The Belief It Or Not Podcast: Ep. 33 – Pat Robertson

America needs a tidal wave of the old-time religion against you we have no needs about God the harlot Babylon is superior the nation's to receive the Antichrist I didn't even build that house with money from the church I built it with money from my book I don't make this stuff up it is a moral issue they got together and sort of pact to the devil I just enjoy seeing people worship praise and God hey everybody and welcome to believe it or not hey I'm Trevor Paula and I'm Damien Debbie and today today we're talking we're talking about pat robertson hatton robertson patty robert ide robertson do you know what do you know about power uh not a whole lot there's one of those TV televangelists dude he scott leius this show where it seems like he's giving a very like serious like sixty minutes kind of talked to the idea believe 700 club is the show and i mean that is the show but I believe that's the one he stole from Jim Baker it was Jim Baker's idea okay stole from him why is it 700 club sorry that's a good question actually just say here I'll turn from you try to find that and I'll talk about a marion gordon robertson that is his birth name marion gordon roberts wonder he changed it to pat yeah so yeah he decided when he decided to try to get into the public spotlight as a TV evangelist he would go with pat because pat was his nickname as a kid because his older brother used to always pat him on the head and go pat pat pat so that and then he decided pat sounded manlier than Marion or Gordon yeah nothing nothing like a name make you feel more manly than by a nickname about being patted on the yeah exactly pat on the head yeah Pat it had it yeah robertson referred oh okay okay okay for he had a telethon in 1962 for the station that they were on to keep the station on the air wyh produced a special telethon edition of the show for the telethon Robertson sent a goal of 700 members each contributing $10 per month I was enough to support the nation and that's why I referred to those members as the 700 club so that's probably not the show he stole from Jim Baker and the name yes duck and the telethon was successful I'm still and it's still held annually and then it became a nightly to our Christian variety program yeah as a preaching group prayer Bible study and interview segments sidenote occasionally I believe this show will be on it the the gym I go to right yes I go later oh yeah because it's a quieter and occasionally this guy yes very long time he was born to a political family his dad was a senator he was a Democratic senator but he was also a very conservative man his name was Absalom Willis Robertson absolutely yeah and his mother was Gladys Churchill and she was a musician but his dad was kind of like a big big deal who 1948 he was drafted and then serving in Korea hmm he said that he saw action and he would tell stories about like you know the fights he was in and then later on he was called out for being a liar and because his dad was a senator he pulled some strings and he never he never really saw any action he was in charge of buying alcohol for the like military clubs and bar yeah so so he's a lot of it because of his dad and then he just bought alcohol for the officers yeah yeah so that was basically his job in the army and then when he came back he went into law school graduated top of his class in law school 1955 but then he that was this was at Yale too but then he failed the bar exam on his first attempt okay so topper try it again top of his class but he failed the bar yeah so he fails the bar exam and then he goes into ministry so he decided to go and get his divinity degree or whatever at seminary and become a preacher how long of a degree is that I think it's it depends I think it's like a three because you have to have like other degrees yeah so like he already had his bachelor's and his so it's almost like a master's program yeah it's basically a master's program because they just don't want no dummies doing this I think it's just the yeah they don't want the dummies and that's what like the next step for me would have been if I wanted to continue in the ministry well really gone from a mess at a seminary or whatever at the time was was that kind of the plan for you that was the plan yeah it was gonna I was gonna wait a while I was gonna wait at least five years before I went for my Master's I said five to ten years and then we'll see and then I just never wanted to was was it because you were still kind of unsure if that's exactly what you want yeah exactly like and I was just sick of school at that point so I was like well I'll do this for a bit and then if I decide I do want to leave this actually yeah you want to do because if I stayed with the Lutheran's I would have had to in order to be ordained he would have had to have your master's so I didn't are there other places where you don't need that yeah some of them don't even require they don't care education yeah yeah pretty much like churches will like ordain you and like