The Soul Bird

“The Soul Bird” Deep down, inside our bodies, lives the soul No one has ever seen it but we all know that it’s there Not only do we know it’s there we know what’s in it, too Inside the soul, right in the very middle of it there is a bird standing on one foot This is the Soul Bird It feels everything we feel When someone hurts our feelings the soul bird runs round and round in pain When someone loves us it hops and skips up and down backwards and forwards When someone is angry with us it curls itself into a ball and is silent and sad And when someone hugs us the soul bird, deep down inside grows and grows until it almost fills us. That’s how good it feels when someone hugs us Deep down, inside, lives the soul No one has ever seen it but we all know it’s there Never never has a person been born who didn’t have a soul It sparks the moment we are born and never leaves us not even once. for as long as we live

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