this best store. Jesus mother was a black woman. Rassesmus was on her and her son. jesus a black man to become a king. Commands was given kill jesus day or night. So the mum sent jesus to her grandmother in Africa. Eg Nigeria.

  • Rapbor Masharing says:

    Shut up you dont know anything about the Bible you're a hindu so keep your stupid mouth shut

  • dogsoljer says:

    I think Jesus did go to India it was probably the oldest civilisation on the planet 🌏

  • George Raptis says:

    He worked as a Carpenter.

  • K.Parthiban Deeban says:

    May God forgive you for your audacity to speak against God.
    God Bless you

  • Leng Gangte says:

    Whatevr it is He is the only GOD Saviour of the mankind from their sin no matter wether he was in Nalanda,Oxford , Cambridge or IIT one thing is for sure he save people and Me from my sins and i am 100% sure i will go to heaven if i die coz he died on the cross and rose again.

  • kandasami karuthu says:

    Acharya Do you know the records of Jesus up to 12 years. Then why talk, only about 18yrs., from his age 12 to 30. Common sense will suggest he was with his parents up to 12 yrs and the same way from 12 to 30 yrs ie 18 yrs.
    Mark 6:3 Isn't this the carpenter? Isn't this Mary's son and the brother of James, Joseph, Judas and Simon? Aren't his sisters here with us?" And they took offense at him.
    Here when Jesus started preaching at the age of 30, people recognised him as the carpernter's son and Mary's son. so that suggests that he was in his home town.
    Acharya, even if you would have left home at 12 and came back at 30, nobody will recognise you. The same goes to Jesus. Another reason why he started public preaching at 30 is because in the Jewish culture, nodody will be accepted as a teacher in public unless he is 30 yrs of age. Good you made a vedio on your ignorance so that we could answer to people like you.

  • kandasami karuthu says:

    and for those who are brainwashed that Jesus studied in Nalanda university…. Nalanda university was founded by an emperor Harsha Vardha in the 7 th Century A.D untill then a few of those buildings were Buddhist monastry where monks lived. For Jesus who lived and preached in the 1st century to study in a university of the 7th cent and go back to 1st cent to preach is the greatest of all miracles, which even the Christians don't believe. Pl dont make new claims to make Jesus greater than what he is.

  • Piper A R says:

    Jesus is one of many forms, or avitars, that Shiva has taken on. Shiva is known to Christians as God The Father. I and the Father are one. But orthodox Christians reject all teachings of Shiva except those made through the Jesus-avitar.

  • F Ferka says:

    Jesus is the hide and seek champion of the world

  • Darryl Scotty Spivey says:

    Truth is…NOBODY knows! None of you were there! There is no way of truly proving any of this or that in the Bible or from Fables. Focus on NOW. It will help our Planet Better. The Past is irrelevant.

  • Rizz Chiong says:

    I think you need the Holy Bible before.making.a story about Jesus. There was no university during His time, the school in Jerusalem is in the Synagogue…
    Jesus never put His footstep in India…

  • Bula Satish says:

    in those days it was Jewish custom to educate boys to do trade training. Also not every details is recorded . main message of Jesus Christ is God's son to die in our place so that we can come to God. Also Satan know s who Jesus Christ is.

  • Vinny George says:

    18years old i do not belive you

  • Laitia Temo says:

    According to bible Joseph married Marry to save her from being stoned. Not to stop from being stoned.

  • Danny Ofori-Akuffo says:

    You see it’s a pity if one is ignorant.
    All those believing in this Jesus I preached some years past are all ignorant as I used to be when I preached him.
    The truth of the matter is that bloody Jesus never existed do your own research and find out the truth for your self.
    You will be shuck.

  • Tnt says:

    Yeshuva alias Jesus is God of all. He didn't any shit knowledge from India or any other. He was grown under his parents and till maturity , visited sinagog as usual till maturity. It is usual attempt of Indian shit Hindu society to proud on account some one since they have not born for a good father , Hinduism doesn't have nothing to proud itself. So they trying attach their title to Yeshuva such practices are equal how a bad girl father less son attach his name to good manner people

  • A MANAS FILM says:

    Waaaa waaaa ! What a Great thought
    I think you don't Follow History
    History provides us mote data to belive Jesus.
    No wise man no well educated Died for our Sin, try to think about it
    And Listen carefully Jesus Is purely Anointed Person that's why He was Doing Many miracle… Tell me One scholar or Wise man to talk about Sin and His miracles with valid proof not Fictional ?

    One an only Jesus Who Died for our sin.

  • Maria Coelho says:

    Listern mind your own business you fool you have nothing to worry about the Bible you don't have anything else so you are making up some story to Catholic relegion whatever it is we don't care we love Jesus and will always love him.i don't want to discuss your relegion but don't give bad ideas for us.he is God .

  • Margaret Joseph says:

    My dear Brother's and sister's in christ Jesus told rdy to us in the bible facke people like him.he is evil. Pray more dnt ever this evil spirit control us.

  • hem dos says:

    Not to trust him..please don't comment like this

  • Jason the 13 warrior Wall says:

    I think this old man was born when Jesus was .born …..or it maybe be his best friend…🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣..

  • Jason the 13 warrior Wall says:

    This old man is totally mad 😂 😂 old man relax n think of your future….not for Jesus…..he is our Messiah…he knows everything …n he did not need teacher "He the son of God"…….

  • RajuO' Ninan Ninan says:

    Absurdly absurd.

  • Jason the 13 warrior Wall says:

    Is it Jesus"The Messiah"is graduate from Nalanda University….??from which stream "Arts;Commers; Science"…old man. R u his teacher…if not then just relax ….. urself ….he is our God

  • Nahshon Arvin says:

    This guy is high on some sort of crazy stuff

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