The Great Faith of the Centurion – Jojit Fernandez

and today we'll be talking with me continuing on with our great face series in this mid-year prayer and fasting and I actually want to ask this question just like Sonny and CJ hearing their story might we might be asking what does it take to have a great faith pastor Jeffress also was exhorting us earlier but really we have a great God but how what does it take to have great faith especially when the reality that we're facing is that yes we have bills to pay we have relationships that we need to you know to take care of some of us have some of us were rejected by our own families by our parents some have marital concerns but then how can we have that faith knowing that God will take care of these things and today we're gonna be studying we're gonna be continuing with serious in Luke chapter 7 first one we're gonna be learning about the great faith of the Roman centurion and it starts off in the verse 1 it says here after he had after he had finished all his sayings in the healing of the people he entered Capernaum this is Jesus Christ he just finished with the Sermon on the Mount and he gave a he gave a long sermon on different topics different issues different concerns and he was on his way but then all of a sudden in verse 2 a Centurion had a servant who was sick and at the point of death who was highly valued by him now if we look at this particular verse there are two particular characters that we need to look at the first one is the Centurion the Centurion is a first and foremost a Roman he is not a Jew and if we can actually be considered as an enemy of the state remember the Romans conquered Jerusalem and the Jew the Jews actually don't like the the Romans because of some of them are oppressive they're putting on taxes on the other hand the other character the other person in this verse is the servant while there is this Roman centurion who leads hundreds of so Jers conquering lands there's this servant who's probably not a Roman citizen most likely not a Roman citizen a Jew with in this room this Centurion has concern for his servant now some of us may can relate to this a lot of us are here this afternoon or are participating in prayer and fasting because we're here for somebody else some of us are here because we have somebody in the hospital we have a relative who is in the hospital we have children that we are in seeding or interceding for just like what happened here with a Roman and the servant verse 3 now when the Centurion heard about Jesus he sent him to elders he sent to him elders of the Jews asking him to come and heal his servant now again if you look at this particular verse this is very typical of us especially here in the Philippines where sometimes I might think okay instead of me approaching Jesus Christ approaching you accessing going directly to Christ I have to ask somebody to bring me there first I'd have to ask for an endorsement and in in many cases like you have a say we have sick relatives we have family members or who are going through some things and instead of us going there or praying for them we go to somebody ask for for help now is this a situation here in this story we'll see again this Centurion is a person of importance and when we say he's a person of importance it's not typical for him to be going out of his office place instead it is him coming over asking people to come over now the question is is this an issue of entitlement we're now the Centurion saying hey I'm not gonna get out of my house why not ask this Jesus to come over and let him minister to us is that the case now again we'll see verse 4 and when they came to Jesus now the elders when they went to Jesus Christ they actually pleaded with him earnestly saying he is worthy to have you do this for him for he loves our nation and he is the one who built us our synagogue now so if it's not entitlement it's not even the the Centurion just want not wanting to get out of his comfort zone but it was actually something else that's why he asked somebody to vet for him and now these Jewish elders on the other hand give a good report about him saying that this Centurion is worthy to have Jesus Christ ministered to him and some of us actually might think that Lord what does it take to be worthy one ask this question what makes us worthy to receive His mercy some of us might think just like the the Jewish elders that it is only because of our marriage that we are qualified to be receiving God's mercy Lord this is day three of fasting already and I'm already I just did liquid fast not like the others the others I know they had one meal the others one meal plus dessert one meal and it was in Vikings one meal but then again I I was you know I was I just I fasted liquid fast only and I know pastor Jeff I think he got to encounter somebody this person fasted with you know no air no air for three days no oxygen for three days air fast air fast there you go no oxygen for three days with it Lord I compare comparing to others I'm actually much better now that's the mindset that the Jewish elders had again what makes us worthy to receive His mercy sometimes we make some bad or we give a laundry list they would make some bad laundry list of of things that we do for the ministry hey Lauren I need give me mercy answer my prayers I'm an usher from 8 a.m. to eight to ten to 8:00 p.m. on Sunday omnipresent and or not the not sure maybe shuttle service some of us if we don't know the pains of you know being a volunteer in the shuttle service or sometimes we have people like who staying in the info booth lord I am I'm a volunteer in the info booth for like four five six hours and people sometimes you'll raise their voices at me as if I have to render as if I am a concierge different topic the reality is we don't deserve anything and as pastor Jeff mentioned the only thing that that's worth of us is hell but then Jesus Christ loves us so much that he said this one that he died on the cross for each and every one of us verse six now Jesus went with him and when he was not far from the house the Centurion sent friends saying to him Lord do not trouble yourself for I am not worthy to have you come under my roof now the second boss here the Centurion is a Roman Romans they hail one thing only and that is Caesar Caesar is king or you die you get tried for treason during this time the emperor of Rome was one of the craziest his name is emperor Tiberius