UWSI Spiritual Education

I'm a student in the online interactive program unity' worldwide spiritual Institute and it's not what some people think what I do is I get to connect with people heart to heart mind to mind and spiritual growth not just academically and mentally but I get to grow spiritually we are going to be ministers and we can do this in this amazing program where we get to know each other education is the backbone of the unity movement the example set by founders Charles and myrtle Fillmore inspires unity worldwide spiritual Institute to carry on that legacy for over a hundred years unity has offered educational opportunities for those seeking spiritual growth and you may be surprised to learn that it all began with unities correspondence course a distance learning program today we used advanced technology for a user-friendly interactive online program for spiritual explorers as well as for those seeking to become a credentialed unity leader we make it a breeze to manage your classes connect with your classmates and instructors all while experiencing the transformation of spiritual education I thought that there is no way I could do a program on line as long as you know how to use a computer you know how to use the program I would probably say that I was paralyzed with fear and it has been the easiest thing I have done and I'm so grateful that now I feel like I've come forward and I can engage in the 21st century in a way that I did not have those skills prior to this program as a globally accessible classroom unity worldwide spiritual Institute consists of people from all walks of life from all around the world sharing and discussion planning and implementing projects and learning from world-class instructors sharing their passions and expertise there are three streams of Education offered at UW si the spiritual explorers path the spiritual education and enrichment or se II pad and the ministerial path spiritual explorers offers a vast and exciting array of classes for anyone who wishes to enrich their spiritual journey se e courses are perfect for deepening your understanding of unity teachings and inspiring spiritual growth this is the first step for those who might seek credentials as a licensed unity teacher or unity minister mystery and religious studies graduate program builds your skills in all aspects of ministry this program includes mentoring by professionals and ministry and on-site intensives to hone your skills you will build friendships through this program that will serve you for your entire career in ministry after I met my peers in person it just made our relationship even deeper and stronger check out the online catalog to get started on your spiritual education journey or to look into becoming an instructor and inspire more people to discover their truth and evolve in their knowledge so now we know unity worldwide spiritual Institute is a place to learn in a flexible interactive online environment that fits your goals and your life