TRUSTING GOD IN THE STORM – An Inspiring Documentary About Finding Help in Suffering

Well after probably doing this about 40 years,
I have seen a lot of testimonies heard lot of testimonies.
but this one is most unusual. Most powerful I think I probably seen.. It will make you cry. It is Powerful.
It just totally amazes me. January 4th, 2007
Today is the day for the records books baby. You know
I was traveling all over the United States. I was being paid $5000 a pop to speak at various
speaking engagements. I was training thousands of people.
And Mike is today’s Zig Ziglar by far. And I saw him Literally over the course of
a year or two literally just hit rock bottom.
And how everything just flipped upside down and I couldn’t believe my eyes. My business My family
my kids my name..
my reputation.. my hope for my future… It was ALL GONE! Its been so long and its been so hard. I don’t know how much longer I can go Lord.. He jumped in such a way that there was a no escape.
If this didn’t work, there was no escape. If God wasn’t for real there was no escape. How am I gonna live with not being able to be a big part of my kid’s life? Court lasts for 9 and half hrs and the expression on his face we’re trying to read it. Can’t make heads or tails Don’t know if it is good …don’t know if
it is bad. He is almost expressionless.
Then I realized he is in a state of shock. I sobbed. I just was in a knot ball.
I almost threw up 3 times. My mom was just.. massaging my shoulders.
And Once we are in the car alone he proceeds to wail..
For 25 minutes.. And I just cried my eyes out. And I’m like
God Thank you Lord ! You did everything You said. Michael has walked this thing out. I have watched upclose and in person.
And it will blow your mind. It will blow your mind! I couldn’t believe my eyes even though God had told me all this time he would deliver
me. This was the most AMAZING Evidence of God
I’d ever seen in my life. I think I’m a person who deep inside I’ve
always wanted know how life worked I think that’s why I’ve always been drawn
to story. In particular.. to other people’s stories.
Because its how we largely make meaning out of life. You know people always say what comes around goes around.
And you know you reap what you sow. We see a lot of people that believe in Karma.
But there are people I see in life who I begin to realize “Did they deserve that?”
Did I deserve like… How did I deserve the childhood that I had?
When my life began to go the route that it did.. I was desperate to make meaning out of it. Because It didn’t look like my life was working
the way other people’s lives did. And I just was desperate to figure out what
are the answers to life? Why are we here?
What is the purpose for our existence? Is it just for pleasure?
Is it just for fun? Am I here to serve other people?
Am I supposed to be here to learn how to fix problems?
Am I supposed to be here to invent something that makes the world a better place? And so the question for me was.. is the life I have lived with all of this
chaos and all of this dysfunction
and all of this failures All of this mountain top experiences
followed by crash and burn falling out of the sky?
Was this something I was doing? Was it my fall? was a lack of wisdom?
Was it folly? Was it that I had done something wrong?
Because I hadn’t done anything wrong that I was aware of.
There had to be something else. I was left with “is it possible that..may
be God is doing is something behind the scenes in my life that I just can’t
understand?” My childhood was..
looking back, it was a complete disaster.
I mean, you know the very first day I leave the hospital,
almost the story my mom tells.. it almost seems to be the foreshadowing of..
you know, what would occur in my life..
the rest of my life. Michael was born in a military hospital in
Kentucky. Said our Goodbyes and as we’re starting
down the two level staircases, the heel of my shoe caught in the stair in
a little metal piece and I started to fall.
I was completely down almost on my knees, when my.. Michael’s daddy grabbed me by the
arm but he had the baby in the other arm.
And we all stumbled all the way down the steps. There was so much momentum that Michael’s
daddy’s head went through the glass door at the foot of the steps.
And all of a sudden there was this horrible crash.
And you look, his baby blanket has blood..all over it. And he is wrapped up like a cocoon so we can’t even see him. The nurses from upstairs all come running
down now.. They see the blood. They take the baby from me.
And run upstairs.. ..thinking that the baby is hurt.
We get upstairs.. unwrap the baby..
Michael was sound asleep. He’d never even woken up.
His daddy had cut his little finger and his little finger had bled horribly
and it was allover the blanket and everywhere. But Michael was Okay! So then I’m 5 yrs old, and a female member of our family begins to sexually
molest me whenever she gets a chance to get me alone.
My parents sit me down when I’m 9 yrs old and they do the best they can do to explain
me that mommy and daddy don’t love each other
anymore and they are getting divorced.
My mom decides that was a good time for us to take a vacation
We get 350 miles in to a 700 miles vacation and I look back realize
Everything my mother owns is in the back of this car and I discovered that we are not going on vacation. We’re moving! Permanently! And I didn’t get a chance to say bye to any of my friends or my father. My mother and I move in to virtually poverty stricken conditions.
We move in with her single parent income in to a broken down..
just really kind of a nasty apartment complex. Within days of starting school,
I’m the new kid from Florida. I talk funny.
I have a funny haircut. And the kids immediately identified me as
the target. And I’m bullied.
And the bullying is so bad that it lasts for about 3 years. I’m chased home almost every single day.. from school by bullies..
..tormented. The minute the bell goes off,
I know that means it’s time to start running. That’s the only way I am gonna survive.
One Friday night, they got tired of not being able to catch me.
They actually came to my apartment complex and they started yelling for me.
My mom and I and My mom’s boyfriend were up in the apartment 2nd story up.
And they began taunting me. And I came out to see what it was and I felt
like I had no choice. If I don’t confront this now,
I’ll be a coward for everyday at school. So I went down and my mom and her boyfriend
stayed up and watched me go down. And a group of 7 or 8 bullies surrounded me.
And the one kid in the middle… his name is Timothy.
He wanted to fight me. He started to beat me.
I had never been in a fight and right front of my mom..
He just started pulverizing me, hitting me in the face
