The real reason Holistic Doctors are being killed and vanishing!

everybody a few quick things before we blow the lid off of this really I mean this this is huge super super huge story right here few Thamer here that I want to make before we begin one this presentation is for alternative news purposes only I am NOT practicing medicine nor am i giving anybody medical advice whatsoever okay – you all know me how I conduct my investigations if I believe that there is no chance for any person that I talk to of being harmed from talking to me I tend to share those phone calls with you all right I cannot do this in this instance one because this story is so highly volatile that their lives are in danger and the people that I talk to are absolutely scared for their lives and I had to I mean I had to like swear on my firstborn child not to reveal the source of my information and I've made that promise I'm going to stick with it all phone calls when I talk to them I only kept for the purposes of going over to to actually go over the information again in my own head so I could be able to present this to you all and they have since been destroyed so FBI anybody else FDA you want to come at me you know what do what you got to do but you ain't gonna find nothing alright so here's the deal everybody I am going to reveal to you why these alternative medical doctors are dying and I'm going to reveal to you here some of the things that they've made a discovery on and if you find any of this stuff interesting please please share share share away with everybody that you know because the more places that this presentation goes to the less likelihood that they will be coming to do me in why because if it's everybody knows it then what's the chances of them coming after me to keep my mouth shut right okay so here we go this has to do with a I don't want to call it a product I'm going to call it a cure it's called GcMAF to understand what GcMAF is I have to explain to you and I will try to do it in layman's terms of how this was explained to me GcMAF is a naturally occurring process in the human body okay it starts off as a G C called GC protein and what happens is in the National the natural occurrence of the human body that the GC protein in a human in a in a absolutely healthy human being will create its own natural G C macrophage activating factor to help protect the human immune system okay now what was found is is by these doctors is that there is a something that's being introduced into the human body that is called naga lace okay this Naga lace protein is this not the lace is a protein made by all cancer cells and viruses HIV hepatitis hepatitis B C influenza you know the flu herpes Epstein Barr virus and others right what they found is is this Naga lace causes immuno deficiency and it blocks production of naturally occurring GC macrophage what was the activating factor just go just my Mara that I'm remember this is all new to me to everybody so just bear with me okay thus preventing the immune system from doing its job now as it was explained to me is that we're talking 16 17 1800 s we didn't have problems with cancer's and you know like we do today what one you could think of it as being the population explosion is that it no that's not it there is something that is being introduced into the human body that's causing this Naugle ace to block the naturally-occurring production of GcMAF from here on out I will just call that the macrophage activating factor I will just call it GcMAF okay so how how crazy is this Naugle ace now the lace precision like a stealth bomber the nagas lace enzyme synthesized in and released from a cancer cell or a virus particle pinpoints the GcMAF production facilities on the surface of your T and B lymphocytes and then wipes them out with the incredibly precise bomb how precise let me put it this way naga lace locates and attacks one specific two-electron bond located at and only at the 420th amino acid position on a huge protein molecule one of tens of thousands of proteins each containing millions of electrons this is likely selectively taking out a park bench in a major city with 6,000 miles away more astonishing if that is possible Naga lace never misses its target there is no collateral damage what mr. Oh dr. Bradstreet found considering that this Naga lace blocks the naturally occurring GcMAF production in the human body he found that with autistic children that they had a highly elevated protein or a protein count of Naga lace so then he determined that and many of these other alternative medical doctors were determining was is that the nagas lace surely was causing the autism that's right autism so then they were starting to what okay well if this is happening and it's occurring right at the very beginning of when autism is occurring then it has to be being in introduced into the human body at the time of or just before the autism is occurring in the human body which appears to be at a state of infancy not at birth what does that tell you everybody that's right that the Naga lace inhibitor that this protein GcMAF protein blocker is being introduced into the human body during vaccination that's right you are intentionally having your immune system compromised with a vaccination and some children are automatically coming up with autism depending on their their their blood makeup are are acquiring autism right here in the past months dr. Brad Street has become interested and while they miss the misspelled a trigger interested in naga lace which he describes as an enzyme produced by cancer cells and viruses he thinks it and unlikely that children with autism have undiagnosed cancers and thus suspicion falls on a viral etiology dr. bradstreet writes viruses make the naga lace enzyme as part of their attachment proteins it serves to get the virus into the cell and also decreases the body's immune reaction to the virus there by increasing the odds of viral survival so now that is why these doctors who have become alternative medical doctors a lot of all of them have our you know doctorates and the medical of their medical fields right doctor Bradstreet and others have become huge advocates under the anti-vaccine mantra right but why that's