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this is done so please my mother said I should ask you so allow me sit for the examination tomorrow when tomorrow young lady Thalia furada we are not running a charitable organization here you will only sit for this examination if the appeals are paid good excuse me sir the money they gives to me got lost on my read and says then I'll be looking for it up to now I'm still looking forward please okay and vice principal miss Liang if I allow you see that this example okay do you promise to come up with an idea for me in my house not an hour traveler what do you say now get out were discussed get out did you piss down this hole madam you can't watch you know the examination you young girl what's the matter why are you crying shouldn't you be in school at this time I was in school but they drove me out to the examples Oh drew the art of the example principle why why do we ought to be example how much other fees 11,000 okay don't cry anymore huh let's go to your school let's go back to your school we just might be lucky and made them in time enough for you to still take the exam today let's go seize the 11,000 right let's good Oh maybe I hope it's not too late for this young lady to pay her school fees are still Joan and classmates at the exam all today not at all the exam began 30 minutes ago but the moment she pays will grant an extra 30 minutes to enable her meter okay please do that out of the modulite gene it's 11 here is $11,000 to cover her tuition an exam fee that is good but we don't receive cash in this office so we have to go to the process office and pay and obtaining receipt which will present to the exam supervisor not a routine here okay I'll do that right away further that seems to be a long process and I know it to eat into a high as a nation time I was wondering would you mind giving her a written authorization to go ahead and do the exam while I go and see the poster how can you do that you you it was like empirical evidence he took me straight to school and paid for everything he didn't ask me my name anyway I got everything he gave me a complimentary card and I went straight into the example services God has not forgotten his all creatures hey you said to give you his complimentary kids now Cody man thank you very much – nothing to give you hey I can't find it look carefully look look inside your books I'm sure they don't work yourself okay when you go ahead and rest take your time because nothing is ever meet Ron is nothing good comes in a hurry I said I can't find it time okay if you had come into the streets looking for that guy your hair if you are gone into the streets of the town ringing your bell looking for somebody to help you do you think that that chaos would have been dead and nothing does anybody make a move see what I mean money okay heís always to me was soapy this thing has told me I can't even Fed for myself anymore let me don't worry okay good isn't culture as you can see you you that's all we do man did you lose out on a business deal I have had somebody help today a young girl come on that's doing golf yogi should make you happy a very pretty and dark young girl she reminded me so much of my late sister Shama you know sometimes I wonder why my only sister died when I had no money I wonder why Shama died at a time when I wasn't in a position to offer any drop of help you see you help this girl on your own because she reminds you of your dead sister isn't it exactly I saw her sitting by the roadside no tears in her eyes the same way found chairman by the roadside with tears in her eyes just before she died as a result of the abortion she committed don't talk about old memories it's only going to worsen the situation listen I have a drink you should be happy with me men drink come on I've just drink a little become emotional yeah guys big whoa guy who's my mother guess what it's happening to gym today we have a new big sexually you this what makes whether the next step is a site a lot Marian what will people thus your results is very good and you have made me proud thank you you know at times like this I wish your father was still alive but rest his soul amen what about that man that man that helped you fight lots have you seen him since there is not Simeon mom if not for him this resulted never never but did you fight his guard No up till now maybe if I had found it I could maybe too much to ask him to buy me jump forms that probably insist me in my investor education after what he did for me we don't know my child who can tell there's no art to read the turnings and workings of a heart that is kind well then I didn't find the cut but I have a friend of mine her son has a dry cleaning out of it I don't know if I give you a letter to him I'm sure you'll be able to give you a job at least that way we'll be busy you know instead of just staying home what do you think might make me proud hey I'm gonna pretend Geographic they took it wrong the resort is still good you hey budgets for the good conduct of your mother which I presume has rubbed off on you positively so we will employ yeah thank you very much sir thank you thank you so when when do I start today is Friday you can resume on Monday okay thank you thank you Personnel Manager will give you details of your package and job analysis ha-ah how are you fine I always walk this in that week what there's gonna go two beauties Muslims sometimes I look like your chest I get so scared wait a very good timing gives me security my fancy around and you were wrong in the house you know no you got like me in the house what else do you think we go up no shaking baby shaking where's my sister ah I suppose he's asleep I bought you no no Collin is going Wickham of all my in the house now mom see come on let's go you in Allah Gaius Gaius Jamilla don't tell me Nami how's my picture removed from this little replaced with I'm not bitch oh why Jimmy that this is Thomas picture my sister's picture not another one what tell me that my picture I was left there doesn't deserve to be left