TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN | God Of War – Part 10 (END)

(Whoopsh~!!) TOP OF THE MORNIN' TO YA, LADDIES!!! My Name is Jacksepticeye And Welcome To Dad of Boy! I just realize that the two things at the background looks like eyeballs staring at me I don't know if this is going to be the last episode.. I think we're coming up near the end, well I've said this a bunch of times. I'm not gonna say anything else I keep thinking I'm coming near the end of the game And then it's like "ah you broke the tower you need to go back" So let's see what actually happens before I go any further We have the stuff we need now technically to travel to Eton Harmon We need to go back to Midgard first Yep that is something that Odin did even my like Very little understanding of Greek err – not greek, Norse mythology even I remembered bits of that odin mad bastard oh and I also remember the name of his horse is Sleipnir or Sleipnir I remember because I- in Final Fantasy Odin was a summon that you could get and Sleipnir was his horse It had six legs or maybe Eight legs? can't remember. Where we going, the realm between realms oh, yeah, we have to jump off the- the World Tree That's good, that's what we were doing whoa if you're thinking about howling us all into the void. I hope you're quite sure Bollocks Finding your own path in life is not really the same as jumping off a cliff. I still want to know what that is Maybe it's the top of the Jotunheim Oh At the top of the mountain that fingered mountain it looks like em this is where to step beyond and the unity stone protected hidden I Hope you're right really Well, it's it lads. It's been an honor our brave head well cut your arm of that axe boy Boy head and father You come down at the bottom of it Neil deGrasse Tyson is standing there, and he's like the universe oh Well another branch gonna be so nauseous with her stomach come on that was great Nick The tower I knew there was something down here Amazing how do you hide something that exists in all realms? cast it out of any realm to the space between nice level tier So this stuff then Can't be that. It's not like you go through Vanna. Hyde to reach them at god peak well How do we use it I'd suggest we look inside, but stay elapsed tear little challenges are never as simple as they appear I've noticed first things first the boy Incredibly optimistic I love him. He is that force of PMA going on for him But and so this is what the dwarves use then the road between roams if that's is indeed her that looks fucking amazing if this is indeed in between the realms so the dwarves are just using the gate that Brock made and… …Just going in through different doors on the Yggdrasill branches Technically or at least something similar to that can I light the brassieres here Oh, this is sparse the pedestal there's gonna be a fight here if you're giving me these Four doors Toa it Sam's norebang the stones energy Wait if I always wanted if I bring this into the world, that's its purpose we're fulfilling to your spare Hope that would alert Odin to get through idea brother, but after that fall. I'm sure we're past the worst of it You had to say something to get me oh Okay to go the axe Oh One of those strong boys That is so beyond satisfied destroy Also crap I have there. I have the amulet from nifflheim equipped My own equipped that real quick Okay, nice. I want to have The vitality want to get I had that to cleanse the fog away from me when I was going through trying to get mist echoes It's all frosty Get him boy Dang it Oh God freeze that guy as much as I would like it to I'm watching Can't even see their help anymore, can we get the freakin whites to come back? Sir no one nightmares We have the whites please Okay there we go we back Off Me either apparently o glorious prophet block Us off what do you think it's taking us not Jeff? I do not know Green what's Greenland? Yep, oh dear no they come It's it's funny because Greenland is a real place, and it's also part of Nordic town Because it was conquered by this kinda Naviance the Danish if I remember her specifically Take that you sumbitches Wow big boy before you want to do a pink hot all bang, you're real hurt Man that does so much damage even though the axis is supposed to be able to do anything to creatures in hell this thing still Don't say don't don't do that don't jinx it yep Shit I just use all my frosty news hi, buddy Do a lot of them damn I'm sick of these sons of bitches Here rock, they pray don't you missed? Oh that does so much damage I even lost any health And boy Not even doing this The boy was like oh sure so one of these guys and the troll it is that's fair Artemis but wait Ollie no question, but also what are we? An even better question. Why are we putting our one after the first slash performs a second criss cross detected launches enemies into the air? Whoa? That gets rid of which one oh yeah, I want this one then We had 40k oh wait this doesn't do much Damage, this is a lot of stun though, and it is a 21 second cooldown mother. Oh geez You don't have anything new. What are you telling me of something new? Oh wait? I'm allowed to leave now There's the bridge we did it the towers back where it belongs now tears travel room can take us to Jotunheim – you know Odin suspected the Giants secretly possessed some remnant of primordial Newton our creative essence the stuff all realms are made of The unity store must have been fashioned ballasts to trust an outsider with it even tia tells you just how desperate they wear And look now. We can finally let all the braziers and see what happens hmm another name boydle If they've been made into a memorial to the Valkyries There is something that I could easily do right now perhaps to go back and move The room to every single bridge, let's go back and watch that animation of the thing turning which is really annoying also Hey, sir P boy Think the serpents looking at this going ah so you figured it out, huh? Because the serpent is Knowledgeable, it's wise. It's also time traveled so came from the future back into the past and The snake is part of Ragnarok because fimbulwinter starts, and then it takes three years of fimbulwinter and then Ragnarok begins But Ragnarok is a self-fulfilling prophecy, so it's one of those things that everyone knows knows. It's coming It's always been coming and it's something that even when they try and stop They're still causing the elements of it for it to happen so It's one of those things that's just unavoidable so everything they do to try and stop it They're still creating it and almost in a case that they need to try and stop it for it to actually happen It's a really weird prophecy But it's really cool, and anything that has time travel in it just deep need to make sense. I just love