Was Jesus the end of Spiritual Revelation?

hey everybody welcome back to the channel today I wanted to talk about Jesus and whether or not he is the end of all spiritual revelation now most fundamentalist Christian religions do teach that Jesus was it like he was the end he fulfilled all of the Old Testament all the prophecies the law was completely fulfilled in Jesus Christ when Paul wrote to this effect in some of his letters as well there are however three fundamental problems with believing that Jesus is the end of all spiritual revelation and I wanted to go through those and discuss them and get your thoughts on what I have to say about it in the comments this applies to all fundamentalist religion so of course my channel is specific to Chavez witnesses but it does apply to any fundamentalist Christian religion now the first problem is that the books of the Bible are not the same books as they used to be and that the accepted books of the Bible vary depending on which faith tradition you follow when it comes to Christianity in fact I looked it up and on Wikipedia if you look up the Bible Canon it's got this great chart with a breakdown of all of the accepted books of the Bible by 12 different faith traditions I believe Protestant Lutheran Anglican Roman Catholic Greek Orthodox Slavonic Orthodox Georgian Orthodox Armenian our apostolate Syriac Orthodox Coptic Orthodox Orthodox Tewahedo I'm not sure if I'm saying that right and the Assyrian Church of the east and it's interesting if you scroll through it that the books that are accepted are different depending on which religious faith you follow so this is a problem this is a real problem and what's more problem about it is that the books that are accepted have changed over time now if the revelation has always been the same and it stopped with Jesus and that was it everything was fulfilled why is it that the books in the Bible have gone back and forth sometimes in sometimes out sometimes accepted sometimes not though of course there's always been a stable of books that were pretty much accepted by everybody why has it changed so much ask yourself that if God is involved in making sure that the Bible is perfect and intact because it's inerrant and infallible why is it that the books are different depending on which religion you practice which form of Christianity you practice and how do you know that your version you're accepted books are correct and if you say because I think most people who watch my channel and probably Protestant if you say well the Protestants are correct and everyone else is wrong well here's the problem with that is the books accepted by the Protestants have changed also over time including Martin Luther who didn't like certain books and pull them out and later they got added back in and you can read about the history of all that pretty much anywhere Wikipedia has got a nice breakdown of it too if you'd like to look it up there and I'll put a link to that in the video description so that's a big problem you say that Jesus is the fulfillment and all the revelation and the revelation is done we have the Bible that's it but the Bible isn't the same Bible for everyone and it's changed a lot over time so as a believer if you believe that the Bible is inerrant infallible Word of God how do you explain God letting so much variation occur within the Bible wouldn't it make it harder for someone to find the truth if there's one solid Bible and that's it and how do you know that the people who put together your version of the body that Holy Spirit but the people who put together the other versions of the Bible don't have Holy Spirit how do you evidence this to yourself I'm curious to know if you believe this if you believe that the bottom you use that's it that's the final revelation please leave a comment explain to me how you know that your version is right and all the other versions of the collections of the books are wrong I'm very curious to know but that was only one problem with the idea that the Bible we have now is complete that Jesus was the final revelation and there was nothing else to be said afterwards here here's another problem Jesus came along and changed the rules I'm sure you remember the passages where he says things like you heard it was said but I say to you and I'm giving you a new commandment and things like that Jesus changed the rules and that's one of the reasons why he upset the religious leaders of his day so much because he was speaking with Authority and going in and changing the rules now fundamentalist religions believe that the Old Testament the Hebrew version of the Bible was inspired of God right it was given to the Jews by God now if the Jews had a perfect law from God why did Jesus come along and change it why did he add to the revelation why didn't God give the Jews earlier when he gave them the law all the things that Jesus said if those things were beneficial did he not want the Jews to have that expansive version of love for people say that we have a problem here I'm giving you one other example and not just in having a more expansive version of love that it wasn't enough to just say I'm not going to hurt someone else I'm also going to have love for him in my heart Jesus did away with that tribal of you see the Israelites are very much a tribal nation right so the nations are around them all considered to worship either false gods or the wrong gods or however they looked at it and they were the enemies of the Israelites that's how they viewed things it was a tribal nation very common back then but then Jesus came along and said no no no that's wrong you should love people of all nations and he gave the example of the Good Samaritan that famous parable