What Do You Believe In? (Spiritual-Grief ) MY PROOF

hey Jeannie Lynch coming to you today hey
you’re either a believer a non-believer or you’re on the fence right I’d like to
talk to you all today I’m gonna share a story that had me beyond a doubt
believing believing in what you’re gonna have to stay watching but more
importantly it was the event that took place that aha moment which placed be on
the path to do this work can’t wait to share that with you stay watching and
let’s have fun and dive into this topic today what do you mean and what does it
mean to believe stay watching hey Jane you late thank you so much for staying
watching we’re talking about the believers the non-believers and those
fence sitters which one are you today I’m going to share a story that just put
me off the fence truly believing and understanding that when spirit does come
through and spirit can come through my belief that they truly do want to help
us heal so I’m going to share a story that happened right after my daughter’s
passing and hopefully tell it in a way I’ve told the story before I tell it in
my sessions because it really is that defining event when people ask me how
did you start doing the work you’re doing this is the story that truly
started my journey to do this work so are you ready here it goes after my
daughter passed you know you just do you do all the healing you can possibly do
and one of the things that I was doing was actually going to healing centers
and learning from all the people that that knew this stuff right so you’ve
seen all the authors my whole library by the way the back of my office here is
the new-age library at Barnes & Noble lots of reading lots of diving in and
one of the people that I studied with was Jonathan Howland and he’s like
Jonathan Edwards he’s a medium and he is world-renowned look him up he’s fabulous
and he did we did like a five days workshop with him and on the last day he
was gonna bring spirits through okay so now I can set this up on the
last day we were doing this and my daughter happened to be the first spirit
through so I’m gonna share with you what happened in that experience and it’s
just amazing so there will be a little side story on the side but let me do my
best so he he says I have a little girl here eight or nine she’s looking for her
mommy she wants to make a connection to her mommy I’m seeing her name I don’t
know if I can say her name but her name is like Lila Lila Lola and can is there
a mother in the room who can connect to this story and of course there I am
close to the front so I raised my hand they hand me a mic and the first thing
he says to me is your daughter is with me and she wants to connect to you but
she’s taking telling me that she’s taking me to a place that she believed
you will not want to go what does that mean right so I’m kind of like okay and
he goes so with permission she wants to go to her stone okay a little sidebar
Dow her stone meant her grave and of course it sounds realistic right it’s
not a place I wanted to go but for other reasons okay so here’s the side story my
ex-husband and I dealt with my daughter’s passing just differently 975
percent of marriages fail actually after a loss of a child because people grieve
differently we were no different okay so we would already divorced but we were
just obviously going to deal with it differently he done with things you
could touch and I dealt with things like this right going to healing centers so
in this particular experience he was responsible for putting up her grave her
stone and he did a great job let’s just say the stone was a little grander than
I thought so let me just show you what the stone looks like so you can follow
the story there you go family plot I was a little concerned about the size I also
just didn’t think that maybe I lo wanted it that big okay so there was some let’s
just say some eggs okay so back to John Hammond I’m there and of course Aylin
wants to take me to the stone so to the stone we go I’m gonna go wherever my
daughter wanted to go so I go yes so he describes the stone in the detail of
what you just saw he described the 8 by 10 pitcher he tells me it’s not a stone
it looks more like a monument he describes the notes on the stone
which tells him there’s a song and he goes and I’m also seeing love daddy
which did I tell you at the bottom of the stone love daddy ok so he goes she
wants you to know that she understands that you and her daddy were not together
and she wants you to know that she loves this dog and why that’s important as she
wants you to know that she sees that this brings you so much pain and she
wants you to let it go love her enough to let that go today so that you will be
okay now I’m telling you there there literally is no gift that my daughter
could have given me in that moment than that gift right there and that was what
she had to tell me and that was the message that she wanted to bring through
it was truly just to release more importantly to let me know that she was
still very much with me and very much aware of my process right and and for
you if you’re going through something they’re aware I just need you to know
that so that event when that happened I remember driving back home and just
being so clear and so I’m determined that I knew I had that gift and I
literally knew that I was gonna get home and I was gonna put myself out there
like this many other ways teaching and assisting and helping and coaching no
matter what it is to help people understand they just want us to be happy
and that has been my life’s work so thank you for watching and being part of
it being part of my community on my youtube channel sharing this okay but
that doesn’t stop there do you have a story that you could share have you had
an experience like mine where you know it has made you a believer and if you
are on the fence have I just changed it a little bit for you
that’s what I’d like to talk about today so leave comment below thank you for
watching I hope it brought a little light to your day and if you’re grieving
reach out to me I’m sure I can assist it have a thing remember a woman coming to meet years
ago and I really was struggling with a good start point to start talking to her
about her grief so I asked her straight up do you mind if I asking what you
believe after a long cause she looked back at me
and she with tears in her eyes she said I can honestly tell you I have no idea
what it means and I remember smiling looking back at
her and saying my truth which it was she was about to find out there’s so much
that loss can teach us and it truly can be so much easier when you believe love
and light namaste

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