The Secret to Discovering Your Buddha Mind Part 4 of 5

Internet>By continually recognizing your own mistake — does that mean you are also reducing your own ego? Master YongHua>Yes. * That’s the … * That’s the secret. * Recognizing your own mind here is the Chinese way — is the Chinese literary way of putting it. * It’s too Chinese to me. * It’s beautiful. * It’s eloquent. * But what he’s not saying is that he didn’t say recognize how great your mind is. * The Americans, the Caucasians they say recognize how great your mind is. * You’re going to be … you’re a real genius. * See how great you are? * Recognize how great you are! * How genial you are — such a genius. * That is so icky when you see that. * Can you see how icky that is, huh? * You see how great you are? Tex>There you go again. (laughter) Master YongHua>He’s … he’s not convinced. * He says I agree with you but I’m not convinced. (laughter) * That’s precisely the point. (laughter) * Thank you! * And then now he has a problem. (laughter) Tex>I felt you still have a little bone of contention. * You’re talking … so you’re talking about your own mind but here … the Sutra says your original mind. * Are we talking about the original mind or this is the mind that we got now? Master YongHua>You’re being academic — you don’t trust me. * If you do the way I teach you, you see your own mind. Tex>Okay. * Well that’s good enough. Master YongHua>Hmm. * Hmm. * Uh. * This is the theory, Tex. * This is the theory that the Chinese want to present to you because it’s eloquent, it is so beautiful — recognize your own mind. * But how do you recognize your mind is what I’m teaching you.

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