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Hi everyone! I’m Hoyded and welcome to a new Japanese
Urban Legend. Today’s Legend is about the Moon Rabit. The rabbit, one of the symbols of Easter,
is also part of Japanese folklore as a symbol of calm, and tranquility. According to the Japanese folklore, it is
possible to see a silhouette of a rabbit on the surface of a full moon. There is a famous legend that tells that a
rabbit who lives on the moon spends his days making mochi. As this activity forms white powder from moving
the rice, the Moon would be white for that reason. Other eastern countries have a similar stories,
being korea one of them, which only changes the name of the rabbit to daltokki, or as
in the case of china, which says that the rabbit prepares a potion of immortality for
the goddess Chang’e. Another legend, of Buddhist origin adapted
in Japan, tells that on the Moon lived an old man who decided to come to Earth to discover
which animal was more generous: the fox, the monkey or the rabbit. Looking like a beggar, the old man told the
three animals that he was hungry. Everyone tried to gather food to help him,
but only the rabbit could not find any kind of food. The rabbit asked the fox and monkey to make
a fire pit so he could jump on the fire to offer his own meat to the old man. The old man stopped him, and to thank him
he took the rabbit to the moon, where they can be seen together when the moon is brighter. Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed the video, leave a like and
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