The Unseen Realm (Trailer), Michael Heiser | Christian Documentary – Supernatural | Faithlife TV

(upbeat music) – Whether we realize it or
not, we’re being watched by both sides of the supernatural war. – The authors of scripture believed the gods of the nations were real. – Who rules the nations now? The fallen sons of God. – “The Unseen Realm” reminds
us of the spiritual battle and conflict that we’re involved in. – From inner cities to rural
areas to suburban areas, there are fallen beings unseen that are controlling those areas. – There’s an important subtext
for what Jesus was doing. He was outwitting The Evil One. – Baptism is a declaration
of spiritual warfare. – There’s a lot to be seen when it comes to “The Unseen Realm.” (foreboding music)

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  • violetgypsie says:

    Question 1: Will this movie be subtitled? If yes, in what languages?
    Questioin 2: If I order through Faithlife, will I be able to download it to my computer? Or do I need to always have a Faithlife subscription to access it?

  • Jason Panhorst says:

    How do I order this on DVD or Blue Ray?

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