and this kid pushed my lips in to my braces. And just blood everywhere..
and you know my mom wanted to come save me. But her boyfriend convinced her that I needed
learn to be a man. And so I was left all by myself.
And.. Man..it hurt!
It was bad. I remember retreating you know back up to
the 2nd story apartment. Just bloodied and bruised and full of shame
and you know.. This went on every day.
bullying… JUST HORRIBLE! There were abandonment by multiple family members. I think there’s a probably 7 or 8 different family members
including grandparents, aunts and uncles
who had at one point told me that I was so special and wonderful
and then just up and left. Including a grandfather, who left his whole
family and completely started over
and we wouldn’t find him until years later.. until I hired a private investigator to find
him. My mother eventually re-married.
And my father eventually remarried first. He married a cocaine addict.
I discovered by accident that she was doing drugs.
My dad and I would drive around the crack houses and hotels looking for her. My step mother had accused me of being a problem child when I discovered the drug problem. And my father believed her.
And he kicked me out. And my own father betrayed me and accused
me to my mother of being a problem child. And shut the door in my face.
I had to go live with my mother. I go to live with my mother only to find out
that she married a rich man but he is an alcoholic.
And he becomes verbally abusive. He’s emotionally abusive.
And its terrible. And one day after school,
I come home. And I find my mom crying hysterically
she is sitting with her arm in a bath tub with a razor blade next to it..
getting ready to commit suicide. Because she can’t take it! When I was 20 yrs old, my mom took me to a very crowded restaurant and
she sat me down. I was at a stage in my life where
I was living in Alabama and I was getting ready go back to Florida
to potentially meet the woman I was to marry. And I had a long distance relationship with
a woman who would actually become my wife.
who I felt I needed to go to see if she would be my wife.
And I told my mom I was leaving and my mom said..
Well I need to have a meeting with you.” I was not living my mom at the time.
I was living in a different town. So we met at a Shoney’s restaurant
in Huntsville Alabama..right off the Parkway. My mom sat me down and.
She did the very best she could to gain all of her composure.
And she said, “Michael, Your father is not …really your father.
and in fact, your blood father is Johnny!” ..the man that you’ve been riding dirt bikes
with since you were a kid. Did you have fun?
first ride! Mike, Did you have fun?
Oh I love it! In that very moment, I recognized 50% of my
life is a lie! The foundation that I’ve built myself upon
doesn’t even exist. And you don’t even know who you are! By the time Michael was 7-8,9 yrs old, We lived in Cape Canaveral Florida.
My father and his brother, both had a lot of money.
They had fancy boats, they had fancy cars. They took lots of trips and as a young impressionable
young man, Michael always said,
“Mom I wanna be like them!” Then his father and I did divorce.
Michael said to me always.. for as long as I can remember…
“Mom you don’t have to be worry when you get old because
I’m gonna be rich and I’m always gonna take care of you.” From the time I was a little kid, I wanted to be successful.
I just wanted to be happy. I saw the American dream.
And there was something inside of me that said-
You know..that’s what you’re supposed to have. That is the purpose of life.
You know.. You go after and you work hard.
You set goals. You dream Big.
And you go out and the world is a big play ground. And its like a giant adventure. The harder you work, the more of the adventure
you get to partake. The more of the playground you get to see.
This was what I thought from a very very early age. Michael’s senior year of high school! I was divorced.
Single woman. Dental assistant.
Not making much money. We lived in a trailer at the foot of a mountain.
I started having this recurring dream. I’m building an airplane from scratch.
And its the day of its maiden voyage. And the excitement and Adrenalin is pumping.
And I know why. Because I’m terrified.
I’ve spent everything that I have..building this airplane.
I’ve given the airplane everything that I had in my brain.
And today is the day that airplane is either gonna fly or its gonna crash and burn.
I kept dreaming it. I kept dreaming it.
And finally it dawned on me. It wasn’t an airplane I was building..
It was my son. I had given him everything that I had to give
him. And now he is graduating from high school.
He’s going off to college and I don’t know if he’s gonna make it.
And I don’t know if I’ve given him enough to fly and get off the ground.
I knew that when my mom had told me about that dream and
she doubted that I was gonna make it. That something happened to me deep inside
at a very deep subconscious level. I became driven.
And I remember you know.. shortly after leaving that trailer park,
how it all began.. I got involved in sales.
Whether I ask you to spend a dollar or a thousand dollars a month.
If You don’t see the value in it. I certainly hope you wouldn’t a write a check
for it. I began to read every single book there was
on goal setting. And how to be successful.
I lived it. Breathed it.
Ate it. Slept it.
EverywhereI went there was a cassette tape or a CD in my car.
And these people told me that the point of life was to be successful.
The point of life and the opportunity in America is that you can be anything you wannabe .
You can do anything you wanna do. You can go and have as much as you wanna have!
And it looked like all the people that had this stuff were happy.
And the idea was you define a dream. You make Goals and you take actions based
upon priorities. You work your tail off.
You overcome adversity. You go until you meet a challenge or you get
stumped. And then you change your approach.
You fail forward. You fail often and you keep going and you
never quit and you eventually get there.. And you become successful.
This is what I believed. This is what I knew.
And now this was my experience. I had just turned 28 years old and my wife
and I are pulling in to the parking lot in to our gym.
And we could see the lights on and all the members.
And we just sat in our car and we cried and we cried.
And it really proved to me. And I think my family members that I could
be successful in spite of what my brutal childhood had written into my life. On May 22nd of 2002 That dream died in 24 hrs. People show up to this local health club to find the doors locked
and the place shut down. Now hundreds of people are out of a lot of
