Walk with JESUS – Psalm 90:15 – Bro. Mohan C Lazarus | Dec03 | Tamil

Dearly beloved,
I greet you in the name of Jesus! There can be many kinds of problems and struggles going through your mind today. When shall these troubles change? There is a new problem each day! There’s a new struggle every day! Isn’t there an end to all these troubles? There could be thoughts running in your mind like this. Sometimes, you may even worry not knowing how to pray because of all these troubles. “What should I pray? This problem is not at all resolving!”, maybe you’re thinking like this. In Psalm 90:15, A beautiful prayer of a man of God called Moses is written. Look, what he is praying! Even, you and I can pray like this! “Make us glad according to the days in which You have afflicted us, the years in which we have seen evil.” “Make us glad according to the years in which we have seen evil!” “We are seeing only evil, Father! There’s only malice, struggle, problem, oppression, pain, evil upon evil, God! When we look behind the path we tread, we have only passed through pain. Please make us glad as a return to the years in which we have seen this evil!”.
He offers this wonderful prayer. Did God answer this prayer? He answered. When God led the people of Israel through the desert, they saw evil upon evil! They witnessed the bitterness of Marah, witnessed the red sea, wandered in thirst looking for water! They were anxious about what they would eat! They were worried how to save lives when serpents bit them! God answered each one of their prayers! Even though, He led them through these difficulties, they always longed for a life past the desert. One fine day, God brought them into the land of Canaan, showed them the land where milk and honey are flowing and asked them to dwell in it happily. He made them glad according to the years in which they saw evil. Wouldn’t He do the same for you? Do not fear! The days of rejoicing are approaching! Days of happiness are approaching! May be, you’ve seen evil so far!
God is going to make you glad! You look at Him and say, “God, I’ve seen enough evil all these days. Please show me happy days.” -say a small prayer! He will hear your prayer!
You’re His child, isn’t it? You’re His Son/ His daughter!
He’s with you, right? Just say a small prayer and experience the joy filling your heart! “Father, we are your children, Father! Even though you lead us through trouble, You’re still with us! Please make us glad according to the years we have seen evil. You’re mighty to do that! You’ve already done it in the past! Here, this son/ this daughter is praying, “God, please take away this evil and show us happy days!” Please help them see it today, Father! Please make them glad, today! There shall be days of rejoicing starting from today. Let them rejoice! Thank You for the love that grants them such joy! Thank You. In Jesus Christ’s name we pray, Father! Amen. Amen.”

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