What the Dalai Lama was like as a kid

I remember a story that His Holiness has
told me many times that he was quite a lonely boy up in the Potala Palace and some of his
closest friends were… The sweepers The sweepers Yes, the sweepers Who weren’t, you know, kind of overly impressed
by him. Yes, that’s right, that’s right. And that’s why he liked them, because they
just treated him like a normal little boy, and if he was mischievous, they used to hit
him. But he respected that. And he liked that. But I remember this one heartbreaking story
that His Holiness talked about being in the upper reaches of the Potala Palace, and very
far away, he could see his father whom he loved desperately, who was a real horse guy,
very cowboy, horse guy. And he came in through the gates, and he could see him very far away,
and he was so looking forward to seeing his father, but his father went to see the horses
first. And it struck me how sad that was of seeing that he wanted to see his father.
But I think there’s part of that you can see the delicacy in His Holiness. He’s still
that little boy in a way that grew up in that tower. It’s very humanizing when I think
of him that way.

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