money. We thought full well this store would remain
open. And we would not be the owners.
Or that LA fitness would come in and takeover. We ended up losing everything and being left with a half a million dollars in debt. By 2006, people were starting to call me the Comeback kid. The little business that I had started in our spare bed room with $6300
was now growing @300% a year and our future was starting to look bright
again. So by 2007, I had overcome in what seems like
a miracle. My very ugly childhood.
I had overcome all that dysfunction All those failures
all that rejection.. January, 4th 2007
Today is a day for the record books baby. I got to meet Michael as a vendor first.
I did some websites for him and I witnessed first hand. how all the employees started coming on board and how he would take me out on boating trips. And I got to see his Big house, big pool and the big theater… with like 12 or 16 seats. And I was looking around.. I really liked the
idea of living that life. I could see him speak and I would just be
amazed. How good he was with words
and how much people responded to him and praised him. Guys..
If you don’t get anything out of what I say, Get this! Because these are the things that
fly right over our heads and you never pay attention them. And Mike is today’s Zig Ziglar.. by far! And you know..we just fairly started building
the mountain of what Mike’s success is all about! You know I was traveling all over the United States. I was doing these daily motivational videos that people were starting to watch all over
the world. I was being paid $5000 a pop to speak in various
speaking engagements. I was training thousands of people.
The ultimate high point came in like Feb of 2009.
When I ended up being approached by the largest seminar company in the world.
..to talk to me about the opportunity of sharing the platform with the former Presidents, business
leaders and and some of the best speakers in the world. The interesting thing was even after all of this success,
I began to feel tension in my soul. You see there was a guy who really messed
me up one week. When I was in the 10th grade in high school.
I was a new kid going to a new school. And this other kid who liked surfers and I
was from Cocoa beach and a surfer kid…approached me.
and his name was Matt Eldridge. And Matt and I began to become good friends.
Well over a course of months, Matt would begin to tell me about this person
named “Jesus Christ”! And I was like “Christianity?…ahh..I don’t
think so! That is for weak people. I don’t have anything to do with it”. He never pushed me. He only delicately shared with me about the
person Jesus Christ. He talked to me about eternal life.
He talked about Righteousness. About Living for God.
About the purpose for a life according to the Bible.
And after several weeks of him sharing this with me, One day, we get out of his car on the way home from school,
it was at a piggly wiggly grocery store. And I remember stepping out of the car
on to a piece of paper on the ground. And to my amazement it said,
“if you died in a car accident right now, would you go to heaven or hell?”
And I couldn’t answer the question. And this is what Matt the guy who is sitting
directly to my left had been trying to tell me about for weeks
if not months. And I realized,
I needed to be able to answer that question because I had never really thought about death.
And I have never thought about end of my life. About a week later, I became a Christian.
I started reading the bible. And I was blown away by what I read
and by who the person of Jesus Christ was. So I had accepted Jesus Christ. The problem is I would again encounter
great tragedy shortly after doing that. And I would be moved again, as my family broke
up again. I didn’t have a foundation for my Christianity
to begin to build on. So I basically lost it.
And I had fallen back in to the approach of if its to be, its up to me.
And all those books and all those tapes told me, life was all about getting yours. And that nobody is gonna give it to you.
You gotta get it to yourself. You gotta work hard and the point of life
is to amass as much happiness as you can in the form of wealth,
material possessions, success and
oh, by the way, for good measure,
find some way of doing of something that you can help other people along the way. That made sense! It was kind of a cherry on top of
the world’s American dream. Or you know.. The American dream Sundae. Now in 2007, that seed of Jesus Christ,
The desire for God.. The desire to Know God..
The desire to Live for God.. The desire to please God..
The reality of having to face God one day, .. began to stir a tension in me
as over the years. My desire to know God more
began to compete with my desire for more and more success. In 2007, I found myself to the point where
the tension reached a level where I could no longer ignore
it. I was torn between God and Success.
And I knew something had to happen. And I began after a dirt bike accident,
sitting around for 6 weeks trying to heal. I began to talk to God.
And said, “God, I have a lot of success, I have a lot of money,
I have that almost kind of rags to riches kind of story.
But God, I’m miserable inside.” And I recognized at that moment,
that there was something missing in my life. And I that I needed he was calling me to come
closer to him. He was calling me to begin to consider HIS
purposes for my life. Now here’s how prideful I was.
I remember being afraid of downsizing the company and
following God’s leading. Because that would look like failure again.
Mike had failed now a second time in business. And my pride reckoned.
You know what Mike even if you fail in business again,
you are still a great father to those kids. You’re still a great husband to your wife.
You still can have the image of being a family man.
And our marriage had survived over the years. Lots of adversity,
Lots of ups downs I had no fear of losing my family. But the tension got to the place where I will remember
One time my wife, my 3 children were gone on a vacation.
And I was so upset and got on my knees.. in that big house.
And I lifted my hands to God And I said “God, I surrender everything I
have. I’m tired of feeling like this..
I’m tired of living a double life.. I’m tired of being double minded..
I’m tired of feeling torn between my desire for more of success and
my desire for more of you! “God, I surrender it all”.
And I literally told God. I said “God, I give you my family, My children,
this house” I place it all right here on this altar.
If you need to take even my own family from me God,
I surrender EVERYTHING”. And I literally began praying for him
to make me more like Jesus Christ and for HIM to use me for HIS purposes.