alone ah Jamila I see you all the time you see me you stay with me you feel me it's not the same with my lid little sister we are parted forever all I have left are memories and pictures those I know that tell me something else look Jamila this wheat makes it 5 years since my sister died placing her picture here as the only female picture in this room is my own little worth honoring her that is all yes I appreciate the fact that you miss your dead sister dearly I appreciate it now remember my picture from this place a rib is not with our own show the sign of disrespect another thing you take me for granted I did not like it Jimmy like your womb you mean everything to me I know what's the matter with you you you I have this thing on the corner this you just as one what do you want you knew you that's what happened to dick in me rap because my bottom doesn't loose for washing after searching the pockets the kids of Van Winkle's guess what I found a hundred dollar bill Mumy much better than that guy symmetric Konami can you believe it incredible after all these notes movie six months tell me that's not all I called him I called him immediately and he was so happy to hear from me I'm having dinner with him at his house Friday just like that just like that I was so happy he hadn't forgotten the apps or an effect somebody was he can select I had any problems put mirror maybe I know you're quite happy with this we established contact with gals but then this delay you're having in this place I I don't feel too comfortable with it you know not mommy listen I'm not saying he's not a good friend but you know man did they have two sides to their nature you have to be careful be careful promise you promise not keep this time very well okay can you believe it yes it was just meant to be I was meant to see you see I'm not complaining okay it's just that this is the worst weekend however had to spend in your house even when I try to make you laugh I tried so much to make you happy all I see is a tight face I know you're trying to hide it make sure that okay now I've wronged you okay I'm sorry I'm so sorry please please forgive me please please honey see if you don't forgive me now you're good to ruin my entire week and I know you don't want to do this please money please I thank you from the depth of my heart anniversary I don't know what you were trying to do jameelah certainly you're not struggling over the ownership of my heart rate Jemma she's just a dead sister but I wish we're life that'd be so much what do you say I'm so ashamed of myself I don't know why I did what I did baby I'm so sorry I'm so so sorry please these ambiguities on the game sorry please when you speak with such a cooing voice look at me like that what do you want me to say you're forgiven ah yes now I'm so happy but you know what you've just saved a soul ah I'm so happy thank you okay yeah an angel as I said your name do you know okay now I'm I have to go and get my things ready I have to go back home to my place okay to get ready for tomorrow's job okay no problem since you've refused to move into my apartment me refuse to move into your house hell no you must move in with me no honey me refused to move into your house it's not possible life is moving with you honey look so that's okay see let me tell you a story okay it's like this you know if I move into your house right now I will now look like some live-in lover you know it's so boring it takes this segment away all the suspense out of marriage if I need to become so boring and I don't want that to happen to my darling husband oh you know you're so special to me sudhi listen okay you when when we get married properly okay ha maybe I am going to park my father's house everything tube room everything online in my husband cells just to go you win yes no no no no no no my angel is not moving one inch out of his place the only three things are going to do for me you're gonna sleep or wake up on it I have preferred enough food on top the freezer widget to last you on tumblr for one week so that is just what you get to do for me okay that reminds me talking about food I invited somebody of dinner this evening not again anybody I know just young lady why you laughing is that funny you see the look on your face listen it's just somebody I helped out of a problem in the past shiri established contact with me the other day and I invited over to the house just that just that you don't believe me me me don't believe you know me oh look at the smile of my face I believe you come on I believe you're serious okay how do you okay and then it just I'm not gonna be around to meet the girl and all that you know I'll be so busy at home and believe you from the left of my heart I do believe okay no problem you always meet her okay okay you look gorgeous I could eat you oh yeah make a big loss for a black guy leaving you in Ross yeah so what are you oh yeah honey you are so perfect you're perfect and I love you so it's amazing I know I'm not just what's a thousand round it's would you have anything help in arranging between 2005 just something simple I will sell suspense here then go to take action I can I get them thank you you I'm not mistaking you Amelia Zamora my friends call me Toby it's enough meet my friends here let me informed him you if a guy user guidance guy you smile hi look at you lookin see any food how are you Mary Ann you're welcome anything I was in the kitchen then I was Samba soaked in the kitchen you cook of course my mother taught me everything well you just sit down I'll get you a drink then our something for the kitchen no I rather drink in the kitchen there just sit and do nothing okay okay John Brown yeah use did you see that I hope you saw that that is how you could kill should be but I prefer to sit down here open your big mouth open your big mouth and wait for a man to cook for you Oh a my necklace Thomas your table your mouth shut off your crap you pull out furs and for credits and he passed the geography but as money too Pelham education immediately such a settled for a job in