Today’s promise. December-3-2019. Today’s promise//daily promises Telugu//eeroju devuni vagdanamu

is a lot December motivate ad rain
develop and to melee heroes who they even evac dynamo a home on about me
Santosh in jammu ina Negro D Evangeline with it you know
buh-bye Arabic Keerthana Malkovich animo Prabhu Nandu Santosh in katakana on an
inch of takuna mana mu P lava bed Eun a mu proponent Oh Anand in Taipei I’m
Annabel amor trabajo me Tommy Bahama VOD in a memo no other in China I remember
know Gucci chin tim tooten aragon oka me Cynthia a to Alameda Valley apprentice
Amiga mid to Camus Santoshi ma Gemara no Yehovah BMO chin chin owaru sangeeta
nada mucho señor oh no Cote d’Ivoire cheddar ooh let’s see Santoshi America
Alameda noon dunno where santosha Ananda mogilev are a guru
DoCoMo Rena torpedo Tulagi poeun Oh Idina bagdana mom on average Evita Lalo
never Alanna curtain on eros ooh John Medina Varsha Kosovo Malou navaja Varsha
co2 Ramanuja collagen operative a creaky tendre kumara kriyakid a you Nina Mona
Nikki Shivam Luka Laguna Gaga Amen god bless you

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