I even told HIM to have HIS way with me. In May of 2010, my wife had posted on my blog
which went out to several thousands of people. How proud of the journey that I was on she
was. And how honored she was to have been my wife. About 2 weeks later, I felt the strong impression
that I needed to help her begin to walk in to her own testimony of
what God had done in our life We had had premarital sex
and got pregnant. And we turned to abortion
and It would turn out that we aborted twins. And years later We would have a second of
set of twins. And I encouraged her to sit down
and to allow me tell the story and when we were finished
and I had turned the cameras and all the lights off, I was.. blown.. away. But there was something inside of me
that told me I had just stepped on a spiritual hornet’s
nest. I knew that this story had the potential..
to literally turn women around from walking in to an abortion story.
Statistics don’t do that. but a story would! And this story that she had just told me was so powerful.. And by father’s day of 2010, my marriage was over! She left. took the kids,
moved out of the house. Another 2 weeks after that to the day
she filed for divorce. Within a month into the divorce,
the accusations BEGAN! I remember..
I just kept telling all of my friends and family “No..you don’t understand. God is gonna take care of this.
This situation is going to turn around..” and I just believed in my heart of hearts
that she was gonna wake up in the middle of the night
and go.. “Oh my God! what have I done?”
and that she would come back and apologize
and that God would claim victory in the end and that our marriage would be better.
And we would have one incredible testimony to tell.
I just believed that, that was gonna happen! I remember
One day I was sitting on the back porch
and my mind was so consumed and flooded with the memory of me
you know feeling so confident about my relationship
with the Lord and so happy about how things were going
in my walk with God that I literally heard these words come out
of my mouth.. “Go ahead devil! TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT!” My business.. My family..
My kids.. My name..
My reputation.. My hope for my future..
it was All GONE! My passion.. I just remembered begging God for answers. God..please help me make sense out of this.
I just needed to know. you know..
was this my fault? Did the devil really win?
Was this like some kind of a generational curse
that had been on my life? Did I deserve this? He was losing everything! He was losing emotionally..
I think he was losing physically.. He wasn’t taking care of himself. He needed help! And we couldn’t help him from that far away. The divorce.. and losing the business
and the loss of his reputation because of the accusations that were flying
and people that had been his friends forever would say
“Mike, I just ran in to so and so and I heard this” And finally at one point, Bob and I knew,
he wasn’t making it. He was drowning.. We felt like we had to go down and just say “Listen, we are coming to get you
and we’re moving you to Alabama” Please..
Let’s work together! I’m not your enemy.
I am the father of your 5 children. I am the man who loves you
and who has loved you as the mother of my 5 children
I am the man who after accusation after accusation after accusation continues..
to keep my mouth shut! You’re my enemy right now..
You’re my enemy when I’m constantly barraged with this..
and I have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to defend myself
against accusation after accusation.. You’re my enemy. but I don’t want you to be my enemy! There were of lots of times when
things would be said about him or about his parenting..
it was constantly one accusation after another and sometimes I wondered
how he could take it. and when we would found about it
I would be really upset that someone would blatantly lie
to try and hurt another human being. I didn’t understand that
and I would be very angry and didn’t feel forgiveness in my heart at
all! And when I would talk to Michael about it,
his response was always the same. “Mom..we have to forgive!
We can’t carry the bitterness in our heart.. and remember what HE says-
“Forgive them for they know not what they do” and he would tell me that he would be on his knees every night when
that would happen and he would pray
for this ex-wife who is out to draw blood over and over and over again! And his response to that personal attacking was.. to pray for her! One day,
I’m praying. and God says
“Look at page 555 in your bible” And I quickly turn to page 555 in the Bible
and I read the story of Jerusalem’s deliverance foretold!
And as I read that story, God said “I’m telling you in advance, I’m
going to deliver you If you will trust me, I will deliver you”.
And I just felt this in my spirit one day as I was praying.
and I got on my knees and I began to weep..
because I knew that God was asking me to do something that was incredibly difficult
and that went extraordinarily away from commonsense. And as soon as I said YES,
God said ” Michael, I will deliver you.. I want you to fire your attorney”
“I will do this, in a very unusual way.. that will bring me much Glory! And it will not be because you had a better attorney”! One of the biggest issues is.. this spiritual road.. that Michael’s been on that’s not a road that I’ve traveled.
So I’m not having any understanding of it. Sometimes it looks like what society says
is not what he’s doing. What society thinks is not what how he’s reacting.
I think probably one of the biggest issues and problems was at one point
when we got towards the end of the divorce. And Michael had been representing himself
and he wanted to continue to do that. He said he had prayed about it.
We had offered to help with an attorney towards the end of this divorce.
He said “absolutely not! God has confirmed for me again
that I’m not to hire an attorney that I’m not to fight this
that I am to leave it and to Trust him” and when I share this with my friends
conversations with my husband Educated people
they all said You know
God is one thing and that’s great! But you gotta use your brain
You gotta use your brain sometimes God gave you a brain.
And when I would share that with Michael, Michael said, “There is no way, that I can
go against what my God has told me to do. He might as well kill me.
I can’t do it! It can’t happen!”
So, as a parent you feel helpless. Your child is off doing something
that everybody you know says is crazy! He’s going down a bad road. He’s not getting help.
He’s not listening to advice of his elders if you will. And he was offered a job for $150,000 Well.. to go from zero where he is at right
now to $150,000 Like we want you to start right now..
that’s pretty appealing. Most people would say “Hey..that’ is a Blessing!”