time travel Time to have in our space wormhole travel anything like that You guys do for me, so what'd you find? Yeah? I think you guys could do anything for me actually right now Later then. What was it I needed by the way, okay? What's good. I don't know it's good for you If all these things deadly missed oh Yeah, I needed missed echoes in Niffleheim alloy another time. Maybe yeah another time I would never Movin and groovin. I don't know what we'll find when we get to your name but we must come change Giants Giants Ravens will tell them of the towers restoration, and we mustn't Yeah, that's the thing know that they've tower is actually back That kind of messes it up because now Odin is able to get to the tower Nice Trouble Wait a minute isn't going to work Must have used his own eyes to refract the energy. It was final feel see Precisely to keep me from traveling. Sorry lads thought that would work horse. What did wouldn't do with your other? Eye, you'd have kept it in any of a hundred places. I'm afraid We come so far there has to be a way look But have a long shot for a year that descends late sometimes block locking around in that mountain when Odin came for his visits There we go of course I know their hurdles, there's always something it's like traveling to Jotunheim. Yeah, you broke the tower Oh, we're trouble to do tonight now. You know travel Christie. Oh, we need to get your eye. Yeah, you don't even wanna Are you fuckers no? I'm sorry as a matter of fact Odin asked me to He wanted me to build him oh come on man look He showed it to me you see and I Brooke can you do the talking please? Well that was useless You know it was about that same time that Odin came around looking for me to build a statue was some sort of engine Compartment now that not being a weapon in the 8th year being a bunch of box becos rockers I too saw fit to decline, but I know we got it, built just the same What was the statute? All right set one of the core out there flash in his sack – the way the statute that the serpent ate sorry about that feeling much better How are we supposed to look inside the snake? We better go see what the world serpent has – yeah talk to my sir PB oh I don't know what lies ahead, but now would be a good time to make sure he's ready we are going Wait what I don't have to go inside the snake do I Kratos has already been inside one giant creature. Yes, go inside Chronos to get there the omphalos stone the omphalos stone to create his the whips of her Festus The electric things that he had Eyes asleep Vocal warm-ups Also when Sindri was puking he was like oh, it's all of my hands is that corn? Hi serpent Sorry to wake you up. I love the size Oh Stop doing is his water with or father like finding Nemo This is that you lost to us, he thinks it might still be in a stomach And he's open to letting you go into his mouth to look inside By-the-by he's no wild about that either oh My god I have to go inside him oh My god this game is nuts You do not have to come I Do have to go inside him Holy shit, what so he's like Thor star through Something things Thor that dude. He toured the toy that who is see the belly I Want to know what the snake is saying as well because Because there's no subtitles for the snake There's even subtitles for when Mamere is talking in his language, but they've specifically left out subtitles from the same places But this will be a new one I've never been in the judge. You never wonder was not trying to eat me Once at this point Oh my god Even as like two sets of teeth Oh guys Oh, sweet Jesus my arm is going that's cool Belly of the beast I can't see anything It just reminded me of when I used to feel when I was a child Let's find that stash Wade so at Reyes He knew about the dragon being in The thing he kind of sensed it he sent something up above him He sensed the dragon maybe he could actually just hear the voice or something But then he also knew that the Valkyries were down there. He knew that there was a prison And now he's saying used to get hues of dreams of getting eaten Smells in the future boy, but like hey the real fermenting Actually Brightness is really Derek Sony Santa Monica you guys are bananas to make stuff like this, okay? There's a chess back there. I'm assuming I can get to that somehow. Oh luckily there's a dock right here And they still won't have to fight anything in here Let's go back He's going back again stop These now have a second set of weapons that I can use to get places So glad there's convenient yellow markings all over everything to help me know where I'm going ah there we go Return to me axe Lemire No, it's not like I can still see through it That'll be handy, though There's just a boat So I'll take you quite a while to dissolve this mr. Serpent mister your man Gandhi your man, Gandalf There it is that's an eye maybe you should stick that in my head for safekeeping Gently now gently oh Hello depth perception find your brother. You don't miss depth until it's gone Awesome Then we can use your head as a prism Well, I wouldn't say I'm feelin Paul again, but it's a great improvement The Bifrost is intact else out then we have all we need Vladdy have you ever had the town tempting peak also known as jinxing us This one has a chest hanging out, no biggie a Lot of gold inside your belly also no biggie, okay? Please can we go to Jotunheim, I'm sick of all these hurdles in my way. It's very dark in this section Should have turned up the brightness I'm last as follow the compass. Oh wait now. I can kind of see Places gross Going on What that? This kid shit are mildly terrifying Maybe our presence is upsetting your leg and us barely know Something is wrong. Oh No, something's attacking it Good Is that Boulder bitch outside Oh Tempting fate We must hurry couldn't agree more bother Then paddle faster You're a god use your hands No don't hurt my your man gander Chipton Oh geez where are we now? Now boy boy Used to this oh They father like son something needed no something else Dead giant Why would the serpent leave us here Look Hi oh Yeah Was it used? right Until we know for certain keep a distance the world serpent. What's happened here We hope you enough You are far from home I'm looking for my son the two of you You helped me see things more clearly you do not know where he is then No But the woods and fields speak his name. I know he walks here in Midgard When'd you see him last Long ago before you were even born Why are you standing so far from me? Hmm what's wrong? So I'm truster There I Think It's like what you frame in a 13th or something feeling Hurting the big snake would bring the two of you out in the open do you have any? idea any idea at all What you have cost me oh? Shut up. Go. What don't go into my chemical romance or something? boy I'm here. Don't