right because they believe that this Naugle ace which doctor Bradstreet and dr. Gonzales have proven unequivocally is being introduced into the body at vaccination right how do they know that the M the M C excuse me M G CAF hold on I'm sorry GcMAF so this is where this comes in since the GcMAF naturally occurs in the body but it's being inhibited by the introduction of Naugle ace protein blocker right which is also causing autism in the young right there was a product that has been being worked on in Europe for quite a few years okay these doctors some of them have secretly been working with this product that has been blocked and is highly illegal in the United States to use because the FDA and the farticles pharmaceutical companies want it kept out of the United States and it goes by the exact same name as the natural occurring GcMAF that occurs in your body right so what they were finding is is that this GcMAF treatment product that was being created actually was reversing autism it was actually aiding the immune system of the the clinical patients and it was reversing tumor shrinking tumors cheering cancer's that's what they were finding is that they were introducing the GcMAF to to actually uh – hold on a second to replace what the nagas lace wasn't intentionally blocking from occurring naturally in the human body and they were working secretly with this dr. Gonzales was highly upset and wrote in his book what went wrong and he spoke about how they were bid that the medical fields were being stymied in every situation about about working with these tears of GC MAF that would they didn't know at first that what was blocking the natural occurrences of the GC AMFM AF it was dr. Bradstreet's huge discovery that has gotten him killed that it was the introduction of this naga lace protein in the vaccine that not only caused autism but obviously was being introduced in the human body to block its natural occurrence why would somebody do this think about it like this everybody if you have let's let's let's take the collusion between the corporations of the auto industry and the oil industry now of course the auto industry they make cars that go a certain amount of miles on a gallon of gas we know that there are definite there definitely are products out there that you could attach to your car to give you higher gas mileage right the auto industry knows this do you think that they care about giving you a product that's going to give you the most amount of gallons of pre-or gallon of gas or the amount amount of miles for a gallon of gas of course not because they're in collusion with the oil companies for everybody too may money these vaccines whether that they are for any other purpose other than to make money for the pharmaceutical companies and for the treatment of course how long have they been working on a cure for cancer oh well we're on the cusp of finding a cure for cancer they say how many years have they been saying that how much money have they made off of this slogan of we're on the cusp of finding a cure for cancer but yet they don't and they never will because that's not their intent of course it's all about the pharmaceutical companies and the medical well I won't say the medical field to make money because they're just doing their job right it's the pharmaceutical companies and all of these that are in collusion with each other that they have created a vaccine that blocks this natural occurring GcMAF from occurring in the human body naturally over in Europe and I'm going to show you here right here GcMAF there is a petition they have on here also is to disband the medicines and Healthcare Products regulatory agency and its Big Pharma Board of Directors which protects the old billion-dollar monopolies of the big pharmaceuticals and ruthlessly closes down effective in its inexpensive scientific discoveries here is the site right here GcMAF what have they found autism reversed 85 percent because let me see here inflammatory infections viral and immune diseases it has been found to reverse those right the body's way of becoming cancer free all with this GcMAF being introduced into the body to replace what the Naugle ace was being introduced into the bond to block intentionally so of course if a vaccine is being introduced into the human body to block something occurring naturally of course they don't want anybody coming up with a product that is going to reverse what they have created to do intentionally now the FDA is known to have visited almost every single one of these alternative medical doctors before they died why is because they have found undercover that they these medical these alternative doctors were working secretly and trying to help out their patients survive to live to restraint their tumors to reverse their cancers to secretly find if they because of course they can't do it here in the United States right because they're being stymied by the FDA by the pharmaceutical companies and they were finding evidence that autism was being reversed they were finding what as dr. Bradstreet found that this protein obviously is being introduced the Naugle ace protein is being introduced at the vaccination stage of someone's human life and that is what is causing autism right is it any wonder then that just last month and this story was updated July 16th that the disc ear this GcMAF that was being manufactured to be introduced into the human body to replace the naturally or not I'm sorry nothing naturally but the Naugle ace inhibitor protein so they were created this GcMAF product over in Europe and all of a sudden it has been shut down last month the story was updated this month all of this going on at the very same time that these doctors are being killed that's right these alternative medical doctors are being skilled and the doctors that they work with in the same practice are scared for their lives why because some of them were right there as though their medical practices were being overrun by Food and Drug Administration agents all of them looking to see what it was that they were working with on the with the GcMAF they they were getting illegally from Europe they have tried to do everything that they can block from any kind of internet you