Walk with JESUS – Luke 11:1 – Bro. Mohan C Lazarus #bible_devotion #Nov21 #GNBN

Dearly beloved, Loving greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ! Even today, in the city of Jerusalem in the nation of Israel, I’m talking to you standing in front of Mount of Olives. In the Bible there is a wonderful thing said in Luke 11:1. It is, Now it came to pass, as Jesus was praying in a certain place, when He ceased, that one of His disciples said to Him, , “Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples.” Jesus had the habit of praying. He prays in the morning, prays in the evening, and prays through the night. His disciples always watched Him pray. Once, as Jesus was praying in a place they were observing Him. They’re taken aback by surprise observing Jesus and saying, ‘Alas, we haven’t seen anyone pray like Him before. As we are Jewish, we are adapted to pray; we pray in our synagogues; it is said that we’ve to pray at morning, noon and evening and therefore, we pray. But, then He’s praying for hours together; praying often!’ Keeping on observing Jesus, a desire arose in the heart of a disciple. He desires, ‘What is Jesus praying about? We must also pray!’ He is asking Jesus, ‘Please teach us to pray!’ Have you ever asked like this? You’re walking with Jesus, saying that Jesus is with you, you’re calling yourself as a child of God. Have you ever gone to Jesus and asked, ‘Please teach me to pray’? Look, that disciple asked, ‘Please teach us to pray!’ There’s a place on this Mount of Olives, where it is believed to be the place where Jesus taught us to pray. In many different languages of the world The Lord’s prayer or the Model prayer is written and kept. This prayer is also written in Tamil, our language on this Mount of Olives! Jesus is teaching a model prayer. ‘Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name…’, He is teaching us this prayer. This is only a model prayer. It is not mandatory to only pray that prayer Based on that we can give praise God, we can confess our sins, must forgive others and pray.
We must pray for our daily food. Like this, He taught His disciples what’s that they need to pray for. Have you ever asked?
Ask God. You’re asked to pray for the country, ask Him to teach you how and why should we pray; they’re asking you to pray for revival, ask God to teach you what to pray and how to pray for revival. Then ask God, how to pray for your personal needs, family affairs and government related supplications. He will teach you beautifully from the Bible. Therefore, if we ask willingly He will surely answer us. You also ask Jesus regarding anything, ‘What is this, God?’ Ask, ‘God, please teach me!’ You’ll witness God answering you by any means. If we’re walking with Jesus not only you’re talking to Him, He should also talk to you, right? I’ve sought His guidance in so many things and He has instructed me, explained it to me, and taught me. This should also become your experience. Okay? Will you also ask Him? Ask God concerning the things that are bothering your heart, ‘What is this God, why is this happening and what should I do?’ – Will you ask like this? ‘Father, You’re our preacher, our teacher; You’re the one who taught your disciples to pray; You’re the one who teach us how to lead our life, the one who guides us how to walk. God, even now, Your children are asking, ‘What is this thing? Please counsel me in this, teach me this.’ Explain, teach and bless them in whatever thing they ask for. Let all the confusions and doubts in their hearts vanish today. As you talk, counsel and lead them. In Jesus’ name, we pray Father, Amen. Amen.’

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