Today’s promise. November-20-2019.#devunivagdanamu#todaypromise#eerojudevunivagdanamu

praise the Lord November it wave Acadie
rain develop anthem midi heroes who gave me mark dynamo me rodea mu nu caliber
epidemia cream johann sorta Pagnell Java at the IMO
innovated about cinema they only beat the legume e2 en Osama sellitto Naidu
sitamma tamuka watch oh you know for a Tamila third Eagle agenda with you need
a probable by Pucci for Kamata c’est la vie mo and emiru acetic eventually mr. a
Mooga i ami tomar la de mai de Matar masala we move up to do nowadays reduce
was the perch about no honey mana which is now sated Appetit – oh do
shut up on De Luca now in a Methuselah yoga Danny Parker Miyano ina art nap in
Pagani kereama stripper Cipollini eating about dynamo mana underage Evita Lalo
never Alana Cortana no eros ooh John Medina Varsha code 7 Malu Viva Havasu
code 7 blue gel aconitine operative a creaky tendre kumara tree a Kadena mana
Mickey shoe bomb local goon Kaka omen god bless you

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