Week of January 20, 2019 Spiritual Self Mastery Class ~ Ego and Heart with Sloane Rhodes

hi everyone hi subscribers it’s Sloane
Rhodes here with your spiritual self mastery class that you go on chart for
the week of January 20th 2009 teen this month is flying by thank you for bearing
with me I know if in apps in the last few weeks but I’ve had a lot of changes
in my life and as you can see the bare shelves I am indeed not preparing to
move so as you all know the lot goes into that okay so what I want to do
today only beginning two cards from the terror of the spirit deck by Pamela and
Joyce Ekans one card looking at the energy for the week based on how the ego
may be perceiving it as well as where we can allow the heart center energies to
beckon us towards more openness and compassion and love and then another car
just kind of looking at what we can expect or look forward to regardless to
kind of give us a bit of um neutrality there so let’s just go ahead and get
started look at the cards draw and then we’ll go ahead and start reading for the
week and just to remind you all that you know if I ever do miss a week and
sometimes I do and in this case I missed several you know I do encourage you to
go back through and just randomly select different weeks to listen to or to watch
remembering that all of my youtube videos are available on the audio
podcast in audio form only so you can subscribe to the podcast and listen to
them as well there’s a like below but anyway so if you just randomly select
any video usually you will get the information or the guidance that you are
looking for it’s just funny how that works because you know even though I do
break this down by week and I look at the energies for the week it truly is
more of an organizing factor so any any week you can tap into this very similar
types of energies it’ll be right for you is what I’m trying to say all right so
let’s go ahead and get the cards drawn let’s take a moment here I hope everyone’s doing well okay here
we go so we have the devil in reverse and what we can expect to look forward
to regardless is a tender birth the great work oops beautiful card they’re
both beautiful cards I love these this deck but yeah this is upright and this
is reversed we have three of swords three of wind
under the deck in this deck is called recognition recognition of the heartache
recognition of the pain and suffering that we have been undergoing in many
different ways in the recent past I’d say again it’s an underlying energy
that we are coming out of I do see that with the devil in Reverse for me the
devil in Reverse is usually it’s just a straight arrow the way that I read is a
removal of this energy this energy leaving our environment so I’ve received
this card in general as a positive card but because we’re looking at it in terms
of the ego and the heart energy just give me a second here okay so as I feel
this card and it’s my understanding of this energy with the devil in Reverse as
I mentioned usually when I have the devil in Reverse it’s about individuals
or circumstances being removed from our environment and the devil of course
speaking to vices obsessions toxic situations and energies that we may find
ourselves mired in oftentimes it’s something we may have been mired in for
a while or there’s an individual in our lives he was just difficult or
problematic or we’re just having a difficult time with some aspects of our
life that we tend to have obsessed upon or become overly attached to but because
it’s in Reverse as I mentioned I see it as leaving during this week being
removed in some fashion breaking the cycle the chain the chain
the chains that that bind are being broken I guess is one way of looking at
it but what I really really like in terms of the egoic energy is that even
though I perceive an experiences card as positive the ego still because the ego
loves to play in the realm of fear and anxiety or over attachment the ego may
perceive this as I’m finally free of this now I can finally live my life in
peace and happy and while we may feel a sense of
euphoria or relief with the devil in Reverse remember that the ego has an
over attachment to it being the thing that provides the piece the thing that
provides the sense of safety or happiness
so the egoic energy always becomes overly attached on something outside of
us as being the bearer of our joy or happiness our safety our security so
even though you know in general its we can perceive it as a positive card the
ego can still kind of turn it into something that self that big relief that
is really short-lived before we get the drop you understand what I’m saying
finally it’s done it’s over and then I can finally be peaceful where isn’t
truth the heart centered energies are like you’re always confined the peace
you know the peace exists within the love exists within the neutrality is
your your state you know of being really but the ego likes is like a spotlight I
should’ve heard me say before the focus isn’t on one particular thing in this
case it may be on the thing that’s finally kind of left your circumstance
or a situation that’s been alleviated in some way and then finally the you know
you get that peak you know with the ego so just bear witness to that and again
you know if it’s something that you’ve overcome recognize where the ego is very
can be very yes lie where you are like overly proud you know like you know
through my own you know being and it’s all very egocentric you know it’s all
about you having to overcome this or you know through your own efforts of course
you can certainly be proud of yourself but when it is in a place that feels
overly proud of yourself where it’s really varying into it’s all me and my
doing and there’s nothing else that happened to make this occur I was all
you know my own hard work whatever you know there no one exists in a bubble
let’s say there’s we’re always co-creating with many many individuals
and a lot of things came about and worked together in order
for this situation to finally sort of be for free you don’t you know either break
free of this or leave it behind or a situation or a person to kind of remove
themselves for your from your life and the ego will say yes it’s all be kind of
beating your you know beating your chest kind of energy that’s some certainly
very eco energy we can all relate to that you know who hasn’t liked yes you
know because on me I did it and then you know a little while later you feel the
drop you know kind of thing so the egoic energy tends to be very up and down up
and down up and down and the heart-centered energies are more placid
more peaceful you know more able to experience the what the ego perceives as
the highs and lows with just a greater sense of equanimity you know the heart
says yes you know I’m no longer resonating with that obsession energy or
that that advice or that addiction it’s just not no longer a resonance for me in
this moment you know and in the moment it’s this note it’s you know it’s just
not where I’m aligning my energy and then so as you kind of recognize it more
consciously in the moment you’re not you know it’s hatching yourself to that
