Wednesday 10/9/19 Jeremiah 9:19 – 10:21

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Pastor Arnold Murray. – Good day to you,
God bless you, say welcome to the
Shepherd’s Chapel. Welcome to this family
Bible study hour back in our Father’s word,
chapter nine, verse 19. We’re gonna pick it
up here in a moment in the great book of Jeremiah. Jeremiah, being written
to the house of Judah, where Isaiah, written
to the house of Israel but naturally in as much as
they both are offspring of Jacob then the parts apply to both. I want you to remember back
in chapter seven verse 23, that God said, “All you gotta
do is do my commandments, “listen to me, love me “and everything will
be well with you.” That’s all you gotta do. And yet, we continue on
after that seventh chapter through the eighth and
now into the ninth, they won’t listen to Him. They wanna listen to the
traditions of men, Baal worship, stump worship, boy,
whatever comes along. And God is really
laying it down here as we pick it up in this
19th verse of chapter nine. He said, “You better hire you “some professional
whaling women.’ Which they had at this time,
at funerals and so forth. Why, because there’s gonna
be a lot of lamentation, there’s gonna be some sad
song sung among you people, why, they’re not
listening to our Father. You leave Him out
of the equation, you’re headed for trouble. It’ll always be that way. So having said that,
as he tells them to hire a bunch of
professional weeping women, we pick it up then in
chapter nine verse 19, and word of wisdom
from our Father. And it reads, “For a voice of
wailing is heard out of Zion.” Boy, you can go to Jerusalem,
their old Mount Zion, it’s gonna come forth. “How are we spoiled?”
they will say. “We are greatly confounded.” We are so confused, “Because
we have forsaken the land “because our dwellings
have cast us out.” Or the enemy has cast us
out of our own houses, is what it saying, okay,
but we’re confused. And confusion of
faces goes a long ways in as much as God has
scattered the people. Many of them, they
don’t realize it, they act like Gentiles rather
than the house of Judah, or the house of Israel, and many people
make the big mistake of putting all of Israel
in the house of Judah, that won’t fly,
there is 12 tribes. They won’t all fit into one, nor would God allow it to be. Verse 20, “You hear the word
of the Lord O ye women.” Yet hear ye the word
of the Lord O women. “And let your ear receive
the word of his mouth “and teach your
daughters wailing “and everyone her
neighbor lamentation.” In other words I’m gonna give
you something to weep about. He said, “If you don’t
listen to me about the truth, “you better listen
to me about crying, “because you’re gonna need it.” Verse 21, For death is
come up into our windows, “and is entered
into our palaces, “to cut off the
children from without, “and the young men
from the streets.” In other words, we can’t
pass over the real truths to our young children
and daughters because of false teaching,
and things that are evil that come into Windows boob tube is bringing it
right into your own home if you’re not careful. And too bad about that, but that’s the way
it is there is good, all modern conveniences
can be used for good, or it can be used for evil. But naturally, this look forward
to even when the Antichrist is peeping in the window
spiritually speaking now, and pulling your children away from the very
truth of God’s Word from whom all blessings flow. Verse 22, “Speak,
‘Thus said the Lord, “‘even the carcasses of
men shall fall as dung “‘upon the open field, “‘and as the handful
after the harvestmen, “‘and none shall gather them.'” This always reminds me
when I read this verse of Ezekiel chapter 37,
the Valley of dry bones which make up the
whole house of Israel. What did it take to bring
those dry bones back to life? Prophesy to ’em,
what does that mean? Teach to them, teach
the real word of God to a bunch of
spiritually dead people, and life will enter
back into them. God will have them back that’s why he would say
back in the prior chapter, “Return to me I will
have you, on repentance.” But you gotta do
that repenting first but this is Ezekiel 37 is
the most beautiful chapter because in it two
sticks are taken and on one is written Israel, on the other Judah,
which is Ephraim. And are put back into one
stick, meaning one house, that’s gonna happen but it won’t happen
until the millennium. Verse 23, “Thus said the Lord, “‘Let not the wise man
glory in his wisdom, “‘neither let the mighty
man glory in his might, “‘let not the rich man
glory in his riches.'” These are three things that
men like to boast about, it’s self boasting,
bunch of self hypocrites, not giving God any credit, but man thinking he is
so wise within himself, or so mighty in himself,
or so rich in himself. Those three things, a
self righteous hypocrite will take those on and use
them, and pad his nest with it. It won’t ever make it to heaven, it won’t ever make