run away Well I'm not going anywhere mother I Know that you're still angry. I know that how you feel hasn't changed, but I want you How I feel Oh bad choice of words oh I've spent the last 100 years dreaming of this moment I rehearsed everything I ever Wanted to say to you every word to make you understand exactly What you stole from me? But now I Realize, I don't need you to understand anything. I don't need you at all How Golf cradles this has nothing to to? This path you work Vengeance you will find no peace I know You I'll deal with you later, but we Hanley first Oh Or classes and sessions again Okay, we're in it I've learned a few tricks last time Dammit Watches mean rate Now is bleeding boy breathe The mistletoe it was in his quiver I Can feel this that's why she wanted to destroy them You everything Are you killable now Dude Yeah She's controlling the giant Quiver strap this mistletoe Reyes said it was working. He's more than hard that spell is broken He can be killed That Namit hey snow coming back now Oh his knowledge is returning Because the smell on Balder is broken All right, let's do this boy No woman you cannot he needs to kill you Oh, what happened? Nice oh my god, that's so awesome All right bluff the wrong plane He's ice now so do I fuse these shit wait use this attack Oh, okay, that's it absolutely nothing Good job boy Oh not today city gym you and your fucking Roars Mother Straight straight boy Yes don't rate rate Wow Then twitch damage is great for me Anything that so concentrate it right now I Press the too late Come on woman hold on seven the cradles yes Nice way to charge them oh Dude this is so cool dry ass I Like that every time something happens the first thing cradles houses, where is this son, that's adorable Where now he's on fire Come on Okay he's on fire so I need to use weight knocks oh That's so much damage I love it Show me more, thank me, man Oh Crap oh, that's a cool effect, though Depressing it too late Oh shit The hell you guys claiming this thing I'm coming boy Boy you guys are the best Wow stomp room nice This again boy boy boy boy I got me two children by the fees This is so fucking ethnic gonna give it a superhero movie Yes We're tracing words Oh, yeah Oh, yeah, I'm I'm like mega strong by the way Yes Wait now he's fire again, Oh guys just between them Shut up Fran Now Oh crap as I see it. No. He's wearing it But everything's going to so motion people Yeah, I interrogative It's almost it. Yeah pretty easily actually Oh, that's a great host news Schmuck boy boy boy boy boy boy One you can talk to it Holy fuck That was insane Stop please He's being folder Learned You will not come to us again Will not touch her I don't need your protection That's nice It won't stop I Was just trying to protect you I won't I've made mistakes I know but you're free now you have what you want Try to find forgiveness we can build something new We can Yes only to pay Lifetime I have paid I Have paid But if that alone will make you home We've seen me dead, we'll make things right In Whoa Um Jesus Christ Here must be better than this No no my Freya he chose this I will rain down three okapi every violation imaginable upon you I Will parade your cold body from every corner of every realm and that? Is my promise he saved your life If you were just an animal Testing on you cruelty and rage you will never change and you do not know me Does he Boy listen close I'm from a land called Sparta I made a deal with the God that cost me my soul I Killed many who are deserving and Many who were not Are killed my father that was your father in health Is this one of those be a got This noise and Sounds trying their mothers their fathers We'll be the gods we choose to be Not those who are then Who I was is not who he'll be We must be better Well guess we are the bad guys now in her eyes yes, but she could never make that choice If you finish this journey while I still have strength that's ominous Damn I Don't understand I know saving her was the right thing She seemed all evil at the end not evil you killed her sunlight her son The death of a child is not something a parent gets over easily But he was gonna kill her she would have died to see him live Only a parent can understand, so you'd let me kill you if it meant you would live Yes Look there was no easy choice for anybody brother But I think we can all agree you did the right thing The world's a better place with fair in it. Yes, give our time Lots. She'll come around back to tears temple, then one last time I yawn time awaits That's I? Guess that is true because we caught hmm Horton must have convinced him that following you to your name would bring his cure lies I'm sure Why did mistletoe break the spell? Vanier magic is powerful, but it rules are slippery and elusive I'm sure it makes sense if you're a witch But it's all so bloody tragic Balder was the greatest gift Odin granted Freya the one thing she treasured from their marriage She only hoped to spare him pain and spare herself lost But such impulses can lead good parents to make terribly stupid decisions That's something. I guess that I Mean I get it from the game place at a standpoint at the point of view But I don't think you ever get that until you have kids Until you have your own flesh and blood and something that you will absolutely protect above all other things like I can't possibly know what that's like because I don't have a child I Can empathize with it and I can try and see it from the point of view but I don't actually physically know what that feels like and he Said that the cycle ends here because as that Reyes was saying this is how everything always ends in In Greek mythology it was always about sons killing their fathers. That's that was one of the the points that the games Originally had to put across was that Zeus tried to kill Chronos his dad and then Kratos was trying to kill Zeus his dad and then all this stuff about Sons killing their fathers that have been going along It's very well written, I like it a lot and the fact that Kratos does seem like an animal in this instance, and it's still like dude. What the fuck Boy her saying that you will never change in craisins like then you do not know me because he is already Way beyond the person that he wants was So he's already changed a bunch That even while he's still killing people he's doing it for actual reasons now, and not just his own petty revenge Jeez that was tough I Mean the fight itself wasn't the fight itself was actually pretty easy, but I guess that that's kind of It's kind of the way, it's supposed to be narrative Lee because Balder was weaker than that he had ever been But now he was mortal Yes, that's a terrible pity But the serpens already been there and seen it so hasn't he already failed feats a tricky thing