Todd White – Unstoppable with Jesus

Okay, no interpreter. I love interpreters, don’t get me wrong. I just, I just know that I can say a whole lot more in 30 minutes, than I can with, with it being doubled. Gosh I was, I was just, Today we were on our way back from, we went out to eat somewhere, we’re on our way back. And a car crashed right in front of us, and I like, I can’t tell you how many times this has happened and happens in front of me. Constant, and I’m not saying that God caused the car crash. Of course not. We wouldn’t do that and and that’s not something that I want to say. But I am telling you that God allows me to be there when it happens. And I just, I went, we went up on the scene and Guerin and we went and there were little kids in the car and a little baby in the car seat and the mom got out. The cars hit, the front end folded, the mom got out quickly, the airbags went off in the cars and she’s getting her little baby out of the car seat. Who’s screaming and then her other six-year-old boys in the back of the car that just wrecked. She comes over to the to the pole right on the corner, and she stands there, and we’re telling her that she’s going to be okay. And I’m talking to her about Jesus. And telling her, and then there were people on the scene already. Guerin was there. And a little boy hurt his neck in the car accident, and Guerin was over there praying, for the little boy to be healed. And this lady took off her pants, because she smashed her leg and this bone right here, you could feel that it was, It was just big, swollen and broken. And I’m, I’m so grateful that I get to be there. I just am, because I’m not afraid. I have the gospel. And you think, and everybody’s doing whatever they can. “You got to be calm, you got to do this…” I know what they’re telling her and I don’t even speak the language, but I know what they’re saying. “You got to be calm,” you know, this and that, and “What happened? And “How did this happen?” and “We got to get ice.” “We got to get this.” “We got to call paramedics.” “We got to do this,” and that’s all well and good I get it, but she needs Jesus. She needs Jesus. And I have Jesus and so I need to give her my Jesus. And I’m praying over this and I feel the bone, go down. No, it sounds ridiculous, and how can you know that, because I had my hand on it. When she took her clothes off, She’s in shock. I mean, she’s in shock. It was as an accident. She’s in shock. Buren was there. Everybody’s freaking out the kids are screaming. Buren’s praying for a little boy. The little boy’s neck gets healed. We’re praying for this girl and her swelling that was a big huge mound went down. We have peace to give people, and so the biggest thing that they need is Jesus and Jesus is the Prince of Peace. When catastrophe hits, you’re the answer. When catastrophe hits you’re the answer. You have got the answer. He’s living in you. Now you can keep Him in and you can contain Him. You can be a lake that walks around or you can be rivers. You can be a lake, and being a lake means that there’s no outlet and it’s not okay to be filled up and filled up and filled up and filled up and filled up. I’m listening to this song and I love it. “We are unstoppable” It’s true, but how can you know that you’re unstoppable. unless you stand out in front of something, and it can’t stop you? It’s true. Everything you’re singing is true, it’s amazing. The worship here is amazing. You guys create music. It’s life-changing music. ICF music is life changing. It’s life changing, but we have to step in, to what we’re singing. We have to step. We have become the message. We step in to what we’re singing. How can you know…? God said it to me: “How can people know they’re unstoppable unless they step out and see that they are?” How can you know that we are unstoppable? Unstoppable doesn’t mean just worship Jesus from a building. Unstoppable means that when situations are coming that look like hell, the answer of heaven dwells and resides within you. You’ve got the answer inside of you, and Christ in you is the hope of glory. It’s the mystery that’s been revealed. It’s the mystery! It was hidden in past. it was hidden in the past, but in these last days it’s been revealed. It has been revealed. God hid it. The principalities and powers, they had no idea that there would have been a resurrection, but there was. The prince and powers and principalities and it says that if they would have known They didn’t know. God hid it from them. They thought by killing Jesus they would end it all. Steal, kill, destroy. We win, end of story, let’s go get someone else. No! They killed the wrong guy. They killed the wrong man. They killed , they killed innocence. Jesus! Jesus hung on a tree They killed Jesus, thinking that if we get Him out of the way, He’ll stop talking about God, the miracles will stop, it’ll be over. We can just silence this man. The Jews, the Pharisees. “It’s better,” Ananias prophesies. “It’s better that one man die than a whole nation.” It’s better? And it was better. He prophesied. It’s gonna be better for one man to die than a whole nation, and he was prophesying and didn’t even know it. Man, we look at Jesus and what He paid a price for. Did He pay a price for