The Vibration of Magic: 3 ways to BE Supernatural

this video I’m going to show you the
vibration of magic show you how you can tap into it right now and I’m going to
show you three ways of becoming supernatural beyond the ego into a new
state of consciousness welcome back to another video my name’s Aaron and I hope
people expand their consciousness now in this video I want to show you that
reality is meant to be much more magical than you may be making it and I say that
because I believe our beliefs create our reality if you look at anyone that’s
experienced something in their life you’ll see that their reality is a
direct reflection of what they believe about themselves and what you’ll notice
is that beyond just our beliefs about relationships our beliefs about success
our beliefs about abundance our beliefs about our health beyond that there’s an
understanding of our beliefs about reality itself so something that I like
to show people a lot is to not just go about the beliefs in these individual
categories but what do you believe about reality itself
because if you believe that things are very fixed if you believe that things
are very hard to change then that will be a one on one reflection that we get
in our life however I believe that when we start to let go of the rigidity of
the way reality works trying to understand everything understanding that
most of what we believe to be true is a hand-me-down from someone else it’s
something we were told about reality where either than actually experiencing
it for ourselves and it’s like then that just remains on autopilot our whole
entire life so when we talk about the vibration of magic versus the vibration
of the autopilot mind the vibration is how we think feel and act now the thing
is is the autopilot mind we think the same thoughts we feel the same emotions
we do the same things we get the same results now that’s what we call reality
the solid reality that’s equal to our ego construct which by the way you are
in infinite spiritual being have an attempt
human experience in this vessel and what happens is the more rigidity – you give
to this ego the more you look around and the more you end up creating that
resistance or the more you think and it’s almost like the less you believe in
your own imagination once you can create your life the more that you just believe
in what already has been which means you’re gonna create more of it but in
the vibration of magic is about understanding that things are much more
flexible I would say that in a way what people could call magic could also be
like the fourth dimensional state of consciousness 4d is when things become
much more flexible it’s when we realize that everything is vibration when you
think things are solid things are very hard to change because they’re so heavy
because it is the way it is but when you’re able to go beyond the way it is
in the current way that you think feel and act you can then go into a level of
magic which I believe is our natural birthright I believe that many people on
the planet are starting to remember that they are infinite spiritual beings and
then then higher realms of consciousness we have there’s almost like no delay of
what we think and what we experience in the higher realms so that’s more of our
natural state but when we come here we forget who we are and then we raise our
vibration where the things to become more and more flexible but I believe
that in general the more you raise your vibration beyond the solidity in the ego
structure the more you raise your vibration the more magical life will
become anyways so this is about understanding that vibration of magic
now first off if you’ve ever read the book autobiography of a yogi’ they used
to talk a lot about that book and it’s an amazing book it’s written by
Paramahansa Yogananda it’s the one book that Steve Jobs read every year the last
40 years of his life it was the only book in his iPad and at his funeral he
gave that book to every single person that attended his funeral now one thing
that was talked about in that book that Paramahansa Yogananda talks about is his
experience of being in India where he was you know bored and going through
that the process of enlightenment now he
means many other enlightened masters on his process of enlightenment and these
enlightened people literally could do things that you and I would consider to
be magic things like teleport to a different location
things like implants I’m very very clear crystal clear ideas in other people’s
minds for example like one of the Sri Yukteswar who is Yogananda’s guru in a
way like mentor was able to set him a messenger says hey go to the train
station to pick me up and then the train station was canceled he goes hey I’m not
the train station anymore and he got the message and it was very clear crystal
clear something else that happened was one of the enlightened masters told
Yogananda’s mom that she would go home get into meditation and that astrally
formed a piece of jewelry lock it would appear in her hands that’s exactly what
happened she ended up giving that to one of the old Anand his brothers to give to
him later on in his life with the message and there have been many other
situations that such as even bringing someone back from the dead which is
talked about in autobiography of a yogi’ and these things we consider to be magic
supernatural how is that even possible but I believe that the more we raise our
vibration and the more weeds happen to our own divinity our own realization
that we are divine beings the more magical life becomes and I’ve say this
for a lot it’s like my favorite thing to say the more we realize our life is a