lad and Organs just out of inton ufff to think he can get the best of it rage is another lie told by the gods Nothing is written that cannot be unwritten when that brother you and the all-father may just agree Even if he can't prevent Ragnarok he still hopes to learn enough details to influence the outcome Remind me later to tell you about the wolves Odin thinks he can beat fate and change Ragnarok even though the Serpent's already been through it Father doesn't think much of fate either another lie told by the gods, so they have that in common We'll see in Kratos the standpoint he has validity Because he was supposed to die and then he went back and killed his sisters of fate So he literally kills his own fate. He killed fate for people He destroyed it, so now anything is up for grabs now anything can happen And I don't know if that's just in his realm in the Greek mythology realm if he destroyed fate Or if he destroyed fate for everybody in all realms if the sisters of fate were over all of it So that'll be curious to see if they do do more games Sorry dudes, I'm not here to talk to you though. I'm here to head to Jotunheim finally. Maybe eventually Go ahead and lock in your name, and we'll be on our way shut up. Let me hear. It's gonna work Oh, yes we have to do the things through his eye except for God Boy, go ahead boy get ready oh right Come on, Mimi So this doesn't cause you to explode or anything oh, I can consider time, maybe we should talk about this a bit more Nah, I'm sure you'll be fine. Yeah ready Now boy Must be close Oh My god we're actually gonna do it I? Won't please before we continue Listen the last thing you to meet up. There's a decomposing. He'd ruin in the moment, but I'll wait for you here This is between you and the boy true What if someone were to buy ladies if soft perfect slashers? You're done did it Sorry, we had to see this Oh No No, no no no Fine damn it fine watch the head till we return oh No, I can do this. Oh Lord Okay Ready We're doing it Whoa he's all weird-looking in there We still don't know who called the world serpent that time everyone Evans gonna save the boy I was just thinking about that. Are we gonna save the boy that time and somebody called the snake So I wonder if the person who called the snake actually knows how to talk to the snake Or if they were just calling the snake to do something Interesting I'm gonna just been bowed to recalled him to try and beat him up Yeah, the snake has a bit more to do with this than it seems because the snake has What this game is about Giants and? The snake is the last giant or at least the last giant in Midgard We might find a whole bunch more of them in here Look we're on the giant speakers I can see the highest peak ahead right over there We didn't we did We did What are you doing I have nothing more to hide Oh That's nice Can we go now we're still closed see the scars on his arms Dear Oh progress Oh, that's so sweet Oh Crater sure becoming a good dad also do any of you recognize this What I went into the light in alpha him and I was chasing the wife When I chasing Fay and she was leading me along I got to here I was actually on this bridge, and then the boy pulled me back out So I was seeing the future Ha hmm boy it's nothing, I just thought I'd hear voices by now What is this place Hello anybody here well What is this place they must have all come through here when they left Midgard what was left to them I Think arived statues Why carve all these faces? What if this is all the gents that got out of Midgard alive, not really many at all No shit Odin and Thor ruining everything for everybody oh He's written okay as I say are we not gonna get to find out what this means Midgard was a dream of what could be if we shared and collaborated Yatin are a seer Vanier elf dwarf and mortals most of all it was beautiful but not everyone is capable of sharing some believe anything uncontrolled is savage and threatening and so we were mocked and Tricked and used and then slaughtered Odin and his tribe were barred from our realm But it was not enough the wrath of Thor and his terrible hammer have thinned our number in Midgar to the brink of ruin There is no option, but to withdraw Well yet and he lived to do so Odin and Thor would have killed all the Giants if they could and they got away with everything Also it's snowing in the back of the journal now, which brought up a good point is That he said at the end right before he died he said snow and it only occurred to me then that no snow has actually been falling in this game snow is just on the ground and Snow falling indicates the start of Ragnarok because that's fimbulwinter It's a hoof imple winter Something like that ephemeral winter starts and in three years later of intent It's like a game of Thrones kind of scenario is that like the long winter sets in and then Ragnarok begins? So, maybe that's what's going on where are they now The Jen's came back home, so they could survive I'm not sure they did They all dead Boy huh who's the guardian Treecko Is cool We've received mid guards fate overrun a second Hell neither Odin nor his dead may reach the Odin Heim The ways must be shut the serpent and the Guardian remained They alone shall keep our hope when Dumba falls. The indestructible only done shall the Guardian return When Dumba Falls the indestructible so when gods are killed Only then shall the Guardian return are we the Guardian is it at Reyes? But it said only the Guardian and the serpent remained Until then we await a better world one without fear without greed without war we wait for deliverance and justice we wait for a champion We will wait for word that gods grow good Interesting I Should feel them, but I don't this place is dead What happened them my mom send us here one question is answered and two more tickets place? Interesting so can giants see the future Do a lot of prophesy and There's a lot of prophecies around them And they they talk about the future a lot and the world serpent is a giant and he seems to know what the hell is Going on Your ax It's smaller oh look She's arguing with a bunch of giants He knew Giants where she was a giant That's us the first I'm gonna let the world serpent, but how And archival Boulder's That just happened wait Thinking everything was going to hell shit the dragon in the mountain the stonemason Hold these drawings This is our story no This is your story But what is that? I was not the only parent with secrets Didn't know she Was a giant there where you go now it all makes sense I'm attorney. Oh shit. That's true That's why he's everything she tells him to predict things She sent us here knowing we would find this When we just saw the truth mother would effected reasons Walda was never said to find me he was tracking her all along knowing