The Upanishads ~ pure vedic Spirituality ~(translation as it is/audiobook)

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  • Raw for Reel says:

    Thank you very Much for this. How wonderful you took the time to do this. Namaste

  • Spiritdove says:

    behind the eyes and between ears is a brain.. with neurons firing and electrical.. a connection with all there is is what i find spiritual. no gods no metaphysical because reality is far more fantastic..

  • Ivn Tahuti says:

    Alan watts brought me here

  • António Cecílio says:

    Thank you. Namaste


    Thank you very very much

  • Nikolai Rogich says:

    "That what cannot be seen by the eye, but that whereby the eye can see." Geez you can't find a more concrete demonstration of a parallel with Immanuel Kant's a priori categories…

  • Jenifer Mason says:


  • Astroboy5150 says:

    Just do self enquiry and keep the mind still… perpetually plunging into the source of the ‘I’. That’s all that is needed to find god.

  • Sushma Sagar says:

    He? The Brahm (The Spirit) has no gender. This should be made clear. The translation is otherwise patriarchal.

  • Travis Aurand says:

    That is it. Who were these sages ?

  • pardeep parkash says:

    I Am That .

  • Anasua Chatterjee says:

    I can visualise that flame of my spirit that is Brahman and who resides in me, and I am filled with gratitude and peace. The spirit of the Universe gives me breath and thought!! Thank You

  • Anasua Chatterjee says:


  • Kamal Ramdass says:

    Abinav ananand,not true in the least bit blunt sanskrit being the mother of all languages that begins with the letter A,can be fairly translated from English ect. language to convey it's meaning,tell me English ect.dont have enough letters sounds to give complete meaning I will agree with you,no offence just stating a fact.think about it!namastee….

  • Kamal Ramdass says:

    Great stuff asome translation&voice…

  • Richard F. Doss II says:

    im reading this, had some interesting things happen. was at a beach reading the intro the other day, and this white feather kept whipping around my feet…then i texted someone that "that just happen" and another feather showed up.

    kinda still like in awe when i read it.
    i know i dig very deep into symbolic rerfences, but both feathers were the short heavily curved (from the sacral/reproductive area…both from seaguls, both white) which was odd because i was connecting a few things in another book on vedic based kudalini to Bhraman…such as prana and the sacral chakra and a meditation techneique used to bring in prana through the sacral chakra.

    almost 1/2 way through with it, just finished the Forest of Wisdom, absoluly amazed ✌💓🙏.

    wish i knew people here that i could talk to/learn from inperson that i actually trust about it…no just a random blip on a youtube audio book.

    guess ill keep it to my self from now on…confusing at times.

  • Anthony Hudson says:

    I take it, after reading a few of the comments, i am not alone in thinking the beauty of the semon on the mount, and the beauty of these words come from one and the same place.

  • Kajol Barman says:

    Beaguli laeaguess

  • Selena Magram says:

    Thank you <3

  • Joe Gardens says:

    Thank you… I've been looking for this…

  • Never Mind says:

    Death teaching the way to immortal life sounds like a conflict of interests, but hey! AS IS! haha

  • Casper Sung says:

    Thank u for sharing, this is great 👍 ~ Om om om~~

  • Jordan Hill says:

    Hello! Where did you get this recording?? I’d love to find the original version if you know where to locate it? I love this audio presentation. That’d be great thank you!

  • Eric says:

    I never truly appreciated how old the Upanishads really were until she said to flip over the cassette. Now that is old!

  • Cha 211 says:

    another hole in the rabbit warren British Empire is German they have stolen truth from all.

  • Anthony C. says:

    Many of these comment personify the truth that people with opinions just go about bothering one another. God himself could come down and beat us over the head with His wisdom and 2 minutes later we’d forget everything we were taught and go about spouting off a bunch of absolutely meaningless opinions! 🤷🏼‍♂️ Good at listening, atrocious at hearing.

  • Daishawn Daley says:

    Thank you God

  • David Najor says:

    The Christ was in the Garden in the form of the voice of the Creator. The Vedas and the Upanishads which are the heart of the Vedas are the teachings of men. But Christ came to reveal the Creator and to bring people away from the teachings of men into the true light. And ultimately the men behind the wisdom of the certain cultures represented in the world are left wanting without the truth of Jesus Christ. For He came to call people back to the Father away from worldly wisdom. For there are powers in this world that have always worked to lead people away from Truth.
    The many writings of the different sages of this world differ from each other. But ultimately they say we have to attain eternity with the Supreme through our own works of righteousness. But the Father always knew a person can never be justified. And that is why He came to us to bless us in the Christ as a perfect sacrifice. And our shortcomings were transferred to Him and His righteousness to us there by justifying us before the Spirit who is God. And eternal life is given to all who put there trust in the work of Jesus Christ who in the beginning created us in the first place. And God shares not His glory with anything in His creation.

  • Paritosh Desai says:

    Alekh Niranjan!

  • joao martins says:

    We need this im portuguese 👍

  • JohnE Harris says:


  • Kaushal Kumar says:

    There is one realign of humanity and life is called snatn dharm

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