That’s a no brainier. I don’t even need to pray about it.
Well.. I’ve noticed that isn’t how Mike works.
Because he stays tuned in. It’s like he keeps the channel open.
and he talked about it. and I was just listening.
Then I just see “Its kind of like a download” Then he said “Hmm.. You know.. I think God
said NO ..to this! I’m not supposed to take it!” Faith is..putting your action where your words
are! and walking it out irrespective.
Walking it out even if it looks like it is flat out impossible. He got all in. He jumped all the way in.
He jumped in the deep end of the pool and got totally wet.
And chose to do that. And if he had made a mistake,
If this was a mistake, he was just gonna drown. That’s all there was to it. So today is Wednesday, February 15th and it is 7:35 at night
And these are the final hours of me being in a marriage
and in a relationship that lasted almost 17 years.
Its been a very very dramatic, ugly divorce. worse than I could have ever imagined.
It’s the day of court. We were all nervous.
Court lasts 9 and half hours. Michael had told us that God had promised
HE would deliver him. He knew it by the numbers that God showed
him. Over and over and over.
On that particular day, He saw those numbers and in abundance in a
circle. We just pull in to Larry’s deal.
He pulled in.. I just kind of glanced and looked at what
I saw. Sitting right here.. 555..0 I get out of the street.
“Larry, look at this..look at this” and then I look and right over here! He felt so confident. he was not concerned at all.
God told him what he was gonna do. and he knew God was gonna do it.
I just feel that the desire of my heart is to see the Lord do something
today that brings HIM much Glory! That solidifies my faith even more.
Gives me even more conviction and why I believe in the things that I believe
in God and my faith shows me how faithful he is.
Because HE’s made a lot of promises to me. and I think it will do the same things for
a lot of other people. So that’s the cry of my heart today.
And I walked in to that court room that morning..
and I remember just deep breathing and trying to stay calm and
I had written myself this sheet of encouragement with some scriptures and
some things to focus on Jesus Christ with. I walked out on the first break for lunch
feeling overwhelmed.. feeling barraged..
Feeling vulnerable.. defenseless..
There were so many accusations coming. Its like standing in the middle of a circle
of 360 degrees selection of bullets coming at you
and you don’t know which one to defend against first.
You don’t know which ones gonna be the one that’s gonna take you out. I’ve tried to write as fast as I can all of the things they are saying.
and I can’t keep up with it. There’s so many accusations that I can’t even
keep up with it. And it just..
nothing seemed to go my way. And by the afternoon break,
the go to the bathroom break. I felt really defeated.
I felt like this is not gone the way I felt God told me it was gonna go.
I’m being delivered into the hands of my enemy. And then it came time for closing arguments.
And.. the closing argument by her attorney was..
Absolutely brilliant! And I remember about halfway into this 20
min dissertation. just kinda sinking in my chair
I lost the desire to almost listen to what she was saying
I was just looking at my paper work and going “I’m done”
“I’m done!” All day long..I know defeat is mine.
And I’m gonna have to walk out of here figuring out how am I gonna pay $4500 a month
because I’ve been assaulted and made out to be a criminal like I’m hiding
money how am I gonna live with never been able to
bring my kids to Alabama How am I gonna live with not being able to
be a big part of my kid’s life It was looking bad for me. And she finishes. I catch my breath and it’s probably best left for me to actually
put my response So I’ll go ahead and put my response in right
here in to this video. Your Honor, mine will not be near as lengthy.
I promise you that. I wouldn’t know where to begin to answer all
these accusations ladies! I’m really really just disappointed.
I just.. I’m bruised..
I really am! You’ve done an amazing job.
You really have. I feel like a fish having been filleted.
And so, I’m gonna have to just trust God and the court on this one your honor.
I’ll just address a couple of issues here and
I’m gonna put it in your hands. The time sharing in Alabama it sounds as if
they are still asking for no time sharing in Alabama.
And I’m asking for custody of my kids So at a very minimum,
Yes the kids should be coming to see their father in Alabama
Because of the parental alienation Because of the fact every time I drop my kids
off, the kids would be interrogated about the visit.
Because I would have to constantly hear questions of like
Daddy..why did you actually move? “Objection”
because mommy says you’ve abandoned us. “Hear say, facts not in evidence.”
Because I’m having to sit in a parking lot at Toys R Us show my daughter the $1200 every
month I in fact do pay. Because they’ve been told
Or that I have to hear the grand father says that “I don’t love them and I don’t have any
money” that they are gonna feel guilty if they ask
to live with their father. That stuff ruins kids.
It ruins kids when they have to come ask their father that.
I never once said anything bad about their mother.
and God knows that. I’ve never once have said in fact I’d done
nothing but to defend them to this woman. On my very recording happy person that I am
have my kids say to me “Father, Mommy doesn’t like us
She calls us idiots.” I’ve to hear this stuff so much that it drives
me crazy Okay
So that’s why I distance myself and said you know what? If this is way itsgonna be
you want victory You want me to come and see 2-3 legal letters
every single week. You can have it.
That’s what you want. You can have it.
One day, my kids will be old enough They will know the truth
They would come and seek out their own relationship with their father.
I’m now in front a court and I’m asking for help.
I do not wish that to be the case anymore I do want phone contact
I do not wanna have to argue my way into being able to see my kids
I do not wanna have to show my thumbprints My driver’s license
the color of vehicle every time I come to town
I do not wanna to have to have an answer an emergency injunction
which says I’m gonna kidnap my kids filed right here anymore.
And then the court in fact dismissed that order
I was allowed to take kids out of the state. The kids have not been kidnapped.
They’ve been returned every time. 1000 accusations after another.
Its unbelievable. I wouldn’t even know where to begin if I have
to defend myself today your honor. Imputing income to me..
Your Honor.. You cannot get blood out of a turnip