it to the eternity, those three things alone. What will get you to
the eternal, repent,
love the Father. Verse 24, “But let
him that glorieth,” let the one that wants to brag. brag in this, or glory in
this, that he understand, “That he understandeth,
and knoweth me.” That you know the living God, “that I am the Lord
which exercise,” What does the exercise? Listen carefully,
“loving-kindness, judgment “and righteousness in the earth. “For in these things I
delight,” saith the Lord. You wanna know the three
things that God delights in, you heard the three things that takes men braggingly
down the street, which will never
get him anywhere. But these things God
takes a delight in, that is to say,
loving-kindness, judgment, that’s just a justification,
making things right. And righteousness, that’s
doing what is right that pleases our Father, it brings his blessings
to your family. Verse 25, “‘Behold, the
days come,’ saith the Lord. “‘that I will punish all them “‘which are circumcised
with the uncircumcised.'” In other words, even
from the house of Israel, that claim to be of
the righteous tribe, I’m gonna treat them
just like the rest. Why, 26, “Egypt,
and Judah, and Edom, “and the children
of Ammon, and Moab, “and all that are in
the utmost corners “that dwell in the wilderness. “For all these nations
are uncircumcised, “and all the house of Israel “are uncircumcised
in the heart.” In other words, they
think they’re Gentiles. And what it really says
in the Hebrew manuscripts is that you even cut your hair, you pulled your beard
like Gentiles do. You can’t tell the difference between an Israelite
and the Gentile. You dress like one,
you claim to be one because they left
off the Word of God. And every heathen right
you wanna participate in, I’ll spare you Ishtar, and I’ll spare you
quick like a bunny. But that’s part of
it, so do act like it. You don’t practice
Passover with the dignity of Christ paying the
price on the cross for our sins that we can
repent and have forgiveness, we can have loving-kindness
from our Father, we can have judgment
from our Father, and we can have
righteousness from our Father those three things
that delight him by knowing who you are, and bringing God
into your equation regardless of who you are. This is why ultimately
it would be said that circumcision is
no longer of the flesh but of the heart. Chapter 10, chapter 10 it
shows you the idol worship that people go into if
they’re not real careful, like pulling their beards
looking like a Gentile. Not that there’s anything
wrong with a Christian Gentile, but God has duties for
certain people, a destiny. Chapter 10 verse one,
“Here ye the word “which the Lord speaketh
unto you O house of Israel,” that’s all tribes. Two, “Thus saith the Lord, “‘Learn not the
way of the heathen, “‘and be not dismayed
at the signs of heaven “‘for the heathen are
dismayed at them.'” And so it is they always are, there’s no way that they
can possibly understand when they use mythology
and work mythology into their very lives to try to explain
what tomorrow brings through horoscopes
or something else, rather than reading
the Word of God. God makes very clear
what’s going to happen, have you ever read it? Verse three, “For the customs
of the people are vain,” they’re silly, they’re empty. “For one cutteth tree
out of the forest, “the work of the hands of
the workmen with the Axe.” They go out and get it, Now, I want you, before anybody
gets all carried away here. Many uneducated claim
this is a Christmas tree, it isn’t, it’s a palm tree. And you cut the top
out of a palm tree, and what have you got left? A tall rigid
upright spike, okay, that’s what they worship. Verse four, “They deck it
with silver and with gold, “they fasten it with
nails and with hammers, “that it move not.” So it won’t fall over after
they cut it down and so forth. And verse five, “They are
upright as the palm tree.” Now, picture in your
mind an old palm tree, with the top cut out of
it, standing upright. “But speak not,” can’t talk. “They must needs to be borne,” it can’t walk on by itself,
it’s gotta be carried around “Because they cannot go. “Be not afraid of them,
for they cannot do evil, “neither also is it
in them to do good.” They’re worthless, they
can’t hurt you or harm you. But what it is they have
put together a masculinity, something that they
often worshiped. Now, many people, they
will pass this off as the Christmas
tree in ignorance. But do you know what
God claims to be? Certainly not a palm tree. But in the great book of
Hosea in chapter eight, you can find out what God
says concerning the Evergreen. That means eternity,
symbolizing eternal life, Ephraim shall say, that’s
the larger of the 10 tribes meaning the 10 tribes. “What have I to do
any more with idols?” Don’t want anything
to do with them. “I have heard him
and observed him.” And what does God say, “I am like a green fir tree,
