The Only Way to Avoid Karma | Book of Karma | EP 16 | Spiritual Quest | KrsnaKnows

We are continuing the series “Spiritual Quest,”
which we are doing which is called the “Book of Karma.” Now the “Book of Karma” is a never-ending
story. Today the topic which we are having, “How do the sages avoid this karma?” There are lots of saints and sages who do
not get involved in karmic acts. How do they do it? You know very well that the sages and the
saints go out and beg for food. They also wear old tattered clothes or clothes
which are orange in color, yellow, orange or white. Now you may want to know what exactly is this? These are the clothes of a renunciate, as
well. Now when they go out and beg, what exactly
happens? Do they incur karma? So let us follow how this works. You see when you eat food at home, it is freshly
made, somethings are freshly brewed, the milk is fresh everything is fresh. You want to eat fresh food. This fresh food has got a lot of desires in
it. You want hot cup of tea. You want hot coffee. You want fresh chapatis. The bread has to be fresh. The vegetables, rice and so on and so forth
is absolutely fresh. Even when you go to the hotel, don’t you want
piping hot stuff? This has got tremendous amount of desires
embedded in it which are connected to you. You want it fresh. Now imagine a beggar comes to your door. What do people normally do? They pull out the stale stuff that is lying
in their fridge and then they palm it off to this person. Right? There’s a lot of stuff lying in the fridge. The refrigerator contains stale stuff. Stuff which you don’t even want to open and
see. You want to palm it off to someone. Even in the restaurants, there is a lot of
stuff lying around which is just thrown away or given to some poor people, distributed
across. Vegetables that are thrown away in the markets
which are not used. If you go to a grocery store there are lots
of groceries which may not be in the right condition. These sages and saints and these renunciates
they go door to door asking for food. They are not demanding for fresh food at all. They are not even saying that you have to
give us something cooked right there and then. Whatever you pass on to them they are willing
to take it. They humbly take it in their jolis or they
collect it in some small tins and they carry it with them. These food items do not carry any desire
what so ever. In our last video, if you remember, I told
you that karma happens because of desires which are unfulfilled. Think about this food. This food is desire free and when the food
is desire free, this food when it is passed on to any of these kinds of people like sages,
saints or the beggars or whoever, that food does not contain any karmic action in it. So these people take the food and there they
do something with it which is called purification rites. After they purify by means of water and some
kind of a mantra, they ingest it. They eat it. Now this food, being free from all contamination
of karma what so ever, doesn’t lead them to rebirth. I hope you understand that. Now we come to the next thing which is called
clothes. There are stories of Buddha where he used
to go along here and there and take small bits of cloth from different different places. The old discarded ones or his old garment
he would take, he would cut it and make it into small small patches. I’m sure you remember the patchwork of Buddha,
it’s a well-known story. Now there are lots of clothes which are discarded. You have used the garment for many years and
then you throw it away or you give it to some charity. Now when you give it to charity what happens
to that garment? That garment is useless as far as your karmic
action is concerned. There are no desires what so ever left in
that. You don’t desire to use that garment. You’re not even interested in it. So you chuck it away and when you chuck it
away, these people they can pick it up. It might be torn in some places. So the sew it together. That is what Buddha did. It’s like a quilting, you know how quilts
are made? You use a quilt for covering yourself up. Exactly like that. So these garments are patched together and
this patched garments are used by sages. They also use very cheap kind of a cloth which
is made from cotton. You will find that they wear garments and
they eat stuff which is discarded. Now, do you understand this whole story? Karma is attracted to words, those desires
which are unfulfilled. These people are not getting involved in any
karma what so ever. Neither with the garments or with the food. Again when they are walking on the streets,
they are using vessels which are made from the barks of a tree or you must have seen
a kamandalu–a pot which is made from the gourd. After the gourd is completely cleaned out
from inside, there is nothing inside. So this gourd is converted into a kamandalu,
a drinking pot as they call it. They are also wearing garments, sometimes
you have seen made from animal flesh. You know, the coverings of an animal. The animal might be dead, they are not going
to kill an animal and use it, no. They are using those kinds of garments and
sometimes they use these chappals, the footwear which is made from wood. They are called padukas. These padukas are also the wood that is available
in the forest. They are not harming anything or anybody. So their commitment of karma is minimalistic,
even in the food that they eat, the garments that they wear, the place that they sleep,
I am sure you know the place that they sleep is old caves or some such kind of, you know,
places which are not even used, an uninhabited place, maybe a hut. So now do you get the point, why these people
are not involved committing more karmas? They don’t want to come back again and again
and again. In their world, they are avoiding this kind
of things, becoming desireless. So when you become desireless, you naturally
avoid making more karmas which will save you from your further rebirths. I hope you understood this topic, why the
sages, saints and these ascetics do not ask for fresh food or any of these things. They don’t wear brand new clothes. They don’t go to the market and buy them. This is the reason they beg for it. So next time when you see someone begging
at your door do not tell that person to get out. Don’t say that he can work for some money. On the contrary, be generous, be kind, considerate
and give them something even if it is discarded material, even if it is your old clothes or
even the food which you’re not eating, even if you give them this it doesn’t incur karma. So I hope you’ve understood this topic, the
way in which sages and saints avoid incurring further karma. I’m sure you are liking this series, so I’m
sure you will be able to give some comments in the section below. Do write to us and tell us if you have any
further questions. Thank you.