The Soul of Gintama

Gintama is one of the most bizarre stories
I’ve ever experienced, and it’s simultaneously one that requires a large amount of patience
to understand exactly what the series is all about. At the time of making this video, it has close
to 400 episodes released over the span of thirteen years and multiple movies to boot,
and many of these entries sit at the very top of the most highly rated anime of all
time on websites like MyAnimeList. Yet as undeniable as it is that the show has
quality, it can also be argued that there is an equally undeniable barrier to entry
for the series for people who are curious about it. The first reason for this is the sheer length,
as I mentioned, but the second is that for plenty of new viewers, Gintama is likely to
require a ton of patience. I’m not saying that it is impossible for
someone to be super into it from the start, but the earlier episodes are a very lighthearted,
comedic slow burn, and while that is not a bad thing at all, it is entirely understandable
that someone could watch a few of them and kinda wonder what all the hype is about. The writing is sharp and witty from the start,
but I definitely found my interest wavering early on and kind of drifting through the
comedy a bit as I waited in baited breath for the darker, dramatic and more weighty
stuff to come. This was a mistake on my part. The quality of the show, especially early
on, has a ton of peaks and valleys as it lays foundations and introduces characters and
concepts. It isn’t the most tightly structured or
consistent anime in the world in the first season for me, and enjoyment will likely differ
vastly depending on which arc or episode you’re on. Yet, it must be said that very little, if
ANY of the show is padding or filler due to the type of story this is, and this fact lends
some insight into part of where it finds its identity. Gintama has a very self-referential sort of
style when it comes to all of its aspects – the comedy, the drama, the weight and more
are all dependent on the viewer being introduced to prior elements, and they are constantly
being built upon after the foundation is laid. In my opinion, while you may be tempted, you
cannot skip a bunch of Gintama episodes to get to a really funny or really dramatic arc
and still get the full emotional and narrative impact of what’s happening. This is partly because there is a huge amount
of continuity within the story and minor plot threads and characters turn up later on with
larger roles and impact, but there are structural reasons too. Without getting into specifics, the show banks
on prior viewer knowledge and exposure to the world and its characters to be able to
get optimal enjoyment out of all aspects of the later stuff, whether it be the extremely
dark and heart-pounding sequences, the big moments of emotion, slice of life stuff, or
even just wacky comedy. This may come off nothing special in the way
I describe it here, as something akin to the classic case of building an emotional connection
with characters to allow the big moments to shine as they do in shows like Steins;Gate. But it really isn’t that simple, because
Gintama takes it to another level and integrates this with virtually every element of the story. This gradual start is not a case of “when
do we see the REAL Gintama?” Because Gintama is spinning its web and planting
the seeds from episode 1. It just may take dozens of episodes before
you realize what it’s done. Or at least, that was the case with me. Those who have watched the show will no doubt
know that there is a clear stylistic variation in the type of episodes that Gintama has. I am simplifying it a bit, but by and large,
there is a dichotomy between comedic arcs and arcs that are much more serious. There are also several semi-serious arcs with
more or less equal parts of both styles, but to me there is a clear line drawn between
the lighthearted and the heavy in the series, the common denominator between them being
a very distinct and usually palpable sense of sentiment, heart, emotion and empathy throughout,
due in large part to its themes. What I eventually began wondering as my interest
and engagement slowly grew and I began to learn what the series was about was the following:
which of the two styles is the true identity, heart and soul of Gintama? The light arcs or the heavy, darker stuff? Again, in wondering this, I found that I was
making a mistake. Because the truth is that the story’s identity
is both and everything in between. As is said many times throughout the series,
there is no light without the dark. It is a consistent thematic idea that is communicated
again and again in various ways, and it integrates with the style and structure of the story
to give Gintama a unique sort of duality. It is one of the most impressive allegorical
works I’ve seen in terms of communicating the concept of seeking the light through the
darkness – something that is explored through the themes in each of its arcs, but arguably
more deeply presented through the show’s structure and main character. Gintoki has experienced poverty, war, battles,
death and terrors unimaginable.. he’s lived through it all and seen the horrors of the
world. For any regular person, this would cause them
to crumble and withdraw and avoid and repress these memories and the feelings associated
with them. But as we come to eventually learn, Gintoki