know acquiring through the internet this GcMAF now we have the company that was manufacturing this GcMAF last month was overrun by regulatory agencies and shut down completely why if something was effective and was found by dr. Bradstreet to reverse what was being introduced obviously into the human body at the stage of the the vaccine introduction they do not want anybody to discover or want any of this information getting out that it is their vaccines that are interfering with people's immune systems and they're introducing it through the vaccine intentionally why more money for the pharmaceutical companies and it may be also and as I said I thought had a theory about it being about the blood is there a group is there a group of blood lines that are not affected by the introduction of these Naugle ace protein inhibited inhibitor is there I bet you there probably is I'm not going to speculate beyond what I've already talked about right here as to kind of derail from any kind of believability into what we're talking about right here so I'm just going to leave my theory part out of it if it has anything to do with Rh positive or Rh negative I do know that not everybody who receives these vaccines acquire autism doesn't happen but was autism a problem back in the eighteen nineteen hundreds did we even hear of autism how relatively new is this autism and why is it only affecting it's affecting a lot of children but it's not affecting all of them and I do believe that we need to further investigate what they why they are trying to single out certain blood types obviously that that's what it's doing right well there happens to be a story that about a mr. Kron who he is a gay man and he has just taken his life at the age of sixty six years old and let me see if I can find you this story right here now what I was being told was is some very interesting study here regarding this Steven Crone who he's since committed suicide there was some studies that had to do with people who survived the Spanish flu and what they found is is that people weren't it that weren't affected by the Spanish flu who were working closely with people who had it why didn't they contract the Spanish flu and it had to do with some kind of receptor blocking something to was there's some kind of inhibitor what they're the I don't even know how to to explain this to you even right but something they had to do with the ccr5 receptor and this guy here was one of the classic cases of that he could not contract AIDS this gay guy right here I had all of his the people that he was involved with died around him and they found that he could not contract AIDS and he had some of the eggs act same receptor blocking that some of these people that they discovered that we're working closely and and I say this because what I guess they exhumed the bodies of the people who were working that were known to have been working with the Spanish flu sufferers right you know like let's call them Florence Nightingale for the purposes here but it wasn't Florence Nightingale but you know what I mean so some of these nurses are some of the people who were working and knew that for some reason they were not contracting the Spanish flu working closely with them and what it turns out is is that there these people have some kind of and it's a very very limited amount of people that have some kind of ccr5 right here years later researchers isolated the cause HIV gets into the cells by fitting into two receptors on cd4 cells but thanks to a genetic defect that which they're calling a genetic defect is a matter of fact would you call it a genetic defect if something is actually keeping you alive right the second receptor on mr. Crone cd4 cells was flawed the manufacturing receptor ccr5 had no negative effect on his health and kept HIV from getting in it is these exact same thing right here that was preventing the Spanish flu as far as researchers have found that was keeping the the Spanish flu from invading the some of the people who were working closely with the Spanish flu victims from contracting Spanish flu so something tells me that with the enjou with the introduction of the nagas lace protein into the human body at the vaccination stage is that it is not going to affect everybody so who do they want it to affect right that's the question so with that I know I went way beyond trying to explain all this to you and what they have tried to tie I'm doing the best I can here I'm trying to help the people who are not only the people who have died needlessly but anybody else who they may be seeking to attack behind their findings or any kind of contacts that were made between these doctors and other people colleagues in their medical field hopefully it will make those powers think twice before going after them now that this information has been revealed so I hope you guys can understand this what exactly doctor Bradstreet found what dr. Gonzales found what some of the other doctors that's why we're talking about Florida why Florida well because that's where a lot of his colleagues were that he was sharing his information with when you're being under investigation working with this GcMAF and they know that you are secretly working with it and they know you have you under surveillance and they find that you are making contacts with other colleagues in your medical field and these other colleagues are going aha that explains everything now and all of a sudden they're called contacting a colleague that they may have went to school with and let's say the Dakotas and he comes up missing after he's traveling to see his son over in Wisconsin now you can understand why these doctors all in mainly Florida these holistic alternative medical doctors are either disappearing or dying and it all centers around doctor Bradstreet and his amazing find about the protein Naugle ace how and when it's being introduced into the human body and how it's caused autism that's right how the elevated Naugle ace proteins are found in people who suffer from autism and all spectrum spectral disorders meaning Asperger's and everything of that so I hope this helped you all and I hope that you guys will share share away and help me out as well thanks everybody

