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come up with your own thoughts on this and come to your own conclusions but I think it's interesting how people of the far left not liberal not liberal far left have made their own religion now it's always there I'm religious and there's there's always a tax on religion there always has been not Islam you don't see that on Islam but in religion of other religions of Abrahamic faith you see people attacking and it's it's kind of ridiculous because you know there's a saying that if you don't believe in something you'll believe in anything and I think that's exactly what happened with far-left people there's been a decline of religiousness in the country and I think when it's been replaced with is this secular religion this leftist religion with you know its own structure and it looks exactly like a religion so I think it's hilarious when people are saying you know the attacking religion it's like you have your own ridiculous religion it's it's I mean let's not say ridiculous that's not even looking at it like that but it's a religion it's a liberal or far not liberal far leftist religion there's you know the priest class is Hollywood and you know you have your Oprah's and Obama and other figureheads who kind of speak truth and then there's like the lower you could make it into like priest Deacon Bishop you know Pope you know with Obama or Michelle Obama or who or Oprah being the Pope and then you know a list B list see list celebrity being other etc etc and I mean some of the views are crazy with you know with universities being the church or being the seminary the church is this I mean the universities are the seminary for furthest far leftist agenda if you have kids going in with wheat I I don't gender studies and Women's Studies and African American Studies and some of them started to get really in chicken I'm not saying you shouldn't look at the different issues that are involved with that but that issue those that stuff alone that's all you're gonna learn pay quarter of a million dollars for to some first somebody to teach you that you know you're oppressed I don't necessarily agree with that but you know and that some people become what do you become you become an activist that's what they're training those majors to be you're trained to be an activist you can't go be an engineer or a doctor or I guess you could be a dog okay so you take care of Canton go on but and if I don't say that was what prepared you for the position you're going is you're trained to be an activist you're trained to be a victim complain or somebody who gets people fired you're gonna be a diversity office type person or somebody who tries to regulate that's that's the kind of position that you're gonna be in from the those different majors so you have professors who are that the teachers the people who came back to teach those those new positions there's a different offices I mean they've made their own type of kind of you know well I would I would kind of it's more like a religious law there's Canon Law and then for Islam there's Sharia law and they kind of have their own version of that where you know and this is an offshoot of believe all women where you know everyone wants to believe women but there's I think there's a distinction between people who want to believe all women and then people who want to believe all women – due process and there's these kangaroo courts that are set up where due process is just seen as another form of patriarchy and then this gets into a whole nother set they form their own religious language and you look at all of the different terms that people come up with there's it's it's its own language that's coded to indicate that you're part of the religion it's their version of Latin they made ableism able splaining ageism age splaining agent or any sentence ISM appropriation by gender bigotry broche ilysm sis F Nick cisgender susp laning con displaying and consent content warning dangerous discrimination econ explaining essentialism ethnocentrism feminism gender binary gender equality gender identity gender fluid gender queer gender hate crime Henderson or explaining homophobia who it was on and on and on and on and on depression other other kin patriarchy policing polysexual and I don't feel like all there anymore but it becomes this whole thing and then how you know so there's the the different the religious orders with you know celebrities and then the church being universities with Laurel and producing deacons etc and then classes everyone's into organized into their different points where if you're the more victimized you are the greater scale you have and then what heterosexual males on the bottom and you know and you get points per thing and you have to to fit yourself into the different areas and there's no individuality at all it's just you're part of your group and there's group identity and that's it and it's very and in the in the original sin is success anyone who has been achieved some sort of success achieved it in morally so that's their sin that they're fighting is success so if you were born with your certain skin tone or whatever you must have been born with success but you look at somebody yet somebody who's african-american could not be born with more than somebody with you know white skin or some other situation and even even if they were weren't you know based off of their parents or whoever's decisions it's absolutely crazy that people don't see that as religion it's absolutely a religion so at the end of the day we'll see we'll see what's what but it's interesting to see that it is a religion the far left has created its own secular religion where political correctness is kind of the prayers they say and I I don't see it other it's a very destructured on

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