Week of December 30, 2018 Spiritual Self-Mastery Class ~ Ego & Heart w/ Sloane Rhodes

hi subscribers hi everyone it’s Sloane
Rhodes here with your weekly self mastery class ego and heart for the week of
December 30th 2018 this is the last class for the years so that’s kind of
expecting today I’m gonna be drawing from the mission of the Oracle deck by
Colette Baron Reid and we’ll be looking at one card as the energy for the week
and how the ego may try to distract us from what can be a more peaceful place
and where we can explore the heart-centered energies based on that
same energy and then one card in the position of what we can expect or look
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there’s a methodology there which can can be helpful sometimes because you
know sometimes we get lost in what feels like intuition and maybe is it ego or is
it intuition account al kind of thing okay let’s go ahead and get started I
hope everyone’s been enjoying their holiday season and are ready for 2019
ready or not it’s going right I’m excited for it okay so first card
higher-power beautiful and what we can expect we’re looking forward to
regardless is a new life look at that new year new life I’ll show you this
card first so this is the card we’re gonna be looking at in terms of the ego
and the heart a higher power card and then what we can expect to look forward
to regardless is a new life now I’ll get into this card more but it’s not that
you will necessarily have a brand new life but that you are breathing new life
into the life that you already have you know there’s many blessings there to be
expanded upon but let’s look at the higher power card I don’t know if you
can see the imagery so soft in this deck but I there is a beautiful what looks to
be some kind of fairy okay so I don’t know if you can see it
but there’s an image here of looks like a man or a person and then above them is
what could be a fairy or an angel and the angel has a key at the third eye so
the ego so I talked about evening with the three pillars of intuition class
sometimes the methodology can be helpful because we can start to second-guess our
intuition is that my ego is that just my secret desires my own unconscious
desires or is it truly what I’m intuitive and with a higher power in
terms of the ego that thing that can become an issue but even more
importantly than that as I feel this for the ego the ego doesn’t want to give
over to a higher power the ego wants to see the evidence the ego wants to know
that the ego has control again this isn’t because the ego is bad because
this is what the ego has done for us in terms of humanity in terms of our
ability to use our mind right that’s logical powerful wheel of thought that
occurs continuously throughout our lives and so with the higher power the ecole
say there’s no point in having faith I need to see the evidence or yet I have
faith but show me show me something first before before I give it over I
know there’s more ways I can work it you know the ego is always overworking
things thinking you know we think that we when we lay awake at night and we’re
letting our mind cheran away out of problem really you know just over and
over again we tell ourselves that we are safer that way
you know the ego says no keep keep on this treadmill of this thought pattern
because that’s where you’ll come up with a solution whereas in truth the
solutions come from a pace the place of peace not from overworking things so it
may be that the ego you know says this is ridiculous
don’t give up to a higher power just keep on that treadmill keep on that
treadmill but in truth as I feel it here for you with the key and the number four
you have to submit a little you have to take a breath and allow the universe a
higher power spirit your guys and angels your intuition however you feel about it
to come in you have to surrender a little bit that is where the true
solutions lie in that piece in that surrender because when you are
constantly working something the solutions you come up with tend to be
very tight very short-lived and what you’re wanting here you wanted something
that’s very stable right we have number four something that’s gonna have legs
that can last the test of time and so you have to give a little open allowance
here you have to surrender you know to the higher power whatever that means for
you and the ego says no no no no no no that’s not how I create stability in my
life that’s this Airy fairy stuff I need to
see the evidence I need to keep working this problem this is why I’m allowing my
mind when I go for a walk I’m walking in nature I’m on a hiker I’m laying awake
and better I’m on the treadmill or whatever this is why I allow my mind to
just keep working this problem whereas you know it’s based on your own life
experiences that that’s not usually how you come up with solutions solutions
usually come when you are in a place where you leave it for a while and
suddenly it pops into your mind sometimes the solution is fully formed
sometimes it’s just a hint of a solution but that’s usually where they were the
true solutions arise from is from that place of peace from that place of
surrender so that’s kind of interesting how it’s coming on here but remember
you’re never doing it alone you know so many times especially around the
