The Reason Why Islam Is The Fastest Growing Religion

New projections by the pue research centre shows that the facters fertility rates as well as the size of youth poulations among the world's major religions as well as people switching one faith to another is going to really determine which religion is going to grow the fastest and if current trends continue over the next 4 decades even though cristianity will continue to remain as the largest
religious group Islam will grow faster than any other religion in the entire world Hey guys, thanks for joinig me in the FTD facts My name is Leroy Kenton and I'm gonna be looking on more that why Islam is the fastest growing religion but before getting in to this episode , guys hit that like button as well as subscribe if you are new here to the FTD facts as well as click that bell notification and don't miss any of our educational videos that we post here daily on this channel so we have talked about Islam quite a bit on this channel so now I am going to dive in lttle bit more on some of the factors of why Islam is now the fastest growing religion ? or projected to be the fastest growing religion if things continue the way they are so as the year 2010, cristianity was by far the world's largest religion with an estimated 2.2 billion followers which was nearly a third of the globe's population and in the second place was Islam at 1.6 billion followers Now when we look at the projections by the year 2050 the number of muslims will be nearly equal to the number of Christians all around the world and then looking at europe the muslims will make up ten percent of the overall population and then finally in United States christians will decline from more than three-quarters to two-thirds of the poulation in the year 2050 However, muslims will be more numerous in the U.S then people who identify Jewish religion Now, these projections taken to account a few things. First, the current size and geographic distribution of world's major religions as well as age diffrences,fertility and mortality rates But what is threal reason why Islam is growing so fast ? Well, to answer this question,I wanna look at four things so first of globally muslims have the high fertility rate with an average of 3.1 children per woman who gives birth Muslims have more children then the other major religions in the world and the other important thing that determines the growth, is the age distribution of each religious group so from the year 2010, the high percent of muslims were younger than the age of 15 which means that the muslims had a higher youth population than any other religion which is why muslims are projected to grow faster than the world's over all population Yeah that is crazy and the third thing I wanna look at is, the international migration the international migration is also going to impact the muslim population using data from previous migration patterns, we see that the muslims are expected to increase from 5.9 percent to to 10.2 percent in year 2050 in europe alone and now the fourth and final thing, By the year 2050, the muslims are expected tto make up more than 50 percent of population in 51 countries around the world We also see that the republic of macedonia and nigeria are projected to gain muslim majority by that time Meanwhile, the switching and the people that have changed faith to an other faith this is expeected to hinder the growth of christianity by an extimated 72 million between the years 2015 to the year 2060.However, this is not expected to have a negative net impact on the muslim population and growth all around the world.So, based on all these factors, by the year 2050, Islam would be the largest religion on the planet I look to your thoughts and comments below, also share any other factors you see as to why Islam is turning to grow that fast Also guys do not forget to follow me on the social media.Links to those are down below to this video discription and I will have a pretty amazing suggested video at the end of this episode so do not wanna go anywhere untill next time guys. Iwill see you soon Hey guys if you want to know more about religeons and cultures from all around the world Here is a video that I have to recommend it is listed in the playlist

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  • El Garda says:

    Allah is the best

  • PaK Deville says:

    is "proud" the right adjective to discripe the feeling to a religion. i think something wrong, seems to be more a political agenda.

  • khan ayan says:

    Proud Muslim from india🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Krishn RAJ says:

    Challenge to ALL MUSLIMS
    Mr if you know ABC of REAL DHARMA(Religion) please reply my questions logically???

    Islamic Prayer is correct or pre-Islamic Prayer ?????

      prof Mohammad went to pray in the cave of Heera when he was in search of God…

    He used to go to pray in the cave of Heera then it means that Mohammed Sahib was born in the house of PAGAN(kafir), through PAGAN's Prayer he received Allah message.

    When Allah can be obtained by PAGAN's Prayer method, then what is the significance of Islam and Islamic Prayer?

    In fact prof Mohammad was taught ISLAMIC PRAYER much later by Jibreel…
    It is true that after Mohammad Sahib no one could get Allah from Islamic Prayer

    Now you have to decide that ,,,,,
    Islamic Prayer is correct or pre-Islamic Prayer ???

    By praying PAGAN's method, Allah pleased over Mohammad and sent Jibril with a message to him.

    While within 14 hundred years even a single person could not pleased Allah by Islamic Prayer.

    In 14 hundred years, a single person could not even get Allah message by Islamic Prayer..

    However, even today, if a person wants to experience of Allah / God wants direct message from God, then it is possible only by Indian YOGA within 7 days Yoga & Meditation Course…

    If anybody has any logic, pls do reply…..