from me is thy fruit found.” That is to say that
that is eternal, that that never sheds its
leaves, that that is evergreen. Now, you can fool around and you can let the
heathenism and ignorance take away this symbology
that God places himself in Hosea 14:8, when
God himself says, “I am that great fir tree,” and he calls his
children his planting, the trees of his
planting, family. It is only a likeness, this is why Christ Himself
is called the tree of life. And yet, if you’re not careful
in your religious customs, you will allow heathenism
to rob you of all that. Because of people that
are self-righteous, that claim to be ever so
wise in their own selves rather than God’s word. So let’s just, cool
the damper a little bit and look at facts and look
at what God actually says. And therefore, you
will find out what, nobody worships a Christmas
tree, they just don’t. They admire it, and
as long as you do it in a sense of representing our
Heavenly Father’s eternity, you’re gonna be just
fine, and so it is. Don’t let Babylon
steal your pleasures, but understand truth,
and like he said, you don’t have to be afraid
of them, they can do nothing. Idols can’t, they have
to be carried around, they have to be hewed by hand. Man has to make
them and tow them, and so therefore they certainly
are not gonna hurt you because you worship
the living God. Verse six, “Forasmuch as
there is none like unto thee, “O Lord, thou art great and
thy name is great in might.” And so it is, nothing can
compare to our Father. That’s why you don’t have
to be afraid of anything because if God is with you,
who can be against you, it’d be in bad
shape if they are. Verse seven, “Who would not
fear thee, O King of nations? “For to thee doth it appertain, “forasmuch as among all the
wise men of the nations, “and in all their kingdoms,
there is none likened to thee.” Do you know what we just quoted
there in that seventh verse? We quoted the song of Moses,
and the song of David, as it is written
in Revelation 15:4, where it is declared
there, this is his title, this is his right, it
is your inheritance to know and to understand. And so it is, naturally when
you go from Revelation 15:4, then, and go back
to Deuteronomy 32. And have that beautiful,
beautiful song of Moses, which will come up again,
in this same chapter, I’ll call it to your
attention when we go by there, that he wants you
to know that song. Therefore he can provide for
you if you take that song, you can have that
loving-kindness, that judgment, and
that righteousness, those three things that God
loves, that he takes delight in. If God takes delight in what
you are doing, you’re blessed. And so it is, so our Father,
He accomplishes all things, for those that love Him, and gives you the ability
to continue, excuse me, to continue in His Word. Okay, let’s go with
the next verse, verse eight, and it reads, “But they are all together
brutish, and foolish.” That means they are
silly, okay, and void. “The stock is a
doctrine of vanities.” In other words, this stump,
they’re out here worshiping, that looks masculine and
they’re worshiping it, it says, it can’t do
anything for them. They can put anything they
want on it to dress it up, they can put any sign they
want too at the foot of it, it’s still a stump, okay. And it’s a stock of a tree, and you would take that
over the living God. It would show how brutish
and silly you were, that’s what foolish means. And this is what their
wisemen would tell you. Well, you want the
wisdom of God, not a man. Verse nine, “Silver
spread into plates “is brought from
Tarshish,” oh, fancy. “And gold from Uphaz,” I mean, that’s the
best there is, purest. “The work of the workmen,”
oh, he’s good, he’s sharp. “And the hands of the founder,” oh he burned it
right into shape. “Blue and purple
is their clothing.” I mean, that’s royalty. “They are all the
work of cunning men.” And cunning men will take
you down Primrose Lane, if you listen to them. Well, who should
I listen to then? Almighty God, and the three
things that he delights in. If you want his
blessings, know Him, understand Him, and
listen to His Word. Verse 10, “But the Lord is
the true God,” not some stump. “He is the living God,”
he’s not dead wood. He’s vivacious, he
lives, he blesses. “And an everlasting King, “At His wrath the
earth shall tremble, “and the nation shall not be
able to abide his indignation. His wrath when it is poured
out of those seven vials, then at that time, you will
know and certainly understand. I must tell you something
about this 11th verse, it is the only verse in
the book of Jeremiah, in the original manuscripts,
that is in Syriac. This 11th verse is in
pure Syriac for a reason, it’s the language of Babylon, and they’re going to
go into captivity. And this is what it
has reference to, to the wise one, to the one
that knows and understands, it doesn’t have to be stated. When you read the manuscript,
you know exactly what it says. So every word in this