she was only ashes If she had a plan for us I trust it whatever it is Besides She hasn't been wrong yet mm-hmm Come on We're so close to the end now Yes Yes, we are Oh, No That was Kratos dead Goddamn there's our fight with Magni and Modi and the boat from hell and her death so she was a giant and the Giants can predict the future and That's why he was able to figure out like oh, I think this is a prison And I think there's a dragon up ahead what he didn't know was a dragon, but he said he he felt something And then he said he had a dream. What'd he see you to dream about a dream about being swallowed oh? Damn What was that it was thinking a snake on a trance this thing It's a trance and a wolf This is all getting very interesting at raius you've got way bigger part to play in all of this than we thought So he's parent giant or giant parent God Jesus Sophie knew she was gonna die If there's her there's her hand It's mother's She was here She saw every step. We took before we took it Like she was always with us watching over us Leading us home Let's finish it. She saw all the markings that were conveniently placed for claiming she put them there No That means she would have gone to hell and into on tooth or statue and all that kind of stuff on painted markings for us to take So that she know all of this was going to happen before she even met Kratos Dude this game just got blown wide open And now did I think about it bald or when we got there the first time you meet bald or at the house? He says him I thought you'd be bigger Because he thought that Kratos was the giant Because he was looking for fame Dude my brain is all over my ass right now Nice Whoa There's so many dead Giants The are all dead That's crazy Jesus I No we do it together Son he caught him son Not boy She's back with her people Goodbye oh hello Jones they really are all gone, there's nothing for us here Come So I Get that mother was giant Which makes me part giant Africa and Ford modular? Right I? Guess there's just one thing I don't understand My name on the wall the Giants called me okey Looking no Under the name here mother wanna try you when you were born she Must have called you that to her people but Why A question for another day let us go home at Reyes was a low-key What the fuck Jesus man oh, I all make so much sense Cuz he's a oh My god, and it slaps you in the face all yes it all makes sense now why she want to end up here You with your con But did she know it was gonna be like this here is this what she wanted us to see she want us to tell the people or give it a secret I Do not know so what do we do I trust you to decide that? So why'd you want to name me at Reyes no can't be for God No, he was a soldier a Spartan All Spartans are great warriors. We trained from birth our lives were discipline duty battle and death Life was grim and we greeted it grimly But a trace of Sparta was unlike the rest of us He was smart even in the worst times He was happy he Inspired us to hope That though were machines war And there was Humanity in us goodness When the day came for him to lay down his life in battle His sacrifice saved countless others and turned the tide in our favor But I carried him home on his shield and buried him with all the honors of Spartan custom Ah That's so sweet Dude we got so many twists after twists after twists in this one This is also a really clever way of doing credits what I was going to say it slapped you in the face with that fact because As soon as at Reyes finds out or Loki finds out. He's a god. He asked his we can shape-shift Those under her nose all that time God Almighty Jesus And Loki is well Loki of actual Norse mythology not the one from the Marvel movies a Trace of normal Norse mythology is the son of giants? But then he's taken in by Odin, I think I Can't remember I need to look that up. I need to brush up on my Norse mythology after this Holy crap What's up okay, he said we're going home, I want to see if we can go home the waterbed Some other people may be helping people as part of my mom sent us out here – I mean boarded trains to Sparta – Loke do That's a weird name At Reyes is a cooler name than Loki, but oh my god I knew the boy had to have a bigger part and everything. I mean everybody did it's one of the big mysteries of the game But to hear him be called Loki of all things. I don't think anyone was expecting that Holy shit The Scylla a bunch of unanswered questions. We don't know what actually happened to Fay we don't know how she died Or why she dies maybe she saw in her mind that she needed to die for all of this stuff to happen Maybe Ragnarok has to happen actually Ragnarok does have to happen but maybe she saw like Kratos and at reyes or Loki or the reason for that and maybe that's what's gonna happen in the next game is that? Kratos died he's taking on more of the gods and Then you get to play as Loki for another game Don't know We're being oh No ma'am ear Laughs am I glad to see you I believe I've reached my limit for dwarven charm What happened they took an uncomfortable number of measurements and then proceeded to bicker about the weather? What do you want us to take you how about the warm confines of anywhere bloody else? They took measurements Continue exploring complete dwarven favors free dragons travel to Moose wilheim and Niflheim Find new items in the shop to get powerful equipment that will allow you to feed all legendary corrupted Valkyries, ooh Locations of all corrupted Valkyries have now been revealed on your map whoo. That's fun Because that was the thing I was looking forward to after all of this I'm glad we can actually just go back and do shit after the game is over. Oh He said we had to go home though, I want to see if anything happens if I go home To beat the guard taking measurement I wonder if they go to build him a body before we returned to Midgard I should warn you more time has passed the Would you hold up to become something else Not just any winter When touches time be some us and when it's done there is Red bra from snow high snow lots more snow And then the end of the body in that approximate order another prophecy No, brother prophecy doesn't expect this for a hundred more winters at least you've changed something Prophecy didn't count on you. It never does when crate horses around again Symbolizing that he's able to change fate Kratos is a much stronger entity not just physically boy just Metaphysically as well he's able to change It was bound to snow sooner or later Just Discussing the weather bit of a cold snap lately what he means is Upon us boys the winner to end all winners Yeah We heard so if you're heading home, try to keep moving and also to not die or if you're not heading home same advice yeah Okay, let's head home. Let's let's finish it word start