  • Verdent Nature says:

    Islam fastest grow for so many reasons,

    1 they make so much babies, at least 3 times higher than western families.

    2 Muslim god is Allah, he is the god who is the ruler of this world, he is much much different from the God of Abraham, nothing like him,

    3 The true God allow Islam to grow only for balance, same reason allow the Devil to be in the Garden of Eden in the first place, could you imagine the world without Islam, Christians will be fake empty of the Holy Spirit. So many invited and few shall be honoured, this is the Word of God, Weare the End Time, Islam is growing, when Islam over take the Christ followers, Heavens and Earth will be shaken, because he said, heaven and earth will pass away not one of my word will never. ISLAM if the corrupted version of the Bible.. And this prophecy is about to fullfill at this End Time

  • Black Herc says:

    I converted to Islam, it is by far the most devout, clear cut religion.

  • Kumpulan Video Belajar Bahasa Inggris On Youtube says:

    The ISLAMIC teaching is the most complete. All guidance from wrong to right only exist in ISLAM.

  • Azrina Mecca says:

    Ex muslim indonesia 🙌

  • jafar kaki says:

    from Jerusalem Palestine big big love to all my muslim brothers and sisters

  • Reem Nasser says:

    you know if the judgment day happens after islam is the biggest religon, there would be more people going to jannah

  • Reem Nasser says:

    Let's try to make islam the largest religion before 2050, I HAVE TO SEE IT HAPPENNNNN

  • Always On My Mind says:

    I'm an ex Muslim, now I'm a Christian !
    Christian is True religion of Lord Jesus Christ Messiah!
    “God bless you all”

  • Maryam Al-ghazali says:

    I am proud to be Muslim

  • Abdullah Nasir says:

    Love all my Muslim fellow Brothers ❤
    Love from Pakistan ❤

  • Abdullah Nasir says:

    I love all Muslims and Christians and Jews. Please as Muslims, respect all the people, regardless of races, religion, skin colour or nationality. This is what Islam teaches us. Respect and Modesty. If you lose these 2, you lose the title of a Momin (Believer).

  • subeyda mahad says:

    I have been Muslim my whole life and I will never ever go to another religion I bear witness that there is one it is Allah and his prophet is prophet Muhammad

  • Willi Simbolon says:

    The peace that you say males almost no day bombing,killing and slandering throughout the world

  • nibin mohan says:


    Is he really a prophet? 😱😱

  • nibin mohan says:


    Is he really a prophet?

  • Samsul Haque says:

    Why you married opction Connect there Islam mean peace Islam will number one religion in the world very soon ingsha Alla asking to you I for Islam

  • Shaikh Mazhar says:

    Proud to be Muslim From India

  • Kaesha says:

    Christianity is just their religion by name. Most of them know very little about their own religion

  • basit adan says:

    Allah Already Stated That 1400 Years Ago In The Quran That His Religion Will Prevail Over All Other Religions However Much The Mushriks Hate It. Quran:9:33 📖💯…So It Is No Coincidence

  • Mil Osiap says:

    proud MUSLIM from the Philippines"
    Mabuhay! 🙂
    Reverted one 🙂 😇💕

  • liyau deen says:

    Islam is fantastic religion from India

  • Cat Naps33 says:

    Christian Prince will soon make allah leave the death cult of Islam.

  • Efiyana S says:

    Alhamdulillah Ya Allah💖

  • mallu rajesh says:

    Most of the islamic countries women are married at age of 16 to 18. After that they are culturally suppressed to keep producing children. Polygamy is resorted to if production is hindered. It is practical when you keep reproduction agenda prime it will happen. Interfaith acceptance is no reason because it same for all religions. But we forget if allah has created world with balance it will keep it. That is why religiously justifying the trouble in islamic states only. The religion can only improve if the woman is educated and treated equally because they shape the society.
    Increase in number is nothing to be proud of. I will myself prefer no child than having 10 useless workless anti humanity suckers.
    I love islam but …… ( cant word my thoghts)
    May god bless the humanity

  • sonia aksu says:

    Is a lie
    China Australia France are closing mosques


  • Masih Sadat says:

    Muslim not Muzlim

  • Byruutone wabraone says:

    Because islam is the religion of the intellect. No one died for your sins.it is between you and your creator. Fight for your salvation.

  • Imran Rasheed says:

    Islam is not a religion but a way of life.

  • warak anda says:

    Masya-allah. Alhamdulillah. May Almighty Allah swt bless all the ummah. Amiin.

  • Simple Maker says:

    Barely I seen many Muslims attacking non-muslims videos but almost every single Muslim-related videos are being attacked by these Islamophobic Non-muslims

    I think It's obvious who's the haters now…

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