11th verse is Syriac, or an Aramaic if you choose, and the language
of the captivity, and so it is, listened
to it carefully. “Thus shall you say unto them, “‘the gods that have not made
the heavens and the earth, “‘even they shall
perish from the earth, “‘and from under
these heavens.”‘ In other words, Satan in
Jerusalem is a puff of smoke when it comes to the end. I mean, God’s going to walk him
right into the lake of fire, this is the king of
Babylon of the End Times. That’s what prophecy is,
and Jeremiah was a prophet. He prophesied of the captivity
of Babylon in the original. You see, Jeremiah
writing to Jerusalem, Jerusalem would
not go into Babylon until 200 years after
the 10 northern tribes would go into captivity
by the Assyrian. But also Judah would
go into captivity, but would be taken
by the Babylonians. But the word is that regardless of whether it
would be the Babylonians, or whether it would be
Satan, in the End Times, as king of Babylon of the
great book of Revelation, because the seventh verse refers
to the book of Revelation, so don’t think, I’m adding to
the word, that’s what it says. It’s part of the song of
David and the song of Moses, which has to do specifically
with the last king of Babylon, which is none other
than Satan himself. He is nothing compared
to our Father. What our Father is saying here, why, why would you
mess around with words other than what I bring? Why would you worship something that is made by man,
when you’ve got me? I’m eternal, I’m forever,
I’m living, I can touch you, I can bless you through
loving-kindness, and judgment, and righteousness, I
can change your life. I can make it a pleasure
instead of pain, that’s what our Father does
when you listen to him. So that is the only
verse in Syriac in the entire book of Jeremiah
in the original manuscripts. It means very, it
has a great meaning, meaning in depth, I
hope you can absorb it, verse 12, to return. “He hath made the
earth by his power. “He hath established
the world by his wisdom, “and has stretched out the
heavens by his discretion.” I want you to make note
of those three things of our Father power,
wisdom, and discretion. That something many
men are void of except self-righteous
hypocrites. He did it, you cannot
take the away from him. So why would you worship
something that he created, instead of worshiping
the Creator? It just won’t fly, it would
show how silly one is, if they start worshiping
some object that God created, instead of God Himself. Verse 13, “When he
uttereth his voice, “there is a multitude
of waters in the heavens “and he causes the vapors “to ascend from the
ends of the earth. “He maketh lightning’s with rain “and bringeth forth the
wind out of his treasures.” In other words, after the catabo that is to say the very
firmament itself falling, we have these things, but it is God that created
it, that brought it to pass. What I want you to think of, what is miserable little
man compared to that, okay? The very nature of
God, the universe, the stars, the
heaven, the Milky Way, the whole smash that
our Father created. And man would wanna think that
he could create something, that he could build something, that he could form something
that could bless people. And every object he would use is something that
the creator created, and bypass the Creator Himself, which is from whom
all blessings flow. I guess some people
just like to do without. verse 14, “Every man is
brutish in his knowledge.” Is foolish, in
his own knowledge, not God’s knowledge,
his own knowledge. “Every founder is confounded
by the graven image.” Every smelter operator that
puts a little heat to something and makes a mold and
pours it into it. What can he do? “For his molded
image is falsehood, “and there is no
breath in them.” They’re dead and a hammer, and anybody that wants to
listen to false religion and traditions of men,
they’re spiritually dead also. God’s not going to bless them, he’s not going to touch them, he’s not going to help them. unless they ask, if
they come to him, and show the three
things that God loves, that he delights in. That’s repentance, when you
receive His loving-kindness, his righteousness,
and his judgment, then
He will bless you. But until then, if you wanna
mess around with falsehood, hey, have a good trip,
it’s your choice. Everyone has the
freedom to choose which way they wanna
go, it’s your choice. 15, “They are vanity,”
they’re silly. “And the work of errors, “in the time of their
visitation, they shall perish.” That’s it, they’re
gonna be done away with. False religion, why, because the truth is
coming to earth, again, it’s called the second
advent, and the truth that, where the very word
itself became flesh and walked among
us, he shall return. Only this time,
he’s not returning as the babe to be crucified. He’s returning as, verse
seven so stipulated, King of nation’s, Lord of lords. And so it shall be that