that the Samaritan man came and helped the Jew who had been assaulted and to show that your neighbor was the person who behaved properly not the person that lived in your tribe but that tribal view was very much written into the Hebrew law if that was wrong why did God give that to the Jews to begin with and especially for those of you if you believe in a Trinity then Jesus was God when he came to earth and did God change his mind and then say oh okay I think I got that wrong let me fix that now that I'm here I'm gonna give you the right version now well but even if you don't believe that in the Trinity but if you believe that Jesus was sent here as God's Son when did God give him wrong information did he tell Jesus okay I kind of messed up on that Jesus you need to go down there and tell them I was wrong and fix it doesn't it make more sense to believe that Jesus was a more enlightened individual and so he advanced the progression of spiritual understanding when he came to earth and is perfectly fine for you to believe that he fulfilled prophecy and doing these things but if the law was perfect then why did Jesus change it and if the law wasn't perfect and needed some adjusting you're changing doesn't that show that spiritual revelation is not hard and fast but continues to progress but let's say okay let's say you agree with that and yes that's true Jesus had come to make some changes and to put things right but that was it he was the end of it now we had the full revelation we have that which is complete which is what Paul wrote right when which complete arrives but it's interesting that he says when that which is complete arrives which means it's not here yet but he did say that one that which is complete arrives and if you interpret that to mean yeah in the Bible we had the complete Bible then we're done okay but if Jesus was the last revelation if he was the last one and all spiritual fulfilment came through him and that was it game over closed the book were finished why did the first century apostles including Paul who was not even one of the Twelve Apostles why did they keep writing why did they keep expanding on what Jesus said even in especially Paul Paul doesn't quote Jesus at all he refers once to one thing that he may have said that it's better to give than to receive he quotes him in that even though that wasn't put directly into the Gospels but otherwise this stuff Paul is saying it's all Paul now people who are fundamentalists people were believers and that the Bible being the inerrant Word of God he said well yeah but he had Holy Spirit okay why did Paul have Holy Spirit if he wasn't one of the twelve why was he able to continue to advance scriptural understanding and spiritual revelation and people today aren't able to do that do people today not have God's Spirit with them these are questions that you need to ask yourself but it wasn't just Paul all the first century writers that have letters in the Bible all the way to the end which is the book of Revelation and now here's the thing about the book of Revelation fundamentalists believe that it was written by the Apostle John which okay that's fine if you believe that the Bible scholars do not agree they say the language is all wrong for the time period and it was more likely written the early second century like 109 110 somewhere in there but let's say that the Apostle John did write it all this revelation prophecy it says in the beginning given by Jesus right why why was he allowed to do that how did he receive that revelation why did Paul receive additional revelation if Jesus was the end do you see what I'm saying if that was it if the book was closed and we're done shouldn't the Gospels be the last books in the Bible but they're not people continue to write people continue to expound on things and if you're looking to the history of the first century Christians and their beliefs there was not one first century Church and I'm doing a video about that in the future there are many different belief systems that existed in the first century especially regarding Jesus and whether or not he was fully human or only appeared to be so there were splits in beliefs about this it was not unanimous it was not unified there was a Jerusalem church there was a Roman Church and they differed very much in the same way that the Christian religions today differ in some of their beliefs though there's a lot more versions of Christianity today than back then of course the basics were the same Jesus came fulfilled the law you died for our sins things like that those things are basic to all Christian churches today and they had basic things that were the same for all Christian churches back then but they weren't all exactly on the same page now if there was only one revelation one truth and that's X the Bible C inerrant infallible Word of God why did he even back in the first century why were there different belief systems about different things especially that close to the time that Jesus was alive wouldn't God's Spirit which came down on them in Jerusalem in the Upper Room at Pentecost wouldn't God's Spirit keep people from having differences of opinion but they didn't they didn't they weren't prevented from having differences of opinion they did believe different things wouldn't it make more sense that the spiritual revelation King was continually unfolding and maybe God's fear was very much involved in that if that's how you believe but it was still unfolding the facts of history even in the Bible itself show it didn't just stop after the Gospels and that was it close the book end a story no it continued to unfold so I ask yourself the question if you believe that the Bible was in infallible and