It's snowing The world is different the world's changed Killing a god That's what actually makes it all happen oh Wait what am I doing? I have a gate right next to my house, don't I I? Saw a nobody went back to get the blades Don't each take a boat back that and I don't know where it is Okay, it was right there Man this game got crazy towards the end Loving gift from the Giants Since I used to do so much traveling between realms they thought it would be more convenient for me than having a crystal I could lose No Because I wisely fortified myself with 16 cups of billow maidens eel got so inebriated I tried convincing the giant chemicals instead Almost talked them into it too. Did you imagine me mia of the Bifrost? Okay, okay, I'll stop now. I love him so much. I think he's my favorite character in the game We're finally home Feels like a lifetime ago, but drafty, maybe it's a light improvement over having tree bark in the earth Dodger This game is gorgeous There's the thing I miss Whoa awesome Finally homeboy Don't put your blades back time to rest. I'm gonna sleep through winter Please don't that's three winters apparently we can actually go to bed Honey, huh Okay Sleep Wait what Shit Holy fuck there was more oh My god Oh, I am drained What an absolutely phenomenal video game From start to end that's one of the best video games I've ever played So many of the elements all coalesced so perfectly to make it such a rewarding experience Because there's a lot of games who tried this type of thing where they try the whole because this was extremely Cinematic this could have been a movie on its own. I mean it kind of is it's basically a Norse mythology movie kind of video game If you change Kratos forth or bear the ending like that so much of that is interchangeable his axe even looks like Stormbreaker own or Thor's axe or what's his name Billy Ray something? Has an axe called Stormbreaker, there's like a an act hammer, so I guess that's not really the same thing Jesus man, where do I even start? First of all as somebody who is an extreme fan of the old god of war games I loved them they were crazy over-the-top silly action games And I even got into the story after I was one of the few people who even liked Kratos for what he was wasn't an amazing character But I just love watching him terror things apart because it was just so much fun to watch I was extremely apprehensive about this new take on what Kratos was and the new Direction the game was going and every time I saw some clips of and everything I was like oh, man They ruined it. They took away all the cool stuff from God of War they took away all the like over-the-top killing Giants And whether there was still some elements of that in the game It was still very far removed from what the old games were those fairness violence is far less bored there was far less of their like climbing Titans and Killing Jane's kind of self you still had your elements of it The ball door fight at the start was so awesome that felt lake But I was playing an anime game felt like I was playing a Dragonball fight or making one punch man or something like that Watching you fly through so so They changed the scale of stuff in a way that made more sense for this game It wasn't about sitting you on top of Kronos and pulling way back out to show you how big chorus was and the tiny little pixel the Kratos was They zoomed it in and they showed you how big that was from your point of view and that's a really great change, I think Because it sold a whole lot more But having that handheld camera Changed a lot more about the game than I thought it would because having that one long continuous Shot kept you in it, and then watching ball who were puncher into the air you went with trade-offs with him And then you kind of felt like what it was like to fall all over the place. Oh that shit was really awesome the direction they took the game this time I think was an incredible decision it could have backfired on them completely it could have been horrible But having Cory barrel dog at the home I think him understanding what Kratos was in the past having him try and do it in a different way I don't think he could have gone the other way if he wasn't involved or some of that like if David Jaffe or Cory Barrel people who there at its inception I knew that was Jeremy Davies On the north and Troy Baker reporting Portman was back through the voice of Zeus Jeremy Davies is a really good actor, and he's in used to being lost he was at Daniel Faraday and lost And I really enjoyed his His character in that was later These days is a bit more like Tennessee or a bit more like Corky, and he nailed that character. He was incredible as Baldor But just the way all the elements of the game came together the way the story was interspersed within not only gameplay But very very good gameplay The combat in this game was really really fun to do and they did appear back the the traversal elements It wasn't so much a platformer game anymore because I might play the old God of horror games in like a stream or something just to show you anyone who hasn't played them Or hasn't seen them from start to finish just to show you how different this was It was a lot less jumping around, but oh and loves it I loved it so much I think this might even be my favorite god of war game now And I didn't think anything would top god of war 3 for me because that came was just Bananas God of War 3 still has the best opening sequence to any video game. I've ever played oh The sound design was amazing the soundtrack was Phenomenal Bear McCreary did a very very good job on that that performance capture was out of this world Foreman's capture was one of some of the best I've seen in a video game, and it was used so well because not only was it like Oh cutscene Let's see some cool acting going on and some cool Story, elements the fact that they kept it with that camera And it just kind of came down and walked around the characters and keeping you in that moment We're so much better than I ever thought I could and when it does cut Like when you're in the snake's belly and when you come through the doors and all that kind of stuff when it does caught it Makes a bigger statement than when it doesn't Cause I don't know where to start. It's so good having going over krei doses past and going over some of the stuff that he did in his past and some of the stuff that he Regrets they humanized him, so well. They made you sympathize with him They made you understand what he had gone to me to make you really buy that he is a different character Which I didn't think they'd be able to do without making it feel forced And the fact that the only alluded to some of his past and didn't shove a whole Troj of shit that he had done. It's kind of like if you played