some dry-cleaning outfits where I get paid six thousand arraignment are you happy I mean are you fulfilling your work happy yes I'm happy I'm happy I mean thank God a birthday I mean there was nowhere Istanbul divider current it knocks I was working there in the first place fulfilled I'm not I'm not because I want more to life than just being a collection needing some dry cleaners outfit what will make you feel fulfilling life Scott many ones further my education ansible to university come out and you know generally take what's mine from the world you're ambitious yes among dishes ambition is not a bad thing is it No if ambition is pursued the right way there's nothing negative about it and it's good to be ambitious otherwise things will just pass you by well I must congratulate you for yes two cents I'd you we're going to go to work I'm not going good the litter to attend amazing mission less ignition why would you want to result from a job that keeps you busy and please most of your bills you've already asleep when I came back I couldn't even tell you the outcome of my visits who cares on that ears he asked me to resign come to work as a secretary as office he offered to pay me – of thousand a month hey hey hey if it was where your mother was stronger I would have dogs or daesil for you now yeah how man is easy – yes mommy that's not all hey you know you promised to sponsor my university education through the lotsa setting you cannot believe she's I can really see that maybe you have to invite that much to this house I need to shake is that I actually need to embracing here we have taken edge yes give me the key I won't say uncle games advances I get back boy do we feel have any message you can trouble me I miss fancy hey hey oh ok man he hasn't told you about me hmm no exactly no he did he did is just um well how do you think of it you so sure yes and anyway Marian Marian he's my benefactor I know he told me about it anyway you can come inside oh no no no I I didn't intend to stay long at all I just came to give him a message from my mom she says she wants to see him in our house just that yeah okay I'm two minute Jimmy laughs yo how's that yeah Southern's are you okay thank you nice to meet you anyway so yeah okay yeah look did you see no I said I saw a lady then I dropped a message attention she introduced herself as his fiancée come sit down you sound like a poodle fruit walking does the fact that Kaos has a feel to disturb you yes please you have to be contented with the financial help that is giving you do not ask for his that that would be too much to ask God to give to you it's who is not like I'm disturbed where the father has a fiancée because I'm falling for him or I'm jealous it's not that it's just you know we men now she could spoil things she could ask him to stop helping me out but the sky is lit she like the kind of man a woman would convince you to what he does not want to do it comes to choosing between happy me and miss named to his woman I don't know which one he would choose but he hasn't done it yet has I hope she just gives him the message she were burial she loved you in the mistreat a lot the loosest I had a slide my father and mother died upon my sister's family – I was just a struggling young man so I became my sister's father and mother at the same time when she died as a result of an abortion affair it was my fault because I was so busy chasing money I had little time to take care of my sister but let me not boy over the story of my life let's just say that when I saw Marianne crying so helplessly whether world SIA died something just told me to take her like my own sister and solve whatever problem was making her cry at that particular point in time especially as I have money Gemma – it has no la guerra – enjoy they are so arresting affectees amen what I'm doing for your daughter is from my heart nobody forced me to do it I do not want any reward from anybody Marley happiness will be to see that she grows up to become somebody – that's what God has blessed unit I just pay them bless you tell food the food is here we shouldn't have gone to all this trouble they are scary to us mama guess what you're not part of the family and I should eat with us that was great the father you thank you we have to celebrate this let me get a drink so that we can celebrate okay I'm fine I just have a little bout of malaria Cesare no no see guys they don't even have allergies you wanna fight have eaten no I lost appetite for a do-over I wish I could have something light and hot night time what time is it yeah like pepper soup is anything new pretty fish needs anything there's some a time some other condiments in the fridge you so Chinese that was fast sociology you have sacred or some is not so serious that I can't lift is this nice do it already she liked it – Schneider hmm thank you I didn't know you could cook so well so president how just a little malaria can just knock you off all right I get to take care of anything cariann – I feel a bit better why are you crying I just don't like you being sick that's very nice of you I feel a lot better now come listen I think by tomorrow morning I'll feel a lot better I want to thank you for staying back and I'm taking care of me okay but don't cry again okay I'm feeling a lot better don't you think you should be going home I am all over worried about you yeah surely watch Seamus M yeah yeah sure okay still I think you should be going home you know so that at least you know that you're right no keep well not until you fall asleep okay how's some fall asleep you you wake up wake up woody good morning do you think your mother will be happy about this repair what you know shochu fine abyss and I think it's not proper for you to have spent the night with me here don't worry my mother won't night me you're ill man I don't see what's wrong am I staying back to help carefully yeah my benefactors it is that Kunti do you want me to go you have to go home at least let your mother know that you alright you forgot your slippers no I won't take a bath first