that visitation shall come, and falsehoods shall perish. Verse 16, “The portion of
Jacob is not like them.” They’re the apple of God’s eye. “For He is the
former of all things, “and Israel is the rod
of his inheritance, “The Lord of Hosts is his name.” They’re his chosen, that
is to say those 12 tribes that would bring forth
the Lord Jesus Christ, that would bring this word, the living word to this earth, and bless all peoples
of all nations. That’s why nations is
plural in the seventh verse because Almighty
God, through the Son, is not only the
savior of 12 tribes, he’s the Savior of the world, whomsoever will believe
upon Him shall not perish, but will inherit eternal life. It’s God’s gift to mankind
if you listen to him, I don’t care who you are. But some people have a
destiny and a purpose, God will see that those
people fulfill that destiny. His name is the Lord of hosts, that means the Lord have
a large host of people that have earned that right. 17, “Gather up thy
wares out of the land, “O inhabitant of the fortress.” And this is the city
that’s gonna be besieged. In other words, you can
rest assured antichrist is going to take Jerusalem
before the end is over, he’s going to set up a camp
there, is what I’m saying. Like it or lump it, it is
written, it shall come to pass. Verse 18, “For thus
saith the Lord, “‘Behold, I will sling
out the inhabitants “‘of the land at this once, “‘and will distress them,
that they may find it so.'” They’re gonna pay the
penalty for not listening. Now, we’re talking about one specific geographical
location here, we’re talking about
Zion, Mount Zion. We’re talking about Jerusalem. Jerusalem herself is going
to speak here in a moment. Listen careful Verse 19,
“Woe is me for my hurt! “My wound is grievous,”
this is Jerusalem speaking. “But I said, ‘Truly, this is
a grief and I must bear it.'” Got to, verse 20,
“My tabernacle.” Remember Jerusalem’s
speaking you’re not a man. “My tabernacle is spoiled
and all my cords are broken.” “The cords of truth that would come into
the very temple of God. “My children are gone forth
of me, and they are not.” They don’t know who they are. “There is none to stretch
forth my tent anymore, “and to set up my curtains.” In other words, a tent
that is not erected is a mess of fabric,
and rope, and sidings, but when true believers
erect that temple of the tabernacle of
the living God, tent, going back to the tent-type used to the tabernacle
during Moses’s times. But naturally, why
would he use that again? Because the tabernacle
of the End Times is the Lord Jesus Christ,
and those that follow Him. And God’s elect shall
erect that tabernacle, it’s called a
many-membered body. Verse 21, “For the pastors,”
or these shepherds, “are become brutish,”
they’re dense. “And have not sought the Lord. “Therefore, they
shall not prosper, “and all their flock
shall be scattered.” They’ll be deceived,
God will not bless them, church membership will go down and people will
wonder, what happened? You stopped teaching
God’s Word in your church chapter-by-chapter
and verse-by-verse, and you lose God’s blessings,
because you will lose what we covered in the
last chapter, verse 24, that is to saying,
his loving-kindness, his judgment, meaning
he will do what’s right, you leave Him, He’ll leave you. And his righteousness is, he
will always do what’s right. Well, how could
righteousness bit that? Well, if you leave him, it’s
only right that he leave you. So that’s righteousness, it’s
only right that you’d be left. So love your Father, the
creator of all things, not some stick, and don’t
let some person deceive you into worshiping
objects or things, but stand for that,
that God himself has stated from his mouth. The very tree of life
the Lord Jesus Christ, that’s who you worship
through our Heavenly Father. Always let him know
that you love him, and you know something,
you will be blessed. All right, don’t miss
the next lecture. Bless your hearts, listen
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that you are a Christ-men. Heavenly Father, around
the globe we come we ask that you lead,
guide, direct Father, touch in your surest
precious name, amen. Father, thank you. Okay, question time. We’re gonna go with
Daniel from Tennessee. “Can you please explain
about the three world ages?” Well, there was an
age before this one. This is why that we
find ancient artifacts and remains from thousands
and millions of years ago. And it’s why we have
this earth age today as 2 Peter 3, so stipulates. And when God is through with
this particular earth age in 2 Peter 3:10, he’s going
to take the bad stuff in it and destroy it, and bring
in the Millennium temple and teach for 1000 years. Well, who is he going
to teach for 1000 years? Those that need to be taught. David from California, but
then I should continue, following that the
Millennium ends, and the third earth
the age begins, that’s eternity, forever. David from California, “What
