The Voice of Jesus

(dramatic music) – A couple weeks ago, I
had this major realization, and it was kind of funny, I was doing some work, and my
kids were watching a TV show, and it was actually an old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. And it’s a cartoon I grew
up watching, I loved. And all of the sudden, I had this, the realization I had
was the voice of Splinter was also the voice of the dad
from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Now that might not seem like
a major realization to you, but at the moment, it was
like I recognized that voice. And it was kinda funny, it was laughing, I watched both of these shows kind of simultaneously growing up, and never put the two voices together. One of the things that Jesus says is He says, “I’m the good shepherd. “My sheep know me. “they hear my voice and the follow me.” And some time, I’ve heard
that, and I’ve thought, man, if Jesus is the good
shepherd, and He’s speaking to me, sometimes I’m not quite
sure that I know His voice, that I hear His voice, and I recognize it. And I almost felt when
I hear that at times like man, I don’t know
if I can listen enough, if I am worthy of the shepherd’s love, if I’m really close enough to
Jesus that I hear His voice. And I wanna tell a story a friend of mine, a priest friend of mine, told me about a friend of
his that was in Ireland, and he was on a sheep farm. And as he was on the sheep
farm, he went for a walk, and to go on this walk, he had to go through all
these gates, the sheep gates. And so he went out way out in the field, went through the sheep
gates, and when he came back, he realized he had left all
the different gates open. So where there are sheep
from different gates and they were marked
with a different color, and different colored ones
went to the different pens. And so he literally tried
to like push the sheep back, and there were just hundreds of sheep, and it was a pretty comical sight. In fact, the people who owned
the house, they came out, and when they saw what was
going on, they started laughing. And sure enough, each shepherd
from each of those gates walked in to the gate, started talking, and when the sheep heard
their shepherd’s voice, they walked to him, they went to him. One of the beautiful thing about that is it shows that reality
of what that looks like. ‘Cause I know for me, I
don’t oftentimes think about the sheep and shepherd relationship. But look, those sheep did
nothing, in some ways, to earn their shepherd’s
love, their shepherd’s care, but the shepherd loved them. And just by being in his presence, they were in the right spot, that’s who they were meant to be. Look, the love that God has for you isn’t something that you have to earn, isn’t something that
you need to qualify for. God loves you because of who you are. He does call to new things, and to grow, and to be the person
that you’re called to be, but He always loves us
perfectly right where we are. The sheep know the shepherd’s voice not because they’ve earned it, but because that’s who
they were created to be, that’s who they are. You know, and so for us as Christians, as we listen to the shepherd’s voice, we hear His voice by
being in His presence. If you want to know the Lord’s voice, be in His presence, spend time with Him. And I can promise you this. That as you do that, you
will get to recognize and hear His voice more and more. He’s not gonna hold back from you. Spend time this week,
today, in His presence, and let His voice speak to your heart. (gentle music)

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