you to just come and listen? Or did he pray pay a price for you to go and be a witness? Listen. Life is so short. Huh Just a couple months ago. I was going to a meeting, I was speaking. I was the speaker to the meeting and I’m headed there and traffic locks up and I’m in Orlando down in down in Florida. And that was where this lady that was in the accident today, she had visited Orlando. It was kind of crazy. Just little things that God’s speaking to me. They’re all connected and see this lady there today, I asked her if she knew Jesus. And she was born again she loved Jesus, the girl that got hit or the cars that crashed. But on this other scene I come up and there are police officers that are going to be coming there soon. And I get there, and it’s like when there’s an accident you have to get there. There’s got to be a time. There’s a grace time, when you can get there, and you can pray and you can lay hands on people and you can do that, and then when paramedics and cops show up. It’s over. I mean cops, they want it to be over but it doesn’t have to be over. But paramedics, it has to be over. You have to walk away. So we get up on the scene in the guy and I said to him, I said to the driver And I was I was there with uh with Daniel Kolenda and Reinhardt Bonnke. I was there doing a Fire Conference in Orlando with those guys. And I was the speaker and I’m headed there for the service, and we’re running we’re gonna be right on time. But not now, because there’s an accident. So we get there, and I’m like, “What happened?” and there’s a guy over there, “Don’t go over there man. The guy’s gone man. Just don’t. Just stay away,” which means… The way that seems right to a man, means he’s dead. He’s bleeding. It’s it’s really bad. It’s disgusting, and you won’t be able to handle the view. That’s what he’s saying to me. That’s the way that seems right to a man. See, we don’t understand. That’s carnal mind. That’s the man, that’s the way, that’s the natural man, and the natural man doesn’t think about the things of God. And it would be a shame if we are Christians, and we love God with all of our hearts, and we confess to love Jesus, but we’re not filling our mind with what God thinks and we’re keeping our mind full of what the world thinks. Where we’re so focused on politics, so focused on life, so focused on the economy. So focused on how things are good or how things are bad, that we forget where we’re really from. Because you are sojourners, you are pilgrims You are passing through. You are just here for a short time And you’re here to make an impact. And you are here to give the devil a bad day every day Every day of your life you were to give the devil a bad day. Every day. Man! Christianity is boring if you’re not living it unto the Lord. If you don’t fill your minds and set your mind on things above instead of things beneath, it’s boring. It’s a bummer, and it’s not fun. It’s not just for missionaries. It’s not just for evangelists. It’s not just for pastors. It’s not just for teachers It’s not just for prophets, and it’s not just for apostles. This is for the whole body of Christ, because the Spirit of God, He cries out Abba Father. He connects you to the source, and God comes to dwell and make his home inside of you. He wants to possess you, so that you can change the world around you. So that you never get influenced by outside, but you are a constant influence from inside. I’m not mad at anybody. I just can’t stand lies, man, and I’m tired of watching the body of Christ be in fear, over nothing. Why would you be afraid of something when you’re never going to die? Why would you be afraid when– there’ll be a time to put off the tent, but when you put off the tent you’re just gonna be with Jesus. And if you can be with Jesus here and now to live is Christ and to die is gain. Why would we look at death as a bummer? No, death is gain? I finished the race. I’ve run well. I’m gonna stand before God. He’s gonna crown me with righteousness. I’m gonna say “Yes, Lord,” and He’s gonna say “Well done.” He’s not gonna look at me and say “Look what you’ve done.” Every day is another opportunity to destroy hell. Every day is another opportunity to represent heaven in a lost and dying world. And I can’t afford to think with fear. I can’t afford to think with thoughts that aren’t in God’s mind. You guys okay? You’re looking at me like, like shell-shocked. You guys heard me before, it’s not changed. It’s just gotten more intense. More, you know why? Because people are going to hell, man. There are Muslim movements out there that are blowing up things. There’s ISIS that’s plaguing the world. It’s plaguing the world. We got the answer man. You’ve got the answer. You’ve got Christ in you. You’ve got the answer. Give somebody the truth. Stop holding on to you. Seek to save your life, you’ll lose it man. But if you lose your life for his sake you find it. What does this world really have to offer you anyway? God says if you love the world you can’t love Him. You either love the world or you love Him. There is no in-between, can’t love the world and love God. Now God so loved the world that He gave, so since you would love the world, then give your whole life to this thing. Don’t compromise. Don’t