instead confronts them and resolves to use them as his strength. His experiences have shown him what he values,
and as such, they’ve reinforced his will and desire to simply live a life of peace
and happiness with those he cares about, and he has an unshakeable conviction to protect
that, no matter what. Due to his past and the life he seeks to live,
Gintoki is constantly forced to combat threats that plague the lives of both him and those
he cares about. But he does this to have a world where he
and his loved ones can get into stupid hijinks and argue about dumb stuff and laze around
and have fun once more. That sort of life is his salvation. And this is where we circle back to the topic
of this show’s style and dependence on prior investment. As I said, to me, this series is all about
a distinct duality. The fashion in which the narrative style changes
repeatedly from lighthearted to extremely heavy as the show wears on, the way in which
the characters truly deeply care for one another underneath the lighthearted antics, the subtly
impressive world that is slowly crafted as a bi-product of the silliness of the story
– there are layers upon layers here, and a flip side to everything. But this is best exemplified through our protagonist,
Because despite how aloof, sarcastic and detached as GIntoki seems, there is absolutely no one
in this story that values connection and true happiness as much as he does, and no one with
as much hope. There are many visual images that characterize
Gintoki for me – on the humorous side, perhaps one of him picking his nose with those dead
fish eyes. Or for a more serious description, a bloodied
image of him on the battlefield, protecting those he loves. But the most appropriate for me is neither
and both of these. Just like the entire series, the man himself
is a synthesis of both sides and so much more. And for that reason, the most striking image
of GIntoki for me is something that we’re treated to quite often – him looking seemingly
annoyed at the antics of his best friends, perhaps turning away in irritation.. only
for a small but very genuine smile to creep up on his face. It captures everything about the man for me
– his nature, his humour, his pure happiness to be able to share his life with those he
loves, and through this smile, a hint at his desire to do anything to protect that happiness. Ep 304 – Yoshida Shouyo was never someone
to hide his obliviousness and wide-eyed wonder, but he did know what it meant to be a samurai. Simply – to become better. To improve. To become stronger, more knowledgeable, to
be a better person – being a samurai means self-improvement in any aspect of the word. Whether it be a war-torn child who had to
grow up and harden himself faster than any child ever should, or a poor, combative soul
who had no idea what to do with his life, or an intelligent, broad-minded youth just
looking for a place to belong, Shouyou gathered these young people and gave them home and
hearth, a life to live and THIS goal to strive for. They once were lost, and then they were found. He is the reason that Takasugi and Gintoki
were able to live functional lives of value – he was their everything. And he was taken away from them. Not for any good reason, not because he did
something heinous to deserve it – simply because life is unfair. With his life pitted against Katsura’s and
Takasugi’s, there was only ever going to be one answer for Gintoki as to who should
live. Not because he cared any less for SHouyou,
but because he knew what Shouyo would have wanted for him. And so he carried the burden. Consistent with his solitude and earlier behaviour
prior to enrolling in Shouyou’s school, Takasugi views his death as a reinforcement
of the idea that this world is hell, a worthless cesspool of death with no meaning, just there
to be destroyed. He wants to exact vengeance upon the society
and system that took his sensei from him, to leave not a trace of the old world order
behind. And this is where he and Gintoki diverge – because
Gintoki doesn’t take his eyes off of the world that Shouyou tried to bring about. He is devastated beyond belief at the death
of his master, but sees it as reason to reinforce his ideals. Shouyou would not have wanted Takasugi to
go his route – he would have wanted him to persevere and continue and protect, not destroy. In a situation like this, it is so easy to
just give up and submit to hatred. However, as we know, that isn’t the type
of person Gintoki it. Despite what he felt, despite what the world
seemed to be telling him to do, Gintoki grabs hold of SHouyou’s legacy and does him the
greatest respect by carrying it out. Shouyou admitted that he was kind of making
things up as he went along, that he was lost – but I think he found what he was looking
for through the connections he formed with his students. In people. And so did all of his students, in return. They all found a place to belong and solace
with one another, but the key difference here is that when that home was taken away, one
man chose hatred and darkness and destruction, and the other held firm in his conviction
and hope. Takasugi laments his and his comrades’ weakness
and their inability to save their sensei, but whether he realizes it or not, his new
idea of strength is more akin to a flaming, soul-destroying rage. Shouyou looked towards something different