In this economy I think it would be dangerous.
If they crush me the great provider that they say I am,
where does that leave the rest of the family, I’m already doing everything I can.
This has been tough to carry to emotional load of a divorce.
This wouldn’t be the first time you’ve ever heard that.
I need to get away from this. So that I can get back to living and trying
to provide for the family. She was working.
She has a great college education. She’s got more college education and
10 times smarter than I am intellectually. She’s far more employable in a market like
this than I am I’m an entrepreneur.
I don’t have a college education. She’s quit.
I just spoke to her boss yesterday. She had the job; she quit.
I don’t know why you would quit a job where you are at the same place as your children.
She can’t afford health insurance She can’t afford the food
She can’t afford to keep a job for the kids. But she can afford almost $40,000 in legal
fees to bully me and to abuse me
I spent $15,000 and got smart and said I’m out.
I’m not doing this anymore. We don’t kill each other in the process. We’re
supposed to be parents. I’ve sent repeated emails.
I’ve sent repeated video messages. I told her I’ve forgiven her for all of the
nonsense. I said “Let’s work together as parents”
in a peaceable situation. and Now she has a $15,000 lean I just received
from the court for attorney fees She’s got a $15,000 lean from you for her
attorney fees that she can’t afford pay. But yet we can’t afford to pay health insurance
and take care of the kids. So but we can spend now $55,000 in legal fees.
That is an issue of priorities being out of whack.
That is an issue of somebody not being sane. I wanna be involved in my kid’s life.
I have the ability to take care of my kids. I have resources and family members that have
the ability to do it. I Love my kids.
I want them to be in my life and I trust you for the decision.
And in the very minimum your honor, I’d like to ask for boys.
I’m a kid who grew up without a father. I didn’t have a father in my life.
And I know how important boys need their daddys. Even in her petition she states that the child
has behavior problems. He has behavioral problems because he has
to go in to another room and close the door to have a conversation with
his father so he knows it is private.
A 5 year old kid should not know how to do that.
I would like to have my kids and I would like to be able to take care all of them
and uhh I just.. I ask at a very minimum
one woman taking care of 5 kids if she was the most emotionally healthy person on the
planet it doesn’t make sense in any stretched imagination
when a perfectly able body man who has been the primary income provider
and the primary provider of the love and affection can not be involved in my kid’s life.
I’m done.. I have nothing else to say your honor. We are all freaking out. We’ve no idea what’s going on
don’t know what’s happening all of a sudden the doors open.
and all of a sudden Michael 5 min later comes out of the court room by
himself.. I have to tell you, the words that came out
of his mouth were unbelievable. I mean I couldn’t believe it in a million
years. And the expression on his face is we’re trying
to read it. can’t make heads or tails.
Don’t know if it’s good.. don’t know if it’s bad.
He’s almost expressionless. Then I realize he’s in a state of shock. I walked out of that court room going what
in the world just happened? And when I go up to him “Mike just tell me
if it is good news or bad news’ He can’t even speak.
We get in to the elevator He proceeds to start crying.
There are people in the elevator. He can no longer control himself.
We still know not to even ask. He’s obviously shook up.
But we don’t know why. We get to the car and once we’re in the car
alone, he proceeds to wail. For 25 minutes. I felt all day I was gonna be defeated.
And in the last 5 minutes.. you know..
it’s like the Israelite standing on the shore of the red sea going..
“Wait a second Moses…you brought us all the way out here so that we could die?”
And in a moment, as it says in Psalm 6
in a moment, my enemies were sent away in a moment of disgrace.
I mean it was a modern day red sea parting. I mean it was just incredible.
I just walked right through it all. But at the same time, he’s throwing his hand
up in the air and he’s saying..Thank you Jesus..
Thank you God. You promised you would deliver me
You did deliver me. I will spend the rest of my life telling everyone
what you did for me this day. People doubted but I knew and you did exactly
what you’ve promised. You would do for me. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Even though God had told me all this time,
he would deliver me, this was the most AMAZING Evidence of God
I had ever seen in my life! We let him catch his breath.
We went out to dinner with friends kind of little celebration.
And as we are leaving the restaurant, it occurred to me,
that Michael’s God did really listen to him and I said to him
from the back seat of the car, “Micheal, your God really listens to you”
and he turned around and said to me, “Mom, it’s the other way around”
I listen to my God”! Back then, it was so hard for me to reconcile
my shattered dreams with a loving God. But because of Christ’s amazing Grace in my
life, today it’s hard for me to even remember
all of that pain. It is incredible! And so here it is..
GOD has given me this fullness of joy filled within inexpressible glorious joy Peter says.
That’s what it is. I can’t even express it!
I can’t even express it! I’m experiencing what was written 2000 years
ago in my heart. Filled with an inexpressible Glorious Joy!
Now..if you’re ready to experience life to the full take a look at this. Over the last 2 years, I wrote a book called
the JOHN 7:17 CHALLENGE to help more people to experience God and find life to the full. It contains all of the actionable teachings
of Christ by category. In a 90 daily devotional format. The book is loaded with transparent stories
of my own failures victories and God’s dealings with me along the way. To provide encouragement and practical application
of Christ’s teachings for you. If you are a pen and a paper kind of person,
You may purchase the books from my site At relentlessheart.com Its a beautiful full color, 122 page
8½ /11 spiral bound work book which also includes other bonus downloadable documents
that I’ve written for you. If you cannot afford the book or you prefer
to read electronically, you may simply subscribe for free to my blog as I
will be blogging each day of the journey directly from the book for you. It’s my prayer that the Grace of the Lord
Jesus Christ will be with you as you pursue him with all of your heart
to find Life to the Full!