sell cheap. Come on, you guys all right? So I went up on the scene and I get out of the car. I said “Dude, I’m praying for this guy.” I said “I’m gonna be late for the meeting. Please text them and tell them now.” I walked over to the side and here it is, it’s a man, driving drunk, alcoholic, that I used to be for 22 years. I used to be a drug addict. I was in that place. You know, no one told me about Jesus. Everybody was, “Leave him alone. He’s bad news. Just stay away from him.” What are we thinking, man? Jesus died to give people that were bad news the good news. He paid a price for us to give people that are bad news world standard, the good news Jesus standard. But why would they want what you have if you can’t even talk to them? And why would they want what you have if you can’t even represent what Christ died for? I’m not saying you gotta preach to everybody. I am saying that you should talk about Jesus And if you’re happy, and you know it use your mouth. Doesn’t mean you have to preach a four-point sermon. That just means you have to represent Jesus. People ask you I mean God says this, he says, “Be ready when people ask you.” You feel that right now? You feel that? It’s conviction. It’s amazing. Conviction can work wonders in your life. Condemnation is from the devil. Some people hear me and say “Well, he’s saying if I don’t share my faith, then I’m a bad person. No, that’s the devil. I didn’t say that. I’m saying if you’re happy and you know it, use your mouth. How many of you have babies? How many of you have kids? Do you remember when your baby was born? Did you have trouble keeping it from people? Did you have trouble telling people about your kid? My baby no. Something inside of you, something inside of you is burning to tell everyone about this little baby. I believe that’s how God is with each one of us. We get born again. Even before I’m born again, because God loves us, even before we said yes. Because he knows the end from the beginning. You know, right now I can picture God Taking His wallet, stopping at my picture, saying “Gabriel, you seen my son today?” Sounds arrogant. What if it’s not? What if it’s just Godfidence? What if it’s confident in what my Father thinks about me? If he has more thoughts that outnumber the grains of sand in the whole world and every thought is for my welfare, and that’s each individual, and He thinks about you. Why wouldn’t he want to talk about it? The whole Bible is him talking about you. If you just see it. “Gabriel, do you see my son?” “Yes Lord. You showed me twice.” “We’ll look again. It’s my son. He believes in me, and he represents me. Ooo, look at him now. Look. He’s gonna do it again. Look.” That’s my dad. Listen, you have to understand that all heaven wants to back you up. Do you know you can’t know that you’re unstoppable, unless you get in front of something that looks like it could possibly stop you and it can’t, because that mountain moves. So I’m there and I walk up to the car here, it’s a drunk driver. He hit the medium. He hit the medium. He hit the medium, and he hit it again. Now he’s not wearing a seat belt, thrown himself out of the passenger window, smashed the medium with his face, and his foot is tucked in the steering wheel. No one we even get close to him. And I walk over and he’s bleeding out, man. His brains are coming out. He’s bleeding out of his nose, his eyes, his ears, and he’s dying. So what are you gonna do? You put your head against his head and you kneel, and you say “Do you know Jesus, man? Please talk to me. Do you know Jesus? Please talk to me. And he doesn’t do anything, but gurgle blood. Please talk to me. Do you know Jesus? And he lifts his head, gurgling blood. I said “Do you know Jesus?” and he says “yes,” spitting out blood out of his nose. I said “He forgives you and He loves you. No matter what you’ve done. And he’s looking at me, and he’s bleeding, “Thank you.” he goes out again. And I’m praying for him because I want him healed. I want his brains to go back in. I want the blood to stop. I want him healed right now. First priority is he needs to be born again. He needs to know Jesus. I need to know. The cop comes. He says “Who are you?” and I said, “I just drove by.” He said , “Get the blank away.” I said “I will not leave this man. I will not leave this man. He’s dying and Jesus loves him. And he loves you. Do you know Jesus?” And the cop is screaming at me. “I don’t have time for this!” I said, “Well surely, it’s his time. Surely. it’s time for him. When is it time man?” “What is wrong with you?” “No, I’ve been changed, bro. God loves me. He loves you.” Rrrr, and he’s growling, the cop. He’s not my problem. I was, but I died. See, you’re your problem. If you’ve got an issue with this one, it’s not them. it’s you. You’re the issue. Welcome to me, me, me. If you have a problem with this one and this one and this one, it’s not them. It’s you. You’re the issue. People like, “Don’t you tell me I’m the issue.” That’s a clue. Oh, it’s always somebody else’s problem. It’s always somebody else. It’s never us. It’s always them. Sounds like the garden. It sounds like the same thing that happened in the beginning when Adam and Eve ate the tree, and God said, Is this true? Because