Tori Amos – Smells like teen spirit (Most seen Tori Amos' video on You Tube)

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  • hopfen33 says:

    Really terrible !

  • Adrienne says:

    I love this version. Best cover I've ever heard of this song.

  • Ghostchaser73 says:

    Ah yes, this is it. This is the one VH-1 played to death for a month and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why. This was terrible.

  • goblin the king says:

    i feel like this cover is part of the reason i found out that i am lesbian, like honestly

  • Stephen Dollins says:

    Oil spill

  • Архаон Всеизбранный says:

    Cover > original

  • Daniel McDowell says:

    anyone got a better version that can be viewed in the us?

  • anime1217 says:

    Kurt cobain in his 1993 interview said this cover was "flattering" and that him and Courtney used to wake up to it and jokingly do interpretive dances to it😂😂😂❤❤❤❤

  • Meme Man says:

    Curt Cobain heard this cover of his song, put a shotgun in his mouth and blew his head off.

  • Lee Bartholomew says:

    I'm going to assume the sound bumps are to bump the copyright police around

  • ReklawLah says:

    Too bad this crappy video is the most viewed Tori vid on Youtube. She deserves better.

  • Fallingmonsters says:

    According to Kurt, the band once came out on stage doing an interpretive dance to this version

  • panos pata os says:

    the only good nirvana cover i've probably ever heard and it's glitchy.

  • Stevie M says:

    This version skips too much

  • John Doe says:

    Whoever reads this I hope you have a miraculous day! <3

  • Fida' Mohammad says:

    كل ما أجبرك عمل فني تلاحقه ظنا منك انه رح يشبعك بس بالحقيقة هو بمرغك بمزيد من الجوع والتوق للاشباغ المستحيل كل ما كان أثره أكبر. الأقوى تلاقي أكثر من هالعمل مثل هالكوفر وتتوقع إشباع بنسبة ما لكن اللي بتحصل عليه هو المزيد من الجوع. أو أنه تأثير الكافيين.

  • chapter9syndrome says:

    Tori Amos was our first piano ballad cover experience before girls took over Youtube

  • 꽈당우당탕탕 says:

    와우……이 누님 멋지네

  • Jeancarlo Muñoz says:

    La reyna del piano
    larga vida a Tori amos

  • kelly stone says:

    smell me thrash? we start with Jeremy fish…but were primitive demi's im  magladon. well, shane, here we are now. entertain us. im altitude sick.

  • LuAnne Moran says:

    Tori Amos, YOUR Lack Of GRACE is the only element that is Truly STUPID, as This "NIRVANNA Rhiannan, Lu Anne, Beatle BELIEVES You do This Song an INJUSTICE, With Every DISTORTED Expression, With The Intent of DEGRAD and SLANDER Me / The Brits Knew I was in more than DENIAL, I was an Abused Kid , whose Step MONSTER gave away ALL of my composed music, while yelling "you'll never make it in the music business , because YOU'RE NOT A GORILLA" / Well, after viewing YOUR Cold Mean Sprits of Displacement, Unlike Artists WHO Noted My Composed Music, being Something, HAUNTING Like Rhiannan, in The Song "ON The EDGE OF SEVENTEEN", Depicting The Fact That My Composed Music Was A SENSATION and That I Would Have Been An OVER NIGHT SENSATION, but some, I am told, were AFRAID that I would become CONFIDENT WITH IT… / My Composed Music Was Contagious and YOU Look Like The Mean Sprits Of Cold Cruel Begrudging WITCHES, WHO Couldn't Give A Little Credit Where It WAS Certainly Well Over Due, and while I reside in a HOMELESS Shelter, I think on HIPOCRETS, who think they FOOL Good GENEROUS Souls, any side of A Four Leaf Clover, Ever So Looked Over, In Places Like BALTIMORE / Honey Pie, I Sing In Circles Around Your A-HOLE Sound Quality, which is why, some people need to make fun of those who really aught to SUIT Them For ALL Their Worth, or at LEAST, Know that DENIAL comes at a cost, and it was abuse / YOUR Expression, in and of themselves, ARE SLANDEROUS, because, they did NOT still refer to me as The Former "Teen Angle With The Voice and SOUND" for Chicken Feed, and I will REACH  to Better Elevations in Endeavors of Dimensions , KNOWONE KNOWS ME YET; GOD WILLING ( YOU Are A Mean BITCH that really aught to be well afforded A Turbo Broom…) , Ever Sincerely, Lu Anne Moran  aka  "Nirvanna's Rhiannan, Luanne, beatle" and The U. S. Marines "MOOSE" for Sacredly Surrounding ALL Their Generations, from EVER Perishing, within MY Families Ancient Families Folklore's LOVE, in what  IS now WIDELY Known as "THE SONG" or "INTO THE MYSTIC", having been told of how VAN MORRISON really like me A LOT for composing that entire arrangement on The Main Floor of BLOOMINGDALE'S, while simultaneously KNOWING I Only Wanted VAN to sing it / It WAS Told to me, ALL Over Campus At Fairleigh Dickenson University, but I was rather lacking in confidence, since people with a LACK of CHARACTER simply followed suit, with Status Quo of Maddening Levels, To Be In Vogue, and These ARE the sorts of people who  have to believe they are so great, while in ALL reality, they are only LEDGONDS In Their OWN MINDS and perhaps "ON THE WIRE In BALTIMORE = Take The Trip; Spend The Day There, Well NO, It's Wasn't Worth The Ticket In At ALL / You're A RAT!!!

  • Verity says:

    Tori Amos…the Kate Bush epigon.

  • Luis Mario says:

    remember when i was 9 and listen this on my dinosaur PC, now i'm 17 and a lot of memories back to me listening this.


    Tremendous cover. Sound on this video doesn't do it justice.

  • LeakinBrolly says:

    I love this track, but is anyone else getting laggy bumps in the sound?

  • Regina Boh says:

    Intense performance!! She is a great musician

  • Алексей Кушниренко says:

    The best covet of Smells like teen spirit!!!

  • Clint Dawley says:

    estoesesto4:  lost energy, rage and strength?  I don't think so..did we even listen to the same song?  Cover songs shouldn't be a carbon copy of the original but be filtered through an artists own "looking glass".

  • Waiting Watching Hurting says:

    this is just talentless pandering. she can write her own hit therefore she must steal from a good song writer.

  • cjadetown says:

    I personally prefer this cover to the original version

  • Ekulioful says:

    boring, dull

  • Bob Outélama says:

    Am I the only one that is hearing the sound jumping and an overcompression ?

  • Nirvana Hoxha says:

    hey guys!i just uploaded a cover of this amazing version which i sang last year at the voice of albania but i didn't make it :/ i would be sooo happy if you would check it out 🙂

  • Elena Morado says:

    sign to reopen cabain case! https://www.change.org/petitions/seattle-mayor-ed-murray-re-open-the-kurt-cobain-case

  • Carlo A.60 says:

    Una grande artista….

  • Carlo A.60 says:

    Una grande artista….

  • videopibedelosabados says:

    Kurt Cobain se revuelca en su tumba cada vez que le dan play a esto.

  • Ava Dawn says:

    I thought it was really pretty. Tori didn't take anything from the original by covering it. It's just a different way to hear a brilliant song. Not sure why Grohl had to be condescending about it.

  • Iszo Rivero says:

    Me encanta, hermosa version

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