inerrant why didn't it stop with Jesus and if you have a good answer for that please give it to me in the comments I'd like to see your thoughts on it because I'm always open to learn why do you think that the Bible we have now was it why did the Bible not end with the Gospels why did the Apostles continue to expand and expound upon the things that Jesus said and many things of their own like Paul why did those things continue to happen if Jesus was the end of the spiritual revelation and if those things continue to unfold and happen why do you believe that continued further understanding is no longer possible today especially since the books of the Bible have continually changed over time and I encourage you to go look that up go look at the chart Wikipedia see the 12 different versions of Christianity their traditions and the books they accept in the Bible and then look at your own Bible that you use every day and see that it's not the same as what they use and ask yourself why do they have that different Bible very similar but with some different books and why has my own Bible especially if you're Protestant changed some books came in and were out and then were out why is that why didn't God protect it so the Bible were being one solid unified whole that never changed now what I believe is that the Bible was very clearly a progressive revelation that happens over time in the beginning you had this tribal group you have Israel very much like the other tribes that surround them that grew up in that Palestine area you've got that group of people tribal thinking Oh God tribal belief system but you had these people that were more enlightened over time and you read you see that as you read through the Hebrew Scriptures they begin to expand on things and say no no it's not that way it's this way this is a better way to live this is a better way to be and then Jesus came in and he dropped the mic right so he really dropped the mic it's all about love love your neighbor love God love yourself it's all about love love love love love love and he said that that fulfilled all the rest of the law and Paul even later agreed with that that love was the end of the law so since to me it's a very clear spiritual revelation over time I I don't see why they needed to stop why do they need to stop with the Apostle John in the book of Revelation if you believe that John brooded why didn't it continue on after that now some faith traditions do believe that it continued on French since the Catholic Church and I don't agree with everything the Catholic Church teaches but I do think they got this right they don't believe that it stopped they believe that Scripture is still being written which is why the the things that the Pope says I believe when he's on the papal throne or considered to be inspired and infallible and I could be wrong about that so if you're especially Roman Catholic let me know if I have that mistaken but I'm pretty sure that Catholic Church continues to reveal what they call revelation and there may be other faith traditions that do that as well so please let me know if you believe that to be so so I think that the very enlightened spiritual people of modern times continue to give us spiritual revelation that makes sense about the way we should treat people people who are different from ourselves people who don't believe like we do you know getting further and further away from that us versus them black versus white good versus evil thinking I think that the Bible has a definite trajectory like spirituality has a trajectory and I would argue that Jesus said that trajectory is love and that we need to keep moving in that trajectory why stop with revelation close the book we're done if it's not in there it's wrong Jesus didn't do that the Old Testament writers didn't do that Jesus didn't do that the Apostles didn't do that why should we do that if you believe that we should do that close the book that's it nothing else please explain to me in the comments why you believe that to be true I'm trying to be respectful of your beliefs I would appreciate if you were respectful mind but just please explain to me why do you think that all revelations talk given what we know about these fundamental things the books of the Bible aren't the same God did not see fit to protect the Bible so that it never changed books he men out over time and even today those 12 faith traditions use different books to Jesus came along changed the rules said you heard it said but I say to you and he even added new rules and that by I'm giving you a new commandment that you love each other just as I have loved you did you love each other right new commandment he added a new commandment if the law was perfect why did Jesus had a new commandment ok so that's 2 in 3 why did Paul and the other apostles continue to add to the revelation of Jesus Christ long after he was dead decades after he was dead if spiritual revelation ended with Jesus and if so why did it in with the Apostles even if it didn't end of Jesus especially Paul who was not one of the twelve it's not like he was one of the one who hung out with Jesus and in his ministry work he was just a guy who was blinded on the road to Damascus he had the Holy Spirit move him to go into the missionary work right so why why why was it okay for Paul but we can't have any more today I'd really like to know really likely to explain it to me in the comments so I hope you've enjoyed this video maybe you've learned something or at least gotten something to think about if you did please click like don't forget to click Subscribe and also hit the little bell icon so that you'll be notified when I release new videos and as always thanks for watching you you