form of dream the more dreamlike our life will become now the key to a lot of
this no we’re talking about the vibration of magic the key to this is
detaching from the old ego the old story the old person that’s trying to
understand everything the ego will do everything you can
remain consistent to the way it defines itself the evil will do everything it
can to understand everything and for everything to be right for the ego to be
right even at the expense of pain and suffering I’ve experienced as many times
in my life like well this should not have happened this way and it’s like not
even a big deal but the ego is like just this is the this is trying to reassert
itself but when you go beyond that you then senses this higher vibrational
energy but you see every single one of us are divine and the way we tap into
this magic which is who we naturally are magic is our natural birthright magic is
who we are on our core we’re just remembering this and we could also say
that fourth dimensional fifth dimensional states of consciousness is
who we really are we’re just remembering this it’s about letting go of the ego
construct letting go of this story we tell ourselves and starting to observe
it if we have thoughts that like everything is so solid and heavy and
people always treat me this way if reality is so fixed then that belief
creates that reality you will naturally go online find more evidence that that
is the case you will naturally surround yourself with people that think in a
similar way all because there is a strong belief in a want of understanding
the solidity of everything versus surrendering to the divine or
surrendering beyond the ego construct now magic the fourth fifth dimension is
a state of consciousness that every single one of us has the ability to
connect to and in this lifetime I believe that the reason there are so
many souls here on earth right now is to go through this ship
consciousness to go from a 3d level of consciousness up everything is solid
everything is this way these belief systems to go from that heaviness of the
third dimension of duality good bad light dark getting triggered by the news
and the media and all of these things into going into understanding everything
is vibration everything and because it’s vibration it’s not so solid it’s from so
happy but our beliefs are what actualize that allow us to perceive of these
different things in our life now when we talk about these three different things
and three different ways of becoming supernatural then think about it
supernatural beyond natural what is natural well it’s like it’s almost think
of natural that’s kind of like what is and do you think similar to what has
been if you think in the same way to feel the same emotions to do the same
things you’ll get the same results supernatural is about stretching
yourself beyond that current identity that current ego contra and
understanding that things can be very magical if you allow them to be if you
challenge your own belief systems challenge your belief systems at things
I always attract this kind of person into my life
that’s the solidity of over here this is the way reality is I read the weight
reality works is I always attract this kind of person but then you observe it
you can start to see that that is just a story that is just something that
happened but it doesn’t have to be something that has clung to so that it
continues to create yourself over and over and over again but you see you have
to move into the awareness first and foremost now the first step towards
becoming supernatural with reading magic in your life has to do with learning
meditation my whole entire life transformed when I learned meditation
back in 2012 I learned how to observe my thoughts that was pretty much it if you
look right over there know if you can see it but there the other little thing
on a little nightstand over there a little candle candle flame I stared
the candle flame for 5 or 10 minutes 10 15 minutes right when I wake up in the
morning 10 15 minutes right for a go to bed at night and what that does is that
allows my mind to calm down your eyes are focused on one spot where you’re
concentrating and you focus on observing your thoughts what happens is your mind
starts to slow down you start to observe the different processes you start to
observe the reaction of the ego try to understand everything trying to assert
itself trying to be right and when you observe it you then neutralize the
energy and then you can move more into a vibration of being the divine self the
more the divinity that you bring through your body the reason these like let me
share this as well I went to push R and if you may know Bashar but I went to one
of his conferences and I asked a question and the first time I went
actually I asked a question about that of enlightenment so one of the belief
systems of enlightenment because beliefs free realities were the belief system of
enlightenment and what he said is that there are no belief systems
enlightenment enlightenment is about knowing nice outs where they say no guys
I now believe that I’ll know life self so be that is going beyond belief so
then I saw him the second time like a year later and I even brought out the
book autobiography of yogi and the magical things that people in there can
do and I talked to him about that and he said that because we kind of talked this
out but because they know that reality is a dream because they know they are
divine means and everyone else is a divine being because they know that
things are very flexible they can then create things much more fluidly than we