if you sluts in his house this is not allowed hey everyone with live now he was sick he needed my help and we find you it was too late for me to come home so I just stayed over what did you do for him I'd be a doctor I cared for him mommy one good turn deserves another I bet his food made sure he eats and then to bed good night good morning Mary Anna how are you today bringing my point this would be this is a report on in general group this letter came from cancer and veterans they say they wants their catalogue ready it says 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning something about somebody traveling on board with its pants Aharon again I have told them to stop giving me the match in order besides they should have given me an earlier notification of this thank you wants I can apply them postpone into delivery date but that's because under contracts and they may never come back to us again yeah that's true okay chuckling yeah that'll mean working late into the night amongst other things I have to do I'm afraid that's supposed to be the only solutions okay don't worry I'll take care of it I'll call you when I need you I made you coffee black just really liked it Maryann you're still in the office I thought you might have gone home by now geez it's 9 p.m. and they're still in the office I decided to wait sir I I do want you to be here alone that was very thoughtful of you by the way baby out when will you be resuming lectures at the University Marianne was falling in love with me and it's so intense that she can't hide it this is somebody I took like my own little sister and now she's complicating issues if Jamila finds out she's going to make it very difficult for me to offer Marianne in kind of financial assistance again yes miron is a very pretty girl I had mellowed but if you realize that fashion put in the wrong place his affection twisted but I look for love elsewhere I don't think love should be her focus now she should concentrate on going to school and finishing her studies when she gets to her finally she can have a boyfriend lip yes this is Jerry chica well the heart is never too young to feel that emotion called love you know anyway she wasn't going back to the campus and here Marion what's the matter why you cryin Joe Watson Cooper come remember this is about your future you can always come and holiday that you have to go to school wait we quit maybe our union with sweet young night is wrong with you don't you know you're like a sister to me listen from the very first day I saw you I took you as my sister into your head don't you know that have you been crazy man we have take this check and go back to school quickly don't cry okay drama okay this is it cuz you don't do that you don't do that somebody I'm here to speak with you okay speaking to say whatever – ah okay don't worry I'll take you out and buy you ice cream you aha as soon as your secretary come to comes over she can pick it up okay thank you Henri is Marianna work yet she hasn't come in today okay as soon as she gets here tell her I want to see Han my office okay Marianne has still not come to work also hope you can go thank you sir you the real reason I came was not to give your mother the drugs I give to her actually came to to tell you to take control of your feelings on you push them behind you please and come to work tomorrow Maryann please the office needs you there's a pile of work left on down at your table and I know you do not want the company to lose money on account of you're not coming to work having said this I I expect to see in the office tomorrow okay okay see you tomorrow then Henry Henry I want you to take over the still immediately complete and dispatch all business letters in this file let me know I don't think the reality tends to come back to this officer here you do that you this is what chaos has been missing it Oh you yes dear it's me Carlos let's see the bushmeat she shot with you come I started to smell what do you mean what do I mean mr. kindness what I mean is that God has exposed the wolf in the ships floated a man who pretends to have the interest of my daughter at hat meanwhile alters what you have been sexually abusing her sexually abusing her yes Miriam Miriam is three months pregnant is that big University he promised to send our 2 million is Fremont's pregnant and she says unresponsible ask her yourself Miriam is this true are you pregnant that is not the issue okay she is 12 weeks pregnant the issue now is that she says it is you it is me Mary Ann did you say so this is a big embarrassment that's dirty streets that is the girl you just slept with Gaius for God's sake Jamila stop screaming the girl lied against me don't you know me just maybe gasps you can answer my question who the hell are you who are you who are you a nice man who takes advantage of the newest girl pretending to be helping her everyone fellow we are not a but his eyes when the sketch is poured open that's who you are since your minds already predisposed to the negative negative right now accused by everybody as possible same that's good it's this house today homina homina jameelah open that don't let that guillotine Oh what do I never eat yourself get it yourself you can throw out a pregnant girl like that it's a to do so you're in my house Oh these are my townsmen injuring one now they're here to ask you the same question I asked you before what do you intend to do with our daughter Miriam who impregnated exactly what do you wish to hear from I have told you I am NOT responsible for your daughter's pregnancy yet to insist that I am well since you are so sure that I'm responsible it's what for her to put to bed and we'll do a DNA test and find out who is truly responsible do you regularly you know meanwhile you will be ghetto stay in your house exactly since our mother has rejected her my son my son your speech is very good but we have to follow tradition you cannot take a wife for free because wine or hot drink we won't drink I will bless you with the blessing of the whole people decided to beware with you