and kinder, a more empowering sort of idea. In spite, and ironically BECAUSE of his past
sorrows, Gintoki epitomizes optimistic spirit, and he values every single connection he makes. And this light and dark dichotomy is what
I believe to be the crux of Gintama’s thematic resonance. Hope or nihilism? Is it really worth it to suffer in the hopes
of a better day, even when all seems lost? Is the duality of the human condition a tragedy
worth persevering through, or is it just better to give up? There’s only ever once answer for Gintoki,
as his experiences have proved to him that the joys of connection and love far overpower
the pain of loss. Takasugi gave up on being a true samurai as
SHouyou would put it, but his rival never stopped trying to be better, never stopped
protecting what he loved. Life is fleeting, but no matter what, there
is always a light and the good times are always worth having. Gintoki’s devotion to this aspect of life
is so incredibly strong that a feral animal seems to come out the instant he sees those
he cares for threatened, and who can blame him? He has learnt that connection, affection and
vulnerability are a human’s greatest strength for how these bonds can bring joy and empower
you. Putting yourself out there and caring for
others sure as hell puts you at risk of being hurt, but it also benefits your life exponentially. So in the dark times, where it is hard to
see the sun, fight with all you can to protect the lives and dreams of those you love, so
you can all reach a better day together, and be able to get on each others nerves again. It’s incredibly sweet, and through the teachings
of SHouyou-sensei, Gintoki has learnt to use his sword to protect and defend this. It’s a philosophy that took hold of him
due to how well his master exemplified and displayed it as he lived his life and how
fiercely he cared for Gintoki, and as a result, he has never lost sight of it and continued
to fight for what Shouyou-sensei stood for even after his cruel death. The world can be brutal and destructive, but
will giving up on it and destroying it in turn truly bring happiness? Is happiness even possible? Gintoki believes that it is so, and never
gives up on it. And It’s not just Gintoki either – all of
these characters have some sort of past tragedies, sins, darknesses or pains that they had to
overcome in order to be where they are by the current point in the series. And yet they all do this for the same reason
– to see those better days. But this sort of meaning extends from the
cast and can be attributed to the series as a whole for me. Earlier, the comedy doesn’t do much emotionally
for a first time watcher. But over time, that tends to change. I found myself much more invested in the lighter
arcs later on due to a combination of the repetition and exposure to the characters
and prior occasions of them being in much more deadly situations. To put it simply, I grew to like these characters
through seeing them in different contexts, and I wanted them to have fun and be happy. I found myself at the edge of my seat in the
dark moments because I had adhered myself so tightly to the characters beforehand and
genuinely wanted them to survive and live peacefully.. and this in turn further strengthened
my investment in later comedic arcs, which subsequently strengthened my investment in
the darker arcs, and so on. As time goes by, you grow to understand Gintoki
through understanding this story’s structure. There will always be dark, serious times,
and there will always be light. The key is to fight through these troubles
and protect what you value so that the light can shine again. And in narrative terms, each style is made
bolder and more effective by the other. It is a risky, double-edged sword of a formula
and it requires very adept writing and presentation so that it doesn’t become stale, but if
pulled off well, good god does it work. Exponentially. It is a quality that is really truly earned,
perhaps in the most organic way I’ve ever seen in a story. The episodes tick by, dozens and dozens, and
you enjoy the off-the-wall comedy and clever dialogue and references as good old fashioned
entertainment.. but eventually, it becomes something more. The connection with these characters and this
weird ass story sneaks up on you until you find yourself unable to let go. Gintama slowly but surely became a huge part
of my life – It is one of the most unique viewing experiences I’ve ever had. The series is far from one of the tightest
stories I’ve seen, the quality definitely wavers as I said, and of course, the comedy
may not work with everyone – But it deceptively taps into something special through a unique
brand of depth and duality that has become it’s novelty, and I’d be lying if I said
that I wasn’t completely attached to it by now. For most who have grown to love the show,
something special and very gradual happens as you watch, and despite my best attempts
here, words cannot do it justice. But I bet that a lot of you know what I’m
talking about. This combination – the theme of reaching the
light, of pursuing happiness and protecting what you love – how it dovetails with the
two-pronged nature of the comedy and weight of the story, and how it is encapsulated with
the past and present journeys of Gintoki – it taps into something truly resonant and indescribable
that makes the journey of Gintama more than worth the investment. Many thanks for watching.