does it mean in the Bible “the last shall be first
and the first shall be last? “Thank you for your
service, Semper Fi.” And Semper Fi right back. The first shall be, the last shall be first and
the first shall be last, the last, from
the last earth age those that were first
there meaning God’s elect, chosen as it is written
in Ephesians 1:4, “I chose you before the
foundations of this earth age.” They are in the last
generation, God’s elect, who we’re talking about here. They are last in
this earth age, why? Because God intends to use them to stand against
the false messiah. And it’s good show,
that’s as it should be. He also though at the
same time, I believe, and this is my opinion, don’t
ask me to document this. I believe also that he saved
the entire third of the people who followed Satan in
the first earth age, live in the final generation. I base that upon the
fact that from the 1930s, through to this day,
people have changed. It isn’t that they
weren’t taught, it’s just that we have people
that really are different. They are not disciplined, they do not take responsibility,
in part, not everybody. But you see a large example of people that could
care less about God. This is their final chance
to learn about our Father. Then comes the millennium,
and then it’s payday. Terry from Virginia, “If you know the false
Christ comes first “and you worship Him, “would that be an
unpardonable sin too?” That is the only
unpardonable sin. If you are one of God’s
elect, as it is written in the great book
of Luke 10:18, 19, I’m sorry, as it is written in the great book of Luke 10:10, that if you refuse to stand
against the false messiah, when you’re delivered up
before the synagogue of Satan, that’s unpardonable. You can stand against
what Christ taught when he walked this
earth in the flesh, and repent and it’s forgiven. But if you’re one of God’s elect and know who the
false Christ is, if you refuse the Holy
Spirit which is Christ, the Spirit of Christ
to speak through you, that’s unpardonable. I myself do not
believe it will happen. Dave from North Carolina,
“God bless you all “and thank you
for your program.” You are so welcome. “Who is it that settled
over the Caucasus Mountains, “the tribe of Judah, or
the house of Israel?” The house of Israel. The tribe of Judah had not
yet been taken into captivity, the Assyrians took
the house of Israel into captivity 200 years before the tribe of Judah
would be taken into captivity. Jeremiah had a great
deal to do with the taking into captivity in
as much as, you will learn before we finish the book, that he took the
daughters of Jeremiah, I’m sorry, Jeremiah took
the daughters of Zachariah. And took them to
Egypt to begin with, and then from Egypt
he went to Europe. One of the girls
was named Scota, and from this the queen
of Scotland, Scota, Scotland is named Scota. Scotland rather his name
from Scota, Scotland. And this is history is
not biblical part of that, some of it is biblical, and we will cover it as we go
through this book of Jeremiah. Our Fathers very real. Jeremiah would even
go to Ireland himself, and he would have a secretary
with him called Baruch. But Jeremiah, in Ireland
was called Ollamh Fodhla. Okay, and we’ll talk
some more about that as we get further into
the book of Jeremiah. Doug from Missouri,
“What verse in the Bible “says that when we die, our
spirit goes straight to heaven “and not into the grave?” It’s real simple,
it’s Ecclesiastes
12:6, 7, God is not, read the last verses
of chapter eight, the great book of St. John, “God is not the God of the
dead but of the living.” Even Satan is still alive, no one has died
spiritually, okay. Well, let’s not, there are many that
are spiritually dead, but what I mean is we
called death of the soul that hasn’t happened
and will not happen until the 20th chapter of
the great book of Revelation. Patti Lynn from Kentucky, “If you commit a sin
knowing that it is a sin, “can you still ask for
forgiveness from God?” And the answer is, yes, there’s only one unpardonable
sin and that’s not it. Now, it may be that God may
punish a little more severely if this were to be
made a habit of. Anytime that, let’s say
that a person has a habit that they’re trying to pray
to have released from them, and they know it’s a
sin or they feel it is, God has committed them to, has placed a
commitment upon them that they feel and
know it’s a sin. Instead of promising him you’re not gonna do it
anymore or yourself, ask him to help you get over it, tell him you need that help. And I mean, this is
why you talk to him, remember the loving-kindness, and judgment, and
righteousness, He means it. And when you go to him
directly, you’re his child. And that love is going
to come out from him to touch you through
the Holy Spirit. And judgment will be set
right and you’re forgiven. And so it is with Him, He
always does what’s right? Okay, this would be
Corletta from Illinois, “Did God create a woman named