just for volunteering you could have started a tent revival all you had to do is taking that money and you would have spent on tuition yeah buy a big old tin that's true that's true I really do want to do like a fringe so or a one-man show where I am a tent revival preacher oh yeah and like make something out of that make a show out of that would be a lot of fun especially if I get musicians and stuff and you don't have a full tent you just have one of those like little canopies exactly that you set up in your backyard yeah maybe you could bring your own venue show too for some and fringe you know it's something about six folding chairs yeah exactly and then 1960 is when he established the Christian Broadcasting Network in Virginia Beach Virginia he bought a UHF station mm-hmm that was the first one not unlike the movie UHF Starion wonderful movie if you haven't watched it we strongly recommend mmm I have a t-shirt that says UHF that movie is also about a telethon yeah which we revealed when we looked up why it's called the seven things yeah which was saved by the telephone it's true just like the movie just like the movie yeah so as a sidebar if you're gonna get anything into this episode watch UHF it is a great movie if you can get on DVD and then watch it with Weird Al's commentary afterwards it's a great I don't think I've watched it was commentary yeah I've had it for so long him and his friend in the movie yeah yeah yeah yeah it's great so yeah and then in nineteen so that was 1960 in the 1977 is when he started you in cable TV he went door-to-door asking for donations oh no sorry asking people to buy a cable box and sign up for CBN the Christian Broadcasting Network so that and that's how he kind of got it going and then he encouraged churches around the country to do the same so yeah the canvas door-to-door asking people to get cable and asking them to get the Christian Broadcasting Network look you think about that today yes at home you get a knock on the door there's a guy from I don't know let's say ESPN yeah and he's just like hey man really great if you bought a cable subscription box and then you subscribe to my network it really mean a lot to me one time when I worked at a telephone company in the call center this woman was like hey Trevor you're into like videos and stuff and movies and stuff right I was like yeah yeah I look you know I do like some sketches too she's like okay cuz I'm thinking what do you know about starting your own TV station I was like zero I know zero things about Star TV station she's like I just thought you might be the person to ask because I have this idea and I think what I could do is I could pitch it around and cuz I want to do this TV station about I don't remember what it was like about her culture and I was like I think you're describing a TV show like you should maybe I don't know station cbn is now in 180 countries 109 broadcast in 71 languages so that's a lot and he also founded CBN Family Channel what's the difference I was four kids like the kids version yeah but then that's what kids want to do became so profitable that they couldn't considered a non-profit anymore so he ended up selling it well at first he made it a separate company from CBN so he took the cbn out of it yeah it's called it the Family Channel and then he sold it oh no yeah yeah he created international family entertainment he sold it to Fox and became Fox family with the condition that they still air the 700 club wait a minute Fox family yeah it used to be that's a cbn family yes so funny yeah fuck and then it became and then it was bought by Disney okay yeah well Disney didn't buy it all the Fox TV stuff in this last oh no and like crazy Fox News is still gonna be its own thing yeah yeah but yeah it's a Disney has that one now in infotainment yeah exactly what do you call it Chris Joe Taemin wait at FoxNews Fox News right yeah infotainment 77 he also miss infotainment CBN University they have a university you just allowed to found a universe everyone can found a university should we found a university yes I could really use that to it exactly we can charge whatever we want that's true although a hundred thousand dollars a semester yeah Trump did get sued for that though did he yeah it's like the one loss one of the lawsuits he had after he was president because it they seem yeah or he was president so he still had to follow through with her Trump University yeah Trump steaks and but now it's called Regent University they changed the name in 89 those like he's still the Chancellor there yeah so yeah he also has a bunch of other stuff 70s and 80s he was a faith healer he was a faith healer yeah he tried he dabbled in faith healing how do you you don't dabble in faith healing that's not okay but I think you've had more success in like just the preaching part of it than he did in the faith healing because it didn't do anything yeah plus James Randi took him yeah oh is he should yeah thank you James yeah he was a there's a full chapter in James Randy's book called the faith