When will it be accepted to be Muslim and gay?

You identify yourself as gay. Why do you then choose because it is a choice Whiny then choose to be muslim when it says explicitly within Islam within Judeo-Christian tradition that that is Prohibited is the choice Just like to say that sexual orientation is not a choice. It’s not a choice out for You so you must say don’t why would you no no no don’t get health in this why would you do? That that is prohibited Here’s [the] choice at the end of the day you can choose to be much They doesn’t you in the quran that is prohibited. What is prohibited is the anti Can give you the ayah they exciting. [I] am not here to talk about that one Let are some sweet. [please] [let] [also] speak. Hey, miss lane respond to your question I am not here to talk about that one outs what I’m [here] to talk about is love love between two men two women Where I will it be okay and accepted to be gay in Islam. That is not It’s a loaded question, but I’m sorry you either be gay or you be Muslim. No one is forcing you Yeah, yep, lady here [on] the blood. I think that is totally wrong I mean, I I was brought up in an iSlamic household I’m from islamic Community I’m from a very conservative Pakistani community if my mom and dad can accept me why can’t the wider community services? Just float in the blood another company and I personally think that the question you’re asking is when more the muslim community [accepts] you as a Gay person accept gay or homosexuality the thing is homosexuality is not accepted in islam So the Muslim community will never accept homosexuality in a whole But you being gay or not on a judgemental level you can be gay But then at the same [time] if you choose to follow a religion which prohibits Homosexuality, then you can’t turn around and ask when will they accept for you to be gay can I just say that? Yeah, can I just say what are people like me meant to do then you know gay teenagers the suicide rate is going up Homophobic Crime is going unreported, and it’s because of attitudes like this that that is causing Carter [Lemon] the danger with literalism is In insisting that there is only one interpretation on one way of doing things if we take that literally if we take literalism Literally, then only [200] years ago slavery was accepted and justified by religion Quran explicitly and literally let me finish and make this point the quran literally allows for slavery as does the bible But we no longer practice it because our attitudes and interpretations have changed there is no one Muslim community There is no one way of interpreting things if he wants to identify as being muslim as this gentleman here said Abdullah He said he’s not gonna. Tell him he’s not a muslim, and I applauded him for that He said he’s not gonna discriminate against him you just did and so he disagrees kill Tumor here God does not exclude anyone that is a crucial first point and everyone has the right to Define for [themselves] what their identity is and we all have identities which quite often are contradictory We all have to find some way of navigating that remaining faithful to our vision of God while also remaining faithful to who we are But to add to [that] [also] the rest of society in particular state Should not try to impose its view of its morality upon islam This is a conversation that has to happen within Islam that might be here there might be room here to them And that’s what it there might be room for growth and change Ultimately you decide for yourself but the idea of saying to someone You’re a sinner even if you do define them as a sinner you cannot be part of this religion that to me is Anti-God because that’s a decision that God makes You said about interpretation. You’re pushing the idea that there was no true interpretation of Islam by that exact logic You’re saying that the people that extremists, right? [uh] are there their interpretation of religion is also valid there is Mainstream Islam there are things that are universally accepted within Islam for example the gentleman brought up the idea of Drinking of doing drugs you know those things are prohibited within islam I can choose not to do them or I can but for me to go out and say I’m a Muslim and I drink and that should be accepted. That’s not religion You’re completing your conflicting choice And how somebody is on without choice that first of all he was born the way he is And I’m sure he can speak for himself what I would like to say to you is Many many Muslims would consider you sinful for not covering your face and would insist that your sinful And you can’t be a muslim for showing your face I’m not wearing the jill Bob the long gown so at the end of the day This is all interpretive and just as you’ve got the right in fact they’ve known of these lemons Modestly respond to you, please No, no talking about interpretation. Can I just finish my point? They would also say that you shouldn’t be speaking in front of men You shouldn’t be on television calm. There are literally HSIhu argue that too, we Noticed a boxer. [I’ve] [got] quickly everyone relates [some] bin Laden was asked right. He was asked Why’d you go against the islamic prohibitions of killing women and children and he says are the laws not set in stone. Yes He’s a modernist song bin laden is a reinterpretation. It’s modernist. He doesn’t believe he believed in different interpretation of islam You can reinterpret it. I’m he’s the same mentality imagine the world has to reinterpret scripture when it suits him in the slum He believes in it. Maybe even people you can’t just change some [things] you can’t just change those [things]. We’re not a shoe

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  • Farzana says:

    Why do liberals love Islam so much? This woman is evidence that Islam isn't compatible with the other thing they love, which is the LGBT community.