Lilith first before he?” Absolutely not. This is where mythology works
its way into God’s word. And many people teach this because certain scholars
know there was a woman created on the sixth
day before Eve. But it was not Lilith, it was
the Gentiles of the world. Every race was created
on the sixth day, and God looked and it was good. God’s proud of them, that’s
the way you wanted them. But certain scholars,
where they must not, where they avoid
explaining the difference between Adam and Etha-Adam
from the manuscripts. They’d rather bring in mythology and let little
Lilith do her work. It’s mythology,
there was no Lilith, but there were women created
on the sixth day of all races. Okay, we got, this would be
Cassandra from New Jersey, “May God continue to bless you.” Thank you, “My question is, “I often hear people
make the statement “that Adam let sin
into the world. “But if there were races
created on the sixth day “before Adam, were they
also taking part in sin? “Thank you for your
clarification.” Man is a man, okay. This is why you would
read in chapter three, that the serpent was more
subtle than any living creature, is what it says, in
the Hebrew manuscript, kind of roughly translated
in your King James, but it means living
beings, the races. He was with them and
you can rest assured, but understand this,
until a law is written, or an order is given by God,
it is not necessarily a sin. It may be a sin against nature, but until God brings forth the
law then there is innocency. Okay, we’ve got Dora
from California. “I have a question
that I wondered about, “why God didn’t punish Satan
from the beginning of time? “And have no way until the, “have to wait until the
Millennium or 1000 years later? “Does the Antichrist know “he’s going to get
punished eventually?” He doesn’t think he will, he thinks he’s gonna
take over the world. And you know something, he
kind of has a right to believe he will take over the world because most of the
world whores after him, they worship Him. They think that the
first Christ that comes to fly ’em away is the
one they’re going with, and that’s none other
the first Messiah that sets foot on this
earth that is supernatural, you can read of it
in 2 Thessalonians 2, it’s the false Christ. And he’s gonna load
his wagon up quick. That’s why it’s dangerous
not to know the truth of God’s Word and the
chronological order of events that transpire that consummates
the end of this age. But God does not punish Satan because Satan’s got
work to do also. God wants to know His children
can stand against him, or He doesn’t want
them in the eternity. Let’s put straightforward
as it should be put forward, I’ll say it again, God
doesn’t punish Satan yet because he wants his children
to either on their own by his teaching, pull
themselves away from Satan, or go with him. If you wanna go with
him, have a good trip, you’re out of here. Paul from California, “If your
God is a friend of the poor, “Why does he not help them?” He does every way in the world. He gives ’em free
air to breathe, and he has people
who are Christians that are aggressive in giving
and taking care of the poor, and God tells you
how to not be poor. There is no sin in being poor, but it’s kind of a sin to stay
that way in a free nation, where you have a right
to work yourself up, and take advantage of what
God has placed here for us in this great nation. It’s real easy for people not to take responsibility
for themselves, and expect somebody else
to take care of them. What kind of man would that be? Now, I’m not talking
about handicapped people, we take care of
handicapped people. But a man that is able bodied,
and healthy, and everything that won’t take care of himself, won’t be responsible for himself you know, in the Marine Corps we would kind of question
whether that was a man or not. And I’m not talking
down to anybody but I’m not in favor of
someone some poor me baby, which God doesn’t like wimps. Okay, I can tell you that coming
out he won’t bless a wimp. So you gotta get tough, many
handicapped people are tough, and they do a better
job than a lot of people that are not handicapped,
so end of story. Jane from South Carolina, “Is it okay to break a
vow made directly to God “even something as
simple as cutting my hair “for Locks of Love.” I am sure if you
explain to our Father, what you’re doing it for that he will forgive
you for that, okay. And for a good reason
God would know, many of you might
know Locks of Love or where people donate
their hair to children with cancer, or
have to take chemo, of one side or the other
that lose their own hair. So you go for it, Father
will bless you for it. Okay, talk to him
though, explain to
him what you’re doing. Dustin from Iowa, Dustin, “I’m 10 years old, do
dogs go to heaven?” Well, Dustin, we
know that in heaven, there are God’s animals,
God loves his animals and they’re all there, you
read Isaiah chapter 11. That is the heavens so to