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    You wont believe that i came across this, needing to hear it and see it TODAY. Thank you so much. now i know the path God has me on is for a reason and that is to trust him and the process no matter how much it hurts. It IS painful, it is heartbreaking and lonely…but i wont stop… thank you. I really cant thank you enough for your testimony. It is so relative to my situation. Im running to the fire. “The Lord is with me, Im will not be afraid, for what can man do unto me.” Psalm 118:6.

  • bartakin says:

    People do lie in court and yes they destroy you for profit and revenge and you need to trust God read the bible and know the truth will come out. Chose your friends wisely…These liars will be held to account..

  • Jake R says:

    I've lost any faith I've ever had in god and any optimism left that I held onto many years overdue that God has any plan for me in life that isn't always a bad lesson to learn from.. I have no energy.. With the reasons from I was a young kid to almost 30 I have constantly been dragged through the bumps and cracks the thorns the personal pain.. It'd take a Miracle for me to truly believe in the god that were taught about.. Alot of my bridges of belief & faith have been burned so many times for so many reasons over years… I want to have faith.. I just have no reason I can come up with anymore to not give up on this god.. Miracle would have to been witnessed at this point to ever gain back the little be of sincere faith I have always held onto even when I had no reason to.. I've necer asked for a handout.. All I ask with god is to have a reason to have faith in him.. I've never asked for anything more then even recieving strength and help walking in the right direction and time's I've needed him to carry me for a small ways as I could release the pressure and tension just enough to gain any amount strength back to keep any faith o had, happiness to keep making it through my life where all I know is hardship and struggle and now to a point where losing that little bit of faith I had left in God that finished destroying any little hope I've weirdly held onto for many year's when I had no logical reason or any sign from god to keep that rocky faith I still gripped onto.. I need you god, I've needed you.. I need any sign or miracle I've never been so desperate..

  • Lucy Laiche says:

    Your testimony and mine might differ, yet the realization of your need of a deeper relationship with God and the subsequent direction He had for you is the same as mine. I praise God for your words which I've been unable to convey of my own journey with Him. Thank you. Now to watch the vid. Blessings from Mississippi.

  • God Help me says:

    God strengthen us, our father in heaven save us, never let us leave you and turn from you, lead us into your eternal kingdom, through Jesus our lord amen.

  • God Help me says:

    This is exactly what I'm going through right now, Hallelujah!

  • Robert Turner says:

    I don't know if you read these, but Michael, your story and mine are INCREDIBLY similar. I'll not go into it here as I would be writing a novel. I am currently in a situation where I am surrounded by people actively seeking to take my life, but God has shown me in several visions that he is going to deliver me from the hands of my oppressors. I'd be lying if I said there are moments where it seems impossible and I'm filled with dispare. I turned in my Bible to page 555 and it's Micah 6:9 to 7:14. Thank you for having faith and for allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through your testimony into my life. Praise Jesus. Thank you.

  • Elena Alina says:

    I have been waiting for sooo long. I am soo tired of feeling this pain i have begged God to deliver me from this pain i feel. My family, my marriage i just want all of this to stop. I just want to rest i cant keep going i am exhausted at the end of myself about to give up and quit. I need God to pick me up because im on the ground i feel like i just want to die and be with the Lord

  • A Drop of Truth says:

    Why should it 'amaze' you?
    God[יהוה] and His Son Jesus Christ[Yeshua Ha'Mashiach] created EXISTENCE… No-thing is 'beyond' God[יהוה]. Your 'truth' is incomplete, so I shall say something that may be determined the 'most sexist comment ever written' on social media.
    God[יהוה] is PURE LOGIC and ABSOLUTELY PERFECT which is why He sent His Only Begotten of Himself as a 'human being' (and God[יהוה] in essence)as a sacrifice for ALL SIN and a teacher to ALL who would listen as a MAN.
    Who did God[יהוה] in the Garden of Eden ask first regarding the transgression (stealing of its fruit) of the "Tree of the knowledge of Good & Evil" ?
    Adam, not Eve who God[יהוה] knewto have transgressed first, but her husband and progenitor.
    God[יהוה] and Christ forgive women's transgressions as mere antics but NOT their husband's.
    God[יהוה] made MAN both male and female but put the RESPONSIBILITY upon Adam to care for his wife because Eve was made from Adam.
    Sorry women, man takes all the responsibility., you're just along for the 'ride'.
    As for the LGBTQ and SJW brigade, go read Deuteronomy, Leviticus and Romans for your answer.
    God[יהוה] and His prophets say it far more truly than I ever could.

