Tony Evans on Victory in Spiritual Warfare

One of my all-time favorite movies
involves a man who had to make a choice. He had to choose between the physical
visible realm that he knew and this invisible realm that he did not know. The
choice came about when he understood that this invisible realm was actually
controlling what was happening in the visible realm that he lived in and was
so accustomed to. This movie, The Matrix, challenged Thomas Anderson to make a
decision. Because he understood what the real world was. There are two worlds: the
physical world we live in and this world behind the world, the spiritual realm. And
the principle is simply this. Everything visible and physical is controlled by
something invisible and spiritual. And therefore, if you want to change the
realm that you know, then you must draw from the invisible spiritual realm that
you do not see. Because everything visible and physical is controlled by
the invisible and spiritual. He had to make a choice and so do you.
We’re in a battle, a spiritual war, but unless you know how to access your
spiritual resources, in this case the armor of God that He has given us to
equip us to fight in this world from that world, you cannot know spiritual
victory. And God has called you to victory. He’s called you to be like
Thomas Anderson. He’s called you to be the one, the one through whom He
demonstrates the power from up there, when executed down here, shows that up there
is greater than whatever your facing right here. Guess what? You are the one.

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  • Js mello says:

    love this .. passing on .. luv these they are like tracks

  • EHowa011 says:

    Encouragement interactive!!

  • YAH.is. life says:

    Thank you for your words of wisdom

  • Shonna Randle says:


  • 1Queen28 says:


  • jamlimited3 says:

    "Mr. Anderson…..thats the sound of inevitability."

  • mokshaw says:

    get down man ! word

  • Erlene Frances says:


  • Truth Seeker says:

    amen. this is how i feel. like the one.

    finding God was the best thing that ever happened to me. i pray the good people find him and get the same feeling of joy i get when im at peace…..peace.

  • J Blackett says:

    Pastor Evans is excellent!  I can't express in words my depth of gratitude for his illuminating teachings from the Word of God.  Thank you Sir, for bringing the Bible to life for me.

  • Queen Jessie Jennings says:

    Find Jesus was better for me so I found the Lord thank you deer Jesus aman.

  • MrPreliminary says:

    Life is so much better for me doing it Christ way……..Dr. Tony Evans a Great Teacher.

  • audrey webb says:

    i thought all this time in my life I have control but least time I thought I had control I lost control I was fighting substance abuse alcoholism manpower all the above and it took me a long time it took years put me to even get up of nano net control or less I think I got control then I find out I was left in control so I just finally decided he was the best way to go it's not perfect but the Devils. Ride me no more I wake up in the beautiful state of mind demons and I want to me anymore for the Lord has give me the power to strengthen my mind against them demons I don't I got a long way to go but the day he pulled me out of that black hole and I was able to see daylight again but today I know I was on the right path and the right Paz always going to be with the Lord Jesus Christ in your corner and Yahweh at the head of the stairs thank you

  • Hambone Dad says:

    Thank you Pastor…

  • Ellie Destiny says:

    how do I be the one I love God with all my heart believe in him. it's just that I don't know how to tell people about how to describe my feelings I pray that God will show me the way and along the way help me learn new things and also how to make better decisions.

  • Brenda Cole says:

    I love Tony teaches

  • Cynthia Jacobs says:

    Amen Pastor

  • Made New says:

    Yes yes yes one of my favorite movies also, because of its spiritual parallels!! I love Tony Evans' ministry so much!!

  • Vivian Lynn says:

    Thank you for that encouragement this morning. Going out battle ready.

  • Vickey Weathers says:

    Our church is about to do this Bible study this fall. I wish I could show this promotional video to promote it but our church is in a rural area with no internet access. Is there a way to download this to a USB drive?

  • Lisa Moon says:

    Thank you for sharing this perspective, Pastor Evans! The Matrix happens to be one of my favorite movies too. 🌻

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