healers about about Pat Robertson we should we should do a thing about James right yeah we should I think that'd be a counterpoint to everything I love him for the 88 presidential election he ran under the Republican ticket oh he did he announced in 86 he was planning on running and got a bunch of followers he said if he gets three million signatures then he'll run for president he got the three million signatures and then so he did well like as the first brought primaries and stuff was that again so did you end up losing that to George Bush Senior yeah yeah in which I mean a lot of people saw coming cuz he was already the vice president so you know he did okay in the beginning primaries and then kind of got kicked out and like yeah got out of there eventually he sued NBC for referring to him as a televangelist and when they said like televangelist Pat Robertson is so president he didn't think he was a televangelist what what did he think you I don't know because I mean at the time you have like Jimmy Swaggart and all those kind of guys getting a bad rap and getting a bad name so he was like wanting to distance himself but that's still what he was yeah like I'm a waiter if somebody else is a terrible waiter that doesn't stop me from I don't just change my name it really shows that your convictions to what you do are strong yeah came to say what you are yeah exactly yeah and I found out today that televangelists the term yeah was coined by a Christian TV station because that was the name of the show like there was a show called Taliban Julis and like I think the 50s and then the name stuck there I mean it's pretty it's pretty a good descriptive way of just saying what they are yeah getting it out there getting the message clear exactly also during that campaign he was on CNN and he was recorded as like he answered somebody's like phoning questions and then he was recorded during the commercial break being like well that guy's definitely a homo oh yeah oh my so that didn't help him either yeah no I don't I mean it wouldn't hurt him with the Republicans no especially no yeah but it's it didn't look good in the long run oh yeah exactly a couple other things this is so that's kind of a history of his life so that's kind of like kind of who he is what he did hey everyone that's Robertsons story yeah the sparknotes sparknotes let's talk about him as a piece of shit yeah put some piece of shit this means we haven't been already I mean we have but little things little blips on the wheel but we're gonna get into the series this is this one is one of the like the you know this makes me want to vomit so the 1994 Rwandan genocide yeah he started collecting donations for charity for his operations blessings international mmm-hmm charity that sounds really nice he's gonna send food a blessing is that what he said they were gonna do that's what he said they were gonna do when in reality he was sending equipment to his blood diamond mines in the Congo so he was using in Lincoln Zaire which is now the Congo but so he was using those planes I was supposed to bring charity and stuff to Rwanda to help with are you fucking serious yeah yeah a hundred percent that's what he did is he made a deal with the president of Zaire and he was mining diamonds and this guy had no repercussions from them so there was something with gold to wear in Africa but because he had donated to the right people the right people's like campaigns and stuff he'd never really saw any repercussions for that King kidding me yeah and then because you can get away with anything if you're a rich white and Christian yeah it's true Jesus Christ in 99 Virginia was going to try him for like misleading people for their money that is not misleading yeah that is no but this is a separate like thing where like Virginia like said you know you're asking for people yeah but yeah and then they were gonna try and vote then it was like retcon by the Attorney General of Virginia because he had donated to his campaign how how do you not okay it this is more less a question about the repercussions from from yeah the government and yeah everyone who should be kind of doing something but just the the the normal people who donated yeah how does how does this person's base not see okay he was asking for donations to help a country in the middle of as a war genocide yeah and he's taking that money that was promised to help people in need to mine for blood diamonds in a different country how do you not see that and be like why should I believe anything this piece of Zak says and he's still hosting the 700 I guarantee you some of those people who donated in 93 done it again and oh yeah the cycle continues oh yeah it's never broken it doesn't matter what you put in front of their face I just I don't yeah I don't get it it doesn't make any sense especially if you if you believe that that this is a good person yeah and that you want to do good in the world exactly yeah he like that I read that like I knew he was a shitty person and then I read that and I was like you just crossed