The Spirit of Athaliah Teaches Us This About Spiritual Warfare

and second Kings 10 he kills Jett J who kills a Habs 70 sons and then he killed a 'has EIA's 42 brothers and then he killed the rest of a Habs family but somehow someway Adalia escaped j whose wrath he killed everybody as a matter of fact J who went too far in the Lord later on and rebuked him rebuffed him because he went beyond his assignment he got bloodthirsty J who just began killing everybody but somehow Adalia escaped isn't that just the way this is a spiritual principle that you have to understand when you begin to do spiritual warfare you might get on a roll you might get on a holy roll you might begin to be cast this one down a pro cast that one out and put bind this one and tie up this one and you might be doing really well in the realm of spiritual warfare maybe you've had it onslaught against you and you find this one you discern that one you see this one over here you see that devil over here you break the powers of this witchcraft over here but you didn't see the one and that one maybe the most dangerous one that one maybe the most strategic one that one that you didn't discern might be the one that comes back later to try to take the death blow and this one was Adalia this one I don't know how she escaped the wrath the Bible doesn't say if she hid herself away the bible doesn't say we don't know we don't know why she remained and a few of her grandchildren remain but somehow this one enemy probably the most vicious the most hellish the one that could do the most damage this one escaped a hab sword the spirit of Adalia I've been battling I'm probably been battling this demon a lot longer than I've even known because I've been battling Jezebel for nearly twenty years and so I've probably had run-ins with this demon but because barely anybody teaches about it we're ignorant of this devil's devices and we come up with all these extra the ones who do teach on it not all but the one of many that I've seen it's stray biblical it's based on their experience which is not bad experience is good but I love to see what the Bible says about the demons that we fight so it's not bad to tie your experience in there because you know everything is not recorded in the Bible every miracle that Jesus did is not recorded in the Bible but I like to be biblical especially with demon powers and in its spiritual warfare because that is our ground that is our safety net is the Bible is the word and so I really began to discern the attack of Adalia against my life when we went to Nigeria because that's when I taught it and I'll tell you what all hell broke loose and in the moment I still didn't know what it was but prophet Nessa did say as I set out to teach that she says I've never really heard anybody teach this before I said neither have I I just went straight to the Bible this wasn't something I read in the book this was something I got right out of the Bible and she says well we have to brace for the warfare she says I have a feeling she always has these feelings you got to listen to her feelings she said I have if I'm telling you he'd better listen to her feelings because it's just the way she's communicating what the Lord she's had she says I have a feeling that there's gonna be some heavy backlash from this well what happened well we came home there was nothing I thought oh this is this is not so bad this is no the next day my ankle was sprained in three places now at the time here's how little I even knew a year ago about the spirit at the time the only paradigm I had a no thing I discerned items saying I discerned was a Python spirit there was a Python spirit involved in that attack I knew there was a Python spirit involved in the attack because I felt the lasso I felt that that when my twin my twin my ankle pop-pop was spraying high spring low sprain mid sprain it was sprained in three places and you could see when it bruised you could see a bruise like a rope around my foot and so I knew that Python was involved the Lord showed me Python was involved but I was so tied up and teaching on water spirits in that season that I didn't Seattle behind it so you have to understand in the kingdom of darkness once spirit will send other spirits against you it depends on their ranking we know they have rank we know they have rank Paul in Ephesians six and twelve says that there's principalities powers rulers of the darkness spiritual wickedness in high places so there's a rank in the kingdom of darkness and many times spirits tag team together and Jezebel and python or two that really do tag team together so wouldn't it make sense that Adalia would as well and so I didn't see it until a few weeks later I said man I think this Adalia thing I began to catch on you know they don't ever do that with you where you begin to catch on later you keep praying you still order you're looking for answers and also oh okay now I'm starting to see it well we got through that attack the whole building collapsed as you know over in Dania Beach it was a serious series of attacks one after another papapapa was retaliation but it wasn't just one spirit it was a few spirits and then when we went to Singapore in February this is more recent now we went to Singapore in February and I was teaching and that was being translated in like 15 languages or something and they asked me to come to teach on Jezebel so this program could go all over the world and I begin again to teach on Adalia and I'll tell you that night after I taught on that I could not barely move my legs were cramping to the point and I stand up and I teach long hours all the time I used to work in retail and I would stand on my feet 8 hours a day no problem I stand up all the time this was not a I'm tired from standing this was a demonic and she got it too and she wasn't standing it wasn't as bad as mine but she got it – she was just sitting watching me she was there to pray and so I couldn't barely walk it was my lower back it was my legs it was cramping so hard that actually after the third day I said you know what I can't I can't do anymore I didn't know what was going on and then I felt so bad because I wanted to film 40 episodes and I only filmed 30 but I just fit my body was understood attack and this happens well how does that happen to you my shield wasn't up listen if I take a wool football and I throw it at you Karen right now I'm a pretty good am I could probably hit you in the head but if you put up a shield it would bounce off the shield but if you didn't know I was about to throw the ball you would not have your shield up necessarily but if you knew that if I told you I'm gonna throw this at you if you had heads up you lift your shield and it's gonna bounce off but I had hey you know you can have your shield lifted for certain things and not others it's not a direct parallel I was embraced for Jezebel I was ready I was going to the nation's th I was already for Jezebel but I didn't learn the lesson in Nigeria can I be real with you learning to fight is a process

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