Adam’s like, “You know what? If you wouldn’t have made her, then I wouldn’t have ate it. It’s your fault.” God goes to Eve, “This is true?” “Well, you made the snake, and if you wouldn’t have made the snake, I wouldn’t of ate the trees. It’s your fault again. I promise you. It’s the same thing today. To where we don’t take ownership, we don’t think that it’s us. It’s always someone else, but unless that pride thing falls, and you see the reality of this thing and you realize the gospel doesn’t say deny your friend, pick up your cross and follow him. The gospel doesn’t say deny your boss. The gospel doesn’t say deny your wifem deny your husband, deny your child… the gospel doesn’t even say “Deny the devil, pick up your cross and follow him.” The gospel says, “Deny your self.” Because self is the issue: selfishness, self-preservation, selfish ambition, pride. You know what pride hates? When it’s called pride. Hates it. Here’s what pride is, “If I pray for him, I’m not gonna if I step out right now. I’m gonna look funny.” Pride. We call it fear of man, but it’s pride. It’s the same thing. You guys all right? Oh, I promise it’s true. If I’m worried and more concerned about what I’m gonna look like in front of people when I step out and pray for somebody. It’s because, me, me, me. That’s the problem. Come on, man. What if it’s that simple? What if you just need to die to live? What if you just need to fall to rise? What if you need to humble yourself to be exalted. What if, you have to give to gain? What if the upside world Kingdom that you entered into, isn’t just a little upside-down, it’s completely opposite the way that seems right to a man and the way that we’ve been raised. We have been raised to preserve. We have been raised to look out for number one. We have been raised for self-preservation selfish ambition. You’ve got to do what you can for you, you’ve gotta watch out for your family, you got did this, you got to do that. No. You have to look out for him. And then, man, which is easier– you looking out for you and trying to be strong and white-knuckle gripping yourself through this life and being tough and trying to be… You can’t win, you’ll be crushed. That’s why Jesus changed things. See the first commandment is to love God, In the Old Testament to love God with all your heart with all your soul with all your strength and with all your mind. The New Testament Jesus changed it. He said the first commandment is different than the old. The first commandment changed and shifted a little bit. It says to love God with all your heart with all your soul and with all your mind. He took strength out of it, because you are to love God with your weakness. You are to love God with all of your heart, all of your soul, and with all of your mind and love your neighbor as yourself. See, if you try to love God with all of your strength, you will try to be strong and love God as strong as you can be, but you’re not that strong. You don’t understand. See your weakness is a magnet for God’s strength. But when you’re strong, you don’t need his strength. And we grow up being tough. We grow up self preserved. Self-preservation promotes depression because you can never be as strong as you want to be. That’s really a good word man. I promise you it is. It’s surrender. It’s all or none. It’s for or against. It’s gather or scatter. Jesus didn’t make any middle area. There is no self-preservation. There is no holding on to you. See if you hold on to you, and you’re your defense then you’re the only defense that you have. You need God as your defense. You need to trust that he’s gonna show up. You need to step out on that risk, on that limb called risk, and trust that He’s going to show up. Go as far out there as you can because your Papa’s hand’s right underneath of it, and he’s not gonna let you go. People say, “Well, I stepped out and prayed for somebody before and nothing happened. I’m not doing that again.” Oh since when is a “been there, done that, got the t-shirt”? Come on man. “Well I tried that.” I meet Christians all the time that used to be Christians. “Well I tried that. Didn’t work for me.” Oh you tried that? The reason why it didn’t work is because you didn’t give your life. Waa! (Bruce Lee) All he wants is your whole life. You can’t live the other way. He who seeks to save his life will lose it, but he who loses his life for my sake will find it. There is no other way. It’s still the same. So I’m praying for this guy. The cop walks, by he won’t even come near me. I got my hands on, I’m praying for “God let his neck be healed, let internal bleeding stop, I thank you Father, that you would completely make his whole, any kind of head injury I thank you that addiction would be completely cut off, completely. I’m praying for him. The police won’t even come near me. He’s taking a report from some other guy that’s on the scene that won’t even come near, one of the guys who’s like, “Stay away, man. He’s gone.” He’s taking a report. So the paramedics come up, and I ask him. I say, “Hey, man? Hey, tell me that you know who Jesus is man.” The paramedic. “Because I actually do.” I said, “Awesome. I’ve been praying. I’ve been keeping his neck stable. I’ve been praying for him telling him how much