the games you understand this more But if you haven't played the games can use this mystery about Kratos, and how much he has changed And it worked really really well, and then when he pulled out the blades of chaos God that was so hyper That was insane because I again being somebody who has played the old game Do you realize how big a deal that is for him to pull those back out how big a change it is? And then the twists and turns And how they weaved him into Norse mythology and got to tell you Norse mythology while telling its own story Was masterfully done and also giving you those twists and turns and having Loki be in there being at Reyes and all these different things I was floored and again something that I think Was the best part about the gameplay story elements of this game was what I brought up before about when a tre has? Changed and I'm gonna keep trying to trace When he changed he started to turn into a little bit of a douchebag And he started to get the cockiness of a god that again being is this what it is to be a god That's exactly what it is to be a god to become egotistical you think you know better you think you're better than all these other Creations that have come forth and you start getting it into your head that when anything happens you're invincible And that's what Kratos started to feel for a while. It's what all the Greek pantheon felt That's what Odin and Thor feel that they're invincible that anything that happens there above it. They want all the knowledge So that was the pattern going on but within him and he was going through basically god puberty and he was trying to come to terms with it was as Mamere said he was a god believing himself mortal and he was Starting to attain his powers so the powers were coming no matter what but because he didn't think he had any powers It was destroying him from the inside out so that manifested itself as sickness But then when he actually like having actual control over him was such a genius idea The fact that you had a boy, but boy, I don't get to say boy anymore boy boy boy say a few more times The fact that you had a boy button, and then when it took it away from you it made it It made you abundantly aware of how important It was to have control over him and he is by far the best Videogame companion that I have ever played with I played bioshock infinite. I've played The Last of Us I've played all these other games where you have to do escorts and fetch quests And you have to do stuff with a companion who's helping you out at Reyes is Far beyond any of these other characters Elly is a good character in the Last of Us but when it comes to gameplay she's kind of non-existent, she But you don't have direct control over so they have actual direct control over your companion is a ballsy move But he also can't die and at the time you're like well Why can't he die that's a big video game isn't it? But then you realize he's a god it Actually works its way into the narrative It there's so many layers to it. It's like from a video game design standpoint That's so well done and then when he stops listening to you And he starts getting cocky he turns into a douchebag then you realize oh, I'm no control over him anymore And then it actually services the story, it's not it doesn't feel cheap. It doesn't feel like it goes against the narrative That's being played the cognitive dissonance that happens between video games One of them happens where kratos An example of that and the other side is where kratos is like we're not going to go collect these bones I'm not gonna do that side quest it's stupid but then you can immediately take him and go do that side quest that's kind of the dissonance between the narrative and the gameplay and It kind of fell in that regard, but when at reyes was concerned It worked really really well, and I loved seeing the little peek behind the curtain of how all these things are made and I talked About like the loading screens and everything the same thing happened in the final fight when you're in his hand He's like don't you feel that that's wind we're moving and then they kind of stop talking who's a few seconds of pause? And then they got shoved out because the game is loading the next scenario behind So all of that stuff is just so well done I love seeing the inner workings the inner machinations of how games come together and how it all works together and The visuals and their like the shadows and the the shaders and their the occlusion and all that kind of stuff that goes on It's just fascinating to me And I think kind of having an interest in that not fully knowing how they're made like the coding and everything But how hard it is to do certain Render elements like that playing a game like this really does open your eyes because there's a lot of stuff They're doing in this game in a in such a huge scale that is so beyond everything else. It's bananas It's crazy. I can't believe they actually pulled it off like the giant snake all the time in the background He doesn't just show up for certain elements, and then he like fades away into the background And you just see him in the distance he's there. He's in the environment. He's a living breathing element in that world and That's nuts I loved that they did that they took so many Ballsy moves in this game and it all paid off. It's absolutely worth The hype that everyone was building up for him I am blown away by this video game, and that's why I keep saying that it's a very good video game Because there's so many elements in this then video games do so well and it marries so many different elements of so many other video games and movies and everything like there's a lot of elements of the road if you very much That's like one of the very few books that I've actually read is the road and I love it so our post-apocalyptic Father-son story, and there's a lot of elements of that in this And you can kind of see it or like there's a movie about that that gay Or that book as well called the road has Viggo Mortenson everyone in Lord of the Rings. It's a good movie as well But you can see some elements of that in it you can see some elements bugs Like the last over Synod, you can see very heavily influenced elements of Dark Souls and blood-borne You can see elements on their own past of old god of war against the elements of so many different things in it Like the world design was very god of war and the puzzles and things like that the gameplay itself feels a lot like the The world itself through the discovery of it, and how you interact with it and the combat feels a lot like tearing silence And the father saw a journey and kind of the companion element felt a lot like The Last of Us So I'm sure they were influenced by a lot of different things that were so many other Influences