can then we can’t – but we have such a solidity it’s such a belief in all
though these things that we keep ourselves in this limit
there beyond the limitation because there beyond the self there beyond the
ego they’ve got into this divine state of consciousness which we all have to be
a capability of connecting to and meditation I would say is the most
powerful way to do so and every single day having a meditation practice will
help you to go beyond the social condition of the way reality works and
get into a natural state of allowing that divine to flow through allow that
divine to flow through this is something that is extraordinarily powerful and the
more you focus on allowing the divine to flow through you to realize you are a
divine being and so is everybody else on the planet
everyone’s a reflection but the more you allow yourself to tap them to this
divine energy which is you but it’s about getting out of the way with the
Eagle contract of understanding everything magic will really come in
your life when you start to trust this process when you realize that everything
is a reflection of you you’re much more allowing the ego doesn’t have to control
everything and because the ego doesn’t have to control everything there’s a
certain level of grace a certain level of energy that can then flow through you
you can look at anybody that is a healer and that has a an ability to heal
someone else and it’s not that anybody heals anyone else the divine energy
flows through them because they are a vessel they emit off a frequency that
then other people can match and then when they match it they’re in the healed
state that’s what healing is nobody actually heals anyone else and if they
think that way that normally they won’t have the ability for long or it’s not as
genuine it’s allowing the divine to flow through which every single person watch
this is a divine being you are your own guru you have all of this information
inside of yourself and your reality is meant to be magical
the more you tap inside the more you tap inside to yourself the more you tap
inside yourself but also let go of the ego let go of the ego cards
don’t understand everything let go of the necessity to be right and just be in
that observation state to be present to the moment to bring more awareness into
your body magical things will happen synchronicity beyond what you can
imagine right now things used to be in the right place at the right time so
this is one way to create that kind of magic in their life now something else
that I’ve found to be very powerful I was reading in a book that’s called real
magic it’s about that at what’s called a I think it’s called this a sigil or a
sigil sigil I think I would imagine SI g IL now this sounds a little bit more
esoteric but I see how it can be powerful because in a way it’s like
setting an anchor but basically what you do is you have an image of some type of
some type of shape or some type of the image in general and sometimes what
people do is they’ll get different letters of something so if it’s like
they want to create maybe a loving compassionate relationship loving
compassionate relationship so L see are they could make a symbol that has LCR
inside of it and then that symbol could be something that you put energy into
you literally since our meditation you put powerful love energy into it in a
almost like a vision a concentration on the outcome of you creating that in your
life of you being in a loving compassionate relationship and you
imagine that you imagine the outcome of it you imagine you around other people
and then feeling that love from you and you love in yourself and you imagine
that and you put that into the symbol that maybe has like compassionate loving
and then relationship and it’s like this symbol and you meditate on that and you
put energy into it and you put the emotion into it and then
you believe that that is something by doing you are focusing and concentrating
within your own body building up that energy that vibration beyond the super
the natural into the supernatural and then what you do is as you focus on that
every single day for five minutes a day over time your belief your your
vibration into that begins to grow in reality that’s an ancient esoteric way
of going about that a manifestation is creating some type of symbol that you
focus on then anytime you see naturally brings that state within you but that is
something that you can try you can try and see how it works and you can use
that for attracting abundance into your life you to to maybe get to maybe just
be confident different emotions that you prefer to experience and here’s the
thing I believe that our we go beyond beliefs into Venus it’s very powerful it
could be that you just believe in this process and that then that’s a
permission slip for you to allow and then perceive of the magic in your life
you see we talked about crystals using crystals to manifest could it be that
the crystals have a geometric form that then camco finds the energy absolutely
could it also be the belief in that process that amplifies the belief in
yourself I think crystals are just a reflection
of our own energy crystals are reflection our belief in it is also what
allows us to then perceive of things around us imagine this there’s an
infinite number of potentialities that exist around us right now we are all the
perceiving of the ones that are alignment with our belief systems or
going beyond belief systems so we actualize based on what is read at
resonance in the vibrational residence of magic is going beyond the ego trying
to understand everything and going into a state of uncertainty so the second