from like being crazy shitty old man yeah to being like an evil bats international evil me yeah I mean yeah I think it's I think it's horrible when these people are just taking all people's money for their own personal gain yeah like a normal scale but when it's when it's promised for something like an international humanitarian effort it would be like if somebody asks for a change and then yet shot them yeah I mean no that's different because I'd be like if you're like hey can I have some money to buy this guy sandwich and then you shot them yeah or or it would be like someone saying listen if you donate to this cause we're gonna make sure that we we fix the education system in your town yeah and then they take that money and they build I don't know a big ol factory that makes useless shit mmm mm-hmm or they block it at the Sun or they block at the Sun and then they charge people and then they get shot by a baby yeah in 2001 he was on TV with Jerry Falwell and Jerry Falwell said the terrorist attacks were caused by pagans abortionists feminists gays lesbians and the american civil Civil Liberties Union and people for the American Way said this is what caused 9/11 and Pat Roberts is like yep cool so these people are so disgusting yeah 2006 I'm on their website for a 700 club they had an ad for an age defying energy shake right it said in the ad that because of drinking this Pat Robertson could leg press 2,000 pounds no see the funny thing is now people would be like they gotta make a they gotta make a youtube video yeah yeah cuz that'd be great watching watching this old frail man on the leg Presley pounds yeah this is legs snapping and you're like that's right that's what you get you piece of trash oh is it somebody with the Florida State University record is 13 135 pounds so that's he didn't do that that seems an odd thing to promote – mm-hmm Christians is a life elixir yeah exactly but it's like well Alex Alex Jones like ya tonics or whatever I guess but I mean in a way they're already peddling eternal life yeah that's true you extend the pre-eternal a slightly longer shitty life yeah doesn't make sense if you can I guess if you're like a really bad person and you just need a little more time to get the good stuff out yeah it's good for that that's true or you need more time to extort and embezzle money from a charitable organization for your own personal gain that's true yeah or that or that yeah here's some predictions he made in 1976 he said that the world would end by 1982 so he's a bit off he's a bit off but um unless we are living in a simulation that's true we could be living in a simulation that's true in 2006 he said if I heard the Lord right about the 2006 the coast of America will be lashed by storms and there there may be something as bad as the tsunami in the Pacific Northwest never happened 2007 he said there'd be math terrorist attacks bigger than 9/11 to be fair the the coasts and storms and maybe tsunami these are just all he was doing was was turning climate scientists probably predictions at the time that's true I mean I think all he was doing was banking on that so that way when it was they're like yeah we're we're we're fucking up the environment with this stuff we need to we need to watch we're doing he's unknowns God's mad because of gay people that's true yeah I feel like that's all that one is yeah that's true well yeah he always blamed storms and stuff on gay people and like he's yeah I 2012 he said that MIT Romney would definitely win the the election almost you know what 70% of the time exactly he se would go on these like nature walks and like once a year and then come back and he'd like he'd go on these retreats or whatever then come back and he'd have his predictions for the year and then one year he biffed it so bad that the next year he's like yeah I got guys telling me that I shouldn't make my predictions public anymore no really yeah because they're wrong exactly God's is like dude that's nobody said it all dude dude I said Mitt Romney would and being that a big good friend of you chill out man I thought he would be president a good friend to you okay hmm so this podcast I used to listen to and I would still listen to them but they don't exist anymore yeah but they're called they were called games of RAD great guys great great I love them so much but they had a segment called get in the box Pat and that was whenever Pat Robertson would say something really really stupid so they had this segment I'm guessing every couple of every year exactly and then Steph jury of stuff Christian culture likes she's the best – she always like makes up different middle names for Pat so you'd be like Patrick whatever go back to your room or whatever and it's like always so funny but because he's always saying insane crazy shitty thing yeah this is gonna be the the Pat list this is the Pat list a pat down pat oh that's good welcome to the pat down here here's some shitty things he said so this first one is in our theme song yeah yeah yeah this is after their earthquake in