energy you know in alignment with the obsessive addictive you know sort of
more toxic energies then you can more easily continue to align with the energy
of this is a you know my natural state is more neutrality more love more peace
and there’s less like I’ve overcome this and that got keep fighting against it
there’s we’ll come back into my existence you know this kind of energy
because whenever we feel like yes I finally did it you know there’s a fear
comes in very very quickly and now I need to make sure it doesn’t happen
again whereas the heart just says I just thought in alignment with it right now
look at that and you don’t have any the heart doesn’t have any judgment
necessarily that you are bad when you were in that energy the heart disses oh
now you’ve sort of evolved beyond it in the moment you’ve transcended that
energy in the moment and you continue to focus on the hearts always focus on the
present moment this moment right here and right now I don’t feel obsessive I
don’t I’m not aligning with need for something in the external to give me a
sense of peace or I couldn’t in the day or feelings of expansion and love by
just enjoying the moment consciously aware as opposed to you know the harder
edge of overcome it and now I got to make sure doesn’t happen again you can
feel the energy and the adrenaline peak in that it’s it’s harder meat to
maintain that you know that level of adrenaline let’s call it fear or anxiety
for a long period of time eventually there’s that drop and when that drop
occurs like I have overcome that yeah and then you don’t either get the
external gratification of people going yeah you did it or you know whatever and
then you then you suddenly you feel you lack it again like oh no well you know
I’m not able to maintain that and you get the drop and then you get the fear
again and the heart says oh look at that you know I’m not aligning with it oh I
can feel myself beginning to align more at that fearful energy how interesting
and I choose to be in the moment again aligning with a more peaceful heart
more love more joy for the present moment and you come back to the moment
the moment at the moment and then that this energy tends to hang around even
even doesn’t chance to not rebound let’s say so quickly you know and if it does
rebound back you know back in because you’ve got a little adrenaline against
it and use hard to maintain that level of adrenaline and you find it kind of
rebound and it tends to when you’re more conscious and you’re more in the heart
centered energies it tends to rebound in for a shorter period of time and you’re
less inclined to want to dance with that energy you’re less inclined to want to
go there where the ego wants to take you very very interesting but in general it
looks you know it regards to whether the ego or the heart is looking at this this
week there usually is a sense of relief or peace you know with that so that’s
really really nice to see and what we can expect to look forward to regardless
is the 10 of Earth but ten of Pentacles in this deck the great work right the
great work of manifesting and building upon the happiness the joy the longevity
the heritage the legacy your wanting to build to leave for yourself or your
family in your year you know the ancestors all of that very is about the
home right inheritances you know the great work the great manifest work that
we are here as spiritual beings getting to play with and and mold you know it’s
part of the game of being in this inner incarnation here on the planet Earth and
the great work is in the town of Earth your the ten of Pentacles is a building
upon of the building blocks of creating a life that feels more stable more
secure something where you can function but more easily more effortlessly
in your in your life because you’ve created these building blocks now of
course the mind the ego will say and that happens because I have a good job
and I have a home and I’ve paid the mortgage you know and this is certainly
certainly can occur and does occur but that’s not the reason for it the reason
for it the underlying energy for it is that the peaceful heart knowing that you
are content with what you have you know constantly trying to get out of where
you are what you’d have to get more and more more you know very egoic energy the
great work is you know you’re building upon it based on the spark of the divine
and as you connect more and more with a more peaceful heart and more gratitude
and graciousness for what you have and you in line with that energy more it
grows and grows and grows something you suddenly without even try
it as hard as you probably did in the past you’re able to build more abundance
in your life which can include of course the physical aspect of us which is the
tent of earth you know that the Pentacles energy very very interesting
week for all of us again you’re kind of the underlying energy it has been some
heartache you know some difficult times but it’s through that heartache that the
light you know is able to come from in order to help us grow and achieve
enlightenment in the moment peace in the moment serenity more love you know an
expanding heart you know opening your heart more sometimes you can even feel
it in your heart it hurts almost you know when you have heart I can you can
you can put a hot water bottle on your heart or you know rose quartz or
something like that but they can this energy I feel like isn’t more in the
past we’re coming out of that especially with that devil in Reverse you know
things that have been problematic being removed you know again people situations patterns that are more harder edge and
very need-based suddenly feeling less like they have a grip on you which is
really really nice and then we have all this abundance growing here which is
it’s lovely to see so you know I hope that you find that helpful um it looks
like a lot of difficulties are kind of falling behind us during this week which
is really really lovely to see and I hope everyone enjoys the week if you
have any questions of course you’re welcome to leave them here on the UH in
the comments section or you can email me and I am I did release my new question
and answer series the first video on that so if you do have some questions
around spirituality or spiritual awakening or the
you go up in a few other heart-centered energies you’re welcome to leave him
leave a question here on youtube or you can email me your question and if I feel
that I can provide some clarity for that for that question I will you know do my
best to do that in the video but you know I do ask that you limit
your question to you know five sentences max I don’t need a lot of a lot of
information just your basic and a question or what your what you’re
wanting some clarity on and but that is separate than the Tarot and the Oracle
card readings us just questions around you around spirituality spiritual
awakening econ hardly in a year you already know and don’t forget that all
of these videos are available in audio form on the podcast so you can follow
the links below alright just love to you and I’ll see you next week

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