Wage Spiritual Warfare With this Personal Prophetic Weapon

we’re talking about 100 want tactics for
spiritual warfare if you want a discounted copy of this book if you have
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this book here dealing with demons from your past breaking the stronghold of
worry there’s all kinds of stuff in it you want to live a life of victory and
that means overcoming the enemy and so where there’s a hundred one tactics what
I like about the book is each chapter is only two pages so it’s not like you have
to sit there and read and labor it’s like when all hell’s breaking loose you
say Lord which one is for me oh my goodness oh my goodness oh okay I’m
gonna okay I got it Lord look Lord help use this as a as a manual it’s not like
the kind of book you sit down and and read the same way you might read some
other kinds of books it’s it’s really a manual it’s there for you number two
number two we might only get through three of these guys but I’ll be back and
do some more of these alright I’ll be back and do some more of these they
meant over the next few days if you like it
number two wage war with the prophetic words over your life wage war with a
prophetic words over your life you know I’ve got prophesies over my life and
when I get in the midst of a battle or when I come to the valley of decision
where I do not know what to do I lean back on the word I lean back on the word
now first of all you’ve got a judge a word you cannot wage war with the word
that you have not judged you cannot wage war with a word that is or even you can
but if the word is not accurate the word that you know you can wage war with an
inaccurate word and get the fruit of the inaccurate word but you want the fruit
of an inaccurate word so you must judge all prophesy I don’t care who it’s
coming from I don’t care how respected they are and they would all tell you
this same that all the generals and the pioneers of the prophetic will tell you
the same thing always always always always always judge
prophecy the prophecy that you don’t judge could be the prophet
that destroys your life I’m going to be launching in the fall to school the
prophetic you can be able to get more training on this if you want info about
that just email the office and we’ll let you know when that comes out or just go
become part of the school two-spirit dot TV get on that mailing list wage war
with the prophetic words over your life Paul gives Timothy the strategy in 1st
Timothy 1 and 18 it says this I command you this I commit to you my son Timothy
according to the prophecies that were previously given you that with them you
may fight a good fight see we’re supposed to fight the good fight of
faith amen that means there is a war what if the war ultimately for the war
is for your faith because you cannot receive a thing from God if you not
believe the Word of God and so it’s important when we swing the sword of the
spirit that we’re swinging it in faith that means the faith comes by hearing
and hearing by the word so there’s all these different elements it’s not a
one-size-fits-all but the principles hold true the amplified version of this
says to be inspired and aided by the prophetic words that you may wage the
good warfare and the New Living Translation tells us that prophetic
words help you fight in the Lord’s battles and the message translation says
let the prophecies well let tells us the prophecy should make you unlike this
they should make you fearless in your struggle keeping a firm grip on your
faith and on yourself after all this is a fight that we are in we’re in a fight
so most personal prophecy is conditional most of it is most of its if then most
of it like for example if the Lord says well you’re gonna be a missionary to
China and you don’t get your passport to China
honey you ain’t gonna China ok so the prophecy will fail not because it wasn’t
God’s will because you can partner with it alright but you have also got to
learn how to war with it how to war with it I’ve got it you’ve got to judge it
first of all I got a book called did the Spirit of God say that 27 ways to judge
prophesy prophetic words can be traced back to three main sources
and all this is in the book with Scripture but for sake of time the human
spirit a demon spirit or the Holy Spirit amen so you got a judge of prophecy and
then we’re fighting really for our faith the fight is real but God is true his
word is true he is not a man that he should lie nor the son of man that he
should hit in every circumstance he’s true he’s true so how do you want with
the prophetic word so I’m gonna give you an example I’m going to demonstrate this
suppose you get a prophetic word that says this I’m preparing you to be a
vessel of change in your city I’m calling you to make an impact in your
region I’m equipping you to press into new levels of my glory so that you can
carry my presence into dark territories let’s say you got that word the first
thing you want to do is meditate on it chew it
think about it confess it okay first thing I do is judge you but after that
meditate chew it confess it and then you know you’re gonna pray it out kinda like
then there’s an example of this in the book but I’m not going to read that
example instead I’m just gonna show you I’m just gonna show you I’m just gonna
show you so instead of instead of just reading it you want to agree how do you
agree one ways of prayer even now to be a leader preparation I mean people
change in my life a little to the crucifixion of my son my flesh I need to
be taught thank you I think it will prepare you up
a vessel on a vessel full the vessel fitting me for the master juice I mean
let’s see proxy and then you you begin to use that as a
jumping off point for prayer and that’s not important we don’t you complete it
you more what’s that for but you jump take it loud for like we’re on some
purple pray of fealty not with America and before it and we could possibly
begin y’all for parts of it it was how it was colorful
it was absolutely powerful where you got another thing you want to do we’re going
to go up here because I have another Facebook like coming up with a good
friend of mine and we will be back with minutes you don’t want a pretty
revelation completely I’m going to stop all the freaking that so I want it’s not
the teachings even teaching out over 30 minutes I want to pray for you and I
wouldn’t come back and you very well I’d say probably some more attributed and
I’ll pick up right here where we run along and do some will crimp another one
more for you back in for a little bit and wait something off-camera and with
you it’s all of it takes time to be that whenever we go to work here right now
and that’s why I’m tuned in amen I’ll remind you the school worker you can
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from Europe but you didn’t finish make it quick because God is trying to
blushing fish on her butchered Leicester swimmer here gone into the
pounce not kill this field and ensure the other team which you might have life
in abundance to the pool till a little closer so if you’re not living a bunch
of heart then you’re living a little one-sided
don’t intend treating me whatever it is wait let us then elements of elavil soul
for me and you can recover what the goes so there’s some right here having fun
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father I think it up I say

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