God loves him man.” He goes, “Really?” I said “Yeah, I tried to tell the cop. He didn’t want to hear it.” He goes “Well…” I said “No, I understand what the problem was.” And I shared with this paramedic real quick “I was a drug addict for 22 years, man. I drove drunk constantly. I didn’t care.” You know these people we call bad news, these people that are out there, people we don’t want to get around because if we get around we might get messy? Like the bad news people, like the thieves, drug addicts, prostitutes liars.. Those kind, the people that we don’t want to get near? Do you understand why they do what they do? Because they’re blind. That’s why. Would you in your Christian walk, would you feel comfortable walking up to somebody that had a red stick that was 100 percent blind that couldn’t see, They’re walking up and you stop in front of them and say, “Hey I have a question for you. How many fingers do I have up?” Would you do that? Do you think that’s okay? Well, that’s what you’re doing when you’re expecting somebody that can’t see to see. I promise you. They’re blind. They can’t see! And how can they see? How can they see? Satan blinds the eyes of people, lest they should see. Oh I’m a mess. I love Jesus, man. I just feel like I spin my wheels everywhere I go, just trying to get somewhere. Right now I’m trying to get somewhere. I am. 2nd Corinthians chapter four verse one. “Therefore since we have this ministry,” This is right after he says “We all with unveiled face behold as in a mirror the glory of the Lord are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory as by the Spirit of the Lord.” “Therefore since we have this ministry as we have received mercy we don’t lose heart, but we have renounced the hidden things of shame not walking in craftiness nor handling the Word of God deceitfully but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God.” What that means is that I’m going to walk with the purity of the gospel, the power of the gospel the reality of what Jesus says. And I’m gonna live that way, and that’s the way I’m gonna function. I’m gonna walk in the fullness of the God that I say I believe in, in the purity of heart, and I’m gonna walk the way that God says. And I’m doing that so the consciousness of people won’t be violated by me confessing to be a Christian but living like a hypocrite. Promise. It’s pretty amazing. “Commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God.” So I know that I’m walking in the sight of my Father and my Father is pleased with me. He shows a picture to Gabriel “Wow! There’s Todd!” Amd I know my God, how much he loves me, my Father loves me. The Spirit of God is inside of me, crying out “Abba Father” and my spirit cries out “Abba Father.” I cry out “Abba Father. Daddy!” and the Spirit of adoption possesses me. Here. Possessed by my dad. Ah- Representing my dad. everywhere I go, because he’s awesome! “But even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing.” Now “It is not God’s will that any perish.” That’s what it says. It says, “but that all come to the knowledge of Him.” That’s what it says. So God’s will is for none to perish. “God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son so that whoever would believe it in him would not perish but have eternal life.” Now he wants to use somebody to accomplish that task. If you’re a confessing Christian, then you would be that somebody. Oh. It says it says, “If it is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing, whose minds the god of this age has blinded, who do not believe” Aah.. “lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ who is the image of God should shine on them. For we do not preach ourselves, but Christ Jesus our Lord and ourselves your bond servants for Jesus’ sake. For it is God who commanded light to shine out of darkness who shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” Someone’s blind, they can’t see. They don’t know. The cop he’s blind. He can’t see. He’s really blinded by drunk drivers previous that he’s shown up on accidents that have killed people, because usually the drunk driver gets away unscathed. He gets away free. Doesn’t even have a mark a lot of times. Guy drives drunk, not even wearing a seat belt, kills somebody. Innocent. So what happens is when I share a testimony like this and you have people that have had somebody get hurt by a drunk driver all of a sudden they become offended, because “That’s the kind of person that killed my dad,” or “That’s the kind of person that killed my brother,” or “That’s the kind of person that put them in a hospital.” You don’t understand. If they weren’t blind they wouldn’t have lived that way. But if you allow that to offend you, you become blind. So now we’re Christians that say that we can see. Pharisees came to Jesus Jesus, heals the guy. This guy like he sees. He put mud on his eyes. He spits in the mud. He puts mud on his eyes. He says, “Go and wash in the pool of Siloam.” The guy goes to the pool, he washes, he can see. Jesus shows up and he says, “Do you believe in the Son of Man? Tell me who he is so I can.” “It’s I who am talking to you.” I believe. Pharisees are there. He says, “I came into this world that those that cannot see can see, and