holidays even if we are surrounded by family or friends we can sometimes feel
very alone and this is an illusion you’re always surrounded you’re always
connected to everyone it’s just those feelings of separations of separation
arise from the egoic energy of black and white thinking duality and that might
feel like what are you talking about it’s not an illusion that’s obvious
we’re not on the same page or I’m actually physically alone but remember
you are yes you’re having this physical experience but you are
spiritual being first and foremost it’s beyond the physical there’s a lot there
but remember the key lies with a little bit of surrender here as I’m feeling
this for you and for me this higher power giving it over allowing things to
be that’s where the stability will increase it’s creates instability the
continual picking apart this continuous self judgment that things aren’t writing
to fix myself I need to fix people need to fix circumstances and this is where
New Year’s resolutions can come in that we know in some ways we feel like oh you
know it’s a fun thing to do or this is I’m really gonna change my life in 2019
by fixing these things about myself so if you are someone who likes to have New
Year’s resolutions this is a little may seem off-topic but it’s all part of the
same energy here rather than imagining a scenario where you are different my life
is going to change in 2019 I’m finally going to go to the gym I’m gonna go to
the gym three days a week or I’m finally gonna leave that job or leave this
relationship or or I’m just gonna turn over a new leaf in some way there is the
self judgment there that somehow you’re wrong or that you’re not perfect just as
you are and that you need to fix yourself so watch where the ego comes in
and you’re new and where your New Year’s resolutions are based on this idea of
fixing yourself as opposed to expanding the desires you have for new things in
your life there’s a some subtle differences there but they’re powerful
differences because one is filled with self judgment that somehow you’re you’re
not exactly where you’re meant to be and you need to fix yourself in order to get
better and the other is more about connecting to what you hold within you
already the desires for a more peaceful life more abundance in all areas deeper
connection to others whatever it may be you connect to where you have that
within you already connecting to your your deeper self connecting to your soul
let’s say or experiences where you have already witnessed that either in
yourself or in others remembering that if you’re witnessing in it in someone
else you hold it within you already and you can connect to that and then you can
bring that out into your resolution or your hopes and
for the future I’m hoping to feel more deeply connected to my family as opposed
to I want to get away from my family because they’re all messed up right you
don’t have to necessarily spend time with them in the new year but there’s a
difference there between trying to get away out of fear that somehow you need
to protect yourself from the evils of your family or you can feel I want to
feel more connected to family in general and how does family what does family
mean to me well family means people who love and support me so therefore and I
have that already maybe with my children or with my friends or without one person
with my animal and I want to expand that out more in 2019 it’s a difference you
know you can feel it and that’s what will have legs you know that that’s the
key really to a more stable and fulfilled experience in the moment but
you know as we are approaching the end of the year many of you are thinking
long term you know many people like to set long-term goals and so just watch
where the goals are based on fear or anxiety or self judgment that things are
awful or you’re not perfect just as you are remind yourself that you’re already
a perfect being and that you hold everything you want already within you
then you can expand that out in a way that feels more gentle to your heart and that isn’t filled with so much self
judgment or fear and anxiety and what we can expect to look forward to regardless
is this beautiful new life you can see she’s stretching she’s arising she’s
welcoming in a new dawn a new day a new life right and this can be done as
you’ve heard me say before in any given moment when you are through your own
awareness and consciousness of self your own aware aware nough sub where your
thoughts are and where you connect more to the heart centered energies of
openness expansion perfection if you will right and so just being aware that
your thoughts are coming in begins to create a new life in terms of your
awareness and consciousness of who you truly are what you’re truly desiring but
of course you know for many of you it’ll be like 2019 youright is fun it’s
exciting to think about a home year but you can begin that at any time
so don’t don’t set yourself up for disappointment in that way but here she
is expanding and stretching and growing in each and every moment and you can do
that more and more consciously whenever you witness yourself having a thought
that is painful or there’s a dissonance there oh you feel separated one of the
most common ways to recognize the egoic energy is when you feel separated from
