The Birth of Jesus Christ

Luke 2 is one of the most read chapters of
the Christmas story. It tells of the actual birth of Jesus
Christ and the appearance of the angel to the shepherds telling them to go on find the
Lord who was born in Bethlehem. “And it came to pass in those days, that there
went out a decree from Cæsar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed.” It appears
that Luke was trying to set these two men against each other, Caesar Augustus and Jesus
Christ, because both of them shared similar titles. For example, Caesar Augustus was called
a savior, a savior because he saved the people from a century-long of Roman wars. He also
of course was called prince of peace, or a peace giver, again because of this fact that
there had been peace finally after such a long period of time. He also was called the
son of god because the fact that he was the adopted son of Julius Caesar who had been
deified. Jesus Christ is also a Savior, except that he is the Savior of our sins. He also
is the Prince of Peace, but he will bring a permanent peace that will last forever. Next, in the account we learn of when Mary
and Joseph travel the long road from Nazareth to Bethlehem; this road was about 95 miles
and would take about four to five days. The scriptures read “And so it was, that, while
they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered. And she brought
forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger;
because there was no room for them in the inn.” When they arrived, they came to find that
there was no room in the inn, however the word inn could be better translated as a caravan
location, or even as room. If it was really more like a caravan stop, it is possible that
the innkeeper, that we often speak about who turned them away rashly because he had no
space, may have actually been trying to do Mary a favor by giving her a location that
was much more private. The caravan stop would have had a large open
courtyard in the center, with rooms around it. Everybody would be able to stay in those
specific rooms and there most likely either would have been just a wood door or maybe
even just a curtain. All the animals would be in the very center and it would be a very
noisy and dirty environment. The stable also is another thing that is often
misunderstood. We call it a stable because the fact that in England they had stables,
and so they say that Jesus was born in a stable because he was born with animals. Well, of
course it must’ve been a stable, but at the time of Christ the most likely place that
he would have been born is actually in a cave because there were many caves in the area
of Bethlehem where people could have their animals. Thus, it seems right from the beginning, the
events of Christ’s birth are foreshadowing his death. At his birth he was laid in a cave
wrapped in swaddling clothes because there was no room in the inn, and at his death he was
laid in a borrowed tomb wrapped in white linen cloth. The fact that Jesus Christ is the firstborn
of Mary is extremely significant. During the time of the Bible the firstborn child was
given a double inheritance. Now this double inheritance was specifically given to them
for the fact that they would be the caregiver of the family when the father died. So you
think about it, the oldest son, the firstborn, would be in charge of helping the mother if
the father had died, the sisters who maybe had not married and supporting them, or maybe
a child that had been wayward who needed extra support, the eldest brother would be the one
that would be in charge of this. Likewise, Jesus Christ does the same thing. As the firstborn,
he truly is the one that watches out for the widows, for the unmarried, for those who are struggling. We next learn in the account of Luke 2 about
the visitation of the angel to the shepherds, proclaiming to them the good news of the birth
of Jesus Christ. Now we often glorify and romanticize these shepherds, calling them
humble and submissive—not that they weren’t—but actually during the time of Christ most of
the people would have actually looked down upon shepherds. Shepherds were often seen
as unclean, nomadic (having no home), uneducated, and poor. They also were seen by many as being
dishonest because the fact that they would allow their animals to graze on land that
did not belong to them. I think it teaches us a valuable lesson about who the Lord chooses
to do his work, and more importantly what the Lord sees in each of us. Often when we
look at somebody, we may see the outward appearances of them being poor, or unclean, or uneducated.
But what the Lord sees is their potential and their ability to learn and grow from giving
them experiences and opportunities to serve. We read in the scriptures that it says of
them, “And they came with haste, and found Mary, and Joseph, and the babe lying in a
manger. And when they had seen it, they made known abroad the saying which was told them
concerning this child.” In other words, they acted when they were told to do something
they immediately did it, they didn’t wait. And once they had found the Christ Child,
they let everybody know about it. Each of us must be witnesses of the Lord and
Savior Jesus Christ. How will we act? Will we act like these shepherds that when we are
commanded to tell the people about his birth and his death and resurrection, will we act
in haste? Will we tell everybody we know? Or like so many of the people during this
time that heard the witness of the shepherds, maybe marvel at the words and wonder what
was said, but do nothing about it. Will we be doers of good like the shepherds? That
is the question, for truly we all must be witnesses of Jesus Christ.

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    Do you think that some extra dimensional beings (angels) help Mary with her birth?

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    Ohh so jesus was born in the first christmas

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    Deccember is day in this the jesus take birth from from his mother marry womb Amen .

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    Great Vid! He is The Way, The Truth and The Life 😉 I met Him in 2009! I've uploaded my Testimony vid if you're interested 🙂 Be blessed

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    Amen amen

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    😭 i love it.

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    I love jesus

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    I love Jesus!!!! Jesus is Christ the Lord and Savior!

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    I Believe Jesus is from the 🌟 Constellation Alcyon.

  • Davy Liu says:

    Shalom! Friends!

    I have written a letter to whosoever may truly willingly care to concern:

    It's really been hard, Sirs, but, thank God, He finally led me to the right way to help correcting this Hebrew calendar :

    Please forgive my mistakes in previous posts.

    According to the right reading of the records of the two gentlemen, Nicodemus and Joseph from Arimathaea, finally, I came to realize that :

    Nicodemus must have used the generally accepted beginning of the first Olympiad: 776 BCE, which could not have been different from the subsequent use of the historian Josephus, so that the month of the Lord Jesus Martyrdom of Nissan 32CE was mistakenly placed as the month bet Adar in the Hebrew calendar today:

    Because the beginning of the first Olympiad is 776 BCE, then the beginning of the No. 202 Olympiad is:

    201×4-775=804-775= AD 29;

    Therefore, the 4th year of this Olympiad is 32 AD, this year, then, according to Nicodemus, is the year of the Martyrdom of the Lord Jesus.

    On Nissan 12th, 32CE, (which, according to Nicodemus also, must be many days before March 25, 32CE;) on Friday, the Lord Jesus had been martyred, so, in fact, the leap Adar of the 32CE in the Hebrew calendar today was, actually, truly corresponding to the month of Nissan 32CE at the time of Nicodemus, who recorded the martyrdom of the Lord Jesus.


    Today's Hebrew lunar calendar, unfortunately, has been one month of error!

    Since, with respect to your current calendar, and,

    1: according to Prophet Enoch, the dates of Jesus ' birth and of His Martyrdom must be the same, i.e., leap Adar 13th, which also must be Saturday, the Sabbath,

    2: Jesus must be born after the year 8BCE Roman census for taxation,

    3: the date must be close to mid-March(, but well before March 25).

    so, only the following day meet the requirements:

    Jesus was born at (March 14) bet Adar 13, Sabbath, 7BCE.

    But, note:

    These Adars need to be Nissan, please.

    Thus, Sirs, would you be willing to, or is it even possible for you to, have your current HebDates calendar corrected as directed by the Holy Spirit, even as I have been directed and corrected?


    Davy Liu

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