beliefs are immensely powerful regarding what we see as our tangible reality the mind will constantly search for things to validate what it believes to be true and it will always find things to build upon those truths it will focus on anything that relates to those beliefs and eliminate anything that doesn't match them from our field of perception the focus will habitually be on those beliefs and what makes them true for you to manifest what you want from life any limiting beliefs that are holding you back must be eliminated so the mind doesn't continue to support a reality that is based on those things without consciously removing these types of beliefs they will run as a default program in turn the experiences people and objects that relate to those programs will unfailingly match the message that they carry following as a simple five-step exercise that works perfectly to release limiting beliefs this process has the ability to create miraculous change when practice with consistency number one name your limiting beliefs the first step to clear limiting beliefs that block manifesting what you want is to identify them take a few moments to be completely honest with yourself and write down the limiting beliefs that you know you have for instance you may think to yourself that you would like to have money freedom and security but also carry a limiting belief that says but that will never happen to me when you think about what you really want what does the inner critic tell you about those things what reasons does it give you that you can't have them these are your limiting beliefs that block those things from being your present reality once you've identified several limiting beliefs regarding your manifestation give them a name for example you might name such limiting beliefs beliefs of powerlessness number two separate yourself from these limiting beliefs realize that these beliefs are not you they're merely attitudes and mindsets that just are but they don't belong to you or have to be a part of you simply use words or images to imagine that they are separate from who you are for instance if you have named what you thought was your limiting belief beliefs of powerlessness say to yourself beliefs of powerlessness have nothing to do with me and Who I am it's true that they are beliefs but they are not me I am separate from them for those individuals that are more visual imagine yourself and this belief as separate until you see two unconnected and unrelated entities you and the belief number three once you're able to see yourself as separate from this belief thank you for trying to protect you and offer you relief in your life you probably picked up this belief as a child and used it to shield you from anything uncomfortable that was related to it this limiting belief would have created validation for his existence based on wanting to assist you and it would have offered you many subconscious reasons for why it was good for you in psychology this is known as a secondary gain and these types of beliefs are generally subconscious psychological motivators they have great influence on both focus and behavior even when that means that they keep us from what we want the secondary gain can be as simple as getting attention from others for a problem or giving yourself a valid excuse for not taking action towards your goals often known as procrastination in other words they are the benefits received by this limiting belief that keeps a person from what is desired in order to fully move past these limiting beliefs you must be able to realize the benefit they once offered and thank them for their service number four release your limiting beliefs once you've named the beliefs that hold you back separated yourself from them and offered them gratitude for the good they attempted to offer you you can let them go you can now realize that this belief once had a good reason for being in your life and you probably now recognize that because you have progressed into the person you currently are this reason stands to block your success so the most logical step to manifest what you want is to allow that belief to be completely released from your life the best way to do this is by announcing I send you back to the universe so you can reside in the realm of all possibilities or ascend you back to source energy so you can heal and grow if you need to further impress yourself and your mind that this belief is actually released give it all of the reasons that it will be happier where you are sending it tell this belief you will love residing in the energetic world of all possibilities because you have wanted to be so helpful you are now allowed to spend your days with all of the other possibilities and grow into the best version of yourself although this sounds a little strange sometimes we have to be a little strange to coerce our minds into understanding something new number five put the process together in one sentence write the sentence down and read it to yourself whenever you feel this limiting belief attempting to assist you again for example I embrace the belief of powerlessness although you have always been there to help me and have served me well you are separate from me and have nothing to do with who I am now thank you for assisting me when I needed you but I am moving on with my life as unrelated to you I send you back to the universe so you can occupy the realm of all possibilities you are now free to reside with all of the other beliefs in a place where you will be accepted and loved I am now free to live as I choose and create what I want this process helps you to positively realize what types of beliefs are blocking you while offering a way to reframe the meaning they once had once you can see how they were always there to assist you and recognize that you no longer need them you can graciously release them in a loving but decisive way this gives you the freedom to create your life deliberately without the blockages that may have once held you back and although these limiting beliefs carried intentions to help you along the way of life you can find joy in the knowledge that what you really want is just waiting for you to believe in it too

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    I just did this today. I was feeling so low, so discouraged this afternoon then I saw this video on my recommended. I made a long list of limiting beliefs! I felt even worse seeing all those beliefs listed down as there was so many and so emotionally draining that I had little by little slouched my shoulders so low they were almost touching my desk as I wrote!
    I picked one and wrote it down on a small piece of post it paper to better help me visualize it being separate from my person. I then lit a black candle and held it up and addressed it, energetically expressing my gratitude for it's service noting in what ways it has helped me. I spoke to it like it was another person. I said to it: "You're going to be happy there (the Universe/realm of possibilities). Goodbye now". Then I burned it and watched it go up in flames and smoke. And then as I looked down at the ashes I simply said "You are no longer a part of me" and I felt a lightness, a sense of relief and freedom wash over me.
    While I was feeling uplifted I wrote a strike-through line crossing this item out from my list and felt even more amazing. Now instead of feeling bad about my list I feel excited to go through it in the coming days
    This is so freeing! Thank you.

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    The exercise is designed to teach your ego that it has permission to do what it wants. It's designed to undo religious fears. You can use any concept of God. I gave Christianity only as an example. I found that 'the 😈 devil's is the human mind. That's it's origin. Humans made it up. it's apparently easier to blame the world's issues on the devil rather than take responsibility for unconscious choices. And if you believe in the devil then reality will mould itself to your belief to confirm that. You are Divine. But you haven't woke up to that. Yet.

  • Clark Brolly says:

    Identify that no human is born with fear. Fear is a learned behavior. Fear is the root that all the other negetive thoughts grow from. Irradicate fear and the whole plant will die. Try doing something you are scared of doing. Keep doing it. You will find our just how afraid you are of being judged by others. You allow yourself to be controlled by what others may be thinking. You must care only about what you think. The only truth that matters is your own.

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    What if there is ZERO evidence to go against a limiting belief? I'll tell you – it's a TRUTH. It's not a belief of mine that my life is garbage – it's a TRUTH – sure, relatively speaking less adjustable than that of a homeless person or someone with no legs, but still TRUE. There are just some people the Universe just decides to crap all over and never let up.

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