  • Nyla Kadzeya says:

    Finaalllyyy… these gays, homosexuals whatever they call themselves including these pro choice white people. Are questioning Muslims and not just BULLYING Christians.

  • yousaf jing says:

    where the does it say you can be gay in the quran and its a sin

  • WickedShadowChester says:

    I have no clue why I'm here or what's happening but I like how the audiance clap at everything

  • Raees Khan says:

    Why you are gay?

  • rayan abdillahi says:


  • mega Hicham says:

    Love this girl everything she said is true

  • Angaleni Sikongo says:

    I'm a christian here and I support these brave Muslim women. If anyone is gay, its embarrassing for them to be muslims/Christians. These 2 religions clearly condemn homosexuality.

  • cc diez says:

    Ill never understand why members of the lgbt+ community insist on acceptance from these backward religions 😂

  • RedDragonBirdy DragonBirdy says:

    She came in hot hot like my pot noodles 0:06

  • Buddhi Dev says:

    Can and should the religious beliefs dictate the sexual preference?

  • Durre Shahwar says:

    Our prophet (S.A.W) said when judgement day will nearear, people will not consider sin as sin🔥

  • hey says:

    this is the most stupid conversation I've ever seen

    gay is not accepted in Islam that's it you can't change God's word

    why the hell this video is 5min long

  • Altamash Shaikh says:

    We need mufti menk here 😂

  • Alisha Zaman says:

    Most of the people who are watching this are Muslim and queer

  • police says:

    What about Christians who don't even no which religion to follow what about them

  • Wolf Fangs says:

    When can the Muslim community accept gay
    When pigs start to fly

  • Khadra Hussein says:

    Clapping 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Mello Parasite says:

    Subtitles at the end of the video: "We're not a shoe!"
    Perfect conclusion

  • emma knowing says:

    That first woman in the beginning is a bully and rude

  • Abbass Jradi says:

    Me: Calp
    Audience: Claps

  • Alya Salwa says:

    i agree w/ that muslim woman. you kno..god's marriage is man+woman not man man or woman woman even tho in you guys's bible said not to judge it was mean not to judge other people's physicals or their religion


  • TheBeybladeSport says:

    Why gays attack Muslims

  • TheBeybladeSport says:

    Why these gay radicals forcing their agenda on Muslims and Quran

  • samia ali says:

    I don’t understand how can someone change the words of god when it’s says clearly in the Quran it is not prohibited 🚫 basically no so u a worthless human being compared to god can’t change shit simples

  • michelle anderson says:

    IT IS ALREADY ACCEPTED , all you have to do is ignore the idiots and homophobic ignorant people, God doesn't hate gays and the only ones who wrote it's prohibited to be gay is a homophobic person and not Allah or God . And besides you can always say you're bi , if it bothers the radical Muslims , since Islam doesn't prohibit bisexuals .

  • Rogue Beast says:

    That’s a spicy question

  • rozi2089 says:

    I saved a lot of money by switching to Geico… CLAPS 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • S K Asif says:

    50 years later people will be debating on whether incest relations should be legalized or not.

  • Amina Malilo says:

    U can be a muslim and be a guy but being accepted by muslims or islam that cant be possible

  • RANA Eldardir says:

    The problem is they know it's haram (forbedin) but still defend it

  • No Name says:

    Welcome to 🤡🌍

  • JC Sixties says:

    Classic example why the worlds fastest growing belief system is…no religion at all…..just common sense humanity and goodwill…

  • mo Gabriel says:

    Why not Jew why not Christian why forcing

  • mo Gabriel says:

    Its like being eating meat as a virgin

  • أنس شودهري says:

    الأمر سهل و بسيط جدا.
    إما أن تؤمن بالإسلام وإما أن تؤمن بالشذوذ الجنسي الذي هو ضد الإسلام.

