Week of February 10, 2019 Spiritual Self-Mastery Class ~ Ego and Heart with Sloane Rhodes

hi everyone it is Sloane Rhodes here with
your spiritual self mastery class ego and heart for the week of February 10th
2019 I’m sorry about the lighting up and playing with it it’s a little wonky
tonight I’ve got everything packed up so I thought these lamps in here I’m not
that great okay so this week I’m gonna be drawing from the tarot of the spirit
deck by Pamela and Joyce Eikens one card looking at the overall energy for the
week and then with that card will be looking at how the ego might try to
distract us and where the heart-centered energies are asking that we can kind of
explore them more and then one card in a position of what we can expect you’re
look forward to regardless it just reminds you that all of my videos that I
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we go okay for the week we have six of water
in Reverse and in this deck it is called faith what we can expect you look forward to
regardless is the moon card in Reverse we also have the chariot under the deck
it’s an underlying energy okay so I’ll show you the cards in the upright so
this is a card for the week the six of water in the reverse again it’s called
faith in this deck and it is in the reverse and then what we can expect to
look forward to regardless is the beautiful moon card in the reverse so
regardless of what goes on with this six of water we are looking at more clarity
by the end of the week opening up illusions being dispelled secrets being
revealed just a greater degree of clarity for sure okay but let’s look at
the six of water faith that is in the reverse so when we have it and it’s in
the more traditional tarot it would be the six of cups so when we have the six
of cups in reverse there is a tendency to be reactive very into sort of maudlin
type of reminiscing right it’s kind of an obsession with the past and usually
when we begin to obsess over the past or spend a lot of time thinking about the
past first and foremost we’re we’re pulled out of the present moment and
second of all we tend to very quickly the ego comes in and tends to be very comparison oriented so right away the
past was so great if only I had that you know now things would be better or you
know the present can’t live up to the past or you know that egoic energy of
self-flagellation i should have done things differently in
the past or someone else if only they had done something differently in the
past i could be more present in this moment i’d be happier now you know the
six of water in the reverse it’s it’s funny because in this
as I mentioned it’s called faith right you know in faith it usually is present
without the necessary evidence that the mind requires seemingly necessary
evidence but here is in the reverse that there was this lack of faith in the in
the present moment in the ability or the capacity of the present moment and
beyond to be even more rich more connected more expensive than it was in
the past so just bear that in mind here um with a six of water in Reverse
have faith in the now you know it can be pleasant and enjoyable to look upon the
past but very often the ego will come in and it will create a sense of nostalgia
that that can become as I mentioned maudlin or a longing that can’t be recreated in the moment you know and the
heart-centered energies of the six of water in Reverse or like yes of course
it things may have been pleasant back then or they may have been more of your
preference back then or whatever it may be that you’re focusing on for some
people it’s you know when I was younger I was really shit you know and for some
people it was like oh when I had that relationship it was great or well my
children were small you know and now I have no one you know my kids are all
grown and you know out of the nest and you know it can play in in many
different ways here but either way the underlying energy is one of lack in the
here and now and that the past was somehow better then the hearts and
energy say yes you know that as we look back at the seeming past there are some
wonderful memories or wonderful things that we experienced that we that are
part of our present moment as well because if we are thinking about it if
we are aware of it we’re bringing it into the nail and the heart says yes
that’s great but let’s focus in on the now of it you know how that was a
building block to this moment right here and right now
have faith that this moment can be even even more connected or at or equally
connected or equally full of possibility you know because this idea of faith here you know sometimes we have a preference
for for red but as this kind of spins is that gonna see it like almost like one
of those games where you you hit the it like spins around and you hit hit like a
buzzer or hit hit a knob and it stops and then you know whatever color shows
up is the color that you’re you play with well here you know our preference
may be red but yellow is our present you know situations we can certainly look
back and say yes I love the color red I loved it when I wear that red outfit I
had that room that was red but in the moment I have a yellow and yellows just
as beautiful different but beautiful in his own way
there’s a you know so when do you consider gratitude right many times we
are grateful for something because it’s not something else I think you may have
heard me say this before but it’s an important distinction here because if