from so many other different video games they were just the ones that kind of popped out to me As we were going through it And there's elements of like like anime in it like some of the fights and some of the stuff that Kratos was doing like putting the shield down hitting the ground That's so Captain America from the new Marvel movies So you can see elements of that and the way they're beating the crap out of each other as well Kratos vs. Balder was very cap vs.. Bookie So there's a lot of elements like that as well as my taking out from the movies, and it didn't feel cheap It didn't feel like they were ripping them off. It felt like okay That's a cool thing that you're doing we're gonna Be influenced by that and take it and make it our own thing and it worked so well I like these all these are the movies and games and everything are obviously Toy influenced from other things as well like Dark Souls draws heavily from old Zelda games The Last of Us draws heavily from like like other movies uncharted And takes a lot from Indiana Jones different things like that But it implemented them so very very well, and I'm again. I I can talk about this all day And gush about it all day. There's there's so much to talk about it I'd I'd love to sit down and talk about this stuff with people who know video game design and who know movies and you know Story and pacing, but that's one thing I want to talk about as well as the pacing in this game 90% of the pacing in this game was very very well done. It was just towards the end it felt like Little hurdles you were hitting kind of got in the way it felt like Like doing the stuff where you had to go to your prime and then like oh we're finally here No, we broke the door. Oh we go back here, and now we got this thing. No you don't have a travel crystal Oh, well, where do we get it? Oh? well We have to go get your second light Some stuff like that if they kept it going a little bit longer would have definitely Started to slow down the pacing so some stuff towards the end slowed it down a small bit, but it still felt It still felt like the pacing was just really really good and giving you the ability to go off and explore as much as you Want taking a break from that story going out and exploring then you're like well? I want to kind of know what's gonna happen next in the story You set your own pace and I think it did a pretty good job of it in the series of setting the pace and showing you just enough of the World but also keeping on the story and keeping the dad and boy together. I think that was really good and This is such a father a good father-son story They did it really really well Seeing Kratos go from someone who can't even put his hand on his son's shoulder To the very end not even prompting not even making a big deal out But it was a couple of times towards the end that I was very aware of Right before we got to the money before he took off his wrappings. He put his hand upon Petraeus's back and there was a moment earlier on when a trace of turning into Shipman that he wanted to do that But a trace ran ahead, so these are very very clearly Showing you elements of how the story is progressing and then at the end it was just beautiful great father-son company Oh Butcher at us, are you ready yeah, but I had the weirdest dream Fimbulwinter was ending and Thor came for us here at the house. It was only a dream, but it felt different It felt real it felt like the future Then we will worry about it tomorrow Today there are still things we can do Come oh Shit so you can see the future So all that stuff he was talking about before maybe he will turn into a wolf, maybe he's even seeing his own future Damn so that wasn't actually a thing that happened The game didn't just end there because I was I was thinking how are they going to just come back? Will it just come back and then it'll be normal so that didn't actually happen now that was a premonition that Was Future Sight on a traces behalf oh? That's clever. You clever developers, and I am Okay, what a pause in case they start talking again? I'm very curious to see How much of this game because then they started to realize oh? They could see the future because she was a giant So she was drawing all over the place cuz I was wondering why are there just markings everywhere we can climb she drew them She's telling you where to climb her to go and Technically anything you do in the game. Then is the path that she foretold cuz everything you do in the game You don't actually have control over That's all fate Laid out before you so anything you do even if you go off to try and change it take the clay you're not changing anything Cuz that's what fey drew on the wall and the writing on the things telling you to throw your weapon into the lake that was her ah boom Damn so It is kind of sad we didn't get to see Thor note what we did see Thor But we didn't get to see them actually in the game, but I guess they're setting up for the next game. Oh Very interesting but something else I was gonna say that now I can't remember I Don't know I could talk all day about this game And I will talk more about the game cuz I don't this is the end of the story This is the the technical end of the series ten episodes, and we finally reached the end And I'm so glad people liked the series. I'm so glad people liked the episodes I was worried about taking on a game that was this long. That's why I made the episodes longer now.. I'm glad I did because it feels I could get nothing done even in those two hours.. but.. I'm just so happy with this series! And how it turned out it's one of my favorite series that I've ever done on the channel and so thankful that you were here.. To watch it, so thankful for the developers and Sony for sending me the code. I'm being cool with me uploading this game! I'm so happy with the pace. I took with it how much I explored there's still more to do! I am going to end the official series here. But I would probably come back and do some stuff.. With side missions and everything in a separate kind of stream or a video or whatever.. But that does it for the story part of this game for now I I do want to do everything else I do want to.. Get all the trophies. I want to get all the the Valkyries, there's I just want to play more and more and more and more. I don't want it to end here, but for now.. Thank you guys so much for watching this episode if you liked it punch that like button in the boy Like a boy! And High Five all-round!!! *Whoopsh!! 2x** Gosh, but thank you boys And I will See you boys! boy! IN THE NEXT BOY! (video!)~ (Outros)- I'm Everywhere By Teknoaxe – (Thanks for this watching for us!) I couldn't end the series without saying more boys boy boy boy on a mission (:

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