I was talking about taking a wife here you people do not understand me I have not said I wish to marry I am only allowing her to stay in my house on human children visits that's all what is humanitarian in this matter we are talking about you will pregnat our daughter and we are talking about humanitarian reasons this humanitarian reason the bride-price beg your pardon I beg your pardon this is not a gorilla matter calm down you people should not make the mistake of taking me for granted tell your people the truth I don't deserve this lies is this the way you wish to pay me back for the free gift of brotherliness care and help Marianne put the devil to shame and tell me the truth – Andres here is a witness who got you pregnant Tamra maybe she'll listen to you in your house so you're seeing a bar in Turkey and you tell me you're not responsible for her pregnancy Jamila I wish you would just believe me you know I wouldn't lie to you I have not for one day lost it after that girl's body not for one day have I Debbie burned it off to us to leave your house the fact still remains that she is pregnant and a pregnant girl needs a roof over her head I I just can't get the memory of my late sister out of my mind she was in secondary school when she accidentally got pregnant and in the process of committing an abortion she died out of neglect if she had had more care and a roof over her head she might have been alive today and I wouldn't be the brother listen sister listen man you're seeing right now now I know the girl who is close to me is in the same predicament and for me it's an opportunity to do what I couldn't do before save a life if harboring her under my roof will lead to saving her life I'm prepared to do it even if in the process I smear my face in the dust I don't I don't care much about that this is black this is black milk yes this is bad I can see you've made up your mind if just the way you want me what I guess bag Nancy are you stupid don't be a baby I'm so how are you I'm fine your people got guys arrested by the police ins office to D arrested unless it right Oh God you can't do this I can't do this I can't keep up with this life it comes with this what you did get to know them do you want what got you pregnant what do you think would happen huh tell me what do you think will happen there's two drivers are we I don't have the house are you ready to sleep with me at the bus stop that is why you have to keep on saying is the world why not buy time and figure out a way for both of us okay are you going to bill him I'm saying I tried to figure out what to do next so you will not build him I'm not saying I would opt but you do not be too dull tomorrow you you young girl what's the matter why are you crying shouldn't you be in school at this time I was in school but did rimmel to the examples here is $11,000 to cover her tuition an exam fee that is good but we don't receive cash in this office so you have to go to the process office and big unobtainium receipt which will present to the exam supervisor now they written here okay I'll do that right away further that seems to be a long process and I know it will get into a high examination time I was wondering would you mind giving her a written authorization to go ahead and do the exam while I go and see the basa how can you do that children shaumbra so rub so we were what is it now but I got you can't sleep uncle Dennis is on my mind I drink it out of my room get out just wanted to watch the nesting you lie down on your back I made me begin my friend let me warn you whether you are going to tell the truth or not whether you cannot sleep what I'm trying to say with all this looks to me it's an around the bush is that it is not responsive a woman second he has never slept with me never never I would suggest that in any way it's not who we sit don't break his friend we will not squats with him oh my god I have thought that in a sense man good man how could you [Applause] you I was pregnant I was confused yes I said you won't serve any purpose anymore please it's okay I find out that finally the cat is out of the bag along with various other pussies and as a result jameelah my fiance is back in my life so I mean the mood to forgive everybody and I actually have forgiven everybody IVA Cumbre you will not spend another night under the same roof with me you have to go and find someplace else to squat until we can find a place of your own and there's no telling what more ham you can do given another moment of weakness and temptation guys guys we st friends please where's the friends don't ladies need to get community knows now please I know we are still friends but for now you have to find someplace else to support madam I thank you people for not keeping the truth from you Marianna still my little sister and a bear on approach there you know garage whatever I can do to assist her I will do that but please please please do not even think about abortion do not even consider that option because I do not want what happened to my little sister to happen to her please maybe em you heard what I said in spite of everything used to my sister anything I can do for you I will do whatever you want me to do for you don't hesitate to tell me or let your mom tell me in spite of this thing that has happened don't forget your studies you must finish school I'll be happy tomorrow to hear that even with this thing that you're going through that you finished your school that you've become somebody in life okay take care of yourself thank you Superman thank you I doubt something thank you oh my god girl a new spirit it's okay girl she'll steal my mom any other resting like guy well well do you believe me now did I say I believe you didn't have to save I think we have postponed this thing for too long boys our wedding date what very serious no you're not are you serious I think we should fix it do it now do it now okay love you so much thank you thank you I love you love you so much okay same here I'm going to be mrs. gay

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