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  • Robbie Dudley says:

    YES, Jesus is the last fulfillment, but it's not over. What about the second coming?

  • ᴄʀʏs says:

    I always asked, as a child, why there were so many different versions, of the Bible why the Romans were the ones to re write the bible and how could we trust it to be true, why Rutherford changed things in the Bible, why Jesus gave us enlightenment and should have eradicated the Old Testament yet most religions pick and choose from the Old Testament to fit their narrative etc because I wanted my parents or elders to defend our faith to me! I was genuinely asking because if the truth was out there I wanted to do that and not be in a false religion.

  • Hanna says:

    Where is the book of Enoch?

  • Robbie Dudley says:

    DETAILS ON ESTHER: Thanks for these details on the canon and Bible books, XJW Analyzer.

    I wanted to include these details about the book of Esther I discovered.

    1. It is one of three books not cross-quoted from by NT Bible writers. The other two are the blatantly pagan Song of Solomon (Canticles) and Ecclesiastes. Esther is only psedo-historical, otherwise conflicting with canonical Ezra and Nehemiah, which originally was one book. Mordecai is really Nehemiah based on his Babylonian name, Marduka.

    2. The original Nehemiah is the LXX version. This is the version that has Esther married to Artaxerxes. Thus Josephus quotes from this version and places Esther historically with Artaxerxes, the son of Xerxes, placing Ezra and Nehemiah during the time of Xerxes. Thus Esther follows Nehemiah historically. Josephus knew that Xerxes and Artaxerxes were the same king. This version of Esther conflicts with canonical Nehemiah and Ezra, clearly linking Nehemiah and Mordecai as the cupbearer/prime minister during the time of Artaxerxes.

    2. To resolve this conflict, which exposed the revised timeline, the Jewish rabbis in the 3rd century AD revised the book of Esther creating the Henrew version which switches her marriage to Artaxerxes with Xerxes/"Ahasuerus". So now Esther appears before Ezra and Nehemiah historically during the time of Xerxes and Ezra and Nehemiah appear during the reign of Artaxerxes. Of course, that now conflicts with Josephus who claims just the opposite.

    But ultimately some 51 extra years were added to the timeline when Xerxes claimed to be his own son. Esther and Midecai are based on the story of Nehemiah. So to cover the expanded timeline they tell the story of Nehemiah twice. That is, technically, since Xerxes is also Artaxerxes, Ezra and Nehemiah serving under Xerxes or Artaxerxes is not historically incorrect. And since Esther and Mordecai are based on Nehemiah, them serving under Xerxes or Artaxerxes is also not historically incorrect. The stories are duplicated to historically cover the split kingship of Xerxes/Artaxerxes.

    But keep in mind, this was a clever political maneuver against the Greeks at the time and the Jews, who loved and adored Xerxes/Artaxerxes fully cooperated and participated in the conspiracy. They suppressed the canonical "Esdras"(Ezra/Nehemiah) and put out a substitute apocryphal "Esdras." You only need to compare Ezra, Nehemiah, apocryphal Esdras and Josephus to figure out what is really going on.