    فإيمانك بحل الشذوذ يجعلك خارجا عن ملة الإسلام. لأنه يكون اجتماعا للضدين. و هذا لا يجوز و لا يتصور شرعا و عقلا.

  • Fawaz Obaid says:

    Never. God curses those that act like their same gender.

  • ManticOmar 11 says:

    Disgrace Islam will never accept this

  • Julie Nielsen says:

    So libs call people homophobic but are homophobic? Im confused.

  • hala Xassan says:

    Our religion doesn't allowed to be gay man or woman is haram

  • RiKk says:

    The audience is paid every time they claps?

  • Normal People Scare Aamna says:

    Homosexuality is a Sin in Islam

  • Ali K says:

    And leftists are still trying to culturally enrich the uk by bringing more of these people! Their values are completely at odds with the British ones.

  • Aeleen Galynthius says:

    When he tries supporting terrorism….. That's when Islam will accept him

  • Mata Usi says:

    Being gay is forbidden and a sin… it doesn't bring U out of Islam…does drinking alcohol or eating pork or even commuting a sin bring U out of Islam no..he's just sinning and it's between him and Allah that's it…we don't know his life story maybe something happened to these people or something for them to be like this…we are in no position to judge…only God knows Nd I don't support them

  • Patachon Patachon says:

    You can’t argue with limited intelligence-people.

  • Razor E says:

    I'm a Sunni Muslim whose straight, I come from a strict family background… I have a problem with both sides here..
    I'll start of with our issue…

    My issue with some of the muslims
    Some of us muslims have a problem with gambling, backbiting, zina etc.. we constantly do it and yet we're allowed to identify as muslims but these people aren't?

    Who the hell are we to judge another person whether he's allowed to turn to God or Not… who does that woman from the start of this video think she is? We all commit sin everyday, even us Muslims.. we're not high and mighty nor are we supposed to think this way.. the biggest sin we believe is shirk(associating partners with God) even then a person can turn to God. Whether homosexuality is a scientifically proven or not(scientific findings are always changing, things are being corrected all the time), If a Gay person can't help himself, which i believe is another issue i firmly believe that the act of homosexuality is sin), then that's that Persons issue and its between them and God..

    AND ONE MORE THING I HAVE TO ASK PEOPLE WITH THIS SAME VIEWS AS THAT MUSLIM WOMAN… As a Muslim you have to respect the laws of a country you're living in… if the country's laws have gone that much against your beliefs then why are you still here paying taxes against your beliefs and then with your logic why are you still identifying as muslim?

    My issue with LGBT

    if i have to respect LGBT rights… then why aren't my rights allowed to be respected? Why aren't my phobias respected? Isn't that against human rights? I don't have a problem with 2 men kissing in public because i respect the laws of a country i live in, as long as my rights are respected to put my head down or look away if there are 2 men in public kissing or holding hands

    Phobias are autonomous, we have no control over them, but being forced to watch or be labeled as homophobic and get prosecuted like in some countries is against human rights.

  • Rizwan ahmed says:

    I masturbate 3 times a day
    Audience clap

  • Malzie World says:


  • ViralNation says:

    Muslims don’t accept it in their societies so stop force it to them

  • ViralNation says:

    Your identity is you carry balls

  • Oussama says:

    lol , I gotta admit it now , ramzan kadyrov is the man

  • Itz_ Nessa says:

    I know how to solve it.

  • fatimah hussain says:

    you can not be gay and muslim i don

  • Flashyfinancier says:

    Religious people have a lower IQ….i mean..its quite obvious

  • Flashyfinancier says:

    Religious people are less intelligent

  • Exy says:

    It would never be accepted because prophet Muhammad (please be upon him)said ur not suppose to be gay and be muslim

  • Exy says:

    Muslims cant clap

    Audience: CLAPS

  • Andre Herbert says:

    Why are you gay
    Who said I’m gay
    You are gay😂
    Gay means happy so muslims are gay we muslims accept all people gay or not because we are a nation of love shalom!!!

  • Valentine Michael says:

    The want us to accept them but they don’t want to accept shit.