in Haiti he said something happened a long time ago in Haiti and people might not want to talk about it they were under the heel of the French you know Napoleon the third or whatever and they got together and swore a pact to the devil they said he would serve you if you get us free from the French true story and so the devil said okay it's a deal and they kicked the French out the Haitians revolted and got themselves free and ever since they had been cursed by one thing after the other desperately poor I don't even really know where to start with yeah yeah okay so he so not another thing he's really punching down here he has a tendency just to blame people for their problems we'll see ya we'll see it as we go further with his quotes but he just like it had nothing to do with years of colonial yes exactly and people trying to get out of that yeah and when they were out of it still being affected by that yeah no no no it was yes I made a pact with the devil in there and that he goes by all these like he just always knows these old urban legends I remember hearing that when I was a kid too about Haiti that day really you know what the devil and yeah yeah it's ridiculous I guess he doesn't like Robert Johnson is that the guy who went to the crossroads and made the deal with the devil he would hey Robert Johnson yeah can't stand a sweet guitar lick mm-hmm and didn't Britney Spears do that she did something in Crossroads I think she sold her soul to the devil exactly some mm-hmm get a Pepsi mm-hmm and then on adultery he said males have a tendency to wander a little bit what do you want to do is make a home so wonderful he doesn't want to wander Oh No oh yeah oh that's gross yeah on Walt Disney World having gay days he said I would warn Orlando that you're right in the way of some serious hurricanes and I don't think I'd be waving those flags in God's face if I were you it'll bring about terrorist bombs it'll bring earthquakes tornadoes and possibly a meteor okay so he doesn't want a day for gay people at the part because he's gonna bring natural disasters yeah and destroy everything yeah you would think that that's what he would want is them all in one place yeah that's a disaster away yeah which it won't happen which yeah but like there was one I don't know something I wrote it down he was bragging about praying a hurricane away from somewhere and then everyone was like but it where it went it killed eight people so like what do you yes to kill some yeah it's like the the conductor's dilemma right where it's like the Train has two paths and yeah it was the one person but if you'd go the other way it kills three yeah exactly he's like it's a moral dilemma yeah and there was a guy there was another guy who he said that flooding in a certain area was punishment for homosexuality and then a year later his property flooded everyone's like what's this it could just be you know poor planning yeah exactly just people being shitty and yang a lot of dead stuff lots of rain to the environment oh yeah yeah like you know God punishment yeah just like yeah spraying that there's dumb stuff we've been doing is catching up yeah those hair spray cans yeah that's right throwing all those hair spray cans into the ocean yeah he said the feminist agenda is not about equal rights for a woman it's about socialist anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands kill their children practice witchcraft destroy capitalism and become lesbians are they Kali are they saying kill their children because of abortion oh yeah probably probably I was thinking like fourth term abortion yeah our fourth trimester yeah I was thinking like that scene in like take him out to the back and like drown him in the river kinda yeah what what movie am I thinking of duly appointed federal marshals oh yeah shutter island' shut around right yeah but no he probably means abortion probably that would that would be my guess mm-hmm but if you are a feminist and you are a lesbian witchcraft practicing baby killer please send us an email yeah we want to get we want your side of this yeah he said that Planned Parenthood is teaching kids to fornicate teaching people to have adultery every kind of bestiality homosexuality lesbianism everything that the Bible condemns I just want to say as someone who didn't grow up in a Christian house and had you know some sexual education yeah I've never really encountered bestiality never never well maybe like you know the odd you hear about yeah the odd donkey show yeah is just you have a weekend yeah and you know is everyone's doing it yeah yeah but no regular basis yeah I'm just I'm gonna say I don't think that it does lead to that I think it's interesting that everything that he criticized is all about repression yeah sexual repression and just repressing the non male side of things to it yeah it's just like you need to make sure that you're good for your husband yeah you got to make sure that you don't know anything about sex outside of marriage yes you know education is bad yeah which is which is the big