you are grateful for this moment for being just as it is you’re in more of
the heart scented energies but when you are grateful in that this moment is
better than something in the past then you aren’t going into the realm of where
the Eagle kind of likes to kind of lead you which is in the comparison you know
I’m grateful for this because it’s not this I’m grateful I have a car because I
don’t have to walk there’s it’s there’s a subtlety there that can be a slippery
slope in terms of the egoic energy so just watch where it comes in and do your
best to be present with the memories as they arise and say yes those were lovely
memories I’m I’m glad I had those experiences this is also ripe with possibility this
is also amazing just as it is even without even thinking about the future
but just the fullness of this moment the breath that I take in this moment the sounds that I hear
there will never be another moment like this moment may not always be exactly
what you’re wanting or your preference but it’s still life you know it’s still
the moment the life has provided for us that we have co-created we have stepped
into so that’s more of the heart centric energies but what we can expect your
look forward to regardless as I mentioned is the moon in Reverse here a greater sense of clarity sometimes secrets being revealed either
by you or someone to you or you just find out about a situation that you
weren’t aware of and because it comes into your conscious awareness this week
and if someone is entrusting you with a secret
make sure you honor that you know because want the moon in Reverse
sometimes you know you can be a little bit more loose-lipped then you know then
may be someone may not want if they have entrusted you with a secret but it may
slip out this week but you know beyond that it’s not just about secrets
it’s about greater clarity the illusions being dispelled you know a lot of times
we have our rose-colored glasses on and with the moon in Reverse many times
we’re like oh wait actually maybe what I thought was happening wasn’t happening
you know maybe I haven’t seen the situation more clearly and that’s that’s
a good thing in terms of our our ability to make choices and move forward with
more openness and with our eyes wide open and we do have this charity this
chariot under the deck you know this forward momentum occurring being able to
with the chariot being able to sort of harness to sort of energies that
sometimes can feel opposing but we’re able to harness them in order to move
forward and you know we can move forward more quickly
when we do have the clarity to see exactly what’s going on so we don’t pull
on one more than the other you know and what can really be helpful with this is
with the six of cups and reverse that we don’t get caught up in the past spending
too much time there and having faked at the moment that we
have now is the exact moment that the universe has conspired let’s say to
create for us and as we let go of the past it’ll be easier to with this moon
and reversed to let go you know of the illusion that the past was somehow
better or you know getting caught you know too caught up in the nostalgic
musings about the past and this and that it’ll be easier with the muñeca and
we’re first it’ll be easier to move forward more quickly and more swiftly
more adeptly when we’re seeing the situation clearly
and we’re not caught up in the past so heavy focus on the past and things being
revealed that help us move forward into the now you know the chariot is about
you know harnessing those energies in the now of course we know we’re human
and we always like to think about the future you know but remember don’t get
too caught up in the future especially this week trying to say as present as
you can in the now in the here and now you know when you find yourself thing
yeah the past is so great and then you realize oh shoot I’ve been there for
half an hour and I’ve completely missed all the beauty that’s around me that
will never be the same you know as you know a lot of times we think I wake up
and I do the same thing every day same routine and you know is this kind of
goes back to this moon in Reverse everything kind of seems the same but
when you really are present in the moment you you can recognize
that everything is completely different each and every day you know we when we
were unconscious we’re moving through our life or a moment without our
conscious awareness everything can seem like we’re doing it by rote but when you
are connected to the moment you hear the birds you see the water differently you
see the light differently your feet hit the ground differently I you blink your
eyes differently it’s just it’s all different
but sometimes we can forget that you know and especially when the moon is in
the upright and we have the solution that everything’s the same but again
there’s a big focus this week on things being revealed coming to the present
moment more and seeing things exactly as they are again doesn’t mean that’s
always your preference but by being present in the moment you can then make
choices without being distracted by rose-colored glasses or illusions or
muddy awareness so all right I hope you find that helpful I wish you much love
as always and I will see you on the next video or over as a Sloan Academy with my
online courses right the podcast or at your own private appointment much love
to you all

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