others when you feel that they are judging you or you are judging them you
know there’s always that separation she’s so stupid or he’s whatever you
know if you find yourself doing that remember that there’s parts of you know
parts of that is allowing yourself to hold judgment for your own actions for
your own self that somehow your experiences aren’t right and that they
are somehow wrong and you work somehow right you know whatever you know you
know that you don’t know that you can master it right away but just bringing
awareness consciousness around it with self-love as opposed to judgment of Safa
go there I am gossiping again or whatever maybe you can bring this
self-conscious the the self-awareness of I felt I can into that pattern for you
know an hour the watercooler just gossiping about you know so and so on
you know in department whatever you know or a family member it’s it’s all the
same energy it’s that separation and that’s one of the quickest ways that the
ego can can keep us held in that position of fear anxiety not enough
lacking is that separation the feeling of separation feeling that you’re
separate from others so whenever you feel that you can always remind yourself
I can breathe new life into this moment by remembering that I’m actually
connected to all things and I can I can feel the desire to be close to someone
because I hold that closest within myself I’ve had that experience at some
point in my life in some moment and that you can connect to that and breathe more
life into that as opposed to breathing continuing to breathe out the energy and
perpetuating the thought of I’m separated from this person or they’re
separated from me and or this situation or money you know separated from money
it’s just never here for me it’s all part of the same energy and you can
begin to play with it more in kind of a way that as at a distance so you don’t
feel so personally connected to it as you create more awareness at the moment
and you can breathe new life you know right here it’s not gonna happen
automatically it happens through your own
consciousness and awareness and your continued growth that you breathe new
life into any moment or any situation or in your relationship there’s always room
for for a softening it it does take awareness and you can’t always force it
just be aware of it you know if you have a distance with a family member you can
begin to consider what would it be like if we didn’t hate each other so much
well we didn’t hate each other so much maybe I would recognize that they’re not
all evil you know they’re just a person doing their best and they got triggered
and maybe I could have done things differently and you don’t have to take
action upon it but you can begin to slowly but surely shift the energy or
just be curious about it what would it be like what do we like to have a
relationship with this person not when we’re best friends necessarily but where
we find common ground we can expand upon that so there’s not so much tension or
jaggedness that feels that distance you know
something to consider and to be with a little bit you don’t necessarily have to
think about I suppose you can just kind of feel what it might think what’s the
experience that that might be like that might feel better to the heart as
opposed to thinking about it because when we tend to think about these things
sometimes we can go back into yeah but they did this to me you know so rather
than think about it think about our experience it from kind of more of the
heart centered energies of what would it be like
I feel like in my body H we have to see that person and not feel that that
tension or that rush of adrenaline this kind of thing can show up in a lot of
different ways it doesn’t have to be relationships can show up in terms of
your job and all of this but there is a potential here a beautiful beautiful
energy of what we can expect regardless is something new is arising this is the
theme we’ve had it in the last two readings we had something like a renewal
I think and then something last time so this is this is quite a trend and it has
been a very long energetic period of working through issues you know
everyone’s kind of has had quite a bit of struggle and had to redefine their
values and explore what they’re truly wanting you know in ways that were more
intense I feels like in the in in 2018 let’s say and there’s an opportunity
coming here in 2019 if we want to look at long term and I know many of us like
to do that there’s a new trend arising because we have all this new energy so a
new trend of being more aware of what you’re desiring as opposed to focusing
in on the lack which is always the egoic spotlight 2019 will bring in much more
of our preferences let’s say for many of us because of the deep shifts that were
occurring in 2018 so it’s a very exciting time so I wish you much love
and a very happy and safe new year and I will see you I might do a couple more
videos this week just kind of stay in touch with everybody because I know it’s
been a very tense time for many people and don’t forget I do have the sale
going on so if you’d like to take advantage of it them it’s it’s up for a
couple more days all right much love to you all

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