thing that that says yes oh yeah yeah exactly do you know about your body you know about your reproductive rights and how things work mm-hmm which I I've heard is a big problem for a lot of Christian definitely and I was I think I've talked about him before but I'm a friend of mine was saying that his roommate grew up in Texas and their education system at their school told them that condoms cause more STDs then not using a condom so the guy was never using condoms yeah and the guy wasn't even religious anymore but he was just like that's what he was told in his school so it's it's bizarre that people are still holding on to this no that people are not gonna have sex yeah if they tell them yeah exactly yeah when you should really be like listen man it's gonna happen yeah it always has yeah it's always going to exactly and all you're doing is making things a million times worse yeah everybody exactly it's it's spreading misinformation it's spreading very dangerous misinformation it wasn't only recently that the the Pope finally is just like yeah you know what comes are good yeah free cuz they were like denying condoms going to like aids ridden yeah hon trees oh yes let's just promote the AIDS epidemic yeah for 30 years exactly like that's because millions I'm sure is Asian yeah it's absolutely yeah same yeah that people with the conscience can be like yeah these that people are doing the right thing yeah it's insane he once said what is what is this mac and cheese it's not a black thing he didn't what what he said what is this mac and cheese is that a black thing okay okay okay I feel like this is just this is this is the silent episode everything you say I'm just so shocked I don't I don't know how to respond and then I'll do one last it's a longer one okay so I'll read the letter that was sent to him so he answers letter the most of these quotes from come from like the advice segment of his show so people send in questions and then he answers them which I don't know why anybody would ask Pat Robertson anything stop asking Pat Robertson things we should ask him yeah we should there was actually a really funny video of these people kept calling a Christian advice show with they just kept describing the plot of Fresh Prince of bel-air yeah so I grew up you know in in in West Philadelphia and I was just raised by my mother and it was going pretty well for a while and then you know I got in a couple of fights and my mom was she got really scared and but now I'm in you know I living with my uncle my auntie in and bel-air and it's going pretty good but oh yeah so this is the letter and this is sad so I warn you this is a sad letter and a fucking terrible response all right I feel like I'm swearing more in this episode then no I I do too I don't think I've been this bad no one yeah okay dear Pat Robertson I'm not married and have four children by the same man we lived together for four years but he is abusive my four and my four children and I have managed to escape and leave him after we left my daughter told me that her dad had been raping her for years well we have nowhere to go the homeless shelters are full things are getting worse is God punished me for living with a man without being married okay okay let's let's just sit for a moment with that yeah because that's a very terrible situation it's something that a lot of people do deal with yes of relationships and nowhere to go no one to turn to yeah and I feel like his his co-host wanted to say something helpful like a like I feel like she just started to say something that would have been helpful and like would have been you you would think that like hey let's a good Christian yeah have some sort of compassion for let's call the local churches and see what they can do for suffering yeah in need yeah which would you agree is what the message should be yeah exactly like I used to work at a church that on the coldest nights of the year or like in Colden nights we would open the doors and like I would say there at night and make sure that like everybody was comfortable and stuff like people had place to sleep and we get mats and stuff like we would do things but he this is his response if you're ready for it I don't know but yeah you've got to be kidding me I mean really is God to punish me punishing you know you made horrible decisions you started having an adulterous relationship and fornicating or or a fornication with a person you're living with a guy you're not married to he's beating you up and abusing you he's raping your daughter I mean for heaven's sakes what kind of man is that you've punished yourself you've sown the wind and you're reaping the whirlwind that's what the Bible says is God is punishing you well God doesn't like that kind of conduct obviously but you've done it to yourself what a complete and utter lack of empathy self-awareness and just yeah let you you you can tell how much of a privileged piece of shit this guy yes someone who's never had to deal with anything in his life because his dad will bail him out exactly or he's