  • Paul Hampton says:


    Wow" Job's story match's some of yours Sir ! I'm currently going through something much worse then all that" have had a much more horrific child hood from what I've gathered then you've gone through"" from what I've heard" suffered more pains then most could bare to handle and survived healthy ! The testament of time balanced by belief in self and stronger Belief in Jesus Christ & God ""got me through that and this ! What I'm going through now" makes wars look like a cake walk ! So I'll not elaborate anything of that"" because it can be taken as Negative or destructive of the human soul ! What i will say"" no matter how much you wanted too not listen to him or not hear out his story ! I promise you"" if you listen to it ! You will not regret it ! Listen too it to the very end ! I promise you it will help ! Also let me add important things too see"" everybody has a story ! EVERYBODY has feelings a soul and a heart ! What is Important""" no matter the person's story"" their's always somebody with a worse one or a lesser one that simply can not relate ! This is why I'm writing you this today ! Please"" don't just have hatred ! Set aside the anger and pain and look at what you do have ! If you're reading this"" then you've came along a very long way ! And see that you who's reading this" just to know that somebody existed that's gone much further with much harder struggles then even him ! Is still hear today to write you this ! Because" i am hear ! At times i feel empty at times i feel soullessly dried out and forsaken & forgotten" but i never gave up !.
    I listened too this man this Child of God and his amazing life story !
    He said it shared it and gave it too us to see ! Somebody might need to hear it one day ! Never had toys nice things a room or good clothes or enough food from states IRS attacks from folks Family matters effecting us from being selfless ! Giving all i ever had ! Yet hear i am to write you ! All of you ! So don't give up !. We know it's crazy hard and sometimes harsh in ways that seemed impossible ! But hear we are ! I believe that their is no false reason for why God sent us hear ! God has a reason for everything !. May God bless you and your family and your friends and your life ! Please" keep well ! Sincerely a loving respectful humble gentle soul ! Apostle Paul~.

  • aurelle champagne says:

    A whore mother.He never had a chance.No wonder God stepped in.

  • Rosalia Maramis says:

    My religion made me suffer "" but "" my religion saved my life forever, my religion "" miracle ""

  • Mary Grainger says:

    Praise God,hallelujah!!!! Amen
    @Brother Michael Criswell thank you for sharing your testimony, and giving us the time to know,learn,and become more aware of GOD'S SOVEREIGNTY and GLORY, GRACE,LOVE….to me is more than that, for with it have come to understand more clearer how important is to truly trust GOD, Our Eternal LORD with all HE has made,given us to do,be, and to be reminded that a many a times we not only are the oppressors,or the oppressed but that in HIS Grace and Sacrifice we have been forgiven, thank you again for allowing our ABBA FATHER, LORD GOD ALMIGHTY To use you to brake the chains and yokes of so many who are around the world still lost,or fallen. May all the children stand in awe to YOUR ETERNAL name ABBA FATHER, Who Art in heaven in The Mighty name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth we pray,and say Amen,Amen,Amen
    Note: remained blessed always, amen

  • Aric Jiang says:

    Hey Michael, I am going through a similar situation with my wife.. It looks absolutely hopeless.. but I thank God for your testimony. Just want to let you know that what you went through was not for nothing.

  • devonie Scott-Francis says:

    Your faith bring u through my bro thank for your testimony God continue to bless u and family

  • Nicole Voorhies says:

    Faith is the substance of things hoped for,the evidence of things not seen. And by it(Faith) the elders obtained a good testimony.


    Thanks Michael for your testimony, it gives me more more blessings to trust Jesus Christ fully without doubt, just lean on Him.

  • Analize M. says:


  • christina gusman says:

    I know your pain Michael cause I have gone through it.

  • Jane Derengi says:

    $1 …. I held my breath when I saw the … I only hoped the judge would order $1 a month … I laughed, I cried and I will never forget … $1. Michael Chriswell … If you read this … I just listened and watched this for the second time (yesterday and today). Today I listened because my youngest daughter, 10 years old, had a hard morning and is experiencing a little of what you went through … It really inspired her. Thank you.

  • James Bold Comedy says:

    Why do all stories about Jesus end with a request to buy something or give money? Jesus never asked anyone for money!!!!!!!

  • SafeGuardYourSoul.com says:


  • Christina Ok/Oh Jesus is Lord says:

    Nov 27 15

  • Forrest gump says:

    My life right now. At least before the ending. Lord have mercy on my soul.

  • Deyfan Aoki says:

    Please pray for me. I’ve been in distress over my bleak job situation for years. I’ve come to a point where I just want to end my life. The mentally suffering is so intense. I can’t eat and can’t sleep, help me! Please pray for me, that God will place me in a suitable job soon. I’m so very broken.

  • Abel Philosophy says:

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring testimony

  • Sherms says:

    I have now watched this for the umpteenth time and everytime I do, I am blessed and I cry as if I am seeing it for the first time! God bless you Michael and thank you for sharing!

  • Micellina Khajoane says:

    Very inspiring

  • Tyler Montigny says:

    The storm of my life:

    · I'm a 21 year old who has never had a girlfriend
    · I'm single and lonely
    · my friends treat me like shit time to time
    · I'm poor
    · My parent fight all the time

    I still want to believe God has a purpose for my pain and suffering but I'm about to give up

  • Dragon says:

    Angels are manipulating the masses
    Guiding them to the fall
    They like when humans fall
    People listen and turn to god when they fall
    Exactly what the angels want
    Then they are in control
    And little do humans know the real god and his true plans for your suffering

  • Tracy Scott says:

    Omg this make me cry I just here say god I give up right know but seeing this make I think I have hope just here say god please don't make me give up Leve my kids Dem I see this video omg please pray for me

  • jocelyne gacuma says:

    To make it through a storm is a courage within ourselves in each individuals, for me you learn so much courage in a storm.

  • Emokiriemi Abednego says:

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  • Matronista says:

    I am in the pit right now screaming for peace and comfort. I have always loved the Lord and have been faithful.

    My husband died recently and I am devastated. Physically I am not able to pick up the pieces. Literally I walk through the house and can’t fathom how to clear the junk out of my house and out of my head.

    I know where that Shoney’s was. I had monumental life events there, too.

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