Top 10 Spiritual Questions And Answers | Enlightenment questions | Ashish Shukla

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  • Deep Knowledge says:

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  • the new dimension says:


  • Gautam balboa says:

    सस्था कोई भी हो आगे चलकर उसमें राजनीति व्यपार शुरू हो जाता हैं

  • Mumtaz Ansari says:

    Sir 3rd eye kya hoti he?

  • Lalit Reddy says:

    While going into meditation or closing eyes for long time without seeing thinking nothing make me feel scared sometime i feel i will leave body and breathing goes rapedly up and down '' who jo ghabraht hot hai daar nahi saso ka kam jade hone mujhe lagte hai mai saas rok kar apne pran chor dunge" that happening of breathing changes seeing which i could never think like going in our life makes me think i should not do this in short scared of death ' marnr ka daaaaar' sir what should i doo please tell me

  • Ek Sadhak says:

    बहुत सुंदर


    Sir thank you for the clarity…..

  • pramodbi itagi says:

    You are a top 10 baba

  • Vrinda Pathania says:



    चेतन का क्या अर्थ है वह कौन सी चीज है जो सबको जानता है परंतु उसको कोई नहीं जानता

  • vikas kumar says:



    eating meat effect on spirituality?

  • nilam Singh says:

    May I get the book of Dr Sahar in Hindi. Waiting for your reply.Thank you 😊

  • Manish Dodani says:

    Dear sir. I m your fan. I follow your videos follow your thoughts and I wanna thank you for such simple and clear definitions and summaries . But I just want to request you one thing pls don't criticize OSHO or anything related to him. He is something else. Please don't take it otherwise. I hope you take it as a suggestion not a comment. Thanks, from your faithful follower

  • Reshu,Pune. Sinha how I can meet u sir says:

    But according to my experience, sir anyone doesn't have to leave anything, things gets changed internally. When transformation starts,though it's happens gradually.And so everything changes inside &outside too.

  • Reshu,Pune. Sinha how I can meet u sir says:

    sir,I had listened to almost all the spiritual gurus,who r there &those who had passed away.And from everyone I had received something or the other.

  • dev padmashali says:

    Sir, why not Ashtavakra Geeta…

  • dev padmashali says:

    Sir, you told about so called Spirituality, so what to do to find out yourself in between this so call Spirituality….. Dhanyawad

  • MGNREGS Galsi-II Dev. Block says:

    I want to read Zen Yoga book by P J Saher. What is the price this book and how and where to buy this ?

  • Saket Puranik says:

    Bhakti yoga ya phir Gyan yog?


    I don't understand why u are pessimist to people who are admired by million people…

  • Saleem Musliar says:

    Dear Ashish, I do listen to your wonderful videos, your analysis is extremely enlightening. It will be great if you can speak about the pitfalls or misunderstandings of sadhaks have about SHAKTIPATH. Thanks N God Bless you. Saleem

  • Richa Sobti says:

    Very good infact but dont ever anybody forget that you can only learn from others you never can have same…

  • shobhana parekh says:

    Zenyoga book hindi language ma mali sake

  • shobhana parekh says:

    Zenyoga book hindi language ma mali sake

  • Spiritual Seeking says:


  • Pawan kumar says:

    Life is like a journey of trains mostly we choose a partner in our journey for talking or spent time. Similarly people chose guru for his life journey but he always move along with his guru never stop his journey. He forget his destination and he forget in love with his guru.

  • HarishChandra Bhadoria says:

    astavakra Gita may help or not on the way of adhyatm give ur own thoughts please

  • HarishChandra Bhadoria says:

    astavakra gita may help or not on the way of adjust.Please give ur own thoughts

  • Ramkrishna Chandakhede says:

    Prana Guruji
    Hearing you daily I can cleare my doubts abouts spirituality.Thank u very much SIR.GOD bless for your holy efforts.

  • Raj Shah says:

    Ashishji can enlightenment happen without any guru ?

  • Gulshan Kaur says:

    💐🙏🏼🌅 कमाल की वास्तविकता।

  • RAJIV SHARMA says:

    सर . मेरा सवाल ये है कि मैं इस बात को लेकर बहुत कंफ्यूज हूँ कि यदि प्रकृति आवश्यक समझती तो हमे स्वत: ही प्रत्येक चीज का ज्ञान होता. कही ज्ञान प्राप्त करना एक भ्रम तो नही है.

  • Prashant Dhole says:

    Please make video on importance of Chanting (Namasmaran) in spiritualiy

  • RINKU THAKUR says:

    Sabhi ek jaisa guru nhi hota ap koṇ se Guru k bat kr rahe h pta nhi

  • Amit Khajuria says:

    Thanks alot sir….many doubts cleared🙏🙏🙏make more video to clear wat not to do…??

  • Seema Sharma says:

    u really have deep knowledge of things. congrats

  • Seema Sharma says:

    hi sir, good video . last two years se me meditation kar rhi hu. phele easy or interesting lagta that.but an mann ni karta.how should I focus .

  • Nandlal Kumar says:

    5 th point true

  • Sushil Dhanda says:

    Aap meri najar me wo Insan ho Jo vastav me " human being" hai. Jindagi rhi to sir AAP se ek mulakat jarur krunga….I am proud of you for your great work.

  • Sushil Dhanda says:

    Namskar sir,…or thanks bhi.. ki AAP kitni books or apni life ka experience share kar the ho… Ek achhi books total past ka nichod hoti h. Or aapny spirituality life m bhut achaa Kam Kiya h …mujy nhi lgta ki aapse achha koi guide kisi Ko mil bhi skta h. Bhagwan se pray h meri ki AAP ed Disha ki uchaiyo Ko ghrai se jiye….

  • Knowing The Unknown says:

    Sir, the way you understood what Sadhguru said may not be what he really wanted to say. When he says just be with me he means that whenever you are with him, it's not about long periods of time, just whenever you are with him be absolutely with him with all your being. Everything that you can employ to be attentive of him you do that. This alone will be able to open up many things for you. He never talks about all these siddhis as something very important and necessary. He says these come and go but the importance is of realising the nature of your existence. He even at times has said that if people around him, which are very evolved and have certain capabilities, will indulge in any such funny stuff of miracles, mass healing and predictions then he would fix them up in such a way that they cannot know any spirituality in this lifetime. He has made it clear. He doesn't want people to hang around him for days on end. He has said that if they are with me absolutely even for a moment, this would be their last birth. So knowing about the mechanics of life also comes under hightened level of Bodh. It's not just about Sadhguru. if one can attend to anything, it doesn't matter what, with full involvement his bodh will open up. His perception will penetrate through what the senses are showing him and through that one pointed attention he will be able to, by inference, know everything. Shiv Sutras say that through this body of a human being you have 112 ways of attaining to your fullfillment and one of them is the way of Ajna, the way of awareness that Buddha explored. So that's what's Viveka, that's what is Bodh, that's what's perception.

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