he's from a wealthy family and he's able to just do whatever the fuck he wants yeah without any real repercussions yeah I mean this is a guy who was mining for blood diamonds we donated money who his wife was five months pregnant yeah got married okay so he was already an adulterer because on stage came out in his 88 election and he's like oh I hadn't found Jesus yet okay yeah okay great so maybe she hasn't either yeah exactly that's not a good way to bring her to Jesus yeah exactly yes instead of helping someone who needs the help yeah yeah some word of advice yeah even even to just say that you're in a terrible situation yeah there are people who can help you yeah and here is here's some numbers yeah here's some people we've contacted and then you can say maybe we can help you on a spiritual yeah right exactly yeah really be the FBI here yeah but the fact that that is the thing that they focus on first mm-hmm and that's the thing that that he is so disgusted by yeah that he can't get past it to help somebody yes is insane yeah yeah yeah any other thoughts on Pat I just I hate this guy so much he is the worst yeah I think it's and because he's someone who influences so many people every day yeah that's what makes it even more yeah exactly let's let's move on to a segment yeah let's let's say let's try and lighten things up a little bit here so we have the worst things people have ever done no I'm today we share our deepest darkest secrets today I think it's so I think we'll put this under the Bible Quiz category but it's not really a Bible Quiz oh no so I don't have Christian messages you do but it's not about the Bible all right yeah but Chris case where's our vibe where's our Bible where's our goddamn Bible it's a bar remember in our first episode I mentioned Christianese yep okay so I'm gonna throw out some Christianese okay phrase this boy and I want you to guess okay they might be and then I'll tell you how I understand them okay witness we're witness where yeah what is that like what you were wearing when you witness the Lord or like like in Mad Max fury road when you spray the paint on your face oh this way that'd be good but no it's like shirts to say Jesus on them or like Jesus Saves or like oh it's just got a ring yeah it's just got swag yeah witness wear so you wear these shirts and someone was like hey what's that about and you're like the Lord loves you and here's the prayer you can I think we just came up with our first t-shirt t-shirt got swag God's Way yeah yeah I think so right it's a hashtag gods swag if you want the gods flag t-shirt oh that's so funny doing life doing life is that like doing life for the Lord you kind of you've you've I don't want to say you've committed I guess committed to your doing a hard time for for heaven so no it's wet so that's when you're like I instead of saying hey I'm gonna go out for coffee with somebody you say we're just doing life together you know it's not just about that's really praying yeah that's really hippy shit yeah it's a real hippie shit but it's so popular now like people always say that yeah come over to our place go ahead for dinner we're just gonna do life together that sounds like they're trying to seem less Christian to not scare people away yeah it does but there's like so Christian that's the thing I think it feels it's very insidious for you it feels like oh no we're normal people yeah psych and almost on the same path is love on love love on this person we're just gonna love on each other you have to say love on I feel that means that you don't really love this that's yeah it's it's like a catch-all for like you know we're good people yeah see see exactly like this yeah this creepy smelly person that we don't actually like but we have that we're really loving on them today or it's someone that you hate and you say yeah it's gonna live on for Terry bachelors till the rapture right so they're they're never gonna get married yeah that's that pretty soon yeah or like it's a joke people make in Bible College when they can't get a date they're like well I guess I'll be a bachelor to the rapture yeah so it's not like a commitment thing it's like this is what's gonna happen and then you're married two months later because everyone gets married Bible College not me but everyone else did you try yeah I mean I didn't ask anyone to marry me that's very yeah yeah I said hey we've a friend we've been friends for a while you may maybe go on dates yeah yeah but didn't work it didn't work out that's very what about a extra grace required or extra eg are extra grace required yeah is that like when you go through the drive-thru and you're just like can I get some extra guys hold the pickles extra grace two pickles extra grace close they just punch it in EGR yeah er Annette sorry I knew what CGR stand for it's that extra gravy required as grace oh I gave my baby I gave my extra gravy well let's find some grace you know I it means it's like when someone's really annoying you and you know oh yeah you know and you need to have more composure to