step is creating that sigil SI g IL and having that bat emblem in something that
you meditate on she put energy into you connected through heart you make sure
it’s also a vision for something connected to your heart so many people
in the manifestation community are so focused on the side effects meld in
abundance on the button to the side effect if you do long you love that you
being at your core frequency relationship the relationship is a
reflection of you being at your core loving yourself so much that that
emanates out that other people feel that need resonate with somebody it’s also
full and complete you see this without understanding get to your core so this
is about having that awareness now the last thing I wanted to talk about here
is about going beyond belief and into being beyond belief and into being every
single thing you do if you do it as if you were doing it for the first time not
bringing the past expectation into it your life will become very magical and
you will carry with you equality and other people really want to be around
because when you are very present and you’re not trying to get somewhere else
there’s a new there’s an energy that comes through and I used to even apply
to my old job when I used to work at Barney’s and women’s shoes if I went in
and I was always focused on the next thing always focus on the next thing my
energy was very scattered my energy wasn’t really there there wasn’t a
surplus of energy coming through in life because I was scattering my energy
everywhere even right now if I was focused right now and what I’m gonna do
after this the power gets taken away from this video but if you know one of
the things and I think people the reason a lot of people may like watching my
videos is because I get into a flow state when I do it and then that flow
States is there energy that then people want to match what people want to find
their version of it just a flow state that’s flowing through but going beyond
belief it in the beam it’s about not being so intellectually thinking about
everything it’s about going beyond the belief of who we are the stories that we
tell ourselves and then just being experiencing reality for ourselves
realizing that if we experience anything it’s because we agree to it what I mean
by this is we have many agreements we’ve made in the past agreements about who we
are the way that relationships works the way that people treat us there’s an
agreement we have made and that agreement keeps a certain reality
vibration going but when you go beyond those agreements we start to just be we
start to become three of those beliefs you start to question those beliefs and
we start to say how many experiences for myself because everyone told me that
doing this is kind of scary going for my passion is kind of scary I should say if
the job that I have that’s very much more certain but you say you know what
I’m gonna go for myself and see what this is like and experience it for
myself that’s where magic really begins to
happen magics happens when uncertainty is put into the equation uncertainty
because think about this some time learned from dr. Joe Dispenza
when it comes to this process you think the same thoughts will feel the same
emotions you do the same things you give the same result and that’s the known
that’s what you know but when you step into the unknown you are then in a
territory where the mind can’t try to recreate
you can’t tie itself to what it knows or what it it wants to believe so what you
didn’t begin to do is as we begin to get into the unknown anything can happen
that’s where miracles can happen so if you want to create more magic in your
life step into the unknown do something you’ve never done before
something that this identity may never do this identity that I would never
travel I would never go dance I would never go do this I would never go that
challenge that identity go do something that’s way outside of that comfort zone
and by doing so you get into the unknown you start to expand your concept of self
and as you do that you find you become more free you get out of the beliefs and
into being in the being and understanding that everything in the
reality is about vibration so if you want to create magic in your life stop
being so attached to being right to the ego contract of understanding everything
trying to control everything from the level of the ego start to surrender in a
very powerful way the more you raise your vibration the more your reality we
transform before your eyes and more magical your life will become and if you
haven’t seen it yet I have something called what’s my vibration calm you go
to www-what smile I break calm or you hit the link at the top of the scripture
nuts below and you can take a survey that will calibrate your vibration show
you where your vibration is in the form of an archetype and then I’ll give you a
meditation that helps you to make your reality more magical this is that
meditation for 21 days think it’ll change your life it’s
tailored for your level of consciousness plus I’ll send you emails moving forward
showing you how to get from that level to the next level of consciousness so
that’s something that you are interested in
what’s my vibration calm you see you right below other than that could you do
me a favor if you would like me to make more esoteric videos about magic
divination about things like this could you smack that like button let me know
this lets me know then I’ll start making more videos on that if you want to
branch out a little bit as well other than that I hope you enjoy this video
peace much love and namaste

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