Walk with JESUS – John 14:14 – Bro. Mohan C Lazarus #bible_devotion #Nov19 #GNBN

Dearly beloved,
I greet you in the name of Jesus! Do you know how blessed a man/ a woman are you? Because, you are Jesus’ beloved! You are the ones walking with Him. He loves you so much and is walking with you. What a privilege it is! The God who created the heaven and the earth being within us, with us, walking with us! You accepted Jesus, isn’t it?
He is with you; He is at your home; He is with you all through your life. So, as you journey through your life you come across many needs, problems, diseases, struggles; are you worrying what to do, whom to ask? Jesus is saying, ‘Ask Me, My son/ Ask Me, My daughter!’ ‘Why are you worrying, saying to whom shall I go or who will help me?’ What does He say in John 14:14? ‘If you ask anything in My name, I will do it.’ ‘I shall do it: Ask me, what you want. What do you want, Tell me: Do you need healing or in need of money or your lack must be filled up or something must be accomplished? What do you want? Ask me!’ says God! How should you ask?
‘You must ask in My name!’ You must say, ‘Jesus, I ask in Jesus name’ and ask. Do you know why? Because, He is the one who sacrificed Himself for you on the cross. He is the one who bore your sin, your curse, your diseases, your struggles and your curses just for you! Believe in it and ask ‘Jesus, You can do this for me, In Jesus name this should happen to me, In Jesus name this obstacle should move away, In Jesus name I must get my promotion, In Jesus name this should be accomplished’. Like this, ask in the name of Jesus. He is saying that whatever you ask He shall do it for you, right? Because, He is your Father! He loves you so much! He gave His life for you on the cross! Will you ask now? Will you ask, ‘I want this in Jesus name!’ ‘Jesus, I ask this miracle in the name of Jesus Christ: I need this miracle, I need healing in this, I need deliverance from this, I want my needs to be met, the obstacles must change, things must be accomplished. Let this miracle happen today in Jesus name. I believe that I received it in Jesus name! Amen.’

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