speak for you we’ll say that. And you notice that there
is no more carnivores, that animals even get along
with each other quite well. Marcella from Illinois,
“Could you please tell me “what I should say when
I am anointing myself “and my house with oil? “I know to ask all
things in Jesus name, “but I don’t know what
else I should say, “when I do these things, what
am I asking the father for? “Could you please say a
loud example of both?” Well, usually if you were
going to anoint your home it would be if there
is trouble in it that you would
anoint the doorpost, and in Christ name
order anything negative out of your house in Jesus name. You see, it isn’t the oil
that makes the difference, it’s your obedience to use it. The word Christos,
which is Christ, means the anointed one with oil. But what you do, you
take pure olive oil, ask God to bless it
as anointing oil, and when you place it there, you just simply talk
out loud what it is. There’s no specific written
prayer or anything else, you say what it is. For example, if an evil person,
or if you think a person brings a negative
influence to your home, anoint the door and ask God to make him park
his six pack outside of evil spirits, or evil
beings, or whatever, do not cross this threshold. He’ll honor that, do it, okay. But when you anoint
yourself, if that should be, you simply anoint yourself
with the oil of our people, and make your request
for healing, or blessing, or whatever the case may be. Just talk to our Father,
He’s very intelligent, and he loves you, don’t read some written
prayer, talk to him. Lorraine from New Jersey,
“Does Jesus appear to someone “when they are about to die?’ “Do evil spirits
come to a person “in the transition of dying? “Or do good spirits,
other loved ones appear “if at the time
your loved one dies, “a puffer or a moving cloud
appears, can it be a God force?” Well it could be, usually,
as a pastor for many years, I’ve been in deathbed where a relative from
many years before, not to my eyes could I see it, but I know the person that
I was at their bedside well enough to see
recognition in their eyes, and they recognize a loved one that has passed
away years before. I feel like that, God sends
someone that they trust and that they’re
comfortable with to take them through
that transition. And I believe that, why? Because I’ve witnessed it,
I know it to be a fact. Norma from Kentucky,
“I’m 80 years old “and I was baptized
into a church “which when I was nine years
old, I have not stayed close “to my walk with our
Father these years. “After watching and listening
to you for a few years “I find I have been
taught the truth. “I feel I have wasted
so much of my life “because of being taught wrong. “I’m a widow, excuse
me, four years “after having celebrated
over our 61st anniversary, “shortly before his passing. “I’ve have celebrated Easter
as a religious holiday “all these years
I now know better. “Question, how do I go
about celebrating Passover? “I know the date 15 days after
the spring equinox, but.” You just simply, you can
take communion with us, at Passover we will always
take communion on television. You could have the
ingredients there at your home and take it with us, or you
can always take it yourself. So it is unleavened
crackers from, can be purchased at any store. And so it is, that’s
what would you take the table of our Lord now, is
Holy Communion the sacraments. Gary from Illinois, question, “I think farmers are the
backbone of this world, “will we have chores like a
farmer in the next earth age? “You might have answered
my question in the past.” Well that’s something, we
know that in angelic bodies that manna is angels food. And how it is cultivated
or how it is produced, then we’ll wait
till we get there, but it will be cultivated
and brought forth. And I’m supposed
farmers are gonna do it. Okay, we’re out of time,
hey, I love you all because you enjoy
studying our Father’s word chapter-by-chapter,
verse-by-verse. But most of all, God
loves you for it. He really does,
it makes his day. And when you, I’m talking
about you, make his day, boy is he gonna bless
you, you can count on it. He loves you, you’re
a child of his. And that’s the letter
he has sent to you. We’re brought to you by
your tithes and offerings, if we have helped you, you
help us keep coming to you. Once you do that, you bless
God, He will always Bless you. Most important though, you
listen to me, and listen, good. Now, you stay in
His Word, every day. In his word is a good day even
with trouble, you know why? Because Jesus, Yeshua
is the living Word. – [Announcer] Hearing God’s
Word with understanding will change your life. We hope you have enjoyed
studying God’s word here on the Shepherd’s Chapel
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program, and God bless you. (gentle music) ♪ He’s got the whole
world in his hands ♪

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