deal with yeah okay and then our final one you know what a hedge of protection is a hedge of protection yeah I'm afraid to ask that's when you're praying for somebody and you say so say you're going into a new school and you think there might be a lot of terrible atheists there anything like that like myself yeah you're gonna pray over them and ask for a hedge of protection so you're asking for God usually sometimes depends on a person but it could be asking for angels just surround you but at least God surrounding you and creating a hedge around you of protection from these evil the evil in the world so yeah every morning you want to pray for that hedge of protection around you or when you have your Bible study you pray for that hedge of protection the problem with that is that hedges take a while to grow so and by the time protecting it by the time it actually grows up to a size that can actually do anything you've probably already been beaten in the submission yeah yeah she died moats moats most protection or tanks just get tanks around you just alligators yeah yeah we're gonna yeah we're gonna use metaphors or just pray for the skills to not be a weenie mmm yep I just spray right now that I you're not a weenie bonus round actually now that I've said just when you're praying in a youth group or a small group meeting or a young adult meeting yeah we're gonna use the word just so much just like as in it is just and good know like lord I just pray right now that you just cover us in a hedge of protection that you just talked to Steve for me and just or whatever so just as the Christian like yeah just as the Christian like you know like totally like totally like just just just be there I think we should have an episode where where you do it as if you were doing like a youth group okay yeah I think that group yeah play some games cuz this is something that I've never been a part of you don't know what it is yeah I've heard of it and I've always been kind of weirded out but yeah it's always kind of giving me a weird feeling yeah it was always weird going to like new youth groups when like because we moved and then we change searches and stuff it's always weird going to new youth groups because you see you would see that they're not all the same and it's kind of creepy at first when you join because everybody has their own little weird traditions that they're just used to and yeah it always felt creepy even when I was like young and I heard about it this feels yeah it's weird I was in Nam early youth group but we had a Bible Club in high school yeah and who were we called and had like one of our full meetings was just what our club name would be and then they announced it they like they would give notes about everything that the club's did and so whoever our chairperson was probably my cousin put in the notes for them to read like an assembly of like what our club was doing and they said the stupid name like the God's love troop or something whatever it was and and then every other club like did neat things and then ours was like prayed for Jesus to protect our school and it was like just like what am i doing I find that really funny that there's like Bible study and like you're reading the same book yeah every week yeah I mean the funny thing is is that Christians hate Harry Potter yeah but Harry Potter severe Harry Potter pan Harry Potter fans yeah are a lot like Christian Bible study groups it's true they're always reading the same book over and over again they're obsessing over passages they're quoting passages to each other they're living their life by the standards set forth in the book they're just doing life together they're just doing life together and playing Quidditch that's it yeah yeah I was gonna say it's like a book club but book clubs are really more about drinking wine aren't they yeah that's true that bottle of red bottle of white seeing what's on Oprah's book list yeah yeah I think we've covered a lot today I think I think so too and I'm glad that we we got back to ya a little lighter place I hope that if you got angry you're a little happier now and I hope that you have everyone has a beautiful time I think if you got angry that's that's a good thing yeah I think it's good yeah I think it's a good sign yeah and you should be angry yeah it's something like that there's just there's a lot of things that we should be angry yeah and we never get angry yeah it's true you're right yeah it's okay to be ink it's okay to be angry just know he doesn't have much time left on oh he is eating those life age-defying he's got a whole family and network that's gonna continue on the tradition yeah misery yeah in depression let's shut it down yeah if we could yeah I mean if you are angry about something that Pat Robertson said or anyone like that yeah let us know yeah and maybe maybe we can talk about it yeah sadness any email yeah email Twitter Internet we want to talk we want to talk about it and guys believe it or not work work work sky man

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