The Cathedral of St. Joseph holds Easter services

customers could check for credibility. Licensing violations could also be accessed by the public online. TAYLOR Billions of believers in Christ are celebrating Easter Sunday today – and in fact some of you are probably just wrapping up your Easter dinners as we speak. ROYCE But for many – the celebration starts… at the church. [TAKE: MON OC] In Wheeling – The Cathedral of St. Joseph held their Easter services today. Afternoon services started at 11 – bringing hundreds of people into the church to celebrate the ressurection of Christ. [TAKE PKG INCUE: OUTCUE:>>>DURATION:0’01”] VO The church bells at The Cathedral of Saint Joseph rang celebratory fashion today. Hundreds of Catholic Faith members gathering there for Easter Service. The beauty inside the church was both breathtaking and awing. The air was filled with the smell of incense. Fresh and decadent flower arrangements decorated every corner. Nearly every seat was filled. Some stood and others peered Father Kevin gave a tremendous homily.” SOT “Father giving his homily was beautiful.” VO His message was essentially about finding God. He says when it comes to finding faith – you don’t always have to go searching. Sometimes you just have to trust that faith will find you. He references the biblical teachings of the Apostle Peter and his trust that John him from fear and enabled him to stand at the foot of the cross.” SOT “I think people should walk away with good feelings.” VO There were some other things being celebrated today. Today marks the 93rd birthday of St. Joseph Cathedral. It’s also the 2772nd anniversary of the founding of the city of Rome. TAYLOR Check this out — A marine sanctuary in the Florida Keys attracted some

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