The Glitch Mob – Starve The Ego, Feed The Soul

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  • Evan Carter says:

    I remember a chilly winter night in Portland Oregon in 2010. Just got off work and just moved into my new house with really chill roommates that were all into EDM. Just met the most beautiful girl in the world. The connection was strong. Me and her dropped a couple Molly's. Right when we started rolling I put this song on. We layed next to the fireplace holding hands and talking about amazing beautiful things. It felt so perfect. I don't think I'll ever be able to obtain happiness like that ever again.

  • Huda Fuq says:

    Had my first MDMA come up two weeks ago and the emotional peak hit me while listening to this song. It brings back the most beautiful cathartic feelings when i listen now 🙂

  • PowderedPixles mcDust says:

    The auditory aliasing effect sounds really interesting…..

  • C Woof says:

    This song makes me so happy, and soo sad at the same time. I always end up listening to it when I'm really depressed and need a good cry. I'm not sure why this song helps let it all out so much but it does. Antenna by Bonobo is another one I listen to, if you like this I recommend checking them out.

  • EGEE says:

    Ä°f there is no soul what does it matter

  • feedtheego says:

    the path to wisdom.. starve the ego, feed the soul.

    that's something i'd tattoo on myself if i ever got a tattoo

  • Frain Freeze says:

    Where does the title come from?

  • Roy Cappuccino says:

    I am so excited for the ABF Mega Month!

  • anime thotn't says:

    portal 2 minuted millions bedroom #12

  • Miranda Brandis says:

    RIP Adam Michael Goldstein

    AHH YEAH // ah


  • Eunice Sun says:

    I find this song perfect for a BoJack Horseman finale

  • Big Bad Magnus Steinnbru says:

    Also, listen to this with bass boost headphones. Thank me later.

  • Big Bad Magnus Steinnbru says:

    109 people are all ego, no soul.

  • krishx007 says:

    Whenever I listen to it.. Something awesome happen to me but its difficult to define..!!

  • International Space Station says:

    This song is so happy. So positive. It really makes me feel uplifted. I love it.

  • Aaron Wallace says:

    Try not to cry challenge

  • IAMAK says:

    Someone recommended I get hi to this 👍

  • Ryan Favinger says:

    This reminds me a bit of Radiohead, it’s got a lofi rock feel with IDM elements

  • BlackHat Visions says:

    009 sound system?

  • ThatcherSnek says:

    I think about this song like someone time travelled to the 90s in a warm sunny day in an aparment after some crazy shit happened before

    That or i'm just high as fuck

  • Garret Jackson says:

    I fucking love that humming

  • LongLash CoffeeCat CoffeeCat for short says:

    Yoga time??

  • Levi says:

    this song brings back so many memories. I listened to it with beats on sitting on a rock in the bush, first time ever getting baked. Shit, fucking good times man

  • Logic Mage says:

    Thou mustn't procure sustenance for thine self-esteem, but rather seek nurture for thine spiritual self.

  • PowderedPixles mcDust says:

    This song just envokes such a deep meaning to everyone it seems… I wish The Glitch Mob could go back to its roots and make more stuff like this.

  • Coping Doomer says:

    Im starting to believe minorities are a fucking problem the government needs to double down on immigration. Too many unproductive losers are allowed into our sacred land ffs most of them can't even speak a few words of English. Be sure to keep this in mind next time you vote thanks

  • Pixel Gecko says:

    This song just brings good vibes no matter what situation.

  • QueenMonkfish says:

    Advanced Facial Rig for Autodesk Maya and Unreal Engine sent me here

  • Kevin Fu says:

    Went skydiving yesterday, and all I could think about was this song. Just chilling a few ten thousand feet in the air, looking down on the Earth, soaring through the sky.

  • Cristóbal says:

    World change people not.

  • Septryem says:

    This music heals me.

  • BP Gnosis says:

    When it's 6am and you've been up since yesterday morning
    and you're tired of life and depressed

  • Mike Jenkins says:

    i think id go crazy if i wasnt hearing this song. goes off and listens to monstercat

    ok, but seriously, this is a good song, it'll be one of my favorites for the rest of my life!

  • Zephaniah B says:

    that was SICK !!

  • Cole Petersen says:

    When I was standing on top of Angels Landing in Zion NP, this song popped into my mind. Live free!

  • Peter Whitmer says:

    Favorite part is the downbeat starting at 1:13. Lovely song.

  • Rykou Eriksson says:

    am I the only one hearing wolf link?

  • MutatedPixel says:

    This is the song for when everything is terrible but somehow you keep going.

  • JangoGod says:

    Power and raw emotion radiates from this song like coronas from the sun.

  • Andrew Maxwell says:

    The title has two possible interpretations. In the first, the ego represents arrogance, vanity and self-centeredness, in which case the call to focus on the soul over the ego is the call to find happiness "in your soul" through the company of others rather than focusing on the self. However, in (my limited understanding of) Freud's theories, the "ego" represents the part of the self that is concerned with mundane, everyday responsibilities, in which case the title could also be interpreted as a call to lay those aside in favor of actions that are more important to the health of the soul, such as (again) spending time in the company of others, as well as finding new experiences and living life to the fullest.

  • CalifornianNiño7 says:

    Who would disk like any of their tunes?

  • bradypats1 says:

    > 6 years old
    > less than a million views

    Proud to be part of The Mob!

  • BAGOTOV says:

    When this song is just so perfect it brings tears to your eyes.

  • Carrie Macko says:

    I live in Pittsburgh and when I put this on, Im almost always walking down the sidewalks right outside of downtown where I live. I can NEVER help my arms from flowing to the melody of this song as I walk. I get lost, put a smile on, and shut my eyes relying on my senses as much as possible to walk as far as I can down the sidewalk without opening my eyes..xoxo

  • Gav W says:

    This song is really dope

  • Aaron Frazier says:

    Listened to this on my flight back to the states from the Philippines. Visited my moms side of the fam. I always think of the memories & all the fun I had being over there for the past month. I can't wait to go back.

  • thegrowers420 says:

    Ok look. I'm tired of not understanding what it says before "repercussions of having upgraded dna" the only part that is completely audible is "upgraded dna" anyone have any idea what it says?

  • John Baldwin says:

    I'm listening to this high af

  • Michael O'Brien says:

    Chris Haffey!

  • Jan Fehr says:

    this song helped me to get through some shitty times
    and it always gets me sentimental…. just love it!

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