the moment you say anything about him or he perceives that you said something about him he'll put you into a trial probably execute you right then and there this Roman centurion knows about that but the very first word that came out of his mouth through the messenger is Lord Lord he understood that Jesus is Lord not even Herod the king not Caesar but Jesus is Lord and again if you look at this he did not say teacher he did not say rabbi he did not say Kuya carpenter he did not say anything he did not even say Jesus he called Jesus lurid a Roman centurion he knew the consequences of his actions he knew what was gonna happen when he called Jesus Christ Lord he knew that his fellow soldiers could actually arrest him and put him into prison but he risked it all because he knew he got income he heard about Jesus Christ and he knew who he got to learn who Jesus is my question for everybody is this what are we willing to risk for Jesus what are some of the things that we are holding on to that still doesn't give Jesus Christ full lordship over our lives our viewers are we willing to risk our position our titles our comfort just so that we can intercede and pray for somebody or just so that we can see that Jesus is Lord of all are we risking humiliation or rejection just like the Centauri and other Romans will be looking down upon him but he does it doesn't matter because he is doing this for somebody he is doing this for his beloved servant again it was Jesus Jesus is either Lord of all or he's not at all what areas in our lives are not yet under the lordship of Jesus Christ maybe it's about time that while we are we're fasting to surrender and submit all of these things to Jesus let's continue verse 7 lo and behold the attitude of the Centurion was this he was not presented he would he did not come in with an entitled heart but the reason why he sent elders and even messengers because he knew that he was not worthy Lord therefore I did not presume to come to you but say the word and let my servant be healed say the word is such a powerful statement it is a substan Jesus Christ Jesus just push the button and pull the trigger your word it's powerful don't request it just say it and I know and he continued on in verse eight I know I am a soldier too whenever I give a command people do it whenever I say go go people go and I say come people come when I asked my servants do this and they will he understood the power of a command the power of words the Centurion also understood Jesus being Lord he is sovereign and he has full authority that's why his words are powerful verse nine tells us when Jesus heard these things he marveled at them and turned into the crowd that followed him said I tell you not even in Israel have I found such faith Jesus was amazed with the faith of the Centurion for two things number one first he is he's not a Jew he had no he he worships God's but then again now he turned to Jesus and made him Lord of his life the others however were not of the same faith let me tell it is more than the healing Jesus Christ acknowledged the faith of the Centurion which tells us this when we talk about greyspace going back to our question earlier great faith tells us that God's Word is enough the Centurion believes in the power of Jesus word and imagine while he was a far away off he already understood that he already believes the power in the words of Jesus Christ while it takes faith of course to come close to Jesus Christ and persist knowing knowing that when he touches us he will heal us it also takes great faith to take his word for it knowing that his word is enough that can even heal us from a distance now my question is do you have doubts are there things that Jesus Christ already told us that the Lord already told us and now we are setting that aside because of the circumstances that are before us sure God told you that your marriage will be restored but while that's happening also our faith is wavering is the word of God enough occurrence for us first and tells us when those who had been sent returned to the house they found the servant well indeed Jesus did not say okay go I will heal your servant the servant but then they knew once Jesus says that the servant will be healed to go back to our question how can we have great faith well there's only this we can have great faith because we have a great God we can have great faith because we have a great God and as pastor Jeff was exhorting earlier God gave us his best and as a response we also give him our best we give them we we hope we put our full trust in him sure there may be times where in our faith will be tested but I want to challenge each and every one of us here that no matter what challenges we face in life we will still put great faith in God amen let me pray for you Lord thank you first and foremost because you are great Lord however we look at you your yeses your nose and even your answer that tells us not yet are also great Lord because Lord however we look at you you will always be great for us your plans are always good and pleasing and perfect for us or and I pray father that as we get to experience more and more of your greatness we get to see the fullness or gone of our assurance Lord and Lord we just right now we just want to submit to you the lies of the world that had that have been spoken to us the words of others other people telling us that we are worthless we are not worthy we're not going to be good for anything we we set that aside right now we cast that out right now and Lord we embrace your word even for our provision Lord you you you told us Lord that as we obey you we will be the head and not the tail we will be little and there is not the borrower Lord your word tells us that by your wounds we are healed so even speak and declare and decree healing right now for those who are claiming healing and Lord we even we even know Lord that your heart is for people to be united to be reconciled or it's wrong for those sort who have struggles in their relationships or even right now Lord we speak Lord restoration turning of their hearts towards one another but while the circumstances may seem impossible from a physical sense or we know your word is enough and that's why we can put our full trust in you Lord we thank you or just want more and more of you in our lives and Lord let not doubt creep back in or thank you in Jesus name Amen amen you

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