those that say they can see can be blind. It’s a crazy time, crazy statement. The Pharisees say, “You don’t say that we’re blind too?” Jesus says, “If you were blind, you’d have no sin; But that you say that you can see, this means that you’re still blind.” It’s crazy. “If the blind leadeth the blind both will fall into a pit.” Are you guys with me? Jesus wants to give us eyes to see, and ears to hear, (just in case you were sleeping) Eyes to see like he sees. Ears to hear. Without the Holy Spirit we’re constantly blind. So we have the Holy Spirit, because no one can say Jesus is Lord except by the Spirit, but there’s more. Not that there’s more than Jesus being Lord, but Jesus being Lord means that he’s more than just your Savior that saved you enough to get you to heaven. Jesus being Lord means that he saved you enough so that heaven could get into you, so that you could live with the veil torn off of your eyes, that you could live by the Holy Spirit, Because “The Lord is the Spirit. Where the Spirit the Lord is, there is liberty. And we all with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror, the glory of the Lord.” And It says that we are being transformed. Into what? Transformed into the original image that God created us to be in the beginning, before we ever sinned, before we ever missed it, before we ever ate the tree. So when God sees you he doesn’t see somebody and count your faults and your failures against you. He sees somebody that He calls blameless. He sees somebody that He calls forgiven. He sees somebody that He calls spotless. wrinkle-free. That’s the gospel. It’s scandalous grace. It’s crazy. Why would he do that? Because you couldn’t, that’s why. So he did it, so that you could become it. See if you keep trying to do do do-do-do, you’ll miss it. You’ll be in this hamster wheel of Christianity. And you’ll run yourself ragged and you’ll never enter into rest, and you’ll never enter in to what he said, but if you just surrender and say, “God, that’s it. Done. I’m not doing this thing anymore on my own. I give it up Jesus. All or none, here I am. Make me what you want. Mold me, shape me, potter me and fill me.” All He’s asking you for is everything that you are, because you weren’t created for you. You were created for Him. You were created for Him and His glory. God wants the veil to be removed off of everybody’s face. He doesn’t want us to live in blindness. He wants us to live in seeing. He wants us to see. He wants us to be with unveiled face. He wants you to look in the mirror and see what God sees because what God sees, is a child of God that he’s pleased with, that he’s happy. He wants to parade you around. He wants to send you into places like that accident. He wants to put you into to stuff that is so horrible world standard, so many people, so many aggressors, Muslims, all kinds of stuff. He wants to put you there, and he wants to prepare a table for you right in the midst of your enemies. He says, “Look, it’s really scary here. It’s really dark. Would you sit down and eat with me son? Because this is a great place. I can blast my son’s name on a loudspeaker. Right here in the midst of darkness.” All you have to do is say, “I surrender. Jesus, here I am. Use this one. Use me.” You know what a bond servant is? A bond servant is one that was a slavem that’s been released from slavery, but chooses to work for the master for free. One that’s been a slave his whole life and the master says, and someone comes and purchases you, boom. Pays your debt. Boom. Pays it. Redeems you. All of it paid. And then you out of your love, because of the kindness of the master says, “I don’t want to go anywhere. Where else would I go? You have the words to eternal life. I choose to honor you and serve you. You paid the fee. Here I am, your bond servant. That’s what Jesus did. He was a bond servant. That’s all He’s asking you for. Would you give it to Him? Would you dare? Just give it to Him? Would you stop holding on to you? Let’s just worship Jesus for a few minutes. Father I thank you. God I thank you. Let this worship come from your heart. You worship God with your heart. You open yourself to God and say “Here I am God.” “Here I am God.” Some of you need to forgive people, let stuff go, stop holding onto junk. Just release it man. Just let go now. Just let it go. Say, “God, I’m not going to serve me anymore. I’m going to serve you, a bondservant. Just let it go. Just say, “God I let it go right now. I am not holding back anymore. I’m going full on for you.” Jesus

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  • Brad Burroughs says:

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     Now I've told God that I will go to the outreach whether my friend comes or not. The Great Commission is not the Great Suggestion! I'm still not sure if my friend is coming or not, and frankly I'm still a little terrified, but I'm taking that step of faith. I'm getting out of my own way and I'm taking the risk.
    Just so y'all know, I'm a 14 year old girl, and my friend is 17. You are NEVER too young– and ladies, you have every right to be bold about Jesus. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

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