  • sarah saraya says:


  • ajay sengar says:

    Homosexuality is unnatural…biologically men and women are able to reproduce not two men or two women and this proves it——–END OF A DEBATE

  • gangsta824 says:

    Shes right

  • omz3694 says:

    I hate religion period.

  • Glasgow Blues says:

    There are many who believe that Muhammed was gay.Does that mean people cant worship him anymore?Praise Allah

  • Ammara Gul says:

    there are Muslims who rape 6 month old babies
    there are Muslims thats murder others
    there are Muslims that hit women
    and these all are way worse then being lgbt
    then why arent they considered non-Muslims and only lgbt
    Your sexuality does not define who you are.
    You can be from any sexuality race nationality and still practice Islam

  • Lil Tindoo says:

    This is just too funny

  • silent Gamer says:

    The end is very near guys
    Get prepared for the day of judgement

  • Blossom Z says:

    I’m sorry god but I support the LGBTQ+ community. I am still so young and questioning my sexuality, but for these grown adults that are Muslim and gay to be proud of who they are and what gender they like fully grabs my attention. If you like boys for instance and you are a boy you can’t force yourself to like girls.Im a young Muslim girl and still haven’t discovered that part of me, but when I do discover it, I will be proud of who I am. People can disagree with me but I don’t care! This is who I am and who I want to be and you can’t change that. I know it’s a sin and I respect god so much but I’m sorry I can’t agree with this sin. love yourself no matter what because you deserve the world and more♥️ Have an amazing life♥️♥️

  • Abraham Smith says:

    Pork is not eaten cause pigs with the devil drown in the water but they drink the water ha ha

  • Joker says:

    I think the woman is completely right

  • tayfun akcan says:

    i am muslim and gay, these are HAIRSCARFED W(B)ITCHES only.

  • Abdulbary Alajnaf says:


    Audience: 👏🏻 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • pepe the Mexican staring frog of southern cali says:

    Me: Durka durka Mohammed jihad
    Audience: claps and cheers

  • hoxxy fravolt says:

    They just dont understand islam. Why are they even throwing points or facts tht arent even real just like islam allows slavery? No it is not. Slavery has been practiced way back before islam in the "Dark age" wish is also known as "Jahilliah". Since the teaching of islam starts it slowly put a stop to slavery by provoking social status among arabs and justice and equality for all. Islam isn't a community it is indeed a religion. No matter how hard you guys tried to be accepted you can't just change the fact that it is a sin and forbidden. A law made by Allah (God). It is your choice whether to stay to be islam but to be claiming Gay and Islam at the same time is truly unacceptable. We Muslim might accept and respect you only as a human being. We do make mistakes but if you really want to persue on being gay and stand for your beliefs then i suggest not stay islam. And based on my general knowledge LGBT is also forbidden in christianiy? So why allowing this kind of community to stand up for something isn't right? This shows how corrupted your religion is. You people are likely changing the law of god just because of an excuse tht "God doesn't discriminate" Im not discriminating but why don't just guide them based on your religious beliefs? If he is a Muslim then consult a professional ustaz or Imam. Non muslims wont understand.

  • Islam is a way of life says:

    Why do people be gay can’t they not be gay?

  • Islam is a way of life says:

    Islam not like Christianity where we change everything. We stay with our rules we don’t change because we want more followers

  • Anthony says:

    Travel to Syria and convince the Muslim there however don’t preach by any high rise buildings

  • Islam is a way of life says:

    Gay teenagers suicide rates going up homophobic crime is being unreported. Mate it’s not cause of religion that’s happening

  • abdul ahad says:

    That girl is so wrong. God made us who we are. We never chose our genders. Yes we did chose whether we want to be humans or angels and the people in this world are those souls who agreed to the challenge, to the test of being humans and to the test of worshipping Allah amidst all the corruption and prohibitions. This women has clearly misinterpreted quranic verses. Allah chose the gender and the place(family) for every human soul to be born. Being born in a muslim family is a blessing. Those born in families other than muslim families will be given a higher reward and will be forgiven once they find Allah and truth because they went out of their way to search the truth. Truth is most muslims pakistani usually take being born in a muslim family for granted. Anyways thats all beside the point. The point is that Allah forbids homosexuality but it is not forbidden to be born gay. You cant do anything bout how you are born. You can be muslim and gay. You just cant take part in the act itself. Its just likea normal male muslim fights the urge of a sexual act with a woman before marriage and so here he just has to fight the urge of committing such an act forever. The test in this life for everyone is different for some people it is difficult for some it is extremely difficult but Allah says it clearly in quran
    Verily for every difficulty there is relief

  • Μαύρος Θάνατος says:

    God loves ninjas. All women should be dressed like ninjas. God not like not ninjas.