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  • mike n says:

    I know a very nice lady doctor that is a holistic physician , and she has mentioned this several times and she goes to a country and administers a treatment to her patients in these other countries where the meds and treatment is allowed , so all is not doomed''. have faith'' and believe people. seriously if u have enough and a strong enough faith

  • avgrim77 says:

    Professor Doom?

  • Free From Financial Slavery says:

    Another Victim healer Late Psalm Isadora Suicide in hotel lobby https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLXdkQJh4ls

  • johnrakthai says:

    everyone should also watch House of Numbers documentary on YouTube. Look up Joan Shenton, Peter Duesberg, et al.

  • Elizabeth M says:

    The 12th holistic docter has been 'suicided' …. Dr. Paas. People need to outright DEMAND authorities investigate the suspicious deaths. I know most of them are part of the 'system' but there has to be a couple of good ones that will find the assassins of these physicians!

  • mike n says:

    this is how sick this world is , and control freaks oprah winfrey now getting into the mass food distribution business why? 1st the people she is involved with actually think if they can kill off people they will be helping humanity the ends justify the means , the Georgia guide stone and all that so you tell me just how sick these fucking people are that are running our world, wow if white America doesn't wake the fuck up this country and people are really fucked.

  • tinfoilhatter says:

    is it any wonder ,that so-called doctors don't wanna even give the appearance of actually caring for their customers nowadays,they used to be 'patients'…
      nothing personal against any of them who might be the rare exception,good on them,
         well,drs,you can be brave,do the right thing,save some people and maybe save your souls' ,or you can carry on for a short while longer with your business-as-usual model ,i guess?

  • Mike Davino says:

    Naga bloodline?  google Naga  …….they're all snakes

  • Mike Davino says:

    gcmaf.se   Cached
    Buy GcMAF here: it rebuilds the immune system to destroy cancer, infections and chronic diseases. GcMAF with six tests, two of them live cell activity assays.
    anyone else tried GCMAF or got any good or bad stories about …
    csn.cancer.org/node/241453   Cached
    Jun 08, 2012 · Here is a critique of GcMAC that you … so i am hopefully optomistic about gcmaf and nagalase and watchfully waiting to see how the results come in …
    Breakthrough cancer treatment called GcMAF | Alternative
    obama-administration.beforeitsnews.com  › Alternative
    IgA deficiency disorder … He’s the CEO of Immuno Biotech Ltd. and … For less than $2000USD a cancer patient can obtain an adequate amount of GcMAC.
    GcMAF | Immune Medicine
    immunemedicine.com/available-therapies/gcmaf   Cached
    However many cancer cells produce a protein called NaGaLase that destroy Vitamin D binding proteins. At the I.A.T. we use GcMAF made from … thanks to the Immuno …
    Common variable immunodeficiency – Mayo Clinic
    www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/common-variable...   Cached
    Common variable immunodeficiency (CVID) is an immune system disorder in which you have low levels of several of the proteins (antibodies) that help you fight infections.
    INVESTIGATION: Three days before Dr. Bradstreet was found …
    thecontrail.com/forum/topics/investigation-three-days...   Cached
    He's the CEO of Immuno Biotech Ltd. and … cancer send out an enzyme called Nagalase that prevents … can obtain an adequate amount of GcMAC.
    Autism: Dr Jeff Bradstreet in First Immune GcMAF's … – YouTube
    www.youtube.com/watch?v=qd73scXcKQE   Cached
    Sep 08, 2012 · GcMAF eradicates autism in 15% of children; 85% improve, 15% do not respond. 59 research papers by 142 scientists state GcMAF rebuilds the immune system …

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