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    Something I'd like to add is, Gintoki actually avoids life for all that he's lived, that's why he is always reading the Jump magazine, or in the couch, not looking for job and instead waiting for jobs to come, eating candies and constantly drinking at night. But this is in no way a weakness, he needs those moments to get him through the days. But whenever someone close to him is in need, he puts all of that aside and protects them with all of his soul, and that makes him one of the bravest protagonist there are.

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  • John Titor says:

    I understand what you mean dude
    God bless Taka-tin

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    Sigh Will there ever be another series that can fill the void now that this one has (apparently) ended? I can't find anything else that compares to this!

  • luchomscyfy says:

    Gintama is like real life. Like some people joke "it's all fun and games until somebody dies". Well, real life tends to be like that. Life it's not all the time a depressing drama, or a sitcom, or an action series, or slice of life. Life is all of that. And the Yorozuya are like real human beings: they are jerks in moments, they are friendly in moments, they are funny, they are serious, and they help each other. Life doesn't have perfect people. Just people.

  • rachel_30 says:

    Man it has been more then a week since gintama ended ( manga wise) and i just watched this video today and it really made me realize how deep this series really goes gintama humor isn’t meant for all and it takes a while to get into but when u give it time it something so dear to you u will have no idea thank you sorachi for a masterpiece us yorozuyas can never forget

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    Mad respect for gorilla-sensei! The guy created a story that gave him all the freedom he wanted, with extended genres and where everything he wanted to insert, was perfectly valid.
    He gave us real characters, believable women, and secondary and third characs. that had their moment to shine and weren't forgettable cuz they were always there!
    Honestly, this show inspired me more than any other shounen, and I'm gonna miss it a lot.
    Great video ♥

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    I teared up while watching and hearing those lines again .

    And I totally agree , I have more attachment to all these characters as time go on that I missed those foolish and fun days

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    I was just thinking how I feel like I never see Gintama analysis videos here. I think the comedy arcs are definitely just as important as all the serious moments, if not more so, like you said. Gintama is really just one big found family, one with weird cousins, uncles, aunts, step-siblings, etc. I think if someone was to only watch the serious arcs it would be akin to knowing a family's history without really knowing, well, the family. I think Gintama made me realize the importance of getting people to laugh with your characters before throwing them into trouble; if I've laughed with someone it's all the more painful when I see them in pain. You tackled those subjects really well!

  • Glorioustigereye says:

    I love that right when I got into it it was announced to end. I think it ends on July 17th. I only watched a couple arks, the beginning, 2015 and everything after. I hope we can enjoy a new series that might come.

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    @alexzandxr I need your help. I feel like you're the guy who can dissect and illuminate us with the series "Katanagatari". its a masterpiece. It's as profound as HXH. its not on crunchyroll. its a 12 series "light" novel. limited release. its mind blowing. Please? please I promise its worth 12 hours of your time 😢

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    I tried it a few years ago and dropped it after 5 episodes. But you totally convinced me to give it a new try.

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    Gintama is my absolute favorite story ever. Just like you said, it has the perfect balance between serious and comedy arcs. And even some that are somewhat a mix of both. At the beginning I really just wanted to get to the "good" stuff but later on I just devoured the episodes whether comedy, action or just episodes when they just talk about nothing at all. I didn't watch the anime because of the plot (tbh I gave up on there ever being a concrete storyline for a time) but i watched it for all of the characters.
    Because with each episode they just grew more and more. Every single one of them no matter how annoying they were

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    I just wish that more people will get exposed to the masterpiece that Gintama was 🙁 Great vid, said to see the manga end… Forever my favorite show…

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    Vet madao : "just keep watching you shitty brat"

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    this show means a lot to me so i feel good when it gets love

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  • Sarada Sreeram says:

    Gintama has been there for me. It's my favorite anime/manga of all time and it's all wrapped in a wonderful bow by name if Gintoki. I love his character with all my heart because we are both sarcastic to boot but both hid our true feelings and history under our sense of humor. I don't want to go to into detail but I love the series with all my heart.

  • Luvish says:

    Words can never truly describe Gintama indeed, but you still did an admirable job.

  • snowhytetan Cold Violet says:

    Damn. I've watched this video 6 times already, it's so well made that every time it made my eyes teary. I can't thank you enough for it 🙂

    But I it would've been a nice plus if you mentioned MADAO(or Ep 188 particularly) I feel like he is the heart of Gintama in some aspects.
    Ep 188 brilliantly captures Sorachi's ability to combine humor with sadness, emotional moments. & he does that smartly by having a child narrate a depressive story(about MADAO). Seeing the story from a child's perspective & how he narrates it is kinda funny but the story is actually sad & depressive one. It's just that all of MADAO's struggles & problems are treated like a joke in Gintama when in reality they could be embodiment of common man struggles. Ep 188 starts of as a comedy with a sad tone(ironic isn't it?) but ends up being an emotional one.
    I wonder what you think about MADAO & if you consider Ep 188 as one of the best episodes of Gintama(or one of the best standalone episodes considering we need little to no context for watching Ep 188)

  • dragonnight22 says:

    Gintoki put it best the best main character is everyone together

  • Nonsense With Jessie says:

    Life is pain
    Death is peace

    Death is not a punishment for a life filled with happniess, it is a reward for a life filled with pain.

    That is why sucide is a sin, beacuse those that give up, and give into to the pain of life will never have peace in death.

    Only through struggling against the pain, fighting for peace in life, can one achive true happiness.

    The strong find peace in pain
    The weak find pain in peace

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