    At any rate, you have two conflicting versions of Esther, one where she's married to Artaxerxes, one where she's married to Xerxes, proving the book is a popular but non-historical and non-inspired fable that does not belong in the Bible.

    Of note though, Esther does claim Modecai reached great heights during the reign of Artaxerxes, becoming second in authority under the king and a person of great honor. This is confirmed in the bas-reliefs at Persepolis where we see Nehemiah depicted as the Jewish-eunuch (beard-covered) cup bearer/prime minister second behind both Xerxes and Artaxerxes, proving they were the same king. So Esther never really existed, but Mordecai reflects on Nehemiah's greatness and favor in the Persian court. So since we're taking time out to deal with spurious bible books and history, may as well get rid of the false canonical books of Esther, Song of Solomon and Ecclesiastes, three books falsely accepted in the current canon.

  • Fiona P says:

    The reason some books of the bible are accepted by one denomination and others omitted and rejected by others is just another way to control people in their church, organisation or cult. Just the same way the watchtower has changed certain things in the bible to suit their own purposes.
    And to throw a spanner in the works, there are people of the islamic faith who believe the prophet muhammad was the one who brought the end of revelation as revealed to him by the angel jibrīl …. ☮️⚛️

  • Arteviz Art says:

    Welcome to the End…

  • Arteviz Art says:


    If the stars,
    Fall down on me,
    And the sun,
    Refused to shine,
    Then may the shackles be undone,
    May all the old words cease to rhyme
    If the sky,
    Turned into Stone,
    It would matter not at all,
    For there is no heaven,
    In the sky,
    Hell does not wait,
    For our downfall!

    Let the voice of reason shine,
    Let the fires vanish,
    For all time,
    God's face here,
    Is unseen,
    You can't ask him,
    What it all means,
    He was never on your side,
    God was never on your side,
    Let right or wrong,
    On our own decide
    God was never on your side.

    See ten thousand ministries
    See the holy righteous dogs,
    They claim to heal,
    But all they do is steal,
    An illusion of faith, cheat, and wrong,
    If God is wise,
    Why is he still,
    When these false profits,
    Call him friend,
    Why is he silent,
    Is he blind!?
    Are we abandoned?
    in the end?

    Let the sword of reason shine,
    Let us be free of prayer and shrine
    God's face is hidden,
    Turned away,
    He never has a word to say,
    He was never on your side,
    God was never on your side,
    Let right or wrong,
    On our own decide,
    God was never on your side!
    No, no, no.

    He was never on your side,
    God was never on your side,
    Never on your side!
    Never on your side!
    God was never on your side,
    Never on your side

  • Robbie Dudley says:

    BIBLE BOOKS. Yes, books changed over time. The original book of Esther, which is an uninspired version in the LXX has her married to Artaxerxes, the son of Xerxes. Then it was changed in the Hebrew version so that she is married to Xerxes, the father of Xerxes. Now that we can prove Xerxes and Artaxerxes were the same king, the book of Esther is a proven false book. Just since were looking at the canon and various versions of different books. Was Esther married to Xerxes or Artaxerxes?

    The Jews knew about the revisions in the 3rd century AD. So an ancient conspiracy by the Persians has become a modern conspiracy.

    Compare the two versions of Esther and ask yourselves WHY?

  • Darth Fader says:

    Garrett Loesch stated they now know more than the 1st century Christians in one of the jw broadcasts. The first thing i thought was… are you saying that you know more than what Jesus taught? Wow!