  • jenny jenny says:

    Than y Muslim run way from their own country… For sake of new life…

  • Ragad Ali says:

    It’s so dumb that those people are arguing with the lady, bruh GOD said in the quran that homosexuality is HARAM. What else should there be for you to understand that.

  • 인스타Roseanne says:

    I'm lesbian and I'm muslim and I'm awesome

  • Mahmoud Hassan says:

    I will be completely honest ✋. We as a Muslim community won’t ever accept this. God created two genders only to marry and build a society.

  • The Unusual Stranger says:

    0:11 I speak for most of us Christians and most Jews ( If they have no problem with that ) that we do not want to be lumped together with you .When we have signs of Homophobia in the Old Testament , the Tanakh or the New Testament , it can be disputed and debated .Not within Islam .And when a Christian or a Jew says something Homophobic , most Christians and Jews stand against them .The same does not happen with Islam .

  • Ibnaar Sharahbeel says:

    Person: I-
    Audience: claps

  • Raheel Ali says:

    When will Chick-fil-a serve beef?

  • Bilal Ghadban says:

    Those muslims are ignorant may Allah guide them and me , in islam you can be a Muslim even if you are sinning.

  • Dijana Brkic says:

    In both christianity and islam is is forbidden to be gay. Speaking as a christian, it says to love everyone as equal and not to judge becsuse thsts only up to god. However, i was talking to a muslim girl and she said shes bi.. i didnt understand how you could be gay or bi and be muslim same as Christians. She said youre born like that, however if you dont act in sexual practices or sexually idolize a girl its not a sin and you can be forgiven

  • SagePqantom says:

    Muslim teenagers who are suffering from being attracted to the same sex want to listen to a khubah that helps them avoid making “gay acts” such as getting a boyfriend or marrying a man. Me, a Muslim and soni, I am attracted to men but I don’t want to be because the way my parents taught me its wrong, every video I look at about homosexuality it’s old men saying harsh things about you going to hell and just making the situation worst. I haven’t found ONE good nice girl or boy who talk about homosexuality being wrong in a good easy tone. People who fight and say harsh things such as we will never accept you is true but can really make someone feel insecure about themselves. So please just be kind because the smallest things you say will always have the biggest outcomes.

  • Ali Al-Azadi says:

    Islam don’t got room for your opinions

  • Hamed Harati says:

    Please invite pasta senpai . He will make it interesting 😅

  • A EH says:

    All the Abrahamic religions believe homosexuality is a evil sin that being said incests is also homosexuality I wonder if Maajid Nawaas and that mushroom agree with this too

  • Basharat Ali says:

    I am a Muslim and I always had homosexual tendencies and thought I could be gay and also be a good Muslim but I was wrong. I read Quran and understood the logic behind the prohibition of homosexuality so I changed my thinking and repented from homosexuality forever and fourteen years later here I am happily married to a beautiful faithful woman with five kids. During my old days I always thought I can never marry because according to media there isa third gender. It is all propaganda of dajjalic media to destroy youth. I am much happier now with my children, wife and family and pray five times a day I got strength from my faith otherwise I would be somewhere hanging around someone's butt and smelling their as*** yet claiming to be an educated liberal open minded 'Muslim'.
    I thank Allah every single moment of my life that he saved me from such a lustful life.. Allah hu Akbar

  • Emma Stevens says:

    Did we not give you satan to worship that is from the Quran satan loves gays

  • JustARandomUser2001 says:

    Enjoy your cultural enrichment, UK…

  • Alperen 0485 says:

    Hopefully never mate

  • Kevin Keathley says:

    If this was a Christian community talking about this , errybody would be disliking this. If you're gay;BE GAY. GOD DOESNT EXCLUDE ANYBODY IF YOUR HEART IS GOOD

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