The Soul of House Vol. 57 (Soulful House Mix)

[Applause] [Applause] yeah [Applause] bringing it back and backing it up yeah people don't take this the wrong way see I've been great it keeps the heartbreak from coming round yeah it's been so long since Oh Oh yeah Oh I'm ready for you I'm No it's more I'll dedicate my life in you crazy but I know I'm protected you're the only one shoot in the only world you live to shine your way supplied upon me show me the utmost respect the value played well it is not a destiny no one can come between because the heavens are blasted can rest assured up just you with my heart for you I don't get it they just put your hand golly nobody else compared to you baby I wanna be with you nobody else compared to you baby and god never makes mistakes in places we're supposed to crossing paths – really Hey that's right up to the two Huna son take away he is the reason that's why I wanna the souls of kindred I don't have to change my ways and I don't have to pretend I'm openly and freely you're my trusted friend that's why I'm sure day Oh dance with the souls of upendra it shows you to care yes ah Oh oh yes what imagine I she is it do [Applause] do it dreams

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