  • Sonja Nesbitt says:

    Ask the JW they seem to have an answer for every thing. (Smile)

  • Jean Wakefield says:

    Most Protestants are unaware of the body of work used in Churches before the Reformation in 1517 much less before the Great Schism of 1054. This would lead to the Catholic and Orthodox churches. I'm recently getting over my Protestant bias against reading the Apocrypha much less the Apostolic Fathers such as Clement, Ignatius and Polycarp. The Church didn't have a Bible for the first three centuries except the Hebrew scriptures. You may want to check out the YouTube channels Ten Minute Bible Hour (TMBH) and the Bible Project. The content is pithy yet light-hearted and fun. Grace and peace to you and Beth on your journey.🙏☦️🙏

  • James Carter says:

    Or the beginning…. Maybe

  • Ex JW Rupunzelsawake says:

    It seems likely to me that all the Bible books or sacred texts ever written are the product of men not divine revelation. If supernatural spiritual revelation was still occurring then God must have multiple personality disorder because many men make many claims about having received revelation from God, and their revelations differ.

  • Gr homer says:

    John, you must read the book lost Christianities.or how Jesus became a god. by Bart Ehrman or watch his videos.

  • abo_ammar Hodali says:

    He is God, the one. God is eternal. He begets not, nor He was begotten. And there is nothing comparable to Him. ( holy Quran & original holy Bible)

  • Juan Manuel Sánchez Rodríguez says:

    I really liked your video. I'm Catholoc and I'd agree on much of what you're saying. However, we do believe that revelation is fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Further things in History have developed theology, and we have dogmatic definitions, but there's really nothing new or nothing to add. When the Pope declares something infallibly he's not revealing nothing new, but defining things on what has already been revealed. Many of these things fit to the evolution of society such as bioethics, but it's always under the light of what Jesus Christ has already revealed.
    The part you mention about Paul was my favorite of all, because it's basically what we understand as Apostolic Succession. Every bishop of the Catholic and the Orthodox Church are successors of the Apostles the same way as, not only Paul but Mark and Luke were, who didn't meet Jesus personally but wrote three of the Books of the Bible.

  • JayZoop says:

    I read the book of Acts recently and the Jews still followed the Law and still followed a lot of the traditions. Paul even said to the leaders “I have no broken the Law.” Regarding non-Jews, like the Gentiles, the disciples gave them orders to follow a smaller list of rules “Do not eat meat that is meant for sacrifice, avoid blood” etc. Even though the disciples were not overly strict on the Law, they did follow the customs it seems.

  • Nicos Yiallouris says:

    Jesus Christ is the hewman kind Sever we need to ask people to closer to Jesus Amen XXX

  • jp says:

    SUGGESTION FOR A VIDEO… when I studied with this religion [1979], it was in a "blue" book – one that the JWs called the blue bomb – and it was entitled "The Truth That Leads to Eternal Life". When I was a believing JW, I was a little shocked that the "new" Bible study aid for newly interested ones was released under the title, "You Can Live Forever on a Paradise Earth." Now, even though the members have had that expression, "the Truth" burnt into their brains and use it right up until today, I noticed that over the years the WTS has been a lot more conservative in using this expression "in print", and I don't mean when a JW gave some sort of experience and was quoted as saying "the Truth". I'm talking about the WTS printing things like, "JWs is the Truth", or "we have the Truth". I wonder if you can investigate this and give a video on your findings. Here's where I'm going with this. I believe that the WTS loves it when it's members call their religion "the Truth", however these days I believe the WTS is a little hesitant in printing this expression in it's publications BECAUSE the religion has made SO MANY CHANGES OVER THE LAST FEW DECADES [of course, causing many to ask, "If this is the Truth, why are there so many changes in doctrine?".] In other words, I believe the WTS doesn't like to print conclusive statements like, "We have the Truth" because they know it stirs up in peoples mind the question about all the old doctrines that have been scrapped. So, if something was "the Truth" one day, how is it not "the Truth" the next? (i.e. 1914 generation teaching!)

  • MoonFlower says:

    I was just reading it this morning in Matthew 5, in the Words Jesus himself. Jesus DID NOT SAY that and religions are not correct in that assumption. The Bible, for example, quotes the Book of Enoch in Jude vs.14. There is also a reference in the Bible to the Book of Jasher in Joshua 10:13 and 2 Samuel 1:18.
    What Jesus actually SAID, in Matthew 5:17-18, is that he did NOT come to "abolish" the law and the PROPHETS but to "fulfill" them. What does that mean? Well, if for example, you are alone and then you get married, you, then, become COMPLETE or FULFILLED. It doesn't mean that now you are FINISHED!!! Jesus, then goes on to explain; "…till Heaven and Earth PASS, one jot or tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till ALL be fulfilled." The word "fulfilled" is the Greek word "pleroo" which means "Completed". Well, common sense should demonstrate that Heaven and Earth have NOT PASSED!! Therefore…..ALL has not been completed. Jesus is the 'first and the last'. That means that he is the 'first cause' AND 'the completed end'. In the End, that will be IT! …..THE END. (Now, my dissertation is COMPLETE.)

  • PA Dale says:

    I think the books ended because the apostles (aka governing body) forgot to vote in new apostles.

  • isaiah30v8 says:

    Here is the answer: Jesus Christ himself said that an hour would arrive when ALL THE TRUTH would be known.
    John 16:13
    However, when that one arrives, the spirit of the truth, he will guide YOU into ALL THE TRUTH.
    Instead of asking why, you should be asking when?
    John 15:26-16:2
    When the helper arrives that I will send YOU from the Father, the spirit of the truth, which proceeds from the Father, that one will bear witness about me; 27 and YOU, in turn, are to bear witness, because YOU have been with me from when I began.16 “I have spoken these things to YOU that YOU may not be stumbled. 2 MEN WILL EXPEL YOU

    Does that answer make you happy?
    Luke 6:22-23
    “Happy are YOU whenever men hate YOU, and whenever they exclude YOU and reproach YOU and cast out YOUR name as wicked for the sake of the Son of man. 23 Rejoice in that day

    [Name of person] is no longer one of Jehovah's Witnesses —-> cast out YOUR name as wicked


  • Migue R says:

    The spiritual revelation stop with Jesus,Jesus never wrote anything, he could,but he didn't,no he said write about me to his disciples, actually base on the Gospels god the Father said to the Apostles lisent to him, and Jesus before leaving said go and teach what I have thought to you, the message of Christ is very simple ,love ,no more books to teach that ,no more writings ,so the writings are just historical ,and be careful with those , as you said nobody knows what was the motivation for those books.that is the beauty about Christ we don't need all that law ,it is about freedom ,for sure we have to wait and see what happens in the future ,but never worry about that ,we have no control over that, just enjoy life as much as you can ,and apply the 2 commandments .

  • Deaf Barefoot Melange Farm says:

    I'm not a believer anymore. I believe in myself but not this book. There's so many conflicts over it and I want no part of that. I'll do my own research and you ask very good questions.

  • Caden Lonsbury says:

    I been a bible reader for all my life. After I escaped the Watchtower I have open up to study more information. Their are other sacred scriptures that were whiten literally thousand of years prior to the Bible. I have always believed man is much older than 6000 years according to those who calculate Bible chronological timing. I have looked into the ancient Vedic scriptures from India. The Bhagavad Gita “ song of God” was written about 1700 years prior to the writing the Genesis account. In the Bhagavad Gita explains who God appeared to man and explained our purpose, or situation with a God, and what the soul is. This is a direct conversation with God and his servant. The second series of ancient scriptures the Bhagavatam goes into other explanation of why we are here. Genesis only gives once chapter of creation where is the Bhagavatam explains in the 5th Canto how God created the multiverses (multiple universes) with unlimited life through out each universe. These ancient Indian text also foretold how Jesus would appear. Later I the Bhagavatam at the end of times it explains the end of creation in almost in the same words, although the universe is born and then recreated every 411, 060, 000,000,000 years (411 trillion) years. I learned that these ancient writings fills in things not provided in the Bible yet is in harmony. I think we should see how God has communicated with mankind in various areas in different times of mans existence.what Jesus thought is non different than what was given in the Bhagavad Gita. It’s like he read these words before he started teaching. Instead of fighting as to who is right or wrong we should take a deep and wide search of all scriptures. I like the closing verses in Bhagavad agitate 18:65-66…where God says.. “ Always think of Me, become my devotee, worship Me and offer your homage to Me. Thus you will come to Me without fail. I promise you this because you are My very dear friend. Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear.” Isn’t this what the essence of Jesus teaching? Jesus did not teach religion, he only encouraged us to surrender to GOD. Again I would encourage all to take a look at not only the Bible but even older scriptures that not are included in the Bible Cannon.

  • The Irregular Pioneer Channel says:

    Great points on the Apostle Paul. For me personally, Paul’s writings are a major reason why I am no longer a Christian, or a believer in the bible being a special book.

  • No Name says:

    I like the questions you ask. Yeshua didn't change a thing. You are right that he said, "You have heard it said…" that's because rabbis of his day had a teaching (Midrash) on that topic. The Torah is spiritual that's why Yeshua could say murder is hate and adultery is lust. Paul similarly applied Torah spiritually saying, "to muzzle an ox" is related to pay/eating in exchange for work. Paul quoted extensively from the Torah. Paul was a Torah teacher/rabbi, whose eyes were opened by Yeshua. Paul's letters are Midrash to the Gentiles. I believe Paul's story because he died for his story in Acts/prison, and if you study, you'll find Paul didn't change or add, but 2000 years of language and cultural change have separated us from his intent. If Yeshua changed anything from the Torah, he is a false prophet according to Deut 13: 1-5, and it was right to crucify him. But, that's not true. Yeshua is not a false prophet; he stands up to the strongest scrutiny. He is the messianic fulfillment of the Torah and Prophets, he is the Alpha and Omega (Alef- Tav), there at the Beginning.

  • forris dekker says:

    Jesus bought all mankind. So we come under his law that's a more simpler law for all mankind.

  • D proper says:

    All the writings of Paul should be thrown out of the Christian Scriptures… The Christian Scriptures are hijacked Jewish historical writings that the Roman Empire took over in order to create a Roman state invented religion. The only Gnostic writings in the "Christian Greek" scriptures, is Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, some of the writings of Peter, John Jude and the book of Revelation. Jesus was an Essenes Jew. The Jews during the 1st century would have NEVER called themselves "Christians". The term "Christian" is the greek translation of the Hebrew word "messiah". The Hebrew word "messiah" means "anointed one. The term "Christ" would have only applied to "one who was anointed by Jehovah", for a special purpose. Enoch, Seth, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Samson, Saul, David, Solomon, Jesus… Paul did not even know any of the 12 apostles that were with Jesus. There is this legal spiritual fact also. Jesus sacrificed his flesh his physical fleshly life in death. This was the ransom paid to buy back all human kinds right to physical life as the result of the imperfect flesh… That was the ransom Jesus paid… A ransom price CANNOT be taken back… So, the question is, what was Jesus doing by appearing to Paul in the flesh, and claiming also that Jesus also appeared to the apostles "in the flesh"… This is not supported anywhere in the Gnostic writings of the Essenes Jews, of which Jesus, his family, his followers were. The other Jewish factions were the Sadducees and the Pharisees. Paul was a former persecutor of the Essenes Jews and Jesus. He murdered them. Paul was never appointed by Jehovah to write 14 books about how to follow Jesus… Seriously…

  • Elena Simon says:

    He wasn’t even the beginning of it.

  • davidjrtodd says:

    He wasn’t. “Spiritual revelation” has been replaced by rationality.
    I read that which we call the Bible on a regular basis, but I do it to try and understand my culture and respect the thought that went into its genesis. I will never throw the baby out with the bath water.
    I will also never be arrogant enough to declare that which is truth.

  • Paulo Silva says:

    The Bible is "